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Post Blocked/Short Links on Facebookhello everyone i will show you how to,post blocked link,on faceb


Updated on Jan 20,2023

Post Blocked/Short Links on Facebook

hello everyone i will show you how to,post blocked link,on facebook in professional way,let's create our link,let's try post,posting it on facebook first,as you see,i have been able to post,this link,now follow me,follow these steps,go to bo dot bo in dot link,up,then create project,give it a name,enter your project and create your first,link,here you can customize your page,as you want,just give a title,and description,make sure to repeat the title and the,description in the co,section,just copy and paste,click update,now go to the links,here here you can customize all your,links here,click create and choose,chose link,here put your destination link,click added url,or just modified existing one,click on it,put the destination,link,you can make the link open in a new tab,give the link a name,you can go further and added,an image,or an icon,you can find icons,codes in google,search for font awesome,click on icons,and choose the icon dependent depends on,your,your file or your link,if it's video or file or,a game,after you finish click update,you can also shows,the color of the text and the background,okay,okay,okay,just find the code of,of the icon and put it,like this one,now that's all we are,finished go up,and copy your link,let's try open it first,this is our page,if you click the link,you will go to the destination one,this one open in a new tab as we eat,modified and decisions and this one open,directly,if you have a list of links it's better,to make them open in the new tab,so the first row page will not close,now let's try post our link on facebook,as you see i am able to post my link,here it is,and it's working perfectly,please do not spam,on groups or post multi the same link,multiple times because you will be your,account will be blocked,so it's better to,go to your project again,this one we already created and create,meal cheap links,and every time you post on facebook use,a different link,so your posts will not be the same,thank you for watching and hope you,enjoy,with this video,goodbye,you

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How to Shorten URL / Link using Switchy + Switchy Demo & Review 2023 - an alternative to

How to Shorten URL / Link using Switchy + Switchy Demo & Review 2023 - an alternative to

