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How To Set Up Facebook Sponsored Ads from Ads manageryo welcome to this training,in this video i wil

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Set Up Facebook Sponsored Ads from Ads manager

yo welcome to this training,in this video i will show you how you,can,run your facebook adverts with your,phone okay,so quickly rest let's go please don't,forget to,like this video and subscribe to my,channel i always post,valuable videos every wednesdays and,fridays so hit the subscribe button so,that you will be the first person to see,those valuable videos,when i post them okay the subscription,is free just hit the subscribe button,and turn on the notification bell,alright so this is my facebook profile i,believe,almost everybody watching or virtually,everyone here,watching this video has a facebook,profile okay,now facebook profile is different from,your business page all right,you cannot run sponsored adverts with,this um,your normal profile i'm on my my,newsfeed now,you can't run it with this okay so,you're expected to have a page all right,so if you go to your home button though,this particular video,is not to show how you can create a,business page,okay please listen attentively okay,i have another video i've created on how,you can create your business page for,those who do not have business page yet,if you have you go ahead with the video,if you don't have there is a video,i have posted the link in the,description below watch that video,on how to create your page because,without page you cannot create,sponsored ad okay so you watch that,video,on how to create your page you create,your page and you use this video,to set up your sponsored ad okay,so let's move on this is my,this is my facebook profile now,if you check this button i just circled,now,this is your page button okay so i'll,quickly click on that so that you see,how the page,looks like okay these are my pages,i managed so now let me use one of the,pages,and um let me show you secret designs,for instance,let me use cigar designs for instance,all right and um we create logo designs,and know that,everything graphic designs we do them,here so this is,uh one of our pages,so you can see how page looks like this,is different from um,this is different from um what do you,call it,profile okay so this is a page so you,can see how it looks like,it is only when you have a page that you,can set up advance,okay so let's go back to,how you can set up your ad okay,now you quickly go to your,quickly go to your play store or your,apple store depending on,what you're using if you're using,android you go to your play store if,you're using,um iphone you go to your apple store so,simply go and search,facebook ads manager,facebook okay,facebook app okay you can see it here so,you tap on it,now this is an app that has been,designed by facebook,for businesses who want to run sponsored,ads,okay so quickly go open the app,download it okay if you have not,downloaded it download and install i've,already downloaded it so i'll open mine,okay i'm opening mine now,um it's loading,all right this is the home page,this is the home page okay so,if you have not done any ad here before,you are going to see,you are going to yeah we are not going,to see all these these are ads i have,completed over time these are,completed over time so you are not going,to see this if you have not done any ad,if yours is,empty you are just starting okay so,the first thing you're supposed to do is,to read the facebook advertising,don't just jump in facebook has said to,rules,and regulations so i have recorded a,video that will show you,i'll take you through um,how you can make your payment like to,fund your account,because sponsored ad means you're paying,for it it's not free,okay so i've sent a video on how you can,fund your account,the description box the description,below this video also has a link to that,video,so make sure you watch that video so,that you will know,how to fund your account with your naira,card,okay show you how you can fund your,country can i recap,and i also have the link to,enable you assess where,you can see the facebook advertising,policies so they don't fall victim,because,if you disobey they will burn your,account so make sure you read the,advertising policies,the link is at the description okay,all right so i don't forget to subscribe,to my channel subscription is free,so let's dive into the ad okay now,if you come over here you will see a,button,meanwhile after downloading make sure,you log into your account okay so you,see a button,a plus button at the bottom here so tap,on the plus button,and when you tap on it it will take you,here,the first thing you're supposed to do is,to,select your objective,meanwhile if you are having more than,one page,you come over here to drop down button,here that you select the page you want,to use to run the ad,let me show you so if i drop put the,drop down button you select the page if,you have more than one,pages select the page i'm just selecting,the first one if you have only one only,that one will show if you have more than,one,you select the page that's the first,thing then come over here you see,different,ad objectives let me show you the reason,for one for,each of them the first one if you select,this one it means,the advert that you're doing you want,people to engage they should like they,should comment they should share that's,what you want for the first one,the second one is video views you want,more people to view your videos,okay that's the second one the third one,is website traffic you want more people,to buy something from your website or,visit your website,you want to generate leads and all that,that is for website traffic you can also,send traffic to your,whatsapp okay or your instagram gm you,can do all that with,uh website traffic so this is rich,you want to reach more people okay this,is a