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Reddit Ads Tutorial 2022 | How to Create Reddit Ads for Dropshipping reddit ads tutorial hi guys wel

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Reddit Ads Tutorial 2022 | How to Create Reddit Ads for Dropshipping

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Reddit Ads Tutorial 2022 | How to Create Reddit Ads for Dropshipping

reddit ads tutorial hi guys welcome back,to another video and in today's video,i'm gonna be telling you about reddit,ads and how it basically works so,without wasting any more of your time,let's just jump into it so first things,first what i want you guys to do is just,simply search for reddit ads and over,here this is going to be the website not,this website not this one not this one,this one at the top which is called,,now once you click on it it'll take you,to this website over here so,what i want you guys to do is just,simply check this website out or just,simply click on advertise on reddit,that'll get you started but before we do,that we should take a look at the,website and see what it is about so this,is the white papers over here we can,read some of that about it but this is,the success story so this mitsubishi,autos they're basically you know giving,us a success story we have auto we have,gpg we have gaming and entertainment we,have retail because basically these are,all the companies that run their ads on,reddit as well so let's go ahead at the,top and just simply click on advertise,on reddit and once we do that over here,what we need to do is we need to add our,company name or to appear on ads and,then we need to have a password company,name business email first name last name,business phone number and then industry,and country and then just simply click,on sign up so i'm gonna go ahead and do,this and i'll catch you guys in a little,bit so over here once we have entered in,all of the other details all we have to,do is select the industry that our,company falls under so if we have so if,our industry falls under employment or,entertainment financial services gaming,and paid fantasy supports health and,pharmaceuticals others politics,governments and organizations retail and,e-commerce and stuff like that basically,you know add whatever you want so let's,just say that our industry falls under,entertainment then choose the country,that your company lies under so,once you've done that once you've added,all the information,like okay so this username is taken let,me just change my username and once we,have done that just simply click on i'm,not a robot and then just simply click,on sign up so as you can see our account,has just been created and we will be,redirected soon so as you can see over,here once we have created an account,this is how the website is going to look,like so over here we have our campaign,we have our objectives and then we have,our funding instruments so over here on,the left side we have our name objective,funding instruments we have ad groups,details and ads creativities trackers,and stuff like that we'll get to that,later first we need to you know check,this out first so over here just simply,enter in your campaign name basically,you know the name of your campaign that,you're running so let's just say,business advisor like it just happened,to be there so i'm just going to choose,that as an example and then you have,objectives basically over here you're,basically providing the objective that,you are trying to accomplish like you,want to have a brand awareness and reach,you want to gain some traffic onto your,website or your videos you want to have,conversions you want to have video views,app installations and stuff like that,whichever one you want so let's just say,that we want to have views on our videos,so and also remember that each of these,objectives they're gonna have their own,uh cost per ratio so if you choose brand,awareness the cost for this is basically,gonna be cost per thousand impressions,and then if we want to drive traffic,basically it's going to be cost per,clicks and if you want to have,conversion cost per clicks and then if,you want to have views it's going to be,cost per views so let's go ahead and,check that out and the same goes for app,installation as well if you want to have,some more app installations we're going,to have to pay for cost per views or,that's going to be our you know payment,system so let's go with cost per views,and then just simply click on continue,and then we'll be over here into ad,groups now over here what we need to do,is we need to group find some groups for,our ads basically we need to get an,audience that we're trying to look for,so since we're in the entertainment,business let's just say that our main,focus is going to be on the gaming,industry or let's just say that we're,running a youtube channel and that we,want to gain some more traffic onto our,youtube channel basically getting some,more viewers on our videos so we're,gonna go with name and then what we want,is we want a type of audience so we have,reddit audience and we have pixel,retargeting what we'll be doing is what,the difference is basically,the reach redditors based on their,location interest and communities and,device types and then,what pixel retargeting is it means that,we engage creditors who have visited our,website and stuff like that we don't,want that we want new people to be all,uh you know available to us so we're,gonna choose reddit audience and then,down below we want to have interest so,basically our interest lies in sports,uh gaming and you know technology and,computers and stuff like that,so these are gonna be the interest and,within those interests we're gonna have,to select other interests as well so,we'll