how to size my picture to be 1200×1200 for facebook ads

The Proper Facebook Ads Photo Sizes & Video Dimensions For High Converting Adshey everybody Justin s

Justin Cener

Updated on Jan 21,2023

The Proper Facebook Ads Photo Sizes & Video Dimensions For High Converting Ads

hey everybody Justin scenar here how's,it going I've got a great video for you,today I'm gonna make sure you know every,single size when it comes to Facebook ad,photos and videos you're gonna become an,expert you're gonna know exactly what,size is to use to create the best,highest converting Facebook ads let's,jump into it right now now before I go,over the actual sizes in terms of pixels,and dimensions I want to talk about the,kind of overarching idea of why this,works so well why do Facebook ads work,so well and the same can be applied to,Instagram as well and it's because the,idea of native advertising yeah what is,native advertising what are native ads,it's basically advertising placements,that fit into the natural flow and use,of a site and really the easiest way to,describe it is to tell you what the,opposite of native ads are and a good,example of that would be banner ads,right a banner ad is literally just a,big banner that stuck you know on the,top or the side of a site not native at,all it sticks out Facebook ads on the,other hand are totally negative ads they,literally are just promoted status,updates and it's the idea of being,totally seamless in the newsfeed and a,lot of people especially those who,aren't marketers like you or you and me,right apart from the words sponsored in,the section which typically shows the,time and date of the post Facebook ads,look feel and act just like normal posts,right you could share them you could,like them you could react to them you,could comment on them this is why they,work so well customers respond,positively to recommendations and,referrals from friends as opposed to,commercials or advertisements and while,this is obviously not exactly the same,this is still an advertisement it feels,similar to the customers to the viewers,and the results obviously speak for,themselves Facebook is by far the most,important online advertising platform,right now and that's not going to change,anytime soon so let's talk about,Facebook ad sizes I'm gonna tell you,about both photo and video because,they're both super useful people ask me,you know which is best I would say,almost all the time video if you can,create a good video that's gonna be,probably preferred,/ photo but let's talk about some sizes,here and in fact I want to skip to the,bottom first give you a little pro tip,and make sure you take a look at the,other videos on my YouTube especially,where I talk about the best Facebook ad,objectives but the idea here is that,you're going to be using these sizes,with the conversion objective ok the,conversion objective if you recall one,of my earlier videos on my channel I,talked about the three different parts,of an ad you have the campaign where you,set everything up you have the ad set,where you do the targeting and then you,have the ad where you have the actual,copy and creative you know the words of,the ad the text of the ad and then the,image that makes up the third part the,ad this is what we're talking about here,with the sizes for the first part where,you set up your ad you're gonna want to,be using the conversion objective okay,so let's get into it I'll show you some,examples as well just in case you don't,believe me I'll show you a couple,billion dollar examples of you know a,massive brand that is using the exact,sizes that I'm talking about here so,photo sizes and I kind of rank these in,terms of most useable 1200 by 1200 is by,far your ideal size it's a big square,okay 1200 by 1200 it will shrink down,obviously to any other square size so,it's gonna look good on desktop it's,gonna look good on mobile it's gonna,look good everywhere and 1200 by 1200 is,always in my opinion what you should be,going for when you're using photos now,there are a couple of other photo sizes,that will work 1200 by 628 that's kind,of like obviously it's a wider rectangle,it's much smaller than your 1200 by 1200,you could just literally look at the,numbers it's almost half the height you,have 1200 pixels with by 628 pixels,height as opposed to 1200 pixels with an,height on that first one it's just a,matter of real estate you know do you,want to take up more or less of the user,screen of course you want to take up,more so we don't we go for that square,in my opinion you might also if you have,a very tall image if you're shooting,like story post photos or story video,you can go by 1080 by 1920 that's your,traditional you know snapchat size where,it's much taller than wide on the video,same thing here 1200 by 1200 a couple of,reasons why you want to use that first,of all it looks good on both mobile and,desktop but you can also use it for,product pages 12,about 1200 will typically fit a,traditional e-commerce product layout so,you could use your video ads for video,product video as well 1200 by 1200 is,your ideal size there but of course you,could use your traditional 1920 by 1080,that's just your full widescreen HD,right if you take your iPhone you record,it,you know horizontally or you know,whatever phone you have that's going to,be your full you know that Full HD look,and of course that works as well but you,know we're never gonna get 1920 in terms,of almost two thousand pixels in width,that's about you know almost the size of,a full monitor full wide screen monitor,we're never gonna get that inside of the,newsfeed so 1200 pixels in width is,gonna look and feel the same as 1920,because it's gonna get reduced down in,size so you want to take up a little bit,more height you get that 1200 by 1200,again this is all about screen real,estate and would you rather have 1200,pixels in height or would you rather,have 1080 pixels in height it's just a,matter of bigger numbers we want to take,up larger size and again we're never,going to show a 1920 width on the,newsfeed on an ad or anything like that,unless they clicked into it and even so,they still wouldn't see a sizable,difference so really the the important,things here remembering 1200 by 1200 you,could experiment with other sizes but,you know these have been tried and true,these are proven and again it's not just,me,who are using these sizes I'll show you,this if I could find it this is here we,go this is Facebook ad library or you,could search I brought up Nikes ads and,literally look at this square square,square you know I'm embedding there 1200,by 1200 they're obviously not shown as,1200 by 1200 in your screen because 1200,1200 is just very big but you see even,when you enlarge it over here it gets a,little bit bigger it still looks great,1200 by 1200 would be a safe size to,always go with and if you've never seen,the ads library it's very powerful come,back here and look at some more Nike ads,but you could scroll through here,they're obviously using different sizes,for different videos here's that story,size here's your traditional Full HD,video all of their photos are square as,you see here right literally,tons of photos all square and Nike you,know one of the biggest brands out there,if they're doing it I think you could,take their word for it and you could,also take mine I've been using 1200 by,1200 ads for years at this point and,they're for sure the way to go so again,my name is justin senior I really hope,you enjoyed this video most importantly,I definitely check out my free,mastermind group I'm in there all day,long it's on Facebook it's totally free,you see the link over there Group Justin,senior comm answering questions all day,long helping people it's a great,community lots of people out there,sharing stories and just really helping,out being nice and it's a great place to,come if you're trying to grow your,online business again totally free make,sure you subscribe to my youtube as well,I've got tons of free trainings in there,and I'll you know I really hope this,video helps you make some money make,sure you go ahead and get those add,images and add videos size correctly I,know it's gonna put you on the right,track so again I hope this video helps,you out if you have any questions use,the comment box below and I'll talk to,you real soon