message object,objective you want people who are seeing,your adverts,to send you message on messenger or,whatsapp,or instagram gm okay then you want,the next one is page like you want to,grow your page followers,and you want more people to like your,page another that is for that objective,the other one is,event what response you get more people,to see your worst,event okay that is,the last objective so,quickly what you will do is select one,let us use,one for example,so let's assume that i want to drive,traffic to my whatsapp,so that people want to buy my product,will message me on whatsapp,so i select the whatsapp traffic now,okay i'll select the whatsapp traffic,uh website traffic rather website,traffic is also you can use your,whatsapp link to do it,so if you don't have a website so i'll,select that now,it's loading,sorry the network is just bad so it's,loading,about any year and the weather condition,is not favorable,so it's loading,sorry about that it's about rainy and,the weather is quite bad,and it's okay,all right so the next thing is you,change this image,okay you change this watch image,click on here change image,okay so that you select the particular,image you want,so it selects the particular image you,want,so let me assume that i want to use this,one,just an example should i follow up i'm,selecting the image now,so it has loaded okay so the image i,want i've selected the image i want to,use,from my gallery so i'll move on to the,next thing,so after that the image next thing you,see at the bottom they have circled the,nesting so tap on that,okay so when you tap on it,i like to load this loading,now you will see headline here you see,primary text,you see website so you enter your,website here okay,so the headline let me just say,i'll just type the first thing they,receive,for example i want them to click here,okay because some people don't even know,where to click so let me assume that i,want to tell them to click here okay,that's for the headline okay,so maybe message um the message rather,not text me,the text area maybe i'm typing this,let's plan explaining my business,or whatever you want them to do you,explain them in the text here,the primary text area then the next,thing is what's your website,okay so let me just select one of my,previous,links that i've used let me just select,one you can use your,whatsapp group link you can also use,your whatsapp and shortlink,and all that for the website okay you,drive,traffic there if you don't have a,website okay so just select one,i've selected one i'll come over here,see call to action,so i just select one call to action,maybe it's shop now,one i want to use shop now,oh there are different oh let me just,use lemon i'll use lemon button,let me just select lemon,so i'll scroll down and select instagram,so it will run on both facebook and,instagram okay,so the next thing is placements the,placement,is talking about where you want your ads,to appear,on facebook or instagram that's,replacement yeah,okay so the next thing is placement,we have automatic and we have manual,okay,automatic is you are telling facebook to,choose by themselves that is the,automatic,placement then we have the second one,which is the manual i send this screen,it's all on the screen,so the next one is manual i like using,manual selected by myself,so i'm choosing manual placement now,in this desktop and phone i want only,those with phone i don't want desktop,people to see my app because,those people that are logging into,facebook with desktop they still use,their phone,okay so invariably let me not be wasting,money on things that are not necessary,so uh this particular ad i want it's i,don't want messenger people to see so,i'll uncheck,uncheck this one don't see it on,messenger if someone just see message,that pops up,on his messenger may see you as you come,so i don't want messenger,um let me just use i don't want audience,network,this audience network are those that,partner with facebook like blogs and all,that facebook also,um put up their ad on those areas,okay so they,are those that are in partnership,advertising platform so let me just i,want,my ad to run only on facebook and,instagram okay,so after selecting this i would think,what good,see this now i'll take this good,and it should be affected okay so i'll,take the good now,so the next thing at this bottom side,you see the next thing is what audience,okay so the next thing is what audience,so i'll select audience and you can use,your save or you see different audience,that i've saved here,over time and you can use them but let,me assume that,it is your first time that you're,running this ad,and you want to create your own audience,it's your first time,okay so you see now click new audience,all right so let us create new,audience so tap on that create new,audience,i want to create new audience now,so now the first thing at the top here,is,for you to,you see at the top here audience name,the first in audience,to use them,okay that's the name of the audience i'm,doing this audience for digital,marketing people,so the next thing is you see include,these locations so i'll tap on the,include this location,and i'll open it there are some specific,locations,that i want to select,so i'm selecting for tacos,i'm selecting abuja,so i'm selecting abuja nigeria,um i'll also add let me add,lagos so i've selected,lagos nigeria so i don't want only,cities,only city for specific cities let me add,one,nigeria okay so for the purpose of this,class i'm just using these other cities,you can add as many as possible you can,use only one city,only where you are maybe you're the,living good so take this,good at the top here marketing good so,that to be affected,okay so the next thing is you see age,so i want people from the age of 25,only from 25 to see this ad,so if you are below 25 you don't see it,it's not for you,so the next thing is gender select i,mean it's for me if you make