how to set up sponsored message ads on facebook

Facebook Sponsored Messages Ads Tutorial - How to Create Sponsored Messages Adshey guys my name is A

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Sponsored Messages Ads Tutorial - How to Create Sponsored Messages Ads

hey guys my name is Annan and welcome,back to my channel in today's video I'm,going to be talking about facebook,Messenger ad and specifically focusing,on Facebook sponsored messages now the,main purpose of using sponsored messages,is to re-engage with with the people who,have already subscribed or who have,already you know sent a message to your,inbox using facebook Messenger so these,are the people who are engaging with you,on your Facebook page and with sponsored,messages you are able to retarget them,with you know your next campaign about,your next campaign about your promotion,and you can directly you know message,them on on their messenger platform so,the best thing about this you know ad,type is you can utilize your existing,audience unlike you know click to,messenger ads where you try to reach a,new audience sponsored messages will,help you to re-engage and retarget your,existing audience so let's get straight,into things and see how you can set up a,new ad and how can you create a,sponsored message using your facebook,business manager account so the first,thing that you want to do is log into,your facebook business manager click on,this create button and then choose,messages as your marketing objective you,can provide a name and then you can say,sponsored messages and then hit continue,alright this is where you will provide a,name you can just say USC digital,marketing or you can provide any other,ad set name now under messages you have,two options the first one is click to,messages as I mentioned earlier with,this option you are able to send people,you know you can you're able to show ads,to people on in,degrom on facebook on messenger and,basically you know you can use the first,type click to messenger to reach out to,new people you can even reach out to,existing audience using if you had,selected custom audience but that's a,different story I have a separate video,on how to run Facebook click to,messenger ads make sure to watch my,channel make sure to watch that video in,my channel but for this video we are,going to focus on sponsored messages so,with sponsored messages you are able to,send a targeted messages message to,people who have an existing messenger,conversation with your business so click,on sponsored message and then what you,want to do is you you need to select,your Facebook page so I already have my,Facebook page and I have selected it now,let's say for example you have engaged,with you know a lot many people and say,for example 100,000 people in that case,you know your audience will be broad,enough or it will be you know defined,but you know in my case you know my,audience is fairly specific because I,haven't engaged with a lot many people,so it says you know Reach is going to be,fewer than 1000 people but let's say for,example you have a pretty solid audience,let's say you how you are you are a big,brand and you have engaged with more,than hundred thousand people in facebook,Messenger then what you can do is you,can you are able to refine your audience,and narrow them down by selecting show,advanced option so what I mean is you,can click on the show advanced option,and you can actually you know use,location and detailed targeting and by,doing so you are able to get more,specific you can narrow down your,audience and by that way you can send,retargeting you know messages to only,those audiences and again that's a,fantastic way,to combine your custom audience with,people who have already messaged you on,your you know Facebook page so you can,mix and match and try to get specific,but if you want to keep it drawed then I,would advise you know not to use any of,these detailed targeting options in,terms of placements as you can see you,are only allowed