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TOO SLOW!!! Never Use ePacket Shipping & Aliexpress Standard Shipping in Q4 | Shopify Dropshippinghe

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

TOO SLOW!!! Never Use ePacket Shipping & Aliexpress Standard Shipping in Q4 | Shopify Dropshipping

hey guys this is ako from daddy fulfill,welcome to our daily fulfill channel,i already shared top shipping methods to,us market and eu market in previous,videos,about its shipping times and cost and,the differences between these shipping,lines,and what i'm going to talk about today,is the worst shipping lines that we,should never use,so what are these shipping lines and why,we should avoid them,the first one i would say a packet,it was good at first sometimes it could,make a delivery in several days but,it can also last 60 days,each package was made for cross-border,mail and it was never meant for reliable,e-commerce shipping,this shipping line depends on passenger,flights and passenger flights don't want,to flex their capacity to send out more,impacted parcels,especially in q4,you're gonna have a lot of issues with,packages getting onto flies and they'll,be stuck in a warehouse waiting for it,to move,and it has very little control over the,processes it starts from china post and,turn into local posts the longest,shipping time i have seen by a package,is about 90 days yes 90 days it is crazy,but it did happen,and some checking information are all in,chinese and customers are not going to,understand a lot of it,so it is not a great experience for your,customers to use,a package shipping,and the second,is aliexpress standard shipping,it is a logistics company owned by,alibaba group and this method of,delivery you will meet when ordering,from the site of aliexpress and other,sites owned by alibaba group,the average delivery time for standard,packages is around 15 to 45 working days,for some buyers this may be too long,takes way too long to reach the,destination,sometimes the packages are lost during,shipment and there's nothing to do about,it,we have many clients complaining about,its long shipping time,by aliexpress standard shipping they,have so they have to deal with a lot of,disputes if they are using this shipping,line,and the third one is shipping line,without checking,each shipping company has their cheapest,shipping options which is without,checking,the cost is very cheap and the shipping,time is acceptable around 10 to 20 days,but there is no checking details which,means you cannot see your puzzle status,if it is delivered or when it is,delivered,if the puzzle got lost,we cannot tell because we cannot see the,all those checking details,and this is there's cases that what if,the puzzle is delivered but customers,claiming not receiving their orders,they will start disputes and want their,money back,and,you can do nothing about it then,so all these shipping methods sometimes,is fine and the cost is relatively cheap,but the shipping time is not guaranteed,let alone after sales service especially,in q4,so if you are only care about or only,looking for cheapest prices to ship out,your orders these shipping lines are,totally fine but if you want to scale up,to,seven to eight figures,and want to provide better shopping,experience for your customers,i would still recommend you to choose,fast and reliable shipping lines like,unixpress 4px and skinny etc,it is a shorter video and hope you guys,enjoyed it,if you did,please subscribe to our channel and join,our facebook group as well,i will link to our group in the,description,um i would much appreciate if you can,also give us a thumbs up and if you are,interested please check out on our,website,what we daily fulfill provide is one on,one vip service for each professional,job troopers,data fulfill is your solid support and,you just focus on what matters,we make your business easy and we scale,together,this is echo from daily fulfill thanks,for watching see you soon bye

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Shopify Tutorials for beginners: What is ePacket Delivery? (Dropshipping for beginners)

Shopify Tutorials for beginners: What is ePacket Delivery? (Dropshipping for beginners)

hey guys i wanted to shoot this quick,update video just because i've been,getting a lot of questions about,e-packet shipping,during covid so just to put in,perspective today is,february uh,13th of 2021 so we are in the middle of,covin right now you know vaccines are,starting to be distributed but for the,most part we are still very much in the,middle of covid um and i've been getting,a lot of questions about epacket,in my course i recommend epacket,shipping,generally pack it is a,well-known source and style of shipping,that is available through a lot of,suppliers at aliexpress it's generally,pretty cheap and relatively quick it's,not always the quickest but it's,relatively quick for its price,however due to covid,right now which has interrupted a lot of,the commercial flights between countries,specifically china to the u.s and,generally these commercial flights are,responsible for a lot of the e-package,shipping so naturally a lot of the,e-package shipping is not,available as much as it used to be and,you'll probably see this as you're,looking at different products on,on aliexpress,so i wanted to first explain why epacket,has been less and less available,so that begs the question well then what,are some good alternative shipping,methods that we can use in place of,e-package shipping,really,you can use anything that you deem is,fast and or affordable for your budget,or your customers expectations right,there is no right or wrong answer,oftentimes you'll see that a lot of the,faster and or cheaper shipping methods,are either aliexpress standard shipping,or ems shipping right,but sometimes these might be expensive,as well there's also i think,a third option that's the free shipping,um i forgot,what it's by i think it's called,kainos,kaniao super economy global oh yeah,that's called,kineau,super economy global,that might be option as well,notice that it takes about 30 to 50 days,so i mean all these might take different,amounts of time,but they are alternatives i don't want,everyone to think that epacket is the,only thing you can use,epacket just used to be kind of like a,standard you know it was known to be,relatively kind of fast and kind of,cheap right but it still took a long,time right couple weeks three weeks four,weeks so these are also,shipping methods that might take you,know three weeks four weeