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Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 | How To Spy & Steal Your Competitor's Facebook Ads For FREEhey everybody

Fred Lam

Updated on Jan 17,2023

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 | How To Spy & Steal Your Competitor's Facebook Ads For FREE

hey everybody front line here and,welcome to my Facebook Ads training now,in this video I'm gonna share with you,how to spy on your competitors Facebook,ads and steal them now I don't mean to,copy it word-for-word but what you can,do is simply follow my strategies spy on,your competitors and simply just mimic,what they're doing and really learn from,them especially if you found an ad that,is producing phenomenal results now that,being said before we go right into it,let me tell you please subscribe to my,youtube channel click that notification,bell so that each time I release a brand,new video,you're gonna get notified right away and,on the other hand if you want to follow,me on instagram simply just go to,frontline official to follow me on,instagram now that being said let's,really dive in into our video training,today so first of all we need to all,think can bridge for the entire Facebook,scandal that has happened if this never,happened we won't be able to simply use,this strategy which is completely free,for us as an advertiser to spy on our,competitors and simply steal them and,use it for your business so if you never,heard about the Facebook cambric scandal,just do a google search you'll read all,about it and because of this incident,Facebook is forced to be transparent and,they have done a lot of updates to be,transparent on what advertisers are,advertising and as a consumer like you,and I on facebook we actually get to see,exactly what these Facebook pages are,advertising now on the other hand it,gives us as an advertiser and those that,run a business and run Facebook ad a,complete advantage and I'm gonna show,you exactly what that is know that said,after the entire scandal has happened,facebook is forced to be transparent,then they released something called the,info and ads tab,so as you can see right on tight little,pest page you can actually see that on,his page there is an info and tab button,that can be clicked on the minute that,you click on it you will actually see,all applies ad during that time so you,can actually use this for any Facebook,page however this has officially got,removed so like I said if you're,watching any YouTube videos that is,telling you how to spy your competitors,and it's still talking about the,employed ads those are completely,outdated because now it is completely,all gone and they are all removed so,what can we do now the beauty is that,Facebook release something called the,Facebook at library this is even better,than he influenced I absolutely love,this because you can actually spend a,lot of time on this page to actually,research about your competitors and most,importantly for you just simply spy on,them and copy what they're doing now in,order for you to fully maximize facebook,at library here are the steps to spy on,your competitors step number one,interacts with ads related to your,business very important if you are in,the dog niche please if you see an ad,all about a dot product click on it go,even the attempt to checkout don't even,buy it,attempt to checkout it will trigger,Facebook to basically making Facebook,knowing that hey you're interested in,thought products and they will show you,a lot more ads when you see all these,ads what you want to do is to copy down,their Facebook page the name of the,Facebook page now if you don't see the,ads in your niche you can actually go to,step number two simply go to Facebook,and search for related posts and,Facebook pages start with a your niche,once you got all these down maybe by,three or four of them then simply use,the Facebook at library to actually spy,on what they're doing now here's a bonus,tip for you all if you see an act that,use bitly congratulations you,have won the jackpot because by simply,copying the bitly URL and adding the,plus sign right after it you actually,see all the data how many clicks they,have where that the clicks come from and,most importantly when did they get,started so that would give you an idea,of exactly what is going on now here's,the important to note this is why we,built tiny and you should definitely,check it out at WWE,we secured your data making sure that,you can still utilize short links and,have all these amazing marketing tools,in place and at the same time protect,our data so that even