have,all of these interests available to us,we can go ahead and delete some of them,and add some of them as well but we'll,keep them so currently our target is,over here our recommended range is 0.8,dollars per day or per click i think and,then what we want to have is we want to,have search for communities so we have,bulky entries so we want to you know run,ads onto these communities so let's say,our slash gaming want to run our ads in,that community as well want to run our,ads and ask reddit because that's a,pretty big community lots of people are,over there we want to add our traffic to,videos as well and then we want to add,one more to our lists let's just say,that we already had did we choose sports,no we did not so we'll choose sports so,this is going to be our recommended,range okay so these are all the people,over here so these are our targeted,audience size so right now it's 78.9,million to 98.6 million and that'll,change as soon as we select location so,what we want to do is now we want to,select the location where we are,targeting our audience so let's just say,america or,united states so let's choose the united,states as reddit is mostly within united,states okay now what we need to do so as,you can see right now our traffic,audience just changed from like a pretty,ridiculous large number to like 41,million to 52 million and now as soon as,we change devices it's gonna change more,so if we choose mobile over here because,most people use reddit on mobile we,don't use desktop anymore,so as you can see it changed even more,and then we if you want to have a,specified device let's say android i,think android has a bigger market cap,than ios but we'll check out whichever,one has the highest one will choose that,so 9.2 to 11 for android let's see what,it has for ios i'm thinking it'll be a,little bit less actually no so it has 18,to 22 million which is ridiculous if i,have to say so we'll keep that okay so,now what we need to do is we need to,select our budget so this is our daily,budget okay it's just fifty dollars and,then we have a bid over here which is,per video view so we have to pay this,amount for our view so our recommended,range is 0.08 dollars so let's go ahead,and change it to 8 actually 0.08 i think,that's pretty good and then we want to,have a schedule or a run continuously,starting today we'll set a schedule as,well so we'll have to you know choose,our date so it's let's just say that,it's gonna run for a month yeah and that,is basically it once we do that click on,continue and now our ad name over here,we'll just add a name then we have,creativity we what we've done to do is,we want promoted basically we want to,create a new post to run or selective so,what type of post that we want so it's,promoted okay or organic as well organic,meaning people will have to you know,won't know if it's an ad or not but i,think that,if we're trying to you know run an ad we,should like promote it as well then what,we type of ad we want we want to have,video or not so we'll keep it video and,then down below we have no post to,display right now but that's pretty fine,we can go ahead and create a new post as,well over here you can write a,compelling headline you can add a video,over here you can make a gif of it you,can add the thumbnail or you can you,know destination of the url basically,link a video of your ad over here and,then you can display the url as well and,then you can have a call to action,basically over here you can have a like,download or install or shop line view,more sign up and stuff like that i think,a view more would be pretty cool and,then just simply click on submit and,that is basically it so let's go ahead,and do that actually let's go on youtube,and search for a reddit ad okay so this,is the ad right here okay so we can go,ahead and you know search for this video,so,we'll just copy this link and we'll just,paste it over here yeah,and that is basically it,click on submit,we have to enter in a thumbnail as well,and then we have to enter in a draft,video as well okay so that is pretty,annoying i guess so we couldn't really,find a shortcut but you get the idea you,have to add in a compelling headline add,a video add a thumbnail and then link,your channel if you want to if you're,not you go ahead and leave it blank but,that's basically it and then just simply,click on create new and then you will,have a completely new ad and then you,can add a tracker as well and once,you've done that you can just simply,click on review and that is basically it,so right now we need to add some kind of,post let's go ahead and add it,hi,and for,the video i'm gonna just simply gonna,drop any type of video let's go with,this one we'll just add this as the,thumbnail,and then just simply click on submit,video file is required okay so we have,to wait it's because it's uploading and,okay it's uploaded now let's click on,submit and see if it works and there we,go that is basically it that is going to,be how it is going to look like it looks,pretty ugly i'm not going to lie but,like you get the idea of it and then,once you've done that just simply click,on review it and you will have your,review over here and then you can set up,a payment method if you want and then,that is basically it then you just,simply have to click on publish so i,hope you guys enjoyed this video that is,how you basically you know use reddit,ads and how you you know post an ad on,reddit so that is it for this video guys,i hope you guys enjoyed this video if,you did be sure to hit the like button,subscribe to our channel and turn on,post notification and having said that,i'll catch you guys in the next video,and until then take care and goodbye

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