welcome to my amazing review today so in,today's review video i'm going to show,you,one of the lean sharpener and lean,tracker software i'm currently using,right now in order to replace my free,bigly versions,and i will tell you what are the,functionality in compared to the free,weekly version so that,you can also do the same as well so what,i love about i,actually been using this uh switchy for,about a week,what i love about it and then the,reasons that upgrading it,is because it has a link tracker meaning,it can actually insert the pixels for,every links that i shorten,which it wasn't being covered,immediately so for the past,past five months i've been using bitly,in my business as well as,i'm using bitly's for the previous years,for my other business as well,the free version is really good it,serves my purpose of shorten the link,um but it did not serve another purpose,because,it did not help me to pixel the link i,do not,actually able to see a lot more details,or analytics or i can i cannot even um,tell bigly half a believe that where,these people come from right,so that's why i dive into this sweet she,and also i got it switchy as well,because it's a lifetime deal,um i only get it i only get it about let,me see,39 for lifetime like for about,30 000 clicks per month and eight custom,domains and unlimited links so that's,why,i bought it in order to test it so i do,i did some due diligence before i bought,it because i want to make sure that i'm,using the right tool right i don't i,don't want the waste time,so i've been using for one way i,absolutely love it that's why i want to,show you guys the main difference,if let's say you're using bitly free,version,or using tiny url version what is the,advantage that switchy,give you um that bitly doesn't have in,the free version,so right now you are looking at my,switchy dashboard right so in the,dashboard firstly i really love the fact,that we are able to categorize,accordingly to the types of folders that,you can categorize according to you know,the different business you have or like,a different project that you are working,on right,so let's say right now i want to create,a new link all i need to do is just to,create a new link,when you are here that is really is,really cool here,so let's assume that i want to i want to,shorten this link client,machine blueprint so this movie is,actually um,we help you to transform facebook,profile to get more unlimited,leads more clients and more sales for a,business is one of my products,but it's too long the name so that's why,i want to shorten it,by switching so let's say i shorten my,sweet cheese so let's see,what other yeah let me move myself away,so i'm going to refresh here you're,going to see this photo,but i don't really like this photo right,so i want to change it all particular,for this link,all i need to do is just to select a,photo that i really like,upload it not only i'm able to customize,to the new photo as well i'm able to,customize,to our new hate line like get,more clients and sales,for your business without ads,spam okay and here i want to maintain or,you want to change also can okay here's,the cool part,this part is something that tinyurl and,bitly free version can't do it for you,the second part which i love is because,i'm able to customize,the dome the link and the domain,according to my,so i it is very easy to edit so i just,follow instructions i actually,uh change it from the cloud flare um so,right now every link shortener will have,my name my domain in my name so which i,really love it so let's say this get cmm,so one extra thing is that you can add,utm tags,so if let's say you do not know what is,utm text here right maybe for our same,link you,have run different campaigns so some,campaigns actually run it in youtube,let's say it's youtube channel some,campaigns you actually run it in your,facebook profile,it's not even a facebook page it's your,facebook profile or some other campaign,is actually from instagram,you can actually write it down here by,whichever link you are you're able to,know how many people click from this,source,how many people click from youtube how,many uh people click from,facebook profile and how many people,click for your facebook live,so for this purpose i'm going to share,this uh you know like,this is a facebook profile campaign,profile yeah whichever it makes sense to,you right so it's facebook,so here is another cool part that you,are able to add the pixels this is a,very very important,if you are running facebook ads,definitely,this is the place that you do not want,to miss out because,additional things is that not only you,shorten the link you have the ability,to being captured by other pixels which,include not only facebook twitter,linkedin,google ads snapchat whatever you can,think about it quote even quora right,and then when i only added three pixels,that i have so,right now i'm going to pick like this,two right,and you can add more of course and then,after unless you want to photocategorize,you can have a tag here you can select,the photo,folder here here i there are some other,different different things that you can,play around so let's click,get my link so link is created,so meaning when i share this to someone,else right let's,type it switching is able to retarget,them and pixel dance in my pixel so what,is so,good about pixels when we run at firstly,we can create a lot of,look like audience which is very,important and it's able to enable us to,do retargeting,more efficiently so,so that's why i love to switch it so,much so let's,just i click one time already right you,see here i can see the stats,so here we have different other things,you can do as well,so let me show the stats right,oh sorry not this link i think it's the,other one uh,let me see i put it under cmm,yeah this one yeah it's show one as well,so let's see the stats,so the stuff is really really very,detailed i want you guys to see it,like this is link i i saw my name i'm so,happy,because it's customized um how many,users how many,referrals devices and country you can,see,referral malaysia you know where they,are you know what which browser,which operating system we say utn i use,i put facebook profile,instagram so it's retargeting pixel as,being this tool that i selected,it's very very detailed which helps you,to not only save your ads course,because you're able to re-target more,efficiently that is another cool part i,want to share,this trick with you guys this link,shortener,the other powerful function is that,you can even track links that you link,you you bring others to third party okay,let me give you a scenario let's say you,see a,post a content that is really so good so,beneficial to your potential leads,right uh let's say is this this article,from social media explorer,okay so you want to share it out so,usually what you will do unless you are,using bitly,you just go to you know your bitly you,just shorten it you have a bigly slash,something right,and you share the content one problem,here,is that you can't really pixel them,right so but then with switching,even though it's like a third party kind,of content when you create,a link from this third party content,right let's see,you can even pixel the third party,content does it make sense,so meaning meaning even though it's not,an article