if your,competitors are using this bi strategy,on you they will have a zero clue what,you are up to so definitely check out,WWE that being said let me actually show,you a demo on how I simply use,Facebook's spying on your Facebook,competitor for you to start using it for,your business so we're gonna go to our,browser right now and once around the,browser let's say that I don't really,know who I want to go after and I,actually are selling a dog water bottle,when you go to the doc water bottle,you'll see all the videos all the posts,related to dog water bottle here's the,best part,so the first ad over here is say it's,the busy consultant this water bottle is,made specifically for your furry family,get yours at this URL,that's a bitly URL amazing because what,we can do is simply click on this,alright they have two thousand emotions,563 comments and 828 shares pretty,strong numbers now what we can do is,simply grab this bitly link open a new,browser and then simply add a plus sign,right after the link and voila now we,can see exactly when they start to add,how many clicks they got and if this,product is still selling or not so as,you can see the product started April,2019,and then in 2019 of may start to scale,then suddenly it just thought that means,that probably this product right on the,bat did pretty well and when the person,starts killing it starts to die and the,product eventually died off so that said,if you are into shop by drop shipping,and selling this dog water bottle,chances are for you to actually make,some decent profit out of this product,may be a little bit tough because,someone tested it before and it,obviously doesn't work so as you can see,how powerful this tool is and how,important you should not be using bitly,because adding a plus sign obviously can,expose all your data and you don't want,that to happen because if it goes onto,the hands like me I would know exactly,what you're up to I can see what you're,doing I can spy on you,I can see what things is working and not,working for you so I don't even have to,spend a single penny and I got all these,data definitely that's why we built tiny,2ie,now at the same time we can actually go,here and see well the busy consultant we,can now go to the Facebook ad library,and simply search up the page the busy,consultant now when you're on this you,can actually select a page and make sure,that the filter is set to all countries,and you can see that this page no longer,have active ads probably that means that,this business is done all right,because who won't be advertising right,so again this person is not advertising,anymore now that been said what you can,also do is simply again let's say that,you've gone through the research and,really found a Facebook page that it's,working well in this case in this one,over here trying to post it up I tried,to pause this in this case over here,this one is call high go alright high go,shop so guess what I can do I can grab,their Facebook patient name and simply,go to high go shop and simply click on,their patient name and voila take a look,at all the active ads that they are,running and when at what month they,actually launched so this,we'll just give you such a competitive a,niche so that you can actually see what,people are up to what people are testing,what it's working and what it's not,working at the same time now again let,me remind you use this strategy okay,ethically alright don't just see,something and copy work for never do,that you simply just want to use these,as a resource for you to learn and for,you to see what it's going on to gain,your knowledge don't copy it,word-for-word I'm totally against it,because obviously these are people's,other people's artwork but you're just,learning from other people's hard work,and simply make variations of it so that,you can actually see and start getting,more success with your business now this,doesn't just work with e-commerce,obviously regardless if you're into,digital publishing affiliate marketing,and even leap generation you can,obviously use this strategy to your,advantage so now if you want to learn,exactly how to generate amazing cheap,yet very effective and high-quality,leads make sure you check out my video,on how to actually build a face we'll,leave that I record a complete tutorial,for you so go ahead and watch that video,if you want to learn how to generate,leads for your business other than that,hope that you enjoyed this video make,sure you subscribe to my video and my,channel comment below let me know your,feedback and other than that I look,forward on seeing you in our future,video

