how to start dropshipping business for free

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE) my name is isa

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

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How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

my name is isabella i am the owner of,two six figure earning online businesses,and today i'm gonna be showing you how,to build a successful drop shipping,store with zero dollars without shopify,and with zero ads so that means zero,dollars that you guys can start this,store with and you will not have to,worry about dumping any money to start,this project i actually care about your,pockets a lot of gurus on youtube,recommend using shopify which i do not,recommend since they do have monthly,fees i don't recommend getting shopify,or using shopify unless your business is,already a six figure earning business,there are so many free website hosts out,there that you guys can use for free,which i'm gonna be showing you guys how,to utilize one of those today so people,do charge over thousands of dollars for,courses just like this one so in,exchange for this information today i,just ask that you hit that like button,and subscribe to my channel so i can,continue to make videos like this for,you guys so why should you start a drop,shipping store is this the right,business model for you i recommend drop,shipping for those that are just,starting out selling online that don't,want to invest any money up front that,you want to start a side hustle and the,great thing about drop shipping is that,you can do it from anywhere in the world,you can target the united states and be,in a completely different country and,then you don't have to worry about,inventory or shipping products yourself,in this video you will learn how to find,winning products to sell to find your,niche you're going to learn how to,create a free logo and name i'm also,going to show you guys how to set up a,free online store zero dollars monthly,that you guys can use i'm also going to,show you guys how to add the products to,your online store how to fulfill your,drop shipping orders once an order is,placed how to market your online store,for free never buy ads guys and i'm also,going to go over this one thing that a,lot of people don't go over which is,kind of just the legal side of drop,shipping and the tax basics of drop,shipping which it's not going to be,advice with that point i'm just going to,tell you guys what i personally did,nothing in this video is actual legal,advice,this is just what i personally did so,let's find a product to sell and let's,figure out what your niche is going to,be so i utilize a couple different ways,and you guys can do this either on your,cell phone on your smartphone or you,guys can do this on your computer it,doesn't really matter and when i'm,researching products to sell i use tech,talk,i use aliexpress and alibaba to research,i use amazon just to see trending,products and then i also use google so,you're gonna be using these four things,today that you guys can all do from your,laptop or phone so what is drop shipping,i'm gonna talk about this quickly just,for beginners that are unsure about the,drop shipping model so a customer will,place an order on your website on your,online store in order for 200 obviously,we don't work with these big numbers,typically they're smaller products but,this is just an example so the customer,places an order on your store for 200,and then you're going to go to your,supplier you're going to find this,product online for cheaper so you're,going to charge 200 in your store for,this product but you found a supplier,that has it for 150. so you're going to,place the order for your customer for,150 you're going to take their 200.,instead of you shipping the product the,supplier is going to ship the product,and then the supplier ships the product,directly to your customer so your store,is just the middle man between the,customer and the supplier and for doing,this you get to keep 50 profit of this,sale so if you guys are familiar with my,channel i always say it's 25 the product,and 75,how you market it so the questions to,ask yourself is how entertaining is this,product can you relate this product to,your own life,what content can you actually create,with this product and how much content,can you create with this product because,the marketing side of it is more,important than the product itself so the,top niche categories for 2022 and,probably beyond 2022 is beauty pets,technology kids,gifts photography and fitness i'm going,to show you guys a couple of examples,and let's dive right into this tutorial,and i'm going to show you guys how you,guys can find products to sell in 2022,so i want you guys to go on to google,and type in tick tock trend discovery,we're going to search for that right now,so it's this one right here trend,discovery hot content on tick tock click,on this tick tock is definitely the most,popular social media right now meaning,that there are people that are running,ads on it although we are not going to,run ads on it because we don't have to,tic talk shows your videos without you,having to pay for ads that's the beauty,of tick tock so but we're still going to,use what people are running ads as just,as a reference to see so i'm just going,to click select all,here i'm gonna select united states,because i personally target the united,states when i was drop shipping and then,go ahead and just scroll down,and we're gonna try to see and look for,products and you guys can see a lot of,these um people i think they're selling,mostly digital products or apps so you,guys can get a lot of different ideas of,things that people are selling on tick,tock and what people are actually buying,ads for even though