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How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes one second,what's up guys my name is adam this


Updated on Jan 09,2023

How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

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How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

one second,what's up guys my name is adam this is my new  channel I will be talking about technology  ,gadgets and etc,english language is my second language and  this is my first video so don't be too harsh  ,today I'm gonna talk about this about television  and ads and the most annoying things these days  ,every time when you try to watch something using  your smart television you are filled with ads  ,all over the place, you cannot watch single  thing without watching at least few ads  ,you cannot rewind you cannot do anything these  days you just have to watch ads but there is  ,a way how to stop this madness and I'm gonna  show you it's not complicated so you don't need  ,any particular skills just you just need your TV,  remote, internet access so I'm gonna show you how  ,to do that okay so what I'm trying to do here  is I'm just opening my television my smart TV  ,and I'm trying to watch anything  so it's like TV on demand I'm  ,trying at the moment itv hub  and let's see what we have here  ,I think I will go with american  dad let's try to watch this just  ,just press play and let's see what is happening,okay ITV logo which is normal,ly okay but,first commercial and I put the stopwatch just to  let you know how much time we are wasting on this,okay second ad I'm already  bored let me have my coffee,third one,it's a good coffee I should sell some,more okay so you can see already one minute boom  ,just we waste that four ads  and still going yeah what's next  ,fifth oh this is actually good the cyberpunk i  can watch this is the only other I can watch,that's still boring,what do you think about this game  anyway you can leave the comment below,and is it finished no one more time again the same,ad okay so we have six ads that took almost two  minutes so you can just imagine that you try  ,to watch something you choose your favorite  show you start the play and you have six ads  ,and this is not ... this is just the beginning because  in the middle of watching this, you will have even  ,more ads I think after 10 minutes or so okay now  I'm trying to ... just for to show you another example  ,and trying to watch real housewives and the same  situation ITV logo and boom the same commercial  ,no mercy okay I'm not gonna I'm not gonna  watch this so I'm going somewhere else okay  ,so now I will show you what to do it's  quite easy first go to your settings press  ,settings or on your remote go  to all settings and look for  ,the network. Doesn't matter what TV you have. You could have sony, LG  ,doesn't matter every TV these  days have this go to the network settings  ,in my case, I'm using wi-fi maybe use the same so now  depends if you use a wi-fi connection go straight  ,to wi-fi, if you use the LAN connection go  go over there you go to advanced settings  ,and you want to edit this and  we are looking for DNS server  ,WARNING !!! new DNS address >check description under the video!!!,and we want to change that so my proposition  is this put this DNS server,if you don't know DNS is like a phone  book computers are using digits not like  ,humans so if you want to go to for example, for you it's but in it  the world it's not that in it world I will show you,if you try to go to you actually go to,  ,so DNS is like a phone book is designed for us  to get easy access to the internet because no  ,one will no one will remember this 216 58 205 46  no, i will remember this but is easy the  ,same facebook the same amazon the same whatever  you want let's have a look for example Facebook,so Facebook is using so what we are doing here,this DNS server has a blacklist so it's blocking  all those ads so every time when your tally  ,wants to play at this DNS server will  say uh uh you want to play at and we  ,we know it so I'm blocking it like in this  case I'm changing DNS server pressing connect,okay double check if everything is okay so I'm  going again to the settings just to have a look if  ,everything is fine so again advanced settings and  we see it's it is 176 blah blah blah blah blah now  ,I'm doing exactly the same going again to ITV hub  but you can use whatever app you want and I will  ,do exactly the same I will try to play exactly the  same videos so, in this case, American Dad that the same,episode,look at that no ads okay let's try something else,let's try family guy you see I just press play  I'm boom already family guy episodes whatever,so not only you don't see ads at the beginning  but also you will not see the ads in the middle  ,so I believe it's every 10 minutes they will  try to show you some more ads that's gone  ,no ads there's one downside of  this I'm afraid if you do that  ,you will lose the ability to rewind to  pause your video so this is a little bit  ,hiccup let's say and this is your choice you want  to watch ads and have the ability to rewind  ,okay if you hate ads like me you will do the  same because when I'm watching something I'm just  ,watching I want to watch 25 minutes interrupted  an episode of family guy then having the ability to pause  ,or rewind I don't care about that another thing is  you don't need to use that specific DNS server you  ,can use whatever you want so I'm just showing you  if you just put on famous DNS servers  ,for ad-blocking you will have a bunch of it so  in this case, I am just showing you something else,so you can try many you can try whatever  you want just spend five minutes on google  ,and there's a lot of people talking  about this is a lot of projects  ,and you can use raspberry pi you can change DNS  server in your router but this is the easiest way  ,you can do it just you see that took  me two minutes you don't need any kind  ,of specific knowledge easy anybody can do  that just you just need to remote that's it,okay guys I hope you like my video if you found  it interesting consider subscribing I will be  ,posting video weekly so you have one video per  a week and I will be talking about technology how  ,to do stuff how to make your life easier  things like gadgets computers stuff laptops  ,cell phones technology in general so yeah  if you enjoyed it you can press like or dislike  ,whatever you want just subscribe and  I will see you in the next episode see ya

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