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How To Spy On Your Competitor Facebook Ads

How To Spy On Your Competitor Facebook Ads

hey what's up guys it's frankie below,here and in this video today i am going,to share with you guys how you can spy,on your competitors facebook ad now,facebook ad has actually been one of the,easiest way that people or most online,entrepreneurs can actually get started,driving a whole lot of traffic to their,funnels and make money online but then,in the bid to make more money online you,actually need to follow up your,competitors know exactly what they're,doing and then you can do something,better for yourself and you know get,above them basically right and at the,same time uh this current time when you,know facebook is really you know i'm,rejecting and banning a whole lot of ad,accounts this could actually be a method,that you can use to see what is working,online and you know um follow the same,process that you know some other,actually you know doing and you could,also get yourself on the safe side of,facebook although i actually made a,video around this sharing with you guys,how we can actually get back your you,know facebook account if it has been,restricted or you know i'm banned you,can actually check that video right here,or check it in the description i'm going,to be down there for you guys to watch,but you know most times people actually,still fall into that trap right so we,actually understand that one of the best,ways to actually you know um get up both,people let's say you're in a competition,trust me i don't really support,competition but i would say there are,healthy competitions and you know one of,the best ways to actually beat your,competitors is really knowing what,they're doing so that you can actually,apply better strategies and do it better,and this also applies to facebook ads if,you're running facebook ads and you have,competitors out there you want to know,what they're doing and you want to know,and how you can actually make your own,marketing more better and you know beats,them in their online space basically,right so this is exactly what i'm gonna,share with you guys today in this video,and if you like this video go down there,in the comment section below and drop,facebook ads yes let's trigger the,algorithm and let more people know that,we are discussing facebook ads here and,they can learn this particular method,i'm going to share with you guys in this,video today and also guys if you like,this video give it a thumbs up right now,and just smash on the thumbs up button,trust me it really helps definitely you,can just support my channel just smash,the thumbs up button and guys subscribe,subscribe to my channel smash on the,bell icon so that when i actually,release new videos like this one you,would actually be the first person to,have access to them and if you're really,coming back you're watching this video,you're already a subscriber thank you so,much you guys are one of the reasons i,keep on doing this every other day and i,love you so without further ado i'm,going to jump straight into you know um,this thing that you need to do in order,to get your competitors out and you can,start doing better than them okay so um,one of the best ways to actually spot on,computers ad is using what we call the,facebook ad library right it's called,the facebook ad library and the facebook,ad library is what i'll call the,repository of all of the adverts running,on facebook right for every advert,everybody is running on facebook you can,see everything,yeah you can see all of the adverts that,are currently active on facebook from,this repository and right now i'm going,to be jumping straight into a lot of,screen and sharing with you guys this,past class site and how we can get,access to read all right so this site,here is uh you can do,library or just to make it very easy you,could just google the facebook,ad library,all right so i'm going to leave the,direct link to this past class space and,description below so that if you,actually want to access it from the,links just check in the description and,then you can access it and also guys,it's also going to be cool to you know,let you know that my own you know,contact information will be left down,there in the description and you know,with the advent of you know um guys that,are wanting to come with us online make,sure you do not reach out to anybody in,the comments that's what i'm going to,say right now so going back,uh,you can see here,uh the facebook ad libraries i'm just,gonna click on this and once i click on,this it is going to redirect me to this,page that's the ad library basically,so let's just chill on while this loads,up,all right so this is loaded up right now,and i can see it says here the ad,library the ad library provides,advertising transparency by offering a,comprehensive suitable collection of all,ads all ads currently running across the,facebook apps and services including,instagram so you have access to all of,the ads right here,and you can see there's an option here,for you to search ad set your location,and choose uh an ad category to start,your search right so what you want to do,right here is to set your location what,location are you currently searching for,i'm in nigeria currently and i'm just,going to choose nigeria and then it's,also going to ask you what is the ad,category,so you could either choose all ads or,you could simply choose issue selection,or policies but i'm just going to choose,all ads,yeah so once you choose all,ads there is a search bar here so either,search you can search for either the,keyword or you can search specifically,for an advertiser all right and i'm,going to be taking you through these two,and showing you how you can search for,keyword and also search for you know an,advertiser so let's start with the,advertiser but then you can see this,other faqs here um you can basically,read this but then you know just for,your knowledge simply so um let me just,use one of my mentors online and see if,he's running any ads so you can see here,bradley i'm just going to type in,bradley this guy is a you know sales guy,and wow you can see here,facebook says he launched