how to set up facebook retargeting ads

Facebook Retargeting Ads Tutorial 2022 | Perfect For Beginners!today i'm going to show you how to se

Jason Wardrop

Updated on Jan 20,2023

Facebook Retargeting Ads Tutorial 2022 | Perfect For Beginners!

today i'm going to show you how to set up a  facebook ads retargeting campaign step by step  ,for complete beginners i'm going to show you  which audiences target how to actually set up  ,those audiences what budget you should go through  and choose and if you want a 100 free facebook ads  ,cheat sheet just go ahead and smash the like  button on this video for the youtube algorithm  ,drop a comment down below and i'll share with you  guys the private link that you guys can get that  ,free facebook ads cheat sheet now if you're brand  new to the whole facebook ads retargeting facebook  ,ads remarketing is basically the same thing um  world and you're like what is this basically  ,it's a way to show your facebook ads or instagram  ads to people who've already visited your website  ,people that already leads on your in your database  on your email list people have bought products  ,from you or even people that have visited your  facebook business page or like to post on your  ,facebook business page and the reason why  we want to do this is because these are very  ,highly targeted people to show our ads to because  if someone's already visited your website more  ,than likely they're already familiar with who you  are what your business does what you have to offer  ,and they're contemplating buying your products  or working with you and so to be able to show  ,ads specifically to these people it's  a very very high roi all right and so  ,what we're going to do right here you can  see it inside the facebook ads manager  ,and what we're going to do is i got this sales  funnel set up right here or this basically simple  ,opt-ins funnel and this is what we're going to  do we're going to send people from the sales,so what we're going to do is we're going to be  sending people to this landing page this is a  ,simple landing page right here for this example  right so the audiences that we want to create here  ,is we want to create an audience for anyone  who has visited our website we want to create  ,an audience for any person that is on our email  list if we have a big leads database we want to  ,be able to upload that into facebook so we can  show our ads specifically to these people and  ,then another one that i love that i've seen great  results with is called facebook page engagement  ,that means if you have a facebook business page  which you need one in order to run facebook ads  ,anyone who is engaged with that facebook page  so they've liked or commented on a facebook post  ,they follow you or anything like that you're  going to be able to go through and show your ads  ,specifically to these people now those are the  three audiences i've seen the most success with  ,obviously you can get very granular and be  able to target several different audiences  ,but those are kind of the three core ones  that i would recommend you start out with  ,when you're doing your facebook ads retarding  campaign so in order to get those set up  ,what we're going to do is going to come over here  and click on all tools and guys this is the latest  ,version of what facebook ads manager looks  like i know they change it all the time so  ,i like to keep these videos up to date with how  the ads manager is changing because it is always  ,changing but what we're going to want to do here  first for our website visitors is we're going  ,to want to grab the facebook pixel and what the  facebook pixel is is it's a little piece of code  ,and you don't need to know how to code you just  need to know how to copy and paste that we put  ,onto our website our sales funnels our blogs and  it's a simple way that we can track every single  ,person that hits our website all right so in order  to do that we come over here to events manager  ,and they've made it more difficult  to find the facebook pixel um  ,but i'll show you guys how to grab it here it took  i remember when it first changed this it took me  ,quite a while to find this so all you got to do  is come over here you can see i've got this 2.0  ,pixel right there so i'm just going to come over  here to add events and then say from a new website  ,okay this is how we're going to go through and add  it and then we're going to click on install code  ,manually and don't worry even if you don't know  how to code or anything like that it's just very  ,simple just copy and paste so we're just going to  go through and click install code and it says um  ,the pixel code is a snippet of javascript that  you're going to place in the header section  ,of your website and that's going to be true  for your website your blog your sales funnel  ,anywhere you want to track people all right so  all we have to do is click copy code right here  ,and then i'm using a software called high  level and they've got website sales funnels  ,all that stuff all into one place and so what  i'm going to do is come over here and every  ,website platform is going to be a little bit  different if you're unsure on how to do this you  ,just message their support team and they'll know  exactly where to go through and paste this code  ,but you're just going to go over here and  let's we're gonna click on settings and then  ,you see over here how it says put in  the header section of your website  ,this is the header