you're not going to,buy ads what's crazy is that all of,these things the people that they bought,these ads they didn't have to do this,because tick tock pushes out your,content if you have good content it'll,push it out this is actually the type of,product i recommended in one of my,previous videos on my youtube channel,people really love anything that you can,create content-wise that's something,satisfying and that also adds value,which is why i love this person's,content how they're promoting this,product again they could have did this,without buying ads and could have made,their business viral without buying ads,which is how i grew my business on tech,talk but you guys know that if you've,watched my other videos i don't,recommend buying ads because it does,harm your profit margin and i talk about,this more on my youtube channel if you,guys want to get a reasoning of why i,don't agree with buying ads so i found,this smart hula hoop on tick tock it was,a trending item so i decided to look,into this product and because this stuck,out to me as a drop shipping product i,decided to base this video on this,product today just as an example to show,you guys now obviously with this kind of,product you do have to show your face,because you're showing off a fitness,type product,as you guys can see there's so many,products across tick tock that you guys,can still,sell without showing your face if you,guys are unfamiliar with my business,this is my e-commerce story body fold,that i grew just from tiktok without,paying for any ads as you guys can see,the link is in my bio right here and you,guys can see how i did my bio and,everything but you guys can see that i,sell and i make sales this one got one,million views and i don't even show my,face now i do sell products that i ship,myself which i explain why i do that on,my youtube channel but i just want to,show you guys an example that you guys,can sell products online without showing,your face i hardly ever show mine very,rarely do i show mine like right here,but that's a very rare occurrence and my,most viral videos don't include my face,and one niche that might work good for,one person,might be different for another so the,first thing that i do when i find a,product that might be a potential,product to sell is i google it so i,typed in hula hoop exercise to see what,would come up,so you guys can see right away this dh,gate listing came up and if you guys are,unfamiliar with dhgate dhgate is very,similar to aliexpress so obviously this,could be somewhere where we could drop,ship from so i want to see actual,ecommerce stores that are selling this,so let's go to this page called hula,hoopi this looks like an actual store,that's promoting on tick tock or,promoting online and drop shipping or,selling it now they do have fast,shipping 7-12 business days which means,they either ship it themselves one or,two they found a drop shipping supplier,that ships quickly by the looks of this,this definitely stands out to me as a,drop shipping store so they're selling,this hula hoop for 64.99 so i did a,quick search on, which is a place that,you can get products from to drop ship,from,and i just wanted to look and see what,their pricing is and you guys can see,this product is listed for seven dollars,six dollars and you guys can see that,this product is listed for five to seven,dollars 650 etc and you guys can see,that there's so many other stores,selling the same exact product so with,this sort of thing it's gonna just be,all about how you market it you'd be,surprised how many people don't actually,google search things before they buy,things a lot of people they just buy,them straight up they see it on your,tick tock they click the link in your,bio on tick tock and they go and buy it,so let's jump on aliexpress to see if we,could find any other listings they even,have one that is top selling on,aliexpress let's go ahead and click on,this one and see what this one entails,so you guys can get this one for 13,there is a four dollar shipping cost but,you guys can also include that in your,own shipping cost one thing that i do,want to tell you guys though that it is,a little bit longer shipping it's not as,fast shipping as the supplier that hula,hoopi found since their delivery date is,7 to 12 business days since they found,the 7 to 12 business days this tells me,that they were able to find a drop,shipping service in the united states,for this product which you guys are,totally capable of finding you really,just have to just look through all these,aliexpress listings and just check the,shipment times to see how fast they ship,so in the meantime let's go ahead and,set up our store now that we have a,product we know that we can have a high,profit margin for this product we know,that we can promote this product and,again guys this might not be the product,for you if you are somebody that you,don't want to show your face you,wouldn't pick this product to promote,this product and market this product,with your own tick tocks but just for,this video's sake we're just going to,create a store based upon this product,so now that we found our product to sell,we have to pick a business name and,create a logo so let's go ahead and do a,google search now there's so many,business name generators that you guys,can use and they're all free of course,too so i'm just going to click on this,one and since we're doing something,fitness let's just type in fitness and,let's see what comes up so you guys can,see there's a lot of different names,that you guys can use so i kind of like,this one this one kind of stuck out to,me fitlaza so let's check and see first,to make sure that fitlaza is not already,an existing business so let's go back to,google,and we're going to type in fitlaza and,let's just