the product,i'm,marketing it for me and fema if your,product is only for me you choose on,email,if it is for men and women choose all,it is for only women choose only women,you see it here,so coming over to detail targeting now,facebook enables you to target your,um you can target people based on their,demography,you can target them based on things they,are interested in you can target them,based on,their uh the way they behave facebook,records all those things okay,so let me say i'm targeting business,people and i type,inside here i start more,businesses so you see now see the,suggestions that are done here,you can see small business small,business owners small business,administration small business owners,small business staff today small,business software so,our target small business businesses,here or target small business owners,i'll select it target small business i,miss no,no small business owners okay our target,small business owners here again,so i can come over here and target,maybe engage shoppers,those who buy things engage,shoppers,engage shoppers so i'll select engage,shoppers,based on you can see here it is based on,purchase behavior,okay these are people that buy things a,lot so i'll select them here,if you come and buy my own two okay and,i'll treat good so there are many,options you select for the purpose of,this video i may not,go through all those long,long distance so that you know stress,you too much so you select those,interest based on their behavior,first of all you search your keywords,and you select them one by one,depending on the type of product you're,selling okay and after that you tick,good here and you have created a what,audience okay then after that the next,thing is come at the below here,and select the next uh,icon okay so we are going to payment and,schedule now,so you select that okay,make uh i'm sure you like this video,and turn on the subscription,bell hit the subscription button and,turn in the subscription bell,the notification bell so that will be,the first person to receive,the next video i will post,now if you check your screen here you,will see,the daily and the lifetime this lifetime,if you want it to be running,continuously,okay then the daily is you're telling,them how much to be charged per day let,me show you something,let me show you something this daily,and lifetime this lifetime is too long,continuously this daily is,is running per day so this is how much i,want them to charge me per day you can,increase it,with this plus sign or decrease it with,this minus sign you understand yes sir,so if you are running daily you turn off,this wrong continuously it's already off,but then if you want it to start now you,you,take this one if you want it to start,letter you take this one and schedule,the date you want it to start okay,so this number of days you increase the,number of the uh decrease the number of,days which is,minus sign increase it with this plus,sign do you understand,so that is how this one works so let us,set it up now,okay so i want it to ground daily and i,want it to run out i tap the plus i want,it to run for like,three days okay,so i want it to run like okay let me at,four days i'm making it four days now,so you see that now so um you see the,amount you'll be spending below your,estimated daily reach,so you see the and you are out we run,from july disease to this this how much,you spend you'll be seeing all those,things,so you think good here after setting,this up we take this good sign,all right so that is what you do,remember to subscribe to my channel so,that you will see,the next video before others,so you take that good sign and it's,loading now this is good,uh my network,sorry the network is quite poor just,floating,the weather here is damn cloudy that's,why,bear with me,whether it's cloudy so i'm recording,this video,so let it just load,so now you can see so you see your ad,preview now,see your ad preview so,the moment this is done the next thing,is works,you hit this place order,and when you place order your ad will be,in review,okay and after facebook has reviewed,your ad,and it complies with their advertisement,policy they are going to do what approve,your ad,the ad takes within one minute,to 24 hours within this period,they will approve your ad and your ad,will start what running,okay so thank you for watching make sure,you,watch the other videos i put in the uh,description,box in the video on how to fund your,account,and the video on how you can,open your business page in case you,don't have anyone,okay so thank you for watching

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how to sponsor ads on facebook catalogs

How To Create Facebook SPONSORED ADS (Step-By-Step)

How To Create Facebook SPONSORED ADS (Step-By-Step)

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to show you,how to create facebook sponsored ads now,when you're using facebook or instagram,you may see the sponsored tag alongside,certain posts those are paid ads that,people are running on facebook and,instagram the businesses are using to,try and get their products and services,in front of the almost three billion,people that use facebook and instagram,on a monthly basis and you may want to,get your ads in front of people as well,you get your products and services in,front of people use it as a tool to,drive sales and that might be where how,you landed on this video so i'm gonna go,through the entire process i'm gonna,walk you through exactly how you go,about creating uh facebook sponsored ads,that will work on both facebook and,instagram and um hopefully you can,implement the steps and use it to,generate a whole bunch of sales for your,products and or leads for your services,depending on what kind of business you,have okay so i am in an example facebook,ad account here that's what i'm going to,use to demonstrate this and i'm in ads,manager now if you're not familiar with,um ads