one option over here,that sponsored messages because we have,selected our ad type as sponsored,message so that's fine,I think this looks good in terms of,budget what Facebook says is Facebook,will require around $30 or so to reach,like 1,000 people or something like that,or 1,000 impressions so depending on,that you know you are able to set your,budget but I think those numbers might,have changed but the rule of thumb is,$30 per 1,000 impressions so that's how,Facebook will you know charge you for,sponsored messages all right so moving,on what we can do is I think you know,you are not able to change anything over,your the only thing that you can change,is the bid strategy you can change this,number but you know I would I would keep,the numbers that Facebook provides you,by default if you bid too low then your,ads won't be reaching and you won't get,many impressions,so let's hit continue okay,now this is where you will actually,create your messenger ad so you have two,different formats text only and text an,image obviously you want to use text and,image so that you know your an looks,much more visual and dynamic so you can,have you can add a personalization token,over here so what I'm gonna do is I'm,going to say hi first name so look at,this ion and please let us know how we,can help you okay that looks great you,can add more personalization but this is,fine I'm gonna select an existing image,okay this ad looks much better now my,image title is going to be request for,free consultation okay so what you're,doing is you are retargeting all the,people who are engaging with you and you,are offering them a free consultation,because they have already engaged with,your brand now that's how you can you,know try to be more authentic try to try,to convert them into leads and basically,giving them back because they have,already engaged with your brand you can,you can offer a discount coupon you can,say here's a 10% discount code for your,next purchase on our econ platform or,something like that you know,so that's your image title your subtitle,can be you know schedule an appointment,okay that looks good,this is by the way option look at this,it looks me you're right you have the,title and the subtitle so I'm going to,remove that okay now customer actions so,this is very important because you are,able to set quick replies so depending,on you know your offer you can change,the quick reply so my offer is request,for free consultation so obviously I'm,going to change it to is talk to sales,reply need more information about ah it,can be like need product and for okay so,so as you can see your buttons are,automatically getting added over here,and depending on your offer you can add,up to three I would say more than three,will be awkward because they will have,to like click on the arrow button and,scroll through the different options so,either two or three options is,sufficient in terms of quick replies,again there is one more option that says,connect your bot,now that's a different whole new topic,about how to set up your bot I'm gonna,be creating a separate video on that but,I think this looks pretty good,so what we have done so far is we have,selected sponsored messages as our ad,type our audience is going to be all the,people who engaged with us on facebook,Messenger and we have created a new,message it's going to be a combination,of text and image and we have created,quick replies so that's pretty much it,you know in terms of how you can set up,a sponsored message AK type and you can,even preview it you know in your,messenger so if you click on this,Facebook will send your notification and,you can actually preview it on your,phone so that's handy and basically,that's pretty much it in terms of how,you can set up a sponsored messenger,sponsored message ad if you liked this,video make sure to subscribe to my,channel I'm posting weekly to digital,marketing videos if you have any,questions let me know in the comment,section and I will see you next time