see what comes up so,unfortunately it looks like,this is already taken by somebody you,guys can see they have socials and,everything so unfortunately that's not a,name you can use so let's go back to the,names again and we're gonna have to find,something else so let's be a little bit,more specific and put in fitness hula,okay so we got more names that maybe are,more unique,so let's see,and we could even name our store like,hula fitness or something like that and,have like a bunch of different hula,hoops in that fitness category,but we have to just find one that isn't,used yet hula heel let's see if hula,heel is taken because it's kind of,another name that could be taken,hooligal and google let's see what comes,up so i don't see any business that's,calling themselves hula heel so this,could technically be something that we,could use there's healing hula but we,don't see hula heel so this could,technically be a name that we can use so,now that we have a name that we don't,see anybody else using for their stores,now we're going to go and create a logo,in this next clip i'm going to show you,guys how to do that so you guys are,going to go to,and you're going to just type in,whatever brand name you have here so,whatever name you come up with first,you're then going to type in here so for,this video's purpose we're going to call,our brand body fitness,then literally just click create your,free logo,so then it wants you to just let you,know let them know what type of business,business it is they have fitness they,have fashion they have so many different,types of businesses that you guys can,create your logo based on so we're going,to pretend like we're building a fitness,brand and we're going to pretend like,it's a fitness clothing brand or apparel,so let's click fitness clothing,um and if you wanted to add a slogan you,will add it here but i always like to,keep things simple and concise and we,want it to look clear in the image a lot,of times because profile pictures are,smaller and this is going to be our,profile picture so let's just click next,and then you can either search for icons,or they can choose icons for you so for,this video's purposes we'll just let,them pick some for us so we can see what,they come up with,so they show you a bunch of different,logos here which i really like how they,include um photos that you guys can use,as well,um that i feel like this one reminds me,of the made in china alibaba um logo,actually and there's a lot here that you,guys can choose from um obviously if,there's one design that you like like,for example if you like um this one's,text you could then click customize the,icon or the text itself,and it comes up with different things,for you here so you can type in fitness,and they have so many different logos,designs that you guys can use so if you,guys have like a women's brand they have,women type logos they have like here if,you were selling um leggings or a,fitness apparel here you could use this,one and i kind of like how they have,like spartan ones here for male brands,as well um but they just have so many,different ones like look how many,different ones you have i kind of like,this heart one too it actually reminds,me of um other fitness brands that i've,seen online but they literally the,possibilities are endless for so many,different niches that you guys can get,line i kind of like this one with the,leggings like if i was creating a,leggings brand this one would be really,cute so we can actually just change it,over so you just change the logo on the,thing itself,you can just click on it and it changes,it for you it's very simple i really,like how simple this website is and then,um obviously like,if you wanted to change the name you can,change that here,you can also change the text and if you,wanted to add a slogan like get your,leggings on,this is obviously really random but i,thought this was cool as well this would,be cool for like a banner like a,facebook banner or something too if you,wanted to add on the slogan there,um i feel like this would be a really,nice touch as well so this could be,graphic design for a lot of different,things not necessarily just for your um,logo itself um so then they have,different background colors now i,wouldn't stay with white i would,definitely choose a color,um you guys could choose white but i,feel like it looks cheap for certain,profile pictures because remember you,guys want our profile pictures,to stand out so you guys can actually,just play with the colors here too they,actually give you ideas of colors that,work good together i'm definitely not an,artist in this type of thing but if you,guys know colors that were good for you,i really like this purple and i also,really love how they even show you how,it would look on clothes so if you're,someone that's you're designing clothes,or anything i also really like how it,kind of just shows you on different,things,and again here this was perfect this is,actually what i was talking about with,the facebook banner um this is perfect,to create designs for facebook it just,shows you how it's gonna look across,social media which i really love,um so once you are done you're literally,just gonna place your email in here you,just click free download and then from,that download you can just airdrop it to,your phone or you can airdrop it,wherever you need or upload it wherever,you need or email it to yourself and,then you will have your logo so all you,guys have to do is just put your email,in here and then just click free,download and it asks you if you want to,sign up for um,you know the monthly newsletter but it's,literally as simple as that so that's,zarla so i wanted to show you guys also,other examples of other ones that they,had on zarla so for example i searched,like