tracking code head tracking  code and you have the body tracking code  ,and so um as you can see right here i've already  actually got the code in here but all i would do  ,is if nothing was there i would just paste  that exact code and then i would come over  ,here and hit save now i want to do this so this  is one sales funnel and if we come back over here  ,you can see i've got a lot of sales funnels and  if you have a website you want to do it on your  ,website on your blog every page that is connected  with your brand that somebody could potentially  ,visit all right and so once we do that then we're  just going to go over here i'm just going to click  ,continue you can turn all this on continue we're  just going to leave all this stuff for right now  ,go to pixel overview and so now we've got that on  our website sales funnels blogs everything right  ,so now in order to create an audience of people  that have visited our website we're going to  ,come over here and we're going to click on all  tools again and we're going to go to audiences  ,and so guys this is all pre-set up before we even  create a facebook ad campaign all right because  ,we need to go through and create the audiences  first to tell facebook this is who we want to  ,target before we actually start running the ads  so you can see i've got a few different audiences  ,right here but we're just going to go over here  to create audience and then we're going to create  ,what is called a custom audience right so these  are these retargeting audiences that we can go  ,through and create and for this one you can see  we've got the website visitors which we're going  ,to do for this example and then as far as like  let's say you've got a list of leads you've got  ,an email list a database you would go through and  select customer list and you'd be able to upload  ,that contact information or if you have purchases  on your website you'll be able to upload that  ,that information there and then the third one we  talked about i talked about the website visitors  ,the list of leads and the facebook page engagement  that one's going to be down here on facebook page  ,and then the next step you would just say  engagement right so we're just going to go  ,through over here website next and then we're  gonna say 2.0 pixels and you say event all  ,website visitors so you could say i only want to  um you know choose people who visit specific pages  ,but if you have a smaller business and you're  just getting started more than likely you don't  ,have a ton of people visiting your website and  so we want to cast as broad of a net as possible  ,and sometimes usually once you get into like more  advanced strategies you're getting like tens of  ,thousands of people even a day visiting your  site then that's going to be like where you're  ,targeting hey people who visit this page but not  that page and get all this more advanced stuff  ,okay and then what i like to do is i like to go  max it out okay especially if you have a smaller  ,business the maximum time you can go back is  180 days so that's six months so anyone who has  ,visited our website in the last six months we want  to go through and start tracking that and i like  ,to go through and create these audiences even  before you're ready to go through and start a  ,facebook ads returning campaign because you go and  you create it and then you start collecting this  ,data okay you can't go back six months because  it doesn't know who's already visited the page  ,because the pixel wasn't on your website and  so the sooner you can place the facebook pixel  ,the the better the larger the audience that you  can go through and target and facebook likes  ,larger audiences when they're going through and  showing your ads to people okay so now we're just  ,going to go over here give it an audience name i  usually say website visitors we'll say 180 days  ,something like that and then we just click  create audience okay now i'm not going to  ,create that audience because you can see  right here i've already got one right there  ,and then the next one what we would do you can see  i've got this is for a specific offer right here  ,um that the leads that i upload into the database  so you just go custom audience customer list then  ,you go through this whole thing you import the the  csv file and then the last one i'm not going to  ,walk through all these steps because it's kind of  self-explanatory once you actually start doing it  ,the last one is a facebook page engagement so we  just go next and then you choose your facebook  ,business page you can see i've got a lot of pages  and then you would just say everyone who's engaged  ,with your page and then once again i like to  go through this one's 365 days is the max time  ,i like to maximize it especially if you're not  getting a lot of traction on your facebook page  ,and then name that and then create the audience  okay so now i don't know if i already have one  ,of those uh but you kind of get the general idea  there okay so um anyway so now that we have those  ,audiences those three audiences so we're gonna  use like for example this this example the all  ,website visitors right here we'll just use this is  just one specific offer of leads but you'll you'll  ,kind of get the idea there and the facebook page  engagement would be another one that would show  ,so now at this point once we have all that set  up and we have a landing page where we want to  ,go through and send these people to opt-in