manager you've never looked at,anything like this i'd recommend you you,check out a video i've created called,how to create a facebook business,manager account so if you want to,advertise on facebook or instagram it's,well worth creating a business manager,account and then you create an ad,account within that and once you've done,that you'll be sent to a screen that,looks like this so there'll be a link in,the video description below,all about how to create a business,manager account just go through that,follow that video step by step get your,business manager set up and then you can,come into ads manager right here and,follow along this process from where we,are right now um with me okay,so let's go ahead and create a campaign,so you want to click on this green plus,create button,and then what i'm going to recommend you,start with is a conversions campaign,it's not the simplest campaign type to,use but it is certainly the most,effective okay now to use the,conversions campaign objective you're,going to need to have the facebook pixel,installed on your website so again,there'll be a link in another there'll,be a link in the video description below,to another video showing you exactly how,to get the facebook pixel set up and,installed on your website so if you,haven't yet done that again i strongly,recommend you go ahead and do that if,you want to not worry about that for now,and just get started as fast as possible,and add in the facebook pixel later then,you want to go ahead and use the traffic,objective for now but i said i would,recommend you go ahead and get that done,and use conversions okay um so we can,give this a name if we want so let's,just call this,um,example,facebook ad campaign,and then you'll immediately see here,it's a great visual representation that,when you create a facebook ad campaign,there's three layer levels there's the,campaign level then within that you have,the ad set level and then within that,you have the ad itself and that's what,you can see here right and the different,levels govern different parts of the,facebook sponsored ad right so um well,we're going to walk through the steps so,you'll see it but i'd say for example,it's targeting things along those lines,so let's call that example first,campaign example ad set and let's go,here with,example add and we'll keep things nice,and simple to start with so go ahead and,click continue,okay i am by no means going to cover,every single little setting option,that's available within a facebook ad,campaign setup there are tons i have,videos on just about every single,setting so if there was anything you,were particularly interested like,special ad categories or buying types or,campaign objectives you can literally,just search in youtube for my name ben,heath and the name of the thing a video,will pop up and you can go through it so,if there's anything that i missed you're,like what about that what about that,don't worry you can go ahead and find in,the details what i am going to focus on,here is what you need to get right and,what you need to add in if you're,creating facebook sponsored ads perhaps,for the first time or perhaps you're,relatively new to facebook advertising,and we're going to cover what you need,to do and need to get right so we've,already selected our campaign objective,as i said i would strongly recommend you,use conversions to do so you will need,the facebook pixel installed otherwise,go ahead and use traffic and then we're,going to scroll down and for the,purposes of this campaign we're not,going to worry about campaign budget,budget optimization again i have videos,about that i would normally recommend,you use this but just to get started,don't worry about it okay so then that's,that's literally all we need to do at,the campaign level so very,straightforward don't worry about that,then we're going to jump over to the ad,set level,now the asset level we're selecting,options for targeting who we're going to,advertise to and delivery settings you,know when our ads are going to run where,they're going to run all that sort of,stuff okay so the vast majority of,you're going to want to send people,through to your website and you're going,to want to be optimizing for a specific,event like a purchase or a lead or,something on those lines so for example,let's assume you're an e-commerce,product i could go ahead and pop in,purchase in there okay now i'm gonna get,um warnings pop up as we go through this,because this is an example facebook ad,account we don't have things set up,fully in here so just ignore those if i,don't talk about it it's not something,you need to worry about but you could go,for the purchase conversion event if,you're unfamiliar with this when you go,through that facebook pixel setup video,it'll clear it all up for you don't,worry about dynamic creative don't worry,about offer the next thing to get into,is budget i strongly recommend you use,daily budget as opposed to a lifetime,budget those campaigns run consistently,or at least can and they tend to produce,better results and you can scale them,lots of advantages again you can find,out more info about that in terms of,what to start spending i have a whole,video about starting budgets so i'll,include a link in the description below,but just to quickly say that you want to,spend something that is meaningful to,you as in you're going to want to come,back in and see how your campaign's,performing you're not just going to set,it and forget about it for a month but,not no amount of money that's going to,in any way hurt you if you lose it right,so there's usually a sweet spot where,you're like oh if i spend that much i,don't want to lose it but our business,it's not going to hurt our business in,any way we're gonna be absolutely fine,but it's gonna be important enough for,me to check and,be motivated to improve this incentivize,to get it right what that is for your,business you know for some