how to split test facebook ads

Masterclass: 10x Facebook Ads with Split Testingin this video i'm going to teach you my,exact method

Dylan Pondir

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Masterclass: 10x Facebook Ads with Split Testing

in this video i'm going to teach you my,exact method on how i split test,facebook ads to quickly launch brand new,campaigns and scale them profitably so,without further ado let's jump into my,method how's it going my name is dylan,ponder i'm the founder of and,in this video i'm going to teach you my,method to split test your facebook ads,how to use those split tests to build a,winning ad combination that will allow,you to quickly launch and scale,profitable facebook ads my sole purpose,with this channel is to teach you how to,run profitable facebook ads so if you,can do me the favor of hitting the like,button subscribing notifications on and,checking out it's greatly,appreciated let's go ahead and hop into,my ad account,here we have one of my ad accounts for a,brand i co-founded and you can see this,is the past five days worth of data and,we have some new campaigns here that,we've launched and we're scaling really,quickly with a really good return on ad,spend on one thing that i do want to,know is you might be wondering what's,the difference between the website,purchase return on ad spend and this one,here,basically,i've built a custom attribution system,that allows me to to raise our tracking,for our facebook ads up to about 90 to,95 percent uh if you're a ponder member,that course is in ponder full breakdown,on how to do it but i just wanted to,note so the difference here,is the one on the right hand side this,one here is basically if only the,facebook pixel and so forth were doing,the tracking this is uh the custom,attribution setup i built so that's the,difference that's why there you might,have a little confusion on what those,roads mean,so when it comes to,building and scaling a new campaign,quickly you need to launch with a,winning ad how do you launch with a,winning ad before running a campaign,well it comes down to split testing,and quite frankly you should be split,testing everything,your video your images your headlines,your thumbnails your ad copy but in this,video i want to focus on what i found to,be the most impactful split testing over,the past year which is ad copy there's,something about the the copy in an ad,that if done correctly can greatly,reduce your cpm we've seen up to 50,reductions in our cpm through testing,our ad copy and it'll improve your link,click through rate so you can see here,um in this in the ponder dashboard what,you'll see is we have,so this is the past five days that i,have pulled up in the ad account,so you can see,two to three hundred dollars in spend,really good row as like this day 330,spent 3 000 in revenue and this is,actually when we were doing our split,testing so the cool thing about split,test is you can still generate a profit,while doing it,after those three days of split tests we,take the winning combo and then we,launch it in our main campaigns which,you can see we start to scale here so uh,on the 19th spent about 3 000 for 8,600 tracked,our custom attribution tracking is is,still only about 90 to 95 accurate and,the actual return according to our,shopify dashboard was about ten thousand,dollars in revenue so really great ros,before i teach you step by step how to,actually do the split test in your ad,account i want to show you an example of,split tests that we ran and then took,the winning combination to launch the,campaigns and get the results that i,just showed you at the start of this,video,so here you can see three campaigns,testing thumbnail copy and media,so let's hop into this thumbnail one and,what you'll see,is i tested quite a few variations of my,thumbnail,ultimately what we look at is link click,through it if you watch the ponder,course then you know the importance of,link click through rate and if you,haven't i'll link that youtube video,down in the description,ultimately link click-through rate is,the quickest way to improve your returns,on ad spend improve your results and,ultimately lower your cpms,so what we did is this was the winning,thumbnail,we have i split tested two video,variations different scroll stoppers you,can see dramatic improvement on this,variation here and then also with uh ad,copy i took the best,ad copy variation right here you can see,once again dramatic improvement,and if we sort if we come into ponder,and we just do uh roads above two over,past seven or so days,and we click,you'll see boom there it is so all of,the ones that are green are above a two,row as,and they're all using that winning,combination so this is how we're scaling,before actually having to,run unprofitable ads,so let me show you how this process is,done so if you want to follow along step,by step go ahead and pull pull up your,ad account,and we'll create a live,masterclass on how to split test ad copy,all right let's go ahead and start,building out the split test for your ad,account first we're going to create a,new campaign so we'll do conversions,we'll hit continue,and typically i like to use this,template feature um just to quickly name,campaigns and stay consistent,but i don't have my new emojis in here,yet like this so i'm just going to copy,and paste it from a previous split test,we'll give this a new one so we'll call,this v2 i'm going to put the date in,here,today is march 21st,okay so let's hop into our ad set,one of the