beauty brand and this could also,work for like an aestheticians or people,that have service-based businesses too i,wanted to see like what they had and,they have so many nice look even like,lash checks could use this for their,lash logo how cute are these different,um icons that they have you guys i,actually really like these and it also,shows you like on the apparel like what,it would look like on the business cards,and everything,um but i just thought this was really,cool to see it as well from like people,that want to start a beauty brand they,have like a lot of different types of,themes for so many different niches but,i just wanted to show you guys this one,because i thought this one was very cute,for service-based businesses and other,beauty businesses,and then you guys can always click on,ideas too,and you guys can go here and they give,you like the templates again so if you,guys want to change your template if you,like this certain text then you can jump,over to other templates and use those,templates as well after you picked out,your store name and your logo now we're,gonna go into big cartel big cartel is,the free website host that i show you,guys how to use on my youtube channel so,let's sign up for big cartel and let's,create a drop shipping store we're gonna,click the free one up to five products,because most drop shipping stores don't,have that many products to begin with,and then we're gonna put our name in,here oola,and it's available so big cartel also,confirms that nobody's taken this name,so we already have our store halfway,done just by logging in and creating an,account so you do have to add your,location and if you guys want to have,multiple drop shipping stores this,website host allows you to have several,free stores i have like literally six of,them because i've showed you guys how to,create so many stores and i have a lot,of different stores too so right now we,have it in maintenance mode since we're,working on it right now and let's go,ahead and edit our location we do have,to pay a location in here for their,system and your customers cannot see,this by the way if you don't already,have a paypal account you do need to,make a paypal account you can use the,same paypal account that you use for,other stores so that's okay and then,with stripe if you want to sign up for,stripe i usually i use both of these in,my stores i accept paypal and straight,because stripe allows customers to use,their credit card and it's like just a,lot easier for them to check out but,then they can also check out as a guest,using paypal so it's really up to you,and what you decide to do and then this,just shows that we're on the free plan,and then you're going to edit your,shipping here but it technically doesn't,really matter,since,you're going to be dropshipping but you,do have to edit this and you do need to,put in your shipping rates because we're,not going to just let everybody have,free shipping we're going to charge a,shipping here,just for standard we're going to just,say like okay our shipping is 6.50,and then we're going to click done so,then it's going to charge them 6.50 per,product because like they don't know,that we're drop shipping but you do want,to make sure that you do put a shipping,right here um and obviously it won't let,me put anything in until,i have my address and everything but you,do want to set this up just so the,customers when they check out they're,going to have that shipping cost so not,only does it make your website look more,legit,unless you're having a free shipping,promotion it's just good to have,a shipping charge per product because,then that's adding to your profit margin,as well and also guys another thing i,want to mention i just signed up with,this spam email i actually made this,email for another um dog related,dropshipping store i was working on but,you actually want to create a free gmail,and gmail's are free to make i have like,100 of them you can make a gmail like,with your name so you could do like hula,heel or something and then,that's what your customer will see when,they email you if they have questions or,anything so you do want to make sure,that that's not like your personal like,gmail account like you want to make sure,that this is your shop email account so,you look more legit okay so now we're,going to do the fun part which is the,design so let's click on design and you,guys can leave this as is um you can add,a header image if you want to put your,logo there you can um and then another,thing that i want to mention you guys is,honestly a lot of people they put way,too emphasis on how your website has to,look you have to have this you have to,have that you really don't have to have,anything that's the honest truth it's,all about how you market it so if your,marketing is on point your website,really doesn't matter and i know i'm the,only person that's going to really tell,you that but i i promise you like i've,had like the crappiest looking websites,and two my businesses are six figure,earning businesses and i don't think my,websites are like i'm that amazing but,that's why i'm saying it's all in the,marketing it's all about how i make my,videos so i just want to let you guys,know that,that um don't like stress too much about,how your website looks as long as it's,functioning which that's why i love big,cartel because it functions really,nicely,that's all that really matters to be,honest you guys can play around with,this you can pick your theme i have,other videos on my youtube channel,showing you guys how i edited my actual,store,that you guys can go and check out,they're on it's on my youtube channel,i'll leave the link up here in the upper,right hand side to click on they have so,many different themes that you guys can,use but i'm not going