to  be able to grow our our email list or be able  ,to get people on a phone call or be able to send  them to a sales page whatever our end goal is  ,what we want to do is come over here  to all tools go back to the ads manager  ,and at this point we're gonna actually  create our facebook ad retarding campaign  ,so we're gonna click on create right there and  usually with the lower budget we want to do  ,a traffic campaign okay for link clicks okay when  you're getting into larger budgets you want to go  ,and do conversions which conversion is basically  optimizing it for leads even though the traffic  ,one you can still you know go through and be the  goal is to get leads but if you're not getting  ,at least 50 conversions per week then facebook  actually recommends doing the traffic campaign so  ,let's say on average it costs you ten dollars to  get a lead and so to get seven to eight leads to  ,get those 50 conversions it's about 70 to 80  per day that you would be spending that means  ,if you're spending anything less than that  which with most retargeting campaigns you are  ,um you want to just do this traffic right  here okay so we're just going to do traffic  ,we'll hit continue then we'll give this  a a name we're just going to say facebook  ,ads retargeting campaign right now if you are  in like the the real estate space you need to  ,come over here and click a special ad category  for housing or if you're in employment credit  ,social issues anything politics all that stuff  you need to go through and select one of those  ,for this example i'm going to say you're not  in one of those areas and anything that i skip  ,over going through and creating these campaigns  it means that you don't need to change anything  ,all right the a b testing campaign budget  optimization all this stuff it's a little  ,more advanced and especially with retargeting  campaigns you typically do not need that  ,so we're going to click on next right here so for  ad set name we're just going to basically we want  ,to want to give us enough information of who we're  actually targeting now as you grow your business  ,and if you have a really large email list and  you're getting thousands or tens of thousands  ,of people visiting your website and then you also  get tens of thousands of people that are engaging  ,with your facebook business page you might want  to create separate ad sets for each one of those  ,but i'm assuming if you're just getting started  and you're kind of watching this video right now  ,those audiences aren't large enough to go and  have separate ad sets for each one of those  ,and so we're gonna just all combine them into one  single ad set okay so what i like to call this i  ,call it a tier two um retargeting audiences okay  and tier two is kind of what i refer to as like  ,your retargeting campaigns of you know the website  visitors leads people that have not bought from  ,you facebook page engagement right and then  coming down here for the daily budget and like  ,i said remember if i skip over anything it means  you don't have to go through and mess with it  ,for the daily budget usually what i like to do is  put about 30 to 35 percent of my overall budget  ,towards retargeting and that means i can have  65 to 70 percent of my advertising budget going  ,towards cold audiences bringing more people into  my world so they can know about my business right  ,now the minimum budget you should go here though  i would recommend is let's say ten dollars per day  ,that's even if this is a very very small audience  okay um facebook doesn't really optimize anything  ,if you go less than ten dollars per day so i would  say that was the minimum that you should start out  ,with your retarding campaign okay and then start  date we'll just start right now then right here  ,this is where we go through and start to choose  our audiences okay so we're just going to click  ,on custom audiences we're going to click right  here and so remember we talked about the leads  ,everyone in our database and then we're gonna do  all our website visitors and then like i showed  ,you oh we've got uh facebook page engagement  right here all pages okay so we've got those three  ,audiences that i think in my experience are the  best audiences at target and that's after spending  ,two million dollars on facebook ads of my own  money so i've got a lot of data to go through  ,and back that up now as far as like location  age gender all the detailed interest targeting  ,because these are retarding campaigns we don't  need to go through and mess with all this  ,okay because it doesn't really matter what gender  or what age they are if they've already visited  ,our website if they're already on our email list  that means there's somebody that has already  ,shown interest in what we have to offer and so we  want to cast as broad of a net as possible right  ,so now we come down here and then for placements  i usually like to do automatic placements for  ,retarding campaigns which is recommended um with  a lot of my cold campaigns i don't always do  ,the recommended automatic placements but with  retargeting i want my face or my ads to be  ,shown everywhere on facebook on instagram on  um like the explore pages pretty much anywhere  ,they could possibly see me i want to go through  and be able to be seeing every single place that  ,facebook is able to go through and show your ads  okay so i just leave that on automatic placements  ,and then the optimization and delivery i'll  leave