key factors of split test,split testing for facebook ads is,limiting variability you want to make,sure that everything you're testing,is targeting the same audience and is,using the same placement so let's start,building this out,i do use an ad set level budget for,split testing,if you prefer to use campaign budget,optimization you can set the min and max,spend i found adset budget just to be,simpler for the purpose of,for split testing so go ahead depending,on what your budget is so let's say that,you have a hundred dollar budget for,your split test,we're going to be split testing four,different copy variations here so that,would that means each ad set would get,25,next we need to use a specific audience,if you don't have data you can use um an,interest that most correlates to your,product or whatever you're advertising,we do have,data here so what i'm going to do,is i want to,find ad sets that have above say a 2.5,return ad spend,so if we come in here,looks like a lot of our retargeting,obviously does,um let's just do two,here we go,okay so,this one has done quite well and this is,our look-alike initiated checkout so,we're gonna use that that audience here,so i can just take this audience name,whoops,it was at three percent,here it is,all right so i'm going to use the,our top audience for this split test and,every ads that's going to be set up the,same,if there's specific ages for your,product go ahead and enter that in for,us it's really above 25.,i'm going to turn off detailed targeting,come down to manual placements,i'm going to uncheck all the feeds that,only select the facebook news feed,uncheck stories,uncheck,just remove everything except one,placement remember limit variability,okay this looks good,i am going to use my template here,because it automatically just,incorporates it actually,for this for the split test,and since you don't have template setup,i won't use this so what i'll do is,we'll just call this copy one and then,just so i know i'll put three percent,lookalike,so copy,version one okay and then what i want to,do is i'm going to delete this ad here,because what we want is to actually,create a baseline in order to gauge the,results of the split test you need to,have a baseline to,decide whether it performed or,underperformed,so we're going to use our existing ad,for that if you don't have an existing,ad,i'll show you what to do in a second so,go ahead and hit publish,and now,what i'm going to do,is i'm going into my cold traffic i'm,just going to take my top performing ad,that that winning ad combination,so here it is,uh what was that name,here's my campaign,so basically if you have,if you have an ad that's been running,you can duplicate that into,your split testing campaign,and i'm also going to pause it just so,it doesn't start running while we're,building it out,so,by,and actually let's rename this to,baseline,so basically what we're going to use,this first ad set for,is to decide whether other ads that,we're split testing other ad copy that,we're split testing,outperforms or underperforms the one,that we're currently running if you,don't have an existing ad,that's fine you can just drop in the new,ad that you create into uh this first ad,set here,so let's go ahead and duplicate this i'm,gonna duplicate it three times since,we're running four ad copy variations,and then what i want to do,is i just want to remove,baseline,so this is going to be,copy v2,then we'll come here,copy,b3,and then finally,copy v4 there we go,all right and now i'm gonna delete the,ad that uh we don't want in here because,we want to put new variations in so i'm,gonna hold command,on windows i think it's control i'm just,gonna select,hit delete,i'll hit publish,all right and now i'm going to start,creating new variations of ad copy if,you've watched the ponder course you've,seen how i store,my ad sets so i use this diamond hq,which i never run just basically is,where i kind of host my my ads for quick,access so i have that version,in here that we're going to use so let's,just go in here,so i'm going to duplicate it,and then,i'm gonna add it to those three,all right,and if you get confused any part along,the way um don't hesitate to leave a,comment i will definitely try to help,you out,so let's go ahead and hop back into,our v2 testing copy campaign okay so we,have our baseline which has the initial,ad that we were running,and now we have,these additional three variations that,i'm going to use for split testing so we,have this one here copy v2 and what i'm,going to do is switch out the copy so,this was the baseline copy i'm going to,delete it,and then i'm going to use my cheat code,here which is ponder if you don't ponder,you can manually write your copy,and input it but,i'm going to use this because,it's a lot better copyrighted than i am,so upset epoxy bundles,boom,let's see what we get for new copy,variations,okay looking for a great epoxy kit look,no further than our best selling epoxy,bottle bundle includes,i like that one,let's try another variation here,all right,um i also had some saved versions i,really liked,i actually really like this one here so,what i'm going to do,is i'm just going to save it to my,account and i'm going to hit copy,paste it in,i do want to note it's it's pretty it's,actually very insane how much,small changes in your copy,such as emojis can influence your,results,so since this baseline has emojis it's,more of that listicle kind of,traditional average facebook ad style,i'm going to test for copy,v2 i'm going to test