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How To Block YouTube ADS on (Chrome & Edge) in 2022 hey guys welcome back to crown geek this,is shab

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How To Block YouTube ADS on (Chrome & Edge) in 2022

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How To Block YouTube ADS on (Chrome & Edge) in 2022

hey guys welcome back to crown geek this,is shabazz so in this video i will,explain that how to block youtube ads,from google chrome and microsoft edge,browser so like me if you also hate the,annoying ads that coming while watching,the youtube videos so how you can stop,them so that you can enjoy the videos,without any interference so i'm on my,google chrome which is on the left hand,side and i will try to play a video and,see that if the ads are coming up or not,so let me play a video,and you can see that is coming up and,now it takes a lot of time and give me a,countdown to skip the video,sometime it can be non-escapable and,that is really annoying and the same,thing happened the microsoft edge as,well so whenever i play any video it,comes with the advertisement and not,only in the static but also in the,middle,so what we will be doing here the,solution would be we will be using an,extension that will be blocking these,ads so let's start with the google,chrome okay,on the google chrome on the very right,hand top you'll see the three dot icon,click on it,over up to more tools and then click on,extensions,and then click on this hamburger icon on,the left and bottom and then click on,open chrome web store,so in the chrome web store we will be,looking for,youtube,ad blocker,okay so we have to go you can go any,with any one of them but i would be,using ad blocker for youtube which is,totally free to use so click on this,extension then click on add to chrome,add extension,and now it will start adding to your,chrome and within few seconds,this could be added to your extension,bar,now if you do not see the extension in,the extension bar then click on the,puzzle icon,and look for the extension you,downloaded add blocker for youtube and,then click on the pin icon,so this will be displayed here,okay so we are all set,now if i go on youtube,and if i refresh the page,and then i will also attention is,working or not so if i hover up to the,extension it says add blocker for,youtube has access to this site,okay,but let me open a youtube,instead of opening this video i will,open the youtube and try to play any,video and see whether it's working or,not,so let's say i take this one,and you can see,there are no there are no ad and even if,there will be any ad it will be quickly,skipped,so there is no ad okay if there would be,any ad it will be quickly skipped,now let me play another video so that i,can show you some more,uh things,like if i go with this one,you can see the advertisements are not,coming up guys okay,let me play one more,and if i go with any like if i go with,this one,you can see that there are no,advertisements,okay,so once we are done with this if you are,using microsoft edge so let's move to,the microsoft edge and see how you can,block it here,so again uh we have to install the,extension in,microsoft edge as well so click on this,three dot that is on the right hand top,and then,scroll down,and look for extensions,and then click on get extensions for,microsoft edge,and this will open the microsoft edge,extension store,and now we need to look for the,extension that if i type youtube ad,blocker,so you will see this one at skipper on,youtube okay,so you use this is the icon you can also,check in the description i will leave,the link,so you can try another one as well but i,will go with this one because the rating,is good and even i used it and it works,absolutely fine,so click on get,and then on add extension,and this will display you the,confirmation message that it has been,added,so now let's move to the youtube again,let me refresh the page,and let me try to open any video and see,whether it's working or not okay,so if i go with this video okay,so,all right so you can see there is no ad,coming up guys okay,so but i will take some few more okay,like if i take uh any like this one,so there are no ads coming up,so we can say that now after installing,these extension you can enjoy the,youtube videos without any advertisement,and these app these extensions are,totally free absolutely free and you do,not need to pay for that and i have,tested this extension so it's safe to,use you can easily use it without any,problem so if you like the video guys do,not forget to like and subscribe before,leaving just to motivate me and also,leave your comment in the comment,section if you want to make me video for,any specific topic alright thank you so,much and i will see you in the next one,bye

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