this on link clicks and then we're going  ,to go through and click next and at this point  this is where you go through and actually create  ,your facebook ad or your instagram ad which that  people are going to see okay now this is going  ,to vary depending on like what your business is  and so i'm not going to go through and go and  ,set up the actual facebook ad but basically what  you're going to do is if this is the landing page  ,that we're going to send people to we're going to  grab this link right here we're going to come down  ,and we're going to put the website url right there  and then what you'll do is as you're going through  ,and looking at the cool thing is is you're able  to go through and see the post being created right  ,here so this primary text that's like as you're  going and scrolling through facebook or instagram  ,that's the core text so like let's see let's  let's type this out just so you can see it it's  ,gonna pop up right here at the very top and so  that is kind of like the overall message you're  ,gonna be seeing and then the headline is let's  say whatever the headline is so this one's get a  ,free facebook ads training get my free facebook  ads training something like that right now the  ,description is optional i don't usually go through  and put something here because it's not going to  ,be seen on every single one of these it's like if  you go and look at like this one is more on like  ,a desktop view whereas like if you go on some  of these other ones it's not going to actually  ,show what's there and so it doesn't really matter  as much then we got the website and then we've got  ,the url the call to action i usually like learn  more but you've got a lot of different options  ,over here learn more has always been a good  one that's worked for me and then coming down  ,here don't really need to mess with all that and  then once you're ready you've got that all set up  ,all we're going to do is click on publish and it's  going to take a little bit to actually go through  ,a review process and go live but once it's gone  through the review process and gone live what i  ,highly recommend doing is giving it at least five  days and so you want to give it at least five days  ,to optimize and see okay who should i be showing  this ad to before you determine if it's a winner  ,or not if it goes like the first two or three days  and doesn't get any leads i wouldn't worry about  ,it too much because it's only 20 to 30 dollars and  so we want to go and be able to give it a chance  ,to succeed and what facebook does is they take the  ad in the first couple of days it goes through a  ,learning face they see okay who's actually  engaging with this facebook or instagram ad  ,and who's clicking on it who's actually opting  to become a lead and then they take that data  ,and they try to show it to more people just like  that person that has already clicked has already  ,opted in and then they continue to go through and  optimize your facebook ad right so anyway guys  ,i hope this video was helpful as far as going  through and setting up a facebook remarketing  ,or retarding campaign and uh you guys have any  questions drop them down below once again if you  ,guys want that free facebook ads cheat sheet go  ahead smash the like button drop a comment down  ,below and i'll share with you guys that private  link to be able to get that free uh facebook  ,ads cheat sheet and with that said thanks so much  for watching and i will see you in the next video

The above is a brief introduction to how to set up facebook retargeting ads

Let's move on to the first section of how to set up facebook retargeting ads

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how to set up facebook retargeting ads catalogs

I Discovered The BEST WAY To Retarget With Facebook Ads

I Discovered The BEST WAY To Retarget With Facebook Ads

in this video i'm going to show you how,to create facebook retargeting audiences,and most importantly i'm going to show,you how to create the best type of,retargeting audience for your facebook,ads you see there are lots of different,types of retargeting audiences lots of,different groups of people that you can,retarget some retargeting audiences are,much more effective than others and the,retargeting audience that i'm going to,recommend the best the most effective,one today is very different to what i,would have said a year or two years ago,because there's been so many changes to,facebook and instagram advertising over,the past 12 to 18 months that's what,we're going to cover in this video now,i'm sure that most of you watching this,video are already aware of what,retargeting is but just to quickly,explain retargeting is simply the,process of advertising to people that,have already interact with your business,whether that's watched a video of yours,on facebook visited your website they're,on your email list there's lots of,different types we're going to discuss,that but that's what we're targeting is,and it's an absolute no-brainer for most,businesses that are doing any form of,marketing online why wouldn't you take,the people that have already interacted,with you before that have demonstrated,they are interested at least in your,stuff may really like it and put your,ads in front of those people so it's an,absolute no-brainer you need to know how,to do it right though to get the best,results that's what we're going to cover,so i'm in an example facebook ad account,here i'm in ads manager and in order to,create