just more of a,paragraph with no emojis straight to the,point and see how facebook responds to,that this one might work really well,so i'm going to call this paragraph,call this short,form paragraph,publish,all right,now let's go ahead and,just double check that it published here,for us,all right,now let's go to copy v3,so let's try out a problem solution,format,it could be difficult to find the right,epoxy for your project can be expensive,it's important to get the right type,i do kind of like,this last one here,let me change up the elevator pitch just,to kind of have a different angle,it's the perfect,time for a new hobby,upstart,epoxy bundle,is now available,let's see what we get for this,okay so this is uh i actually like the,format of this so it's a listicle,but it does have emojis and once again,the listicle is performing well for us,but sometimes just removing emojis can,actually really improve results so let's,try this one with upstart epoxy one,you'll get everything you need to start,a new budget it includes we'll do,since we have multiple variations,it does have glove and goggles ah i,don't know if i want to include those,though because they're not a huge,selling point let's do,um,and then,i'm also going to add a call to action,alright save that copy,okay cool so this one will work so we're,going to hit publish on this,copy v4,all right so that's in there now let's,go ahead and hop,hop into this copy v4 ad set and this,will be the the last ad that we create,to split test,for this,i already have a listicle,um,oh this actually this last one's,actually looking for a new hobby that,because there's a lot of people it's,springtime coming around people are,looking to do things outdoors and just,be a little more creative so looking for,new hobby upstairs epoxy bundles now,available this bundle includes,everything you need to get started with,including a resin hardener,hardener,and a mixer plus,plus we're offering,i'm going to add in free mica,colors and,cool,all right this is a good one,so we'll paste that in,boom there we go so now let's go ahead,and go go back to our campaigns,and turn this on,and now,after about 24 hours,each ad set should spend that 25 dollars,and we'll be able to see our results,and you know what i just realized i,didn't do was i did not use a lower,objective so let me just check what,objectives here okay so,depending on your budget i'm going to,give you a couple options,if you have a high budget,and if you want to spend let's say 200,on your split test feel free to use the,purchase objective but i know a lot of,you are just launching new campaigns you,don't have a lot of budget,and so,you do have the ability to lower,the objective to something like add to,cart it's going to cost less to get more,impressions,and you are still going to be able to,gauge the performance in regards to link,click through rate,if you do use add to cart initiate,checkout even view content you cannot,use purchases or return on ad spend to,gauge a split test,even when you're using purchases,twenty five dollars fifty dollars per ad,set isn't much,so do not look at your return on ad,spend or the amount of purchases to,gauge the performance,look at link click through rate so if,you followed along and you do want to,use a lower objective let me show you,how to do this,let's just go ahead and hit duplicate on,that new split test campaign that we,built,we'll hit duplicate,and now if you click on,the first ad set hold shift,it'll and then click the last one allow,you to select all of them you can hit x,down on conversion event,let's do add to cart,we'll publish,let's give this a minute,all right,and then i'm going to delete the other,one so i don't get confused,and i'm also going to label this one add,to cart so i know just quickly when,looking at campaigns it was tested with,add to cart,just makes it brings a little bit more,clarity when you're going through your,attic on the future so let's flip this,on so i'm going to let this run for 24,hours i'll gauge the results in the same,way that i did as the other ones,and here is a split test that i actually,ran,yesterday,so you can see i ran this yesterday,and let's take a look at what performed,look at that so i didn't i honestly i,swear i did not look at the results of,the split test beforehand,but this was the short paragraph version,and you can see,if we compare it to the baseline,look at the difference,this was our baseline at 3.3,this was a short paragraph we removed,the emojis we shortened it up and,facebook facebook rewarded us with a,higher link click through rate um,facebook does,say nowadays they prefer uh they,recommend shorter ad copy,i have yet to decide if it's actually,factual if you do get better results,with it but,based on this what i'm going to do is i,am going to use that shorter form here,just based on it i mean,what is that a,70 increase in our link click through it,so split test your ads take the winning,combos you can use the same process,process that we just did for ad copy and,use it to test thumbnails scroll,stoppers and so forth i hope that was,helpful if you have any questions don't,forget to leave a comment,and if you're interested in the tools,that you saw in the video or any of the,courses such as how to set up the custom,attribution to improve your your,tracking on facebook ads check out, linked in the description,i'll also link the six and a half hour,facebook ads course that i built for,youtube in the description thank you so,much i'll see you in the next video