to get too into,the design part because i want to show,you guys the more drop shipping side of,it and how to now add products to your,store when you're drop shipping so,you're going to go back to the main page,and you're going to click on products,then you're going to click on add,products and you can import products too,if you have like a csv from another site,but all that's so complicated so this is,what i do you're gonna click add a,product i'm actually gonna split my,screen for this so i went ahead and,split my screen for this part now here's,what you guys can do so because big,cartel is on the free plan you can only,add one image but,if you want to you can technically,create a collage using the app called,fonto kind of combine all of this into,one picture i've done that before and it,worked great for me so you and okay like,see this girl right here you could,technically like see how she's on the,right-hand side you could put this this,and this,right here sorry,right here,on this side like on fonto create that,as a collage and you could do that too,or you could just put all of that,information in the description it's,really up to you so you can either,download the image if you're on a mac,you just click shift command four and if,you're on your iphone it's actually,easier because you can just screenshot,i'm just screenshotting this,so i just screenshotted this it's going,to be on my desktop and this part,actually might be a little bit easier on,your phone so i just screenshotted that,picture now i'm going to click this plus,now i just uploaded the image that i,just screenshotted to my big cartel,listing now you're going to go back over,to aliexpress or wherever you're taking,this picture from and you're gonna just,copy what you think is appropriate now,this is very like jumbled up like i,don't like this like i'll write my own,title so i'm gonna put i do like that,they mention like it's adjustable so you,can just put adjustable hula hoop,waist fitness hoop you could say,something like that for the product name,and then let's go ahead and just look,and see what the description is of this,and what they have for it now they kind,of like don't have the best grammar,honestly on aliexpress so like what i,would do is i would actually go back to,google let's just check out what other,kinds of stores like this have for their,description,you technically,so they call it hula hoopy i do see that,they have trademark here so they may,have trademarked the name hula hoopy but,you guys can see a lot of other people,do sell this so i'm not sure if it's the,actual name that they have trademarked,or the product but again you guys this,is just an example this is not like i'm,not telling you guys to sell this,product i'm just showing you guys that,this is what you can do so you can,technically copy like something like,this now please don't copy exactly,because people do that to me and it's,really annoying,to my store like they just copy word for,word you guys can just like oh you can,just use this,as a guide so you guys could just kind,of like say like okay that looks really,good so you guys could like take certain,things out,um and then just like put in your things,here,so to describe it,and you guys could also just don't,plagiarize their work but you guys can,look at other ones and use it as a,reference so you could just put like the,fit our,fitness,hoop is the,is an,effective weight loss tool that fits all,waist sizes it is freely adjustable to,your,i actually don't like how they say that,it is see you guys can make it better,than like other people it is freely,adjustable to your weight,to i'm going to say to any,waist size,like you can actually like make it,better than like other competing stores,in a way i always feel like the more,simple it is the better it is and then,you guys can actually add categories to,your store since we just started this,store we don't have categories yet but,you guys can add categories and then,active just means that it's for sale if,you were at the at the point where like,you want to do coming soon you can click,that,and then here's another thing that i,personally did so when i wanted to set,something as a pre-order if i knew that,i couldn't find this product with short,shipment times i would just say,pre-order,and then,i would have it here and then at the top,here i would write,all orders,will be shipped,in one to two weeks,and,typically take,one to three weeks,to,arrive,so you guys could technically do,something like that and then just space,this out that means that they are,already aware that their products not,gonna come tomorrow like they're not,amazon it's like their products not,gonna come tomorrow so that's something,that you technically could do,and then of course they have a price at,65 so you guys could definitely price it,around that price too or cheaper,whatever you guys feel comfortable doing,as long as you guys have a profit now,here you're gonna add your shipping how,much you're gonna charge for shipping,and since we're targeting the united,states we'll stick to the united states,for now and we'll charge seven dollars,for shipping and then if you guys had,like different colors of this hula hoop,you could add the different colors here,like blue pink whatever you want so like,just say if you had like a blue version,of this you could just do like blue,and then you could add like another one,go to the plus add pink and then you're,gonna save your product so right here is,your this is your actual store so we,named it hula heel at big so,like you could click on that,and this is what your shop would look,like it's very simple we didn't add,anything nice to this and you guys can,like also add like an about me page you,can add a review page here you do that,all in the