that is,being written by me it's a third party,i'm still able,to actually pixel them,right so i i just add them to my pixel i,can even change to my own photo like,let's say,right now it's social media explorer,content here they should populate,a photo by social media pixel which is,totally irrelevant,right and you can even put your own,photo,if you want let's for example,of course this this picture i simply,pick right just pick one that is,relevant maybe with your photo,and i said this is the top 10 tips by,social media explorer,top five tips,buy something and then all this you can,just film directly,okay you have to ability to pixel them,and you create a shortening so if let's,say you were to share,such a beneficial article that you know,that your potential client is going to,click,why not pixel them so one thing is that,when you pixel them you're able to,re-target them with your own product or,own offer,that's one number one but let's assume,that you have a lot of people clicking,on a link,you can even produce a look at like,audience in order to for your,facebook campaigns to work even more,efficiently you're going to save a lot,more with the facebook ads,this makes sense to you guys so my,regret of not getting sweet cheese,but i regret it my regret of getting,sweet is that i think i got it too,late because if let's say i got it five,months earlier,a lot of people have been clicking not,only my website link my youtube link,it's all i produce it using bigly but,even my strategy calling if let's say,i've used switching,to produce them to link or shorten their,link and to insert my facebook pixel,i would have a really huge audience,which i not only i can retarget them so,efficiently save my ads because,i can even produce a look a lot audience,based on these people does that make,sense,so that's why i think these are the part,that about switchy that i love,and not forgetting that it's really,really really very affordable,like one time lifetime is only 39,uh for one lifetime and for me if let's,say you're a newbie,eight custom domains thirty thousand,clicks is one uh is,well enough i do not know i don't know,when this um,when this is going to end soon this one,i'm not so sure but i really,love this product because the earlier,that i'm able to re-target them the,better off i,am because i can create a look-alike,audience that is more efficient for my,facebook ads,and also it's it creates more branding,to me because right now no longer people,are seeing bitly link,but rather they are seeing a june low,link it's very easy to customize as well,um yeah so i have yeah it's unlimited,pixels anyway so,let's compare with the bigly so bitly,how much,29 per month um,there is some link creation 1 500 link,clicks unlimited as well,so you can actually do the comparison,but definitely lifetime deal i,i don't see anyone else there offering,that but in the future also hearing,coming soon they will have the ability,to add team members i am not so sure,when,whether they will act but right now i'm,just happy with,how i'm using it so let's say right now,you're using bitly free version,the question is should you use sushi,right now,i will throw back the answer back to you,because it depends on whether you have,the budget,if let's say you do not have the budget,of 39,i would say that it's all right if let's,say you are just starting out you are,happy bitly,then just go on all right and unless you,are just not planning to do,any facebook ads you don't you do not,need the,detailed statistics that switch is,providing to you you're happy a bitly,free version just stay on to bigly free,version no problem,if let's say you have a plan to actually,start your facebook ads in the near,future,definitely switch to switching because,you are able to retarget,and you are able to create a look at,that audience which makes your facebook,ads,more efficiently and some more you can,actually use other people really good,article,and then kind of pixel yourself inside,right so why not,so if let's say um i actually got this,duo from appsumo if unless you really,love my real video here,and you plan to get uh from my link my,affiliate link i'm going to put it down,below,so here's the catch unless you get from,my link my affiliate link using a brand,new,email in absolute it must be a brand new,email right it cannot be an assistant,entire brand new email,account in appsumo you're going to get a,get free bonus for me i have a lot of,different type of bonuses i'm able to,offer but i do not know what you need,so uh you can chat with me i'm going to,put my messaging link down below if,let's say you're not so sure whether you,switch or you're not so sure what kind,of bonuses i have you can always chat,with me,we can chat even further even though you,are not planning to get,sweet cheat in the end it doesn't matter,right i can just,based on your situation i can let you,know whether you should sushi or you,should actually,invest in something else that is more,important for you if less you have leads,the budget,so number one one bonus i have is that i,have this facebook lifetime tool,that i'm able you're able to use this,facebook live tour right to spy the,facebook groups that your friends is,joining,and also you're able to filter your,friends list according to,how active they are whether they um they,engage with you in,pm and comments on whether they message,you unless if they are not you might as,well just delete them using,one button everything can happen in less,than 10 seconds,you do not need to delete one by one,yourself all right the reason that we,are deleting,inactive friends is that we want to make,sure that our friendlies stay focused,where uh facebook will feel that uh they,have an algorithm to read that our,content is more likely to be able to,show,to uh friends who actually engaged us,okay so i have one,tool or i have other bonuses that i can,give you,say i can produce like usually in my,live video i always have those brand,intro,right like my logo my website,so if let's say that is important to you,i can produce that,video as well for your bonus as well but,it must be a brand new account on,absolute and i'm going to put my link,down below and,just i know it's ironic right i'm right,now i'm talking about link shortener but,for my affiliate link down below i'm not,going to put a short on the link because,this is what happened last time,last time i was so hard-working,producing really really good content,asking people to buy a product from,appsumo i use a link shortener,in the end my my my my sales did not,capture which is a big loss to me,but it doesn't matter so i emailed the,support of the appsumo and,athlete company they said that asked me,not to use link shortener so i know it's,ironic so,for this app zoom uh for this deal right,i'm not going to use link shortener but,i'm going to use,one link short term for you to message,me if let's say you're using a brand new,account,you're buying this you can claim your,bonuses by clicking the messenger link,below so,don't worry remember you don't invest in,tools that you do not need,okay so just unless you are planning you,you after you see this video you think,is really awesome then feel free to chat,so i look forward to see you guys,tomorrow take care bye

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