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how to size my picture to be 1200×1200 for facebook ads catalogs

Facebook ads size 1200 x 628 #bertaTips #63

Facebook ads size 1200 x 628 #bertaTips #63

hello today I'm going to show you what,size your facebook ad image needs to be,and I'm not going to tie you up and make,you wait it's 1200 by 628 pixels now if,you're super new to the game of,marketing your online business that's,possibly going to sound really like it's,going to be meaningless to you if you do,know what that means then you possibly,have already heard of can but you,possibly already know how to make an,image 1200 by 628 if you don't use candy,you can use Photoshop or any other,online image making tool that you like,I'm going to be using canva and they're,awesome layouts and I'm going to show,you how I make images for Facebook ads,so the first thing to do is to go to WWE,NV canv AECOM and grab an account make,sure you're signed in and then you just,use your email address to sign up and,you might even get if you have not,joined before then you'll probably get,access to 30 days of the premium,features which is pretty fun and you can,see if you want to keep doing that let's,get into the tutorial now I'm going to,first of all show you when you're logged,in hopefully your can of the page looks,a bit like this and where you're going,to put this is say you're in your,Facebook Ads manager and you're trying,to make an ad right I'm gonna try and do,this super quick so you click create and,then you have to choose a number of,things you have to choose what you're,going to do you're going to send people,outside Facebook to your website for,instance do you know you have to choose,your audience um oh my gosh it's loading,so slow one of these days my Internet's,going to be amazing,okay so let's just see what I can get,away with just like using the arbitrary,pre-field so the two steps first those,choosing your campaign objective you can,see over here and then there's the ad,set so goodness only knows what I've,just agreed to they're just some,arbitrary thing then we get down to the,third step which is creating the ads so,mmm,there's these,three steps identity format and links so,formats we're gonna choose an image here,we go a single image and then we need,the image or even if we have a carousel,we still need images so this is where,you do it and we would generally click,upload images and then we need to have,an image to put in and it needs to be,the right dimensions,so this is where canva comes in so,hopefully your page looks like this I,just type in facebook as and tada,twelve hundred px by 628 PX so that's,the recommended dimensions it's going to,mean that the whole image displays,nothing gets cropped off and if you,follow these templates usually it will,display well on mobile as well so over,here this is the templates and you can,see like they just have a minimal amount,of text you're only allowed to have 20%,of the image as text so the beautiful,thing about these pre-designed templates,is it's really easy to comply with that,requirement they're also designed by,graphic designers so they already look,good and it's pretty easy to get your,own branded image and wording into these,um what should we advertise today let's,use I'm gonna use this one so you just,click it and it appears over here and,then you can easily edit in your own,thing so under uploads is all these,images that I've uploaded before if,you're brand new you just click upload,image and you can upload something from,your computer an image of yours here's,my bad mountain bike wound I've been,loving it I'm gonna choose a computer II,sort of image if I have one if you can't,find the right all of this one's pretty,nice if you can't find the right image,you can also search for images and you,should be able to just drop this in and,position it back and tada,there we go it's in position now hmm we,have got just too many image,they were going to delete that one and,we might actually have to darken this,one so we can use filter or adjust now,we can just darken that down a bit,we can also crop it and that will enable,me to choose that bit with the laptop,which I think is more important and then,we could do face book ads size and,looking like 1200 by 628 pixels and you,can write anything you want in here as,long as you leave these alone you're,going to have the right dimensions,there's more words down here I'm just,going to write this rotor so I think,it's not quite puppy enough and I would,probably muck around a bit with all my,brightness and things like that trying,to get it so that the words stand out,and the everything is looking good that,people can actually get the message and,then basically what I do is I just click,download,I usually download a JPEG cuz it's nice,and small and just click download and,that will come into my downloads folder,and then when I'm over here in my,Facebook ad I just click upload image,and here it is in my downloads folder,and that's going to pop that into my ad,in a minute when it ever uploads so here,it comes,let's just take a sweet time you have to,choose your page and this is going to,preview what my ad would look like I,mean I haven't put any text in yet so,basically it's got some default,messaging in there but that's how you,get your image in that's how you get the,right image size I hope that was helpful,I don't want to go on and on today,drop me a comment below and let me know,how you go with that if there's any,problems and I hope you have a great day,see you later

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