how to set up geofencing ads on facebook

Creating a geofence audience for Facebook adsnick here from tech marketer,and i'm going to record ho

Nick Berry

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Creating a geofence audience for Facebook ads

nick here from tech marketer,and i'm going to record how to create a,geofenced audience,how i use these um i use them for my,wife's craft business when we're at it,when we're at a craft show,for my day job i use them for trade,shows and stuff,stuff like that so you know even though,we you make it an attendee list,you're not always going to get great,matches on this attendee list i see,about a 30 to 35 percent on b2b lists of,matching on facebook audiences,so what i started doing was,creating geofences at the location of,where the events gonna be now just a,brief description of what a geofence is,so you're going to do just like a pin,drop audience,but then you're going to do exclusion,zones around,the one mile radius minimum you can do,on facebook,to create a smaller area so you're not,targeting especially if you're like a,trade show event or a conference center,or something like that,you want to target just a conference,center area not the entire thing so you,can,pinpoint the people who are at the,conference mostly,and not just the entire,space a one mile radius because as you,can see when i when i get,into this you know it's going to be a,pretty large audience and still we,until we start to narrow this down so,we're going to get into it,so i've got the address copied from the,event space we're going to be at next,week,so we're going to go in we're going to,go search locations,drop this address in here,and so,florida's so weird so this is the,address this is a place we're going to,um the address from the event space at,orlando but it's tangelo park,now zoom in so first we're going to go,in,make it a one mile radius we talked,about that already so as you can see,right here is the actual conference,space,so i'm going to do,grab that i'm going to delete this one,turn this back down to a one mile radius,i'm gonna do a pin drop,right here change that to a one mile,radius,click on here,click exclude,sometimes it's a little finicky but,there you go,i should be going over this so you know,without these exclusionary zones it's,going to be much higher but right now,we're already,narrowing it down to about 3 800 people,what facebook is going to estimate,is at the in this space this available,space,now,there,i've even used these uh these geofence,audiences,sorry about that uh they're they're i've,used these geofence audiences to target,um,enterprise customers so if you want to,target just,if you have a very large business you,want to target or a group of,people who are congregating at one place,regularly,you can run create this geofence and,target those people so,you know we went we narrowed this down,to 3 200 people,um you know i i know what the attendee,list for this event is,so it's probably not going to be that,many,as you can see we went from that four,mile radius,uh one mile radius i'm sorry um down to,this group so i'm actually gonna,i'm gonna move this bottom pin i'm going,to remove it and drop a new one,because it's cutting off some of the,space,and this stuff's based on gps,and location data so it may not be super,precise but we want to get as,small of a space as we can but also,leave some room for error,heck there might be some people coming,to the event space event that are going,to be golfing so we'll catch some of,them three even some of the golfers who,knows,but this,is a geofence i hope you enjoy it and uh,have a great day

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how to set up geofencing ads on facebook catalogs

How To Setup A Geo Fence on Facebook Ad Manager

How To Setup A Geo Fence on Facebook Ad Manager

hello I'm Paul and in this video I'm,gonna show you how to set up geofencing,on Facebook now sometimes this is called,geo targeting or proximity marketing,strategically the whole idea is you only,want to run ads in a physical location,within space so you're creating a fence,digitally around a particular place so,I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to,do that in Facebook really all that,we're doing is replacing a pin on the,address that we want and then we're,gonna place exclusion pins around it to,kind of carve out the negative space and,that way ads will only run in the area,that we want so we're gonna use the,example of a shopping mall here so I am,out here in Chandler Arizona and the,fashion Square Mall is a really cool,place where they get a lot of people so,we're gonna go ahead and build a,geofence around that so I am here in my,ad set and there's many reasons why,strategically you would want to do geo,fencing so realize this is just a ground,level tactic for targeting and your,objective and your creative have to make,sure that they make sense with the rest,of this so that being said let's go,ahead and get to it so we're gonna go,ahead and target this address and we're,gonna set it to within 1 mile here so if,we were to just run this it's not gonna,target just the mall which you can see,this space right here it's gonna target,everybody around it and we want to go,ahead and exclude that so the trick here,is to use an exclude pin and we're gonna,want to go ahead and drop it now,sometimes this is tricky depending on,the shape and the space to what you got,going on here so what I like to do is,it's kind of all about scale and with,respect to so looking at this right here,we can see the pin is technically a,little bit north of the actual mall here,so what we're gonna do is we're gonna,drop a pin basically the same sorry,basically the same distance from the,edge and this mouse is touchy that's why,it looks like it's double clicking so,let me show you I mean here and it,really is kind of a little trial and an,error kind of thing so,I'm gonna go ahead and drop this pin,right about here now by default it's,gonna do 10 miles so you want to drop it,set it to 1 mile and then you can zoom,in and see what's going on here so you,can see that even though I dropped a pin,I kind of cut it off halfway through,them all so I'm actually gonna go ahead,and get rid of that one and then drop a,pin a little further south and so that's,why I said it's kind of like a trial and,error kind of thing so this can be a,little time-consuming but once you set,it up you are gonna be building ads just,in the area around where you're looking,for so okay so you can see this pattern,kind of cuts off right at the bottom of,the mall so we're doing everybody in,this area but cutting this off so now we,would kind of do the same to the left,and the right and the top and the bottom,so let's go ahead and do this again I'm,gonna go out to the edge and let's drop,a pin I guess let's do it right here see,how that looks and then when i zoom in,okay cool so you can see I I'm starting,to cut this off so you can see how we're,basically saying include but then,exclude a bunch of slices around it and,then that way you're truly creating a a,geographical fence around what you're,trying to do so let's go ahead and put,the top in the bottom one here and then,we will have successfully geo-fenced,off the mall so let's drop a pin so,really this right edge is just a little,bit to the right of this edge here so I,don't need to go out as far so let's say,we do here and okay you can see there,you go so now we've pretty much cut,everything off and then we just got to,go ahead and do one more exclusion at,the top to make sure that we're truly,only targeting people at the mall the,other thing that's really important that,I forgot to man,you're gonna want to make sure to choose,people that were either most likely,recently in this location especially in,the case of a shopping mall people don't,live there so I would actually choose,people living in or recently just,because that gives us the biggest net,that we could possibly do so let's do,this Lex this last exclude pin here so,it's actually I can do it right about on,the edge because the pin itself is north,of the mall so if I drop it right on the,edge here and adjust now you can see,that we have successfully geo-targeted,the mall so really it's only gonna run,ads to anybody that's been in this space,so whether they're in the parking lot or,the mall or some of the little,restaurants that are around here that's,how we're gonna be running ads so now,this is the targeting we have just made,a digital fence around this particular,space so now we would just finish,setting up the rest of our campaign,putting in our creatives and again,assuming that you're gonna have the,proper objectives and this is just the,location you're still gonna want to make,sure that you dial in your demographics,and your targeting as well so for,example if I was wanting to target small,business owners that were at the mall I,would want to make sure that a geofence,and then also small business owners,which is actually a behavior on Facebook,Facebook knows if you're a small,business owner so that is how to,geofence on Facebook

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