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how to set up sponsored message ads on facebook catalogs

How to set up Sponsored Messages Facebook - ManyChat Tutorial - Ads Manager

How to set up Sponsored Messages Facebook - ManyChat Tutorial - Ads Manager

sponsored messages that's right friends,sponsored messages as the topic during,our final video of ads week in today's,video I'm gonna break down everything,you need to know about sending out,sponsored messages hey there everyone my,name is Kelly Doble Mirabella and I am,your baby got bought hostess with the,mostess I am here to help professionals,like you learn how to utilize messenger,marketing in your business using it to a,called,many chat happens to be one of my,favorite tools y'all pretty excited to,teach you more anyway today we are,ending our week-long series about ads,and more specifically messenger ads,today is all about sponsored messages so,before we dive into the actual on-screen,training I want to cover a couple of,important points when it comes to,sponsored messages number one these,messages will be sent out to everyone,who has ever messaged your page this,includes unsubscribers what you learn in,today's video is how important it is to,have those custom audiences and really,really target down so that you're not,sending messages to people you don't,want in fact the only people who,wouldn't receive these messages in that,whole idea of everyone who's ever,message your page concept are people who,blocked you so if you haven't learned,about how to create custom audiences,using your existing subscriber base be,sure to check the video the card is,right there and I also put a link down,below it was the first video in this,series on ads week now let's go ahead,and dive in so I could show you not only,how to do these sponsored messages,inside of many chat but also how to set,them up over on Facebook ads manager,because that way you can pick out what,works best for you,so without further ado let's do this so,the first way that I'm going to show you,how to create a sponsored ad is directly,inside a mini chat so on the left side,menu go over to where it says growth,tools select ads now we're going to,create a brand new ad so up here on the,right click on create new ad and if you,have more than one ad account you're,going to need to select your ad account,from the list and we're going to,create a new campaign now we have two,campaign types we have messages which,are optimized to be put in front of,people who are more likely to want to,get messages or click a message s button,and then you have traffic which are,optimized for people who are more likely,to click on a link in order to go out of,Facebook or to go somewhere else in this,case we're going to go with messages,named your campaign and click continue,we're going to create a new ad set and,that's that essentially is all you're,targeting and where you want things to,show up so in this case because we're,doing a sponsored message we're gonna,click on for our destination sponsored,messages now it is super important that,you understand that a sponsored message,will go out to everyone who has ever,received a message from your page or who,has ever messaged your page outside of,people who have blocked your page this,includes people who have unsubscribed so,we're gonna scroll down to our audience,and this is exactly why it is so,important that when you are doing a,sponsored message that you utilize your,custom audiences now I have a custom,audience that I already created and I,keep updated because of the tools within,many chat that is all my subscribers so,I'm going to go to include and we are,going to create my subscribers I have,here an audience that I created that was,specific for a segment of my list and,they are all subscribers and I'm gonna,send this sponsored message out to these,people now a best practice here is to,actually create a custom audience based,off the people that you specifically,would like to send these messages to,don't worry about the age gender or,location language none of these things,matter because you're using a custom,audience go to next the next is your,placement where are these ads going to,run now we are actually not going to be,able to change this because this is a,sponsored message it's going to end up,inside a messengers inbox so leave that,alone,and we're not going to change obviously,the device type because again this is,set for sponsored messages click Next,now you need to put in your budget how,much do you want to pay either daily or,lifetime if you have a lot of time to,run your ad more than two weeks for,instance go with a daily budget but if,you're in a hurry and you only have a,couple days or less than a week go with,a lifetime budget select when you want,these ads to run and click continue so,now we are at the place where we're,gonna build out our copy which is the,flow that they are first initially going,to receive when they come in through,your ad through your sponsored message,now keep in mind that Facebook is only,going to allow you to send one message,block a button quick replies are okay,and one card but that doesn't mean,you're limited to only this in terms of,the entire flow because you do have the,ability to attach to another flow but,essentially what we're building here is,our opt-in people have to take an action,in order to opt in so we're going to,confirm basically what people are going,to be getting or that they're going to,be coming in through messenger alright,so we just put a little message we're,gonna click on the button here we're,going to put enter and we're gonna go to,another flow in this case but you can,also direct them elsewhere so you're,gonna click on go to flow and you're,gonna select the flow that you want them,to enter okay and we're going to select,this flow and done now that our ad is,all ready to go all you do is click send,to Facebook and Facebook is actually,sending this up into the ads manager so,we can actually go to our ads manager at,this point and we could see where it's,coming in so here's my ads manager you,can see there's the sponsored message,test that I have it's in review and then,once it goes live it will be sent out,now I'm actually going to pause this,because we only did this for showing you,what's what now I want to show you while,we're over here in ads manager the other,way to create Facebook sponsored message,ads using ads manager,so let's go head back over to ads,manager