design section of your store,you guys can make this look super nice,so you guys saw how fast we were able to,import a product from aliexpress,manually you don't have to do it like in,the point where you have to click a,button to import it you just copy and,paste everything over it's that simple,you guys um you don't have to use all,these apps that these gurus are telling,you to use especially when adding a,product like that's something very,simple and probably we did that in less,than three minutes so now that we have,our product added now i'm going to show,you guys once you get a sale,what you are going to do and how you are,going to and how you are going to get,your product shipped out to the buyer,from aliexpress or wherever you chose to,drop ship from so you guys can also use,amazon to check for products to sell you,guys would be so surprised that mostly,everything on amazon is just from,aliexpress and you guys can see they,have the hula hoop here too but they're,also selling it for sixty dollars too so,yes they have fast shipping but you'd be,surprised not everybody uses amazon so,okay yeah maybe one person will go buy,it on amazon but the other ten that,found it from your tick tock will buy it,from your tick tock because they saw it,in your bio they clicked on your bio and,they're gonna buy it from you it's all,about how you market it literally even,my products are on amazon that i sell on,my own store and people still choose to,buy them through me that's how i know,that you can't just cancel it out and be,like oh well it's on amazon that you,can't sell it you can sell it um and,they're also priced really high on,amazon too so it's not like it's 12 on,amazon that's another thing to look out,for so i'm glad we checked this and this,is what you're going to do when you find,a winning product as well,okay you guys let's get right into this,tutorial i promise this is something,very very easy you do not need an app to,connect big cartel with aliexpress,you're literally just copying and,pasting so it's very straightforward and,i promise it only takes a second so i,split the screen so we're gonna just,pretend obviously because you guys know,i don't drop ship i used to drop ship,when i first got started but we actually,ship our own items so,we're just gonna pretend like this,bracelet is something that this customer,ordered and i just cut i covered up,their address their address is usually,right here under customer i covered up,their address with a fake address that,we are going to just pretend is their,address,so and obviously we've already shipped,this order as well um but i'll show you,guys how to add the tracking number in,once the aliexpress,supplier ships the item so it's this,simple so once you find your item on,aliexpress you're gonna list it on your,website once the buyer buys it from your,website you're gonna see it under orders,it'll send a notification to your phone,too because big curtail also has an app,and you guys know this is free to use,too so you can literally do this with,zero dollars so once they place the,order you're gonna receive the payment,so usually they pay through stripe or,paypal with big cartel so you'll wind up,getting the payment right away in either,the strip or the paypal account so once,they buy it you have all of their,information here so all you're gonna do,is go to the aliexpress listing this is,just the listing that we found gonna,select what color they ordered and,everything,and then you are literally just going to,click buy now,then it's going to take you to this,screen,then you're going to click add new,address,you can add so many different addresses,here so every time you have a new order,you add a new address obviously so,you're not going to send it to the same,person and literally all you do is you,just copy and paste everything over,and you can put your phone number here,but for right now i'll just kind of put,a fake one in,and you're just going to keep copying,and pasting everything over from the,other listing,then click save and continue,now your customers information is here,so this is the customer's address that,they gave you when they checked out on,your website,they bought the product for this much,and you're gonna buy it from aliexpress,for this much,then you're gonna ship them this product,so you guys can see i have my card,payment in here so i already have the,card attached,i highly recommend if you guys live in a,country where you guys can get credit,cards and the credit cards have points,or gain you cash back this is an,excellent opportunity to use them,because not only will you get cash back,or you'll get like amex points if you,have an amex card and things like that,so it's very beneficial to actually use,your own credit card when you have a,business because it's basically like,you're just copying their money and,putting it here,and it's worth it because that credit,card you'll gain points and you'll get,money back so it's very beneficial to,use your own credit card instead of just,using a paypal account from the money,that they paid you if you guys,understand what i'm saying you guys want,another video about credit cards i got,you guys,so you guys are literally just going to,scroll down and then you guys can see,the shipping was obviously added on,which you guys would add on to the cost,of your product,the customer paid six dollars for,shipping so make sure you guys charge if,you guys are drop shipping make sure you,guys charge you guys customers six,dollars the total that you're paying,aliexpress with the tax this is here so,what i actually used to do when i was,drop shipping was if anything were to,happen to i know that the shipping cost,is the actual cost of the product so in,some for some reason if i had to refund,the buyer which