businesses,that might be as little as ten dollars a,month for others it might be a thousand,you know we as a facebook ads agency we,work with clients where we spend the,full,range of,of uh well not right at the lower levels,but it can go you know,larger businesses can spend huge amounts,and it'd be relatively small amounts i,mean i imagine for most people watching,this video it's probably gonna be,something you know relatively small,might be 20 30 a day something along,those lines okay i'll leave it at the,default,and then we scroll down to the um,audiences section now i'd strongly,recommend that you don't mess with,custom audiences or look-alike audiences,initially those are more advanced,facebook advertising techniques they're,incredibly effective but when you're,getting used to creating facebook,sponsored ads when you're used to when,you're learning the process don't need,to worry about it then set your location,and this needs this just wants to be,where the majority of your potential,customers are from you can do a local,area so for example i am based,in cheltenham in england so i could for,example and all the chapters have come,up i think except for england,which is probably the original and so i,can add in for example cheltenham and,then a certain radius around that i,could do you know 14 miles around,cheltenham or whatever just think about,where the majority of my customers,located,it is absolutely fine to advertise,nationally so if you sell a product for,example or a service that can be,delivered international nationally you,could go with united kingdom and in fact,it is also absolutely fine to go with,multiple countries so as a business,ourselves we're a facebook advertising,agency we work with clients all around,the world the two major markets that we,operate in are the uk and the us i mean,we have lots of clients in australia,canada and stuff like that but those are,the two major ones so we could start,with something like,um,sad in canada,and let's add in australia,we could start with something like that,would be absolutely fine as well so,don't need to overthink that just where,the majority of your clients and your,customers are likely based age range you,want to set that around what you think,the majority of your customers fall into,but be quite generous so let's say for,example the majority of your customers,are age 30 to 45,you might want to go with something a,little bit wider than that better to be,um better to be too broad than too,narrow facebook ad campaigns tend to,perform better with larger audiences,because that allows facebook's machine,learning process to work out who is best,to advertise to so let's say the,majority of customers are 35,30 to 45 we would go with something like,25 to 50 or 25 to 55 something along,those lines okay,genders if you are very heavily skewed,towards women or men let's say 85,percent plus then you can go with one or,the other otherwise again i would keep,it broad if you're say 70 percent of,your customers are women 30 of men i,would leave it at all you don't want to,discount that that really large um,proportion of your target market,then we get into detailed targeting i'll,include another link in the in the video,description below lots of links but i,want to make this as useful as possible,to how about we how we go about finding,interest targeting options cold audience,targeting options that can perform,really well so i'll include a link to,that and you can go through that um but,you can get started by adding in things,that are relevant to your business so,let's say for example um if i was,advertising shoes i could start looking,adding in things like shoes and it was,taking a second but you know you've got,shoes i've got all sorts of,different types of you know trendy shoes,you could women's shoes bespoke shoes,and you can just go through these lists,and just start to pick out options that,you think,are highly relevant to your business,this is an absolutely fine way to get,started there are more advanced,techniques later on but absolutely fine,ways to get started so for example,i know that if i was advertising my own,services my own facebook advertising,services i could go with things like,business page admins so that's the,admins of business related facebook,pages i know that's going to be a good,um targeting option for me to use okay,i'd i'd recommend you only add in one,targeting option per ad set because,we're just going to get started with one,ad set it's absolutely fine just adding,one and there are advantages to doing,that you'll find out more info about,that if you check out some other,targeting related videos but i just add,in the one for now that's going to set,you up better for success later so go,with the one that you think is most,applicable to your audience again,broader is better than more specific,now what i would encourage you to do,once you've added in your targeting,options is to unselect this detailed,targeting expansion and what that's,going to do is on the right hand side,you're going to get an audience,definition now my audience definition is,four million people there are four,million business page admins aged 25 to,55 in the uk us canada and australia,four million is a perfectly fine,audience size to advertise to if i was,to find that this was anything below 250,000,i'd,try and make it broader and you can do,that obviously by adding in extra,location targeting options if that's,possible for your business if you're not,a local business you can do that by,using broader um detailed targeting,options so targeting options are going,to encompass more people,you can also do that by going from just,men or women to all you can even get rid,of all detailed targeting options if for,example you're just advertising locally,and this audience is quite small now if,you're just advertising locally some,businesses are always going to have,audiences less than 250 000 people in,which