a retargeting audience we need to,create what's called a custom audience,within our facebook ad account so if you,go ahead and click on these three little,lines at the top at the left and then,select audiences it could be up here in,your shortcuts like it is for me or you,could find it down here in the menu but,either way you want to go ahead and,navigate over to audiences now if you've,never created a custom audience a,look-alike audience anything like that,this is likely what you'll see if you,have then what you see in front of you,is gonna look slightly different but,that'll make more sense in a second once,i've created one you'll be able to see,that as well now as i said to create a,retargeting audience we need to create,what facebook call a custom audience and,you can see that once we click on that,create a custom audience button we get a,whole bunch of different options in,terms of different types of retargeting,audience to create not all are equally,effective as i've already mentioned now,there's two main categories of,retargeting audience um according to,meta we've got your sources and we've,got meta sources so meta sources refer,to things that occur within app within,facebook within instagram so it's things,like video views people watch a video of,yours on facebook and instagram um it's,things like engaging with your instagram,account whether that's sending you a,message or just engaging with your post,it's visiting your facebook page all,these various things as you can see,there's a bunch of different options,here um your sources are all things that,take place outside of the facebook and,instagram apps things like people who,visited your website and people on your,email list on your customer list and,maybe people that have done certain,things on your app you know installed it,or taken certain actions again a number,of different options there,now pre ios 14 and all the changes that,have happened after that,we used to say that your sources is a,much better option when it comes to,creating a custom audience to retarget,people who are already on your customer,list assuming you're advertising what,they haven't already bought a different,product or service,people on your email unless people have,visited your website have demonstrated,that they're really into your stuff,they've taken that step to leave the,platform to check that stuff out,therefore retargeting those people,delivers the best results that however,has changed since ios 14 we can't track,as well the people that visit our,website if someone visits your website,on an ios device there's a very very,good chance that you will not be able to,track them and if you can't track them,that means that you can't re-target them,if you create a retargeting audience of,say all website visitors it's not going,to include the vast majority of people,that do so on ios devices and we know,that it's likely to happen in other,browsers and maybe android do the same,and things like that okay,so that's massively decreased the value,of website listed retargeting audiences,we also know that match rates are down,so when you upload an email list,facebook's ability to match the people,on your list to actual profiles on,facebook and instagram which they need,to do for you to be able to retarget,them that's decreased as well so the,accuracy around the your sources,retargeting audiences has decreased and,therefore we're not seeing as good,results if you used to have 10 000,website visitors a month you might only,be able to advertise to 4 000 of them,now that's a really big deal what that,means is that the meta sources have,increased significantly in terms of,value in terms of effectiveness when it,comes to retargeting we didn't target,these as much previously because we felt,that the people that have only watched a,video of yours say on instagram as,opposed to going through to your website,and joining your email list aren't as um,engaged which is still true but there's,way way way more people in a video,viewers retargeting audience or an,instagram account engaged in targeting,or retargeting audience than there is in,these your sources ones particularly,with the drop-off in tracking like i,mentioned um and it's fully accurate we,anything that occurs within app in,facebook in instagram,letters can completely track that they,can optimize for it,and it functions much better in a post,ios 14 world so there's four different,types of retargeting audience that we,very regularly use um when it comes to,meta sources for our retargeting um i'm,going to go through those in order of,priority there may be others you know,for example i'm not going to cover,shopping but if you've got a facebook,shop that wants to be an important part,of that but i know a lot of people don't,yet at this point i'll have more videos,on that later on as it becomes more,popular which i think it will i'm going,to cover four that apply to more people,so let's start with lead form so if,you're running a lead generation,campaign,under the old campaign objective menu or,a lead campaign with instant forms as,the destination so someone sees your ad,on facebook instagram they click on it,instead of being taken outside of,facebook or instagram they are presented,with a lead form there people who have,interacted with your lead form you can,create a retargeting audience out of,those people and put your ads in front,of them again which is a great great,option if you are using lead forms so if,i go ahead and click on next then once,we get to this window