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Split Testing Facebook Ads: How to Improve Your Results

Split Testing Facebook Ads: How to Improve Your Results

- The key to Facebook Ad success is simple.,You've got to reach the right people,with the right message and the right Ad.,No problem, right?,Well, there's a little more to it than that.,The key to your success is really in the testing,,but there are infinite number of variables to test,and several ways to test them.,In this video, we're gonna talk about,how to test your Facebook Ads for better results.,And stick around to the end,,'cause I'm gonna share a common mistake people make,that waste money as well as impacts their test results.,(bright music),Let's talk about how to limit your variables.,The most impactful variable,that you can test is your audience.,Once you determine the audiences,that respond best to your Ads,,then you can move on to testing other things.,I suggest creating three to five different audiences,at the Ad set level and having the exact same Ad,with the same image and same text underneath each Ad set,,so the only variable is the audiences.,At the end of your test period,,you should have the best one or two audiences,that have given you the best results.,The next variable I recommend testing is the image.,So now you're gonna take those one or two,best performing audiences,,and try a different image underneath each one,to see how that performs.,And lastly, if you have the budget and the time,,you can test the text and the headline of your Ad.,Now before we get into the full walkthrough,,I wanna talk a minute about budgeting.,In order to set up a proper split test,,you need to have your budget set up at the Ad set level,,not campaign budget optimization.,A common question that I get,is how long you should run your Ads,,for valid split test results?,And that's gonna depend a lot on your industry,and your offer and your typical cost per result.,Now let's jump into how to use Facebook's A/B testing tool.,You're going to start by creating your campaign from scratch,and selecting your objective.,Once you do that, you're gonna click,the get started button in the A/B test box,,and then you'll get a message,that this is your control campaign.,And now you create your campaign as normal,,choosing the audience,,the image and the text that you want for this campaign.,And then when you hit publish,,a popup box is going to appear,,now you're gonna select the variable,that you want to change in this test.,For this example, I'm going to choose a new saved audience.,In this test, I'm gonna choose a lookalike audience.,So in the variable section,I choose which saved audience I want to test against,,from the dropdown menu.,Make sure you double check the daily test budget,,so it's appropriate for what you want to spend each day.,So then once you do that,,you're ready to select create test.,And then in your Ads manager,,you'll see two versions of your campaign,,and you'll be able to compare the results.,Facebook will also tell you,which campaign was the winner in your test.,So I actually find Facebook's A/B test tool,,a little confusing.,So with my method, we are duplicating at the Ad set level,,versus Facebook's A/B test,,which duplicates at the campaign level.,This way you keep your campaigns all together,,and you've got a little more flexibility,in how you set it up.,So what you're doing is,you're navigating into the Ad set level,,you're selecting that Ad set and you're clicking duplicate.,Now what you're going to see is the Ad set that is new,,and also the original Ad set.,Now you wanna change the variable,that you want to test against.,So in this example, I'm going to select,the lookalike audience that I want to test against.,Now I can keep all the other settings the same,,and I will also be duplicating the Ads,that are underneath that Ad set.,To be able to easily read your reports,,you definitely want to rename the Ad set,so that you know exactly what you're testing in that Ad set.,To be consistent, you may also,need to rename the Ad at the Ad level.,After three or four days,,you wanna look at your results at the Ad set level,,so that you know what Ad set is performing best.,You'll take a look at your cost per result,to make that determination.,In this example, you can see what a big difference,the right audience can make.,In my retargeting audience,,I was getting $2.89 per lead,,versus one of my lookalike audiences,,which was $6.81 per lead.,That's a huge difference.,So following our order of testing different variables,,if you do wanna test another image,,there are a couple ways to do that,with my method of split testing.,One is to duplicate at the Ad set level,,so that you're dedicating the budget,just to that particular Ad and that particular image.,The other way would be to duplicate at the Ad level,,and turn off the other Ads that might be running,,because Facebook doesn't give the budget equally,to the Ads that are underneath each Ad set.,Once you find the best audiences and Ads,,you want to keep the best Ads running,and turn off the under-performers.,One of the big ways that people waste money,,is by using the all placements section in the Ad set level.,Facebook by default has all the placements selected,,and that is actually also increasing the number of variables,you are putting into your test.,Many people don't even mean to be advertising Instagram,,but by default, Instagram is selected,when you create a Facebook Ad.,To find the placements area, go into the Ad set level,,scroll down past the budgeting, past the audience,,and then you'll see placements.,By default, automatic placements is selected.,You wanna definitely select manual placements,,and uncheck any placement you don't want in your test.,For testing purposes,,I recommend using the Facebook feed only,for your split test.,If you've used all placements,,you may wanna check how each placement has performed,in the Ads Manager, by looking at the breakdown report,,by delivery, and then select placement.,Facebook will now show you how each placement has performed,and how much you've spent on each placement.,In this example, you can see how the Instagram placement,costs me a lot more than the Facebook feed.,So in the future, I may turn off the Instagram placement,for this type of Ad.,To go a little bit further,with testing and scaling your Ads, watch this video.,And for more Facebook Ad goodness,,check out this playlist.

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