case that's fine don't worry about,that but for all other businesses i want,the minimum to be 250 000. there are,maximums that i would put in place again,another link in the description about,ideal audience size if you want to check,that out,okay but otherwise we're set up and i,would recommend you actually leave this,unselected when you're first launching a,facebook sponsored ad that's something,that can be added in languages this is,unlikely to apply to a lot of people,watching this but for some it may,perhaps you just want to reach certain,um language speakers within a market if,you're in canada for example maybe you,just want to reach french speakers which,case you can go ahead and add in more,specificity around here but most going,to want to go with all languages then we,get into the placement options okay,placements refers to where on facebook,and instagram your ads are going to be,displayed so the default is automatic,placements but if we select manual,placements i can show you the options,there's four major categories there's,facebook instagram audience network and,messenger and you can see that within,these there's lots of different uh,various options okay loads and loads of,placement options,if you are using the conversions,objective as i would recommend you could,absolutely go ahead with automatic and,that's one of the advantages of the,conversions objective is facebook is,going to work out where your best,results are going to come from are you,going to get the best results from,facebook feed or instagram stories and,they'll put your ads there according to,performance if you're using something,like traffic because you don't have the,face of pixel installed then i'd,recommend you come in and narrow it,significantly and just go with the feeds,options,and the stories options and the rest of,the stuff you're going to want to,unselect,and you could even get more specific and,just go with say facebook feed and,instagram feed and get rid of these,other options although these other,options only make up a small,fraction of your ad impressions and then,you could leave the the various stories,options in there okay and you could come,in with something like this if you,wanted to that would be absolutely fine,and what i'd recommend you do if you're,running a traffic objective because with,the traffic objective facebook isn't,necessarily going to know,where your customers let's say in this,case we're optimizing for purchases,where your purchase is coming from,they're just sending you people to your,website they don't have that further,visibility and therefore you want to,select the higher quality placement,options where the quality of the traffic,is going to be higher with automatic,placements you don't need to worry about,that because facebook is going to find,those anyway because that's where people,are going to convert from so hopefully,that makes sense but for this example,we're using conversions therefore we can,go with automatic placements um don't,worry about adding in a cost control,again something you can look to add in,later on i have videos about cross,controls and cost caps so you can check,those out if you want but otherwise that,is our,targeting our ad set level and delivery,settings placements taken care of we can,go ahead and click next then we get into,the ad level which is of course a really,important part of any facebook sponsored,ad it's the part that your customers,actually see it's the part that you'll,see when you're creating facebook and,when you're seeing sponsored ads on,facebook or on instagram um it's the,visual part obviously a very important,um thing,so facebook now is defaulting to a lot,of dynamic formats and creative and i,think that really over complicates,things for a lot of new facebook,advertisers if you're creating your,first facebook sponsored ads or your,first you know even your first 50,facebook sponsored ads i would recommend,getting away from um dynamic,format and creative and what i'd usually,do is go with something really simple to,get started like a single image ad okay,so let's go ahead and select single,image we've turned off dynamic creative,we've gone ahead and selected single,image then we're going to go down to the,add creative section and we're going to,add some media so the first thing we do,is select,the image that we're going to use so,let's click on add media and add image,what we're going to do there's loads of,example stuff in here by the way so,don't worry about that is we're going to,advertise this rainbow cake okay it's,very similar to an app we've created for,a client of ours that worked really,really well um it's a fantastic image,that we've got here and i'm going to use,this as an example to walk you through,the ad creation process so um,i obviously selected this image that was,already in our page but you've just seen,on the preview probably skipped over too,fast but you've just seen on the,previous window you could just upload an,image from your computer very,straightforward to do once you've done,that the next thing and by the way you,could do this with video as well if,you've got videos that are there and,ready to go absolutely fine to get,started with videos um with your,facebook sponsored ads and videos often,perform very well okay don't i just want,to keep this as simple as easy for you,guys as possible to get started you can,add in layer of complexity later,so,once you've added in your ad creative,which is your image video things like,that you can then select how it's going,to look in,various placement options so obviously,when,you see ads sponsored ads that are in,stories formats um they're vertical they,take up the whole screen so that's what,we can see over this left hand side,usually we would replace this image with,a a better option that's going to fit,the space better and you can just use,that literally by clicking the replace,button we don't have anyone ready