we've got a number,of decisions to make within the lead,form retargeting audience category there,are lots of different options we're,going to cover some of the most,important here so the first thing you,decide is events what event do you want,to have taken place for someone to be,included in your retargeting audience,there's three options so the default is,anyone to open this form which is fine,to get started with but what we would,usually do if we're running a campaign,for a client where we're using lead,forms is we would break it down to these,two options so we would have a,retargeting audience of people who,opened but didn't submit the form and we,would make sure that we put the same ad,that they've already seen back in front,of those people what we want to do is,encourage them to actually go ahead and,complete the form this time remember,that when someone starts down a path but,doesn't get all the way there like,opening a lead form but not submitting,it's not often because they're not,interested it's often just because,they're busy they were distracted by,something they were watching tv or,whatever and just by putting that in,front of them again they might go oh,yeah i am actually going to go fill that,out i am going to inquire about that,services i'm going to sign up for this,free thing whatever happens to be we,would then also create another,retargeting audience of people who,opened and submitted the form now we,don't want to try and encourage those,people to become leads again that would,be pointless they've already done that,but we can put ads in front of those,people to help with the conversion,process help take them from a lead to a,customer maybe that's client,testimonials lots of different options,that's obviously going to work alongside,the sort of more manual reach out,process that usually takes place,sometimes it can be automated but where,we're gonna be talking to these people,our clients are gonna be talking to,these people trying to get them to,convert i'm just gonna select this,option for demonstration purposes then,you wanna make sure you've got the right,page selected if you've got multiple,pages in your account and then you need,to select which lead form you can just,search the name in there or click on the,drop down there's actually none i can,use here to demonstrate because um this,is an example ad account um,but that's a very straightforward,process i'm sure you can work that out,then retention the maximum is 90 days,that's what i recommend you go with and,what that means is that anyone who has,taken this action so has triggered this,event over the past 90 days will be,included in this retargeting audience i,would love it if it was longer it is for,other types of retargeting audiences but,it isn't nothing we could do about that,we're still getting the warmest most,responsive prospects by selecting 90.,then we want to go ahead and give this,audience a name so in this case i would,call this,lead form submitters because that's what,we're,creating here people who opened and,submitted the form and 90 just so i see,and then i click create audience now i,can't actually do that as i said because,there's no lead forms to use but you,just click create audience and you are,good to go that audience has been um,created and i'm going to show you by the,way how to add that into the ad set and,actually target it,before the end of this video i however,i'm going to click back and then we are,going to talk about another type of,retargeting audience sticking within,meta sources i've already described,that's definitely something you want to,be focusing on nowadays and by the way,these four that i'm demonstrating i'm,doing them in order of priority so if,you are using lead forms in your,facebook instagram ad campaigns the,custom audience the retargeting audience,i just created that's the most important,after that you're gonna move on to video,now this obviously only applies if you,are actually running using video on,facebook and instagram if you aren't,then you can obviously skip this um but,there's again a few different things we,need to decide here so the first is,engagement what we need to do is decide,how much of a video all of our videos,that i'll explain more about that in a,second someone needs to have watched in,order for them to be included in a,retargeting audience so do you want,people who've watched three seconds or,more 10 seconds a through play which is,now counted at 15 seconds or the whole,thing um 25 50 75 95,my,most common option would be to be 25 or,through play it'll really depend on the,length of your video um if you've got a,really long video let's say your videos,over say three minutes then 25 percent,is a big ask you're not going to have,many people in your retargeting audience,if you go with a large percentage so,then i'd probably go with a through play,if you've got a really short video let's,say it's you know 20 seconds long 25 is,great you don't need to go anything,below that now of course it is possible,and sometimes advisable to use some of,these other options if you haven't got,very many video viewers at all maybe you,do want to go with people who viewed at,least three seconds but just be aware,that audience isn't going to be as warm,and if you've got hundreds of thousands,millions of video viewers then,absolutely go with one of the higher,percentages because you're still gonna,have a really large audience this is a,happy medium for most people so if i go,ahead and select that one then we need,to click on choose