how to skip crunchyroll ads pc

Crunchyroll Removed Ad-Supported Viewing... hey what's up guys rev here,yes this is the third day in

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Crunchyroll Removed Ad-Supported Viewing...

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Crunchyroll Removed Ad-Supported Viewing...

hey what's up guys rev here,yes this is the third day in a row i've,made a video about crunchyroll i'm,obsessed unhinged letting crunchyroll,live rent-free in my head perhaps but in,all seriousness the latest update we're,going to cover in today's video is,arguably crunchyroll's greediest move,yet which is really saying something the,past three days have been filled with,announcements and policy changes that,are an absolute slap in the face of,crunchyroll users both subscribed and,unsubscribed and i'll explain what,that's all about shortly so earlier this,week crunchyroll announced perhaps the,biggest seasonal streaming schedule of,all time for this upcoming spring which,is unsurprising since the service has,been wrapping up its merger with,funimation under the crunchyroll label,moving nearly all of funimation's,content over to crunchyroll however,within roughly a day of that good news,covered in my previous video crunchyroll,then announced they'll be removing,dozens of major anime titles by the end,of the month you can pause to see the,full list but trust me i'm not kidding,when i say major titles i would even say,a very casual anime fan would recognize,most of the titles included in this list,titles almost exclusively licensed by,sentai film works now how stubborn with,sentai phone works in this process who,knows but what we do know is that,crunchyroll subscribers lost access to a,very significant collection of titles,and were given less than a week to enjoy,them before their removal now i thought,that was pretty bad news but today we,have an update that might be even worse,perhaps the company's greediest move to,date so off the bat i want to note this,wasn't even posted on the main,crunchyroll website rather it was snuck,into their crunchyroll knowledge base,site which is essentially their customer,support changes to add supported viewing,for the spring 2022 season and future,seasonal releases crunchyroll will,update our offering on simulcast titles,by subscription tier to view new and,continuing simulcasts a premium monthly,or annual subscription will be required,with the exception below we will no,longer be offering simulcast episodes,one week after release as an,ad-supported free viewing option for,continuing series ad-supported viewing,on any new episodes will not be,available in line with the spring season,however previously published episodes,are still available to all user types so,the too long didn't read version of this,is for all new releases coming out for,this spring and beyond that you will,need a crunchyroll subscription to view,any of it you will not be able to watch,any upcoming releases for free by,watching it with ads something that has,been an integral part of the service for,decades and let me be the first to tell,you as someone who tried out the ad,supported route many years ago having to,sit through five mid-roll ads every two,minutes was punishment enough but,crunchyroll is making a few exceptions,to this rule for the upcoming spring,releases offering initial episodes of,select titles as a part of a seasonal,sampler for free viewing for a limited,time and by free they mean with ads just,like always including having to wait a,week until their subscription only,premieres end just like always while,users can still catch old content free,with ads is it really crazy to think,given their history that crunchyroll,will eventually ice that option out too,this whole thing is one of the greatest,moves i've seen crunchyroll is gaining,record numbers of subs right now,dominating the anime streaming industry,for western viewers and apparently,that's still not enough they want to,bleed out every sub they can even if it,means turning away users who can't,afford a subscription who have supported,the company by watching ads and watching,for free and let's not kid ourselves,they still make money by doing that by,the way by shoving a dozen ads on every,episode for ad supported viewers this,change will simply turn away a lot of,people who don't want to pay for the,service and more importantly fans who,simply can't afford a subscription but,still want to view the content it's sad,to see and all i know is that in the,past few days crunchyroll has been doing,more to promote piracy websites than the,piracy websites could ever do for,themselves and for those who choose that,route go ahead and sail the high seas,without an ounce of guilt in your,conscience because we all get it but,that's going to do it for this video i,hope you all enjoyed subscribe for more,daily videos and yeah i'll see you guys,next time

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