to go,any image ready to go for that so i,won't do that in this case but you could,also go with this original it doesn't,look great there but it'll look much,better,when facebook and instagram do their,thing to it and make it look fine so you,can just go with the original image for,feeds um i really like the one-to-one,placement that's how it looks there i,think that looks great we could also go,with the original but i would quite like,to zoom in on the main main feature and,then right column search results there's,you're not going to get as many,impressions in this format if i go with,that,format,um is absolutely fine i could also keep,the original but we could zoom in that's,going to work as well so this is just,like a visual check to make sure that,your,image looks good,in the various placement options that,you're going to use as i said we could,use we could get a completely different,image made,um or edit it up,which we often would for the stories,placement and we just click on replace,and upload it super simple then you,click on next and facebook will,automatically add enhancements so,they're going to um crop out dead space,they're going to enhance this this kind,of works similarly to like photo editing,software where you click like the,enhance button it turns up the contrast,and things like that so absolutely fine,to allow this let me click done,fantastic so we've now got our image,added in i'm going to get rid of this,stuff here cause i said there's gonna be,lots of warnings and we can start to see,here look how our,if i,scroll down and see how our ad is,starting to look okay so we've got the,image which is still in the process of,being enhanced by the looks of things,we've got the image and you can see here,that these are various placement options,so that is this is not how it's going to,look in the facebook news feed we're,going to add in the information here of,course but that's how it's going to look,in the facebook news feed i think that's,a fantastic looking image you can go,across that's how it's going to look in,instagram,facebook marketplace and this is what,it's going to look like at the moment in,stories this is the instagram stories,option which as i said doesn't look,anywhere near as bad as as it looked in,the preview okay but we could we could,upload a different image you can go,through the various placement options,and see make sure it all looks good okay,now if we jump back to facebook news,feed,now once we've got the image added in,and keep scrolling back up,then we need to add in the primary text,is the next thing and by the way if you,didn't manage to customize your ad,creative in the image uploading window,you can do it here so you can edit a,group and make adjustments and things,like that all in the ad creative section,very simple right primary text so i've,prepared a document um here so this is,the primary text let's go ahead and oh,let's go ahead and grab this stuff,and we're going to copy and paste this,in,to the primary text now the primary text,is going to appear in different places,on,different um,placement options,so for example you'll see that the,facebook news feed the primary text,appears above the image you probably if,you've seen facebook sponsored ads and,paid attention to them you've probably,seen this sort of thing,and you can see that,what we're looking to do with this,primary text,is sell the product you know and you,could do this with a service as well,someone could quickly read through this,our signature rainbow cake smothered in,white chocolate buttercream frosting and,topped with fresh fruit but the best bit,it's only 150 calories per slice and,we're currently offering a 10 discount,seriously click shop now to brighten up,your day so you can see there that we're,we're being really emotive in the copy,we're trying to highlight the benefits,associated with this product why people,want to buy it it's you know um,very descriptive words we're,highlighting the fact it's only 150,calories per slice there's a 10,discounts we're incentivized for people,to take action and it's fun and,and,appropriate to the product that we're,advertising but also the platform,advertising on facebook and instagram,ads don't want to be stale and stuffy,they want to be light-hearted and fun,and and useful and um,and yeah so that's that's the sort of,tone we've gone with here that sort of,copy can work really well obviously you,can take something like that and use it,for your own products or services and we,said click shop now to brighten up your,data there's a call to action at the,bottom and we've included a bunch of,emojis which is always fun right then we,want to add it oh by the way you can see,that the primary text if i scroll down,options look different,um depending on the placement so i said,the primary text is not above the image,on instagram feeds we've got the,information in down beneath it but,there's not you know you don't really,have any control over that just because,you're advertising in different,locations and that's nothing to worry,about,right then we come back in and let's,grab the headline,mouth-wateringly good low calorie cakes,so let's go ahead and get that added,into the headline you can see it's,optional but i would strongly recommend,you add one in and if we go back to our,facebook,feed option and scroll down we can see,oh it hasn't added it in just yet but it,will do it'll add in that uh that,headline for us in there mouthwateringly,good low calorie cakes again benefit,rich,emotive makes me want to take action all,that sort of stuff description is,optional we've got one ready here,um and we're just emphasizing the fact,that there's a limited time only 10,discount so we're incentivizing action,and we're also,by giving the 10 discount and we're also,adding an urgency like do it now this,discount is going to go away if you can,do something like that that's really um,helpful i'd leave that