this ad on,august 2021 and since august he's been,running this are still running on august,30 and he's been running this specific,ad here and this is another one launched,on the same day and this is another one,launched in july this is which one was,launched you know previously that's,before august and july and scrolling,down you can see this one was launched,okay july 2,right so this just gives you access to,all of you know i'm the ads this guy is,currently running and i'm currently,still seeing this ad so it's still,active to this and that is why it's here,so i can just say click on the add,details,and clicking on the add details you can,actually you know um see from the video,he has here people are afraid they're,afraid of introducing themselves they,don't want to go,awesome so you can actually see the,creative we have here for the video you,can see the the primary text here that's,a copy and at the same time you can even,see the profile you can see the profile,that's this this page is running this ad,from you can see his um facebook you can,see the instagram accounts and you know,more info about him so you could even,say um see add here let's click oh i,would have opened that in the new tab,but it's fine,so let's see we click on see ads here,okay so you can actually see some more,information around the ads and you know,um a whole lot of other stuff so guys,this is basically how you can just set,specific for someone right so maybe you,could even just go type in my name and,see if i'm running ads but then um you,might never find me,all right so,uh,this is it's with this so this is when,you're searching for a person,specifically an advertiser on facebook,and now the second one is if you are,searching for a key freeze right or you,search freeze and what i'm just going to,do here is to i'm going to use this,this um quotes um you know max we have,here and i'm going to put that and i,will say,affiliate,marketing right so at this particular,space i am actually looking for you know,i'm searching generally not for somebody,i'm searching for keywords so that's,let's say for instance i'm running outs,on affiliate marketing and my ads are,always been rejected rejected rejected,because of one thing or the other and,i'm like okay let me even see what other,people are doing online let me see how,they are really you know i'm doing this,and how they are able to you know even,put up copies that you know um facebook,will approve right this way you can,actually get more insights on what,others are doing,so i'm just going to type in this exact,phrase right now and click on enter,and guys once you click on enter,remember it's nigeria location on all,ads you can see people that are,currently running ads right here,on this on facebook right so you can see,um this person launched ad in november,201. um this guy,you can see this guy,and you can see,um yeah you can see it's running ads you,can see this other person's running ads,but wow i can't read this and you can,see this other person here running video,ads on affiliate marketing,right,and you can see this other person here,running ads you can see this other,person here running ads with this video,you can see this are pressing here,running ads with this video and you can,see the copy,that she's using,and going down you can see more and more,and more ads you can see more and more,and more ads on facebook people really,running ads like crazy with the keyword,athletes marketing right so you can,actually get to this this would actually,help you to you know um learn and,understand you know how people actually,put enough ads out there that actually,trigger that actually triggering sales,right so look at this guy here he's,running ads and here is just simply,using you know um this simple um text or,something and you know this one is using,a video,right this one is using a video,and um this other one here running ads,running ads like there are so many ads,currently on affiliate marketing in,nigeria like boom this is really giving,me ideas already around affiliate,marketing men i'm gonna make money,honestly all right so um these are more,and more ads that have been that have,been showed up on athletic marketing and,wow this is another guy here running ads,and the thing is you just see how they,run these ads so because sometimes,you're like how are these people making,sales how are these people actually,getting all this money with their ads,i'm doing it and it's not working just,come here and look at what they're doing,this is sadly facebook will open their,nash to show you what they're doing like,and you see it go and do the same thing,you get the same result honestly it's no,lie follow through therefore now i,replicate it reverse engineer it i've,total of those in this my channel and,this one i'm like guys if you don't,subscribe you're gonna be missing a,whole lot if you do not really jump on,this right,so make sure you subscribe to my channel,and especially the bell icon so that,when i release videos like this one you,are aware so you can see a lot of ads,that have been you know up on,on on,on facebook right so you can actually go,ahead right now and begin to do better,ad for yourself now you see what your,competitors are doing and it can make,yours way way better than what they have,done here all right so this is actually,a cool way to actually inspire your,computer's ad and you can actually beat,the competition,but then you know um it's actually going,to be quite cool that uses wisely and,apply you know um when it comes to,facebook you follow through their,policies and go through their terms and,conditions else you're going to be,banned else you're going to be,restricted and you know a whole lot of,other stuff that can happen to you right,so guys if you really love this video,and you learned something tell me what,you learned here in the comment section,below let me be aware that you guys have,actually learned something from this,video and give this video a thumbs up,right now subscribe to my channel smash,on the bell icon so that you do not miss,any of my video with this guys i will,see you in my next video peace,foreign

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