videos and then once,you get onto this page there's the first,thing you do is select which video,sources you want it to come from your is,this video on your facebook page is it,on your instagram account is it part of,an ad campaign um make sure you select,the right one and then obviously make,sure you select the right in this case,facebook page but it could be instagram,account if you've got multiple,associated with your account and then,you can simply go through and select a,video a whole bunch of videos that's,completely up to you and what i would,normally do obviously is make sure that,whatever videos you select here are,going to be highly relevant to the ad,that you're going to be putting in front,of people so let's say you sell three,different product ranges you might want,to create three different,video viewer retargeting audiences each,one around one of your product ranges is,then going to retarget with ads based on,that product range so people checked out,your shoe range for example you don't,want to be showing them your ads for,belts or hats you want to be showing,them ads for shoes and you can do that,quite simply um,in general when it comes to retargeting,the larger the audience the better why,wouldn't we want to advertise to people,that have already watched a video of,yours so i'd normally go ahead and,select all the videos that are relevant,to the product range whatever ad you're,going to be putting in front of people,with that's product service etcetera i'm,just going to select those for,demonstration purposes and click confirm,then we've got retention is 365 days is,the maximum much longer than the lead,form option and that's what i'd go with,365 days it's great we want it nice big,as possible um,yes the people that have watched your,video most recently are better prospects,but meta knows that they're going to,start by advertising to those people and,guess what once they've put ads in front,of those people and they have either,bought or not they're then going to,start putting your ads in front of,people that have watched a good chunk of,your video or watched a handful of your,videos but maybe just did so you know,four months ago and they're still,interested,but just haven't interacted with you,recently absolutely fine to leave it at,that nice long retention period so then,i would call this uh video,viewers,365 and again you might want to be more,specific than video viewers you could,say video viewers 25,um hat range if it was to do with hats,you know um as we've already discussed,you might have different product ranges,services things like that but viewers,video viewers 25 365 is great click on,create audience,okay and then we can see that our custom,audience our retargeting audience the,same thing in you know in in facebook,language is populating right now so you,can see estimated audience size below,1000 it'll be larger than that but it's,populating we've just created it'll take,20 30 minutes for that to populate,sometimes meta does not give you a total,here of how large that audience is it's,annoying nothing you could do about it,don't really know why they do it,sometimes and not others just one of,those things um but this is what it,looks like when we've got a custom,audience in there and if you already,created custom audience to look like,audiences this is what you would have,seen instead of that initial page but,let's go ahead and create the other two,so click on create audience and custom,audience once more and then we're going,to move on to the next meta source,retargeting audience that i want you to,create which is people who've engaged,with your instagram account so select,instagram account click on next,obviously you need to make sure that the,right instagram account is selected in,this case ben he's marketing and then we,need to go and have a look at events,there's quite a lot of quite a few,different options here the default is,everyone who engaged with this,professional account which if you read,the small print just to help you,understand what that actually means it,includes people who visited this profile,took an action on this post or ad,such as likes comments saves carousel,swipes button tabs or shares so if you,just go with people who visit your,profile that's actually going to be,quite a small number but anyone who is,engaged with any of your posts or ads,that's a lot larger retargeting audience,which is great we want this audience to,be nice and large,and take advantage of those warm,prospects so you can get more specific,you can go with just people engage with,that just be able to visit your profile,all that sort of stuff unless your,instagram account has tons of activity,or you've done,loads and loads of advertising on,instagram spent a lot of money and i,would just recommend going with everyone,who engaged with this professional,account the largest option 365 retention,is the max we can do great use that for,the same reasons as i mentioned with the,video viewer retargeting audience and,it's as simple as that so let's go ahead,and call this instagram engages,365. and create audience,okay your custom audience is created,we're going to ignore this stuff other,videos on things like lookalike,audiences and then we're going to go,ahead and create the fourth custom,audience which is people who've engaged,with your facebook page so once again,make sure you've got the page correctly,selected and then with events it's quite,a similar process there are other,options people who currently like or,follow your page