disabled for the,time being again something you could,potentially look to to do in later on,then we've got the call to action,buttons hopefully this is now,it hasn't had it in the headline yet but,it it'll get there but we can see we've,got the call out to now boxing is learn,more i think for something like a cake,that's not really appropriate i think um,we want to go with,hand it down shot now and now to these,call to action buttons don't overthink,it guys just go with the option that is,most applicable to whatever it is that,you're selling if you're trying to get,someone to subscribe to something or to,contact you or download something just,go ahead with the best option in this,case it's going to be shop now then of,course we need the page that we're,sending people to on our website with a,ad like this that would usually be the,product page i'm just going to pop in a,url to get rid of the various,warnings just url to my website and then,if you wanted to you could have a,different display link so the display,link is this section you can just about,see it here we've got lead guru to,credit uk you could add in something,to make that look different if you,wanted to again it starts to get tons of,complicated stuff in here right um,instant experiences events just when,you're getting started don't worry about,that it really is quite uh a minefield,again just a quick note on the languages,you know you can add your own,translation to automatically translate,your ads to reach people more languages,maybe that applies to you maybe it,doesn't depend where you're advertising,so that might be something you want to,look into and then tracking down here,all this should be set up for you,automatically and if you've got the,facebook pixel set up correctly and,again i said there's a video in there a,link in the video description below that,shows you exactly how to do that but,we've now got our ad created okay so you,can see the headline has finally been,put in there i'd recommend you have a,quick check through make sure you know,how does the ad look in various,placements do we need to make any,changes you can see the text in there,and stories fantastic and then you can,go ahead and click publish once you,click publish an ad like this will,usually um,you know take 30 minutes or so to be,approved facebook has like an,algorithmic approval process where,they're making sure you're not breaking,any of the rules if you're unfamiliar,with the facebook advertising rules i'd,strongly recommend you check out another,link in the video description to a video,all about facebook advertiser policy if,you break the rules your ads will be,just,will be disapproved and your ad account,could be disabled so make sure you're,familiar with the rules with your ads,before you go ahead and launch any new,campaign but if i close this down now,and then once you run the ad you'll see,it takes half an hour or so to be,approved then once it starts running,you're going to start see results coming,through um there is a bit of a reporting,delay so be aware of that if you're,thinking i'm not getting any results yet,it could just be they haven't come,through yet um but then you can go in,ahead and make adjustments so you could,see okay this ad is not performing well,let's turn it off let's create a new one,and try again you can also have a look,at performance at the ad set level and,you can go ahead and create multiple,campaigns it's all sorts of stuff i said,i've got tons and tons of things for you,guys to check out on my channel if,you're new to facebook advertising,you're relatively new to facebook,sponsored ads,lots of stuff that should be really,helpful make sure you get it right make,sure you don't waste money make sure you,don't make mistakes now before i go a,couple of things i want to quickly,mention the first is a free webinar i've,created called three killer facebook ad,strategies to double or more your,revenue so i've showed you how to create,a direct to offer campaign there are,other strategies that you may want to,use depending on your products and,services okay and so i strongly,recommend you go through this webinar it,is completely free about 60 minutes long,it's going to show you exactly,step-by-step how to create awesome sales,funnels link is included in the video,description below i said completely free,go ahead and check that out um i think,you'll be very glad that you did,particularly if you're new to facebook,sponsored ads other free thing i want to,mention is my facebook ads mastermind,group so i have a facebook group full of,facebook advertisers there's currently,125 000 members it's one of the biggest,communities of facebook and instagram,advertisers anywhere in the world an,amazing community full of people just,like you wanting to get better results,with facebook ads um learning from each,other asking questions getting them,answered i do free live trainings in,there i'm in there every single day,amazing community so i strongly,recommend you go ahead and join again,link in the video description which i,know i've said about a thousand times in,this video but hopefully that's all to,stuff that's gonna really help you guys,out if you found this video useful,please give it a thumbs up that really,helps me out it's much appreciated,please comment below if you've got,questions please comment below if um,you enjoyed it i the feedback is always,welcome and of course subscribe to my,youtube channel if you haven't done so,already i release facebook and instagram,advertising related content all the time,more than just about anyone else from,what i can see and if you want better,results for facebook and instagram ads,you're getting going down this facebook,sponsored ads journey which can,absolutely be incredibly profitable then,um yeah i think i've got a lot of,content that can help you out okay,thanks a lot guys bye for now

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