never really happened,but if i did i would just refund them,this part i would get them the money for,the item back from aliexpress but i'd,still keep the six dollars because,that's what they paid in shipping and,the shipping is non-refundable but,either way you guys will get it worked,out if something were to happen if the,product arrives damaged or anything the,supplier can just send them a new,product so it's really not a big deal,so let's go ahead and then we're just,gonna click place order which i'm not,gonna do because i don't want this,bracelet but we're gonna you're gonna,just click place order,and then that's literally all you have,to do so then in one to two days or,whenever this supplier ships they're,going to give you a tracking number so,once you get the tracking number from,this there's going to be an option here,mark item as shipped,so you'll click mark item as shipped and,then you will paste the tracking number,from the aliexpress website that the,supplier gives you here and you guys can,also see if you guys have any problems,with suppliers there's refund and,disputes right here that if you guys can,open disputes and get refunds for things,so if you guys ever have any problems,you guys aliexpress really does have a,good system where they really do help,you like if a supplier has an issue or,anything like this so in these two,videos i show you guys how you guys can,market on tick tock without using ads i,created these two videos to actually,show you this one is more about talking,about the tick tock algorithm and just,kind of explaining the tic toc algorithm,and what worked for me and then this one,is actually showing you guys how i edit,my videos and everything you guys need,to know now another thing that i do want,to say though is that i do recommend you,do order a sample or if you don't have,money um to order a sample find,something the drop ship that you already,use in your everyday life you'd be so,surprised how many products that you,could drop ship and it's stuff that you,use often in your everyday life so now,let's talk about the topic that not a,lot of people talk about on drop,shipping videos or any other e-commerce,videos in general the reason why a lot,of people don't talk about this is,because we're not technically allowed to,give advice about this subject and this,what i'm telling you guys is not advice,i'm just going to tell you what i did,personally and take it with a grain of,salt because i may have not even even,had done it right in the beginning but,technically it has worked out to where,it is now i work with an accountant i,have lawyers for my business and,everything that i did they said was,perfectly fine um but again this is not,legal advice this is just what i did so,i started drop shipping as you guys can,see like i started making money online,without anything you guys can see how,easy it is to start selling online you,set up your online store in a matter of,couple minutes and you're able to sell,online i did not have an llc right away,because once you do get an llc for your,business that's something that is pretty,taken seriously because you do have to,pay for that every year um it is,something that you have to create,reports on so i did not create an llc,for my business until i started making,consistent money online,now i functioned tax wise as a sole,proprietorship and again guys i,personally live in florida in the united,states this can vary by the states this,can vary um by what country you live in,so again take this all with a grain of,salt this is just what i did,um and i'm not recommending anybody do,this per se this is just what i did,but i was just a sole proprietor,and um paid taxes and you can still do,write-offs as a sole proprietorship and,you only pay taxes on the money that you,actually make so when you make money,online a lot of the forms will come in,as a 1099 form and all of the payment,methods that you take and use stripe and,paypal for example will send you a form,at the end of the year saying how much,you produced and then you will take that,10.99 form and do write-offs and i can,do another separate video about,write-offs because write-offs is a whole,separate thing to talk about um but you,guys do definitely recommend with an,account if you start making money online,but start making the money first you,can't pay taxes on money if you haven't,even made any of the money i noticed so,many people they don't start in online,business because they're scared of all,these legal aspects of it but like,you're not even gonna have to worry,about all the legal aspects if you don't,even make money so first step is is to,make money first,then you will start being able to look,into these things and luckily whenever,you make money online you can always do,it under your social security number but,you are personally liable so that's the,only bad advantage of that is that you,are personally liable if you do use the,sole proprietorship um to make money,online but influencers like a lot of,influencers they just um make money and,pay taxes with sole proprietorship and,they do all their write-offs with sole,proprietorship and they just are,functioning under their um social,security number since they aren't like,selling anything um but then once you,get an llc it's not that expensive to,actually set one up but i just got,started i started making money then when,i started making consistent money then i,started looking into how can i structure,this as a legitimate business i hope,this video helped you and if you have,any questions comment down below i try,to answer all of my youtube comment,questions thank you guys so much and i,will see you guys in my next video bye,storms everybody,is all we'll ever trust

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