for example um you can,go through these if you want but i would,recommend the vast majority of people go,with everyone who engaged with your page,same logic as we just did with the,instagram account retention 365 is the,same and then we're going to go with,facebook page,engages,365,and we're going to go ahead and click,create audience,okay let's click done and then what i,want you to do is head back into ads,manager,and here i'm going to show you how to,actually add your retargeting audiences,to an ad set so you can actually target,those people so if i go ahead and click,on create and then let's assume this is,a sales campaign you may or may not be,using the sales objective either way,it's fine it doesn't change this process,then we're going to jump to the ad set,level and then we're going to scroll,down to the audience section and in this,little,text field up here underneath custom,audiences we're going to add in those,three that we were able to create,normally it would be four if assuming,you're using video assuming you're using,lead form et cetera and we're going to,create add all three of these into the,one ad set now if you've seen um a lot,of my content around facebook instagram,advertising you'll know that when it,comes to cold audiences i am a big fan,of using one targeting option per ad set,because if you add all the targeting,options into one ad set you just get a,blended average you can't work out okay,amongst those five different target,audiences which one produced a really,good cost per lead which one produced a,really good cost per purchase which ones,are more expensive if you break them all,out separate ad sets you can work that,out we don't need to do that though with,warm audiences when we're retargeting,because we know that these audiences,people engage with our facebook page,video viewers people engage with their,instagram account they are going to,deliver a better cost per conversion,nearly always than our other cold,audience targeting options and we want,to max out these audiences we want to,spend as much budget as we can do on,these people profitably and then,obviously the remainder of the budget,which is still likely to be the vast,majority of the budget because these,audiences typically quite small can be,spent on your cold audiences um so we,don't need to break these out and,including them together gives you a,larger retargeting audience in one,answer larger audiences as i say produce,better results now when it comes to,adding in,custom audiences retargeting audience to,an asset it's very important that you,leave the other,detailed targeting options completely,blank don't add anything in there i,would very very very rarely add in any,age or gender parameters i just leave,that open and then you need to make sure,obviously the locations are where you,can deliver your product and service um,so that might be united kingdom in a,case like my business a facebook ad,agency we would add in a whole bunch of,other countries like the u.s et cetera,but just make sure that is,representative anywhere you can deliver,your product or service that's what you,want to do there now we have found that,these meta-source retargeting audiences,are delivering much better results than,they used to previously but that doesn't,mean you want to completely ignore the,your source custom audiences,particularly if you've got lots of,people on a customer list an email list,or you've got lots and lots of website,visitors it's still definitely worth,retargeting those people if you want to,find out how make sure you check out my,youtube channel i've got various,tutorials on that you can you can find,them quite easily quite easily um but,i really wanted to create a video where,i'm talking about what we feel now is,the best type of retargeting audience,and that's people that have done stuff,in app that we have 100 or as close to,100 as you can ever get um tracking,accuracy and large audiences that we can,retarget get these people over the line,get them to become leads get them to,become,purchasers it's a really good way to go,okay before you go something to quickly,mention and that's our facebook and,instagram advertising services so my,company lead guru is a specialist,facebook and instagram ads agency we,create manage and optimize campaigns for,our clients if you're interested in,finding out more about our services you,can click on the link in the description,below there you can book a free call,with one of my team members no,obligation you can just find out more,about how we work we can find out more,about your business see if we'd be a,good fit we do have a 3k per month,minimum budget requirement so please,only book a call if you meet that,criteria but um yeah if you do go ahead,book a call hopefully we get a chance to,work together i've already mentioned,that every facebook and instagram,advertiser should be retargeting it's an,absolute no-brainer but i'd also,strongly encourage you to try lookalike,audience as well lookalike audiences can,be incredibly effective even today but a,lot of people get this wrong a lot of,facebook advertisers try to look like,audiences and they just don't know how,to set them up how to use the right,strategy in this video here i cover,everything you need to know i show you,strategy i show you how we use lookalike,audiences how things have changed again,over the last 12 to 18 months post ios,14. strongly encourage you to check it,out i think it'd be well worth your time

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