here from the beginning so our,first step is to select our campaign,objective in this case we're doing,sponsored messages so we want messages,as our objective and you want to name,your campaign and then click continue up,here in the drop down menu under,messenger you're going to see two,options the click to messenger ads which,are sponsored ads that you see in your,newsfeed where people click a button,they come into messenger also known as,JSON ads and then we have our sponsored,messages this is the one that we're,going to select and you need to select,the page in which you are going to send,these messages so if you have more than,one page it's important that you use,that I'm gonna go with my regular page,here and move down next we're going to,go see audience now remember just as I,mentioned in the first half of this,video when you're using the ads tool,inside a mini chat the rules apply here,as well sponsored messages are sent out,to everyone who has ever messaged your,page unless you define that so go to,Advanced Options and I went ahead and,put in my customer list my custom,audience chat bot interested subscribers,and I moved down but that's where you go,under that advanced option don't worry,about placement you can't really change,this with these type of ads and then set,your budget just like we talked about,before so you have a lifetime budget or,a daily budget in this case I'll go with,a daily budget just to show you how it,differs and that just means two dollars,a day basically over the course of it,looks like a week and I'll spend seven,I'll spend fourteen dollars now because,it's a daily budget just like I told you,less than a week it's better to do a,lifetime budget so we're gonna spend,we're gonna go and do this for a month,there you go I'm gonna spend 62 dollars,and I don't worry about any of this here,and I'm gonna click continue now I need,to add in my content my message if you,will so I'm going to go with text only,in this particular case we're going to,write our greeting text so we're going,to go a text only I'm going to write in,are you ready to enter the contest for a,free ticket to the conference and then,we're going to either select buttons or,quick replies now if you do a quick,reply you can add your quick replies,here and,basically you can add keywords and then,in mini chat you can select those,keywords that will trigger your flow so,that's one option an additional option,is to click buttons and I'm just gonna,say enter here as my call to action and,I'm actually going to put in my ref you,are L that goes into the flow that I am,selecting and I'm going to select,confirm so there we go it's been,uploaded it's currently in draft mode,and there it goes it's uploaded it's in,review and then once it goes live it,will work seamlessly people will get it,in their messenger they will click on,the enter button and then that will take,them into the flow that I created the,ref you are L if you are unfamiliar with,ref you are ELLs there is a link down in,the description below that's going to,teach you how to set up a refugee is a,growth tool you go over here in mini,chat under growth tools create a new,growth tool and you would select,messenger ref you RL and you would,connect it into the flow that you want,to direct people into now if you decided,that you didn't want to use ref you are,ELLs and you wanted to use the keyword,way of doing things basically the setup,is completely the same up until where,you go to quick replies and you're going,to write in your keyword phrase that you,want to use make it unique so that if,someone were to type this in it wouldn't,be something commonly typed into your,body because we're going to turn it into,a keyword so once you're ready and,satisfied with your keyword phrase that,is your quick reply you're going to copy,that,and we're going to go over to many chat,and in mini chat you're going to go to,automation and you're gonna go to,keywords and down here you can see I,actually have this keyword I'd like to,learn more and it goes to this action so,you would actually create a new rule the,message is you would put in that phrase,that you are using for your ad I'd like,to learn more or whatever you're using,that whole phrase put it in there and,then connect it to whatever flow that,you would want to send them to if they,clicked yes or you know they clicked on,this I'd like to learn more and then,activate your rule activate your keyword,and it's really that simple,so there you go now you have two ways,that you can set up these sponsored,messages to go out now I recently ran,and ad just like this one with a rule,and I sent it out to a list of about 400,people and about 65 to 70 people ended,up opening and you only pay for the,opening rate the click-through rate and,I pay 10 cents per open so it ended up,costing me very little money I think,that it's a great option and I think,that everyone should you know at least,look into sponsored messages because,they're incredibly affordable and they,do allow you to reach out and connect,with all of your subscribers or even a,custom audience that you have built from,your subscription list yay we did it we,finally completed the last video in ads,week if you missed any of the videos,that I posted before check out the list,that's gonna pop up at the end of this,video or check out the links below so,that you can learn about custom,audiences and all the different types of,JSON ads available to you both inside of,ads manager and over inside of many chat,if you found value out of the content,that I've been bringing to you this week,please go ahead and share this video,with a friend with the bot builder in,your life share it on Twitter share it,in a Facebook group wherever you think,it brings the most value to people who,would find this video helpful and of,course hit me with that thumbs up and,finally if you want to dive in even,deeper if you want to get more exclusive,trainings and get your questions,answered come on over and join the baby,got bought Facebook group it's totally,free and totally awesome where I do live,Q&A is I do exclusive trainings and I,answer your question not to mention we,have a fantastic community of bot,builders who are also there to help you,with your questions you can check out,the link down in the description below,or search baby got by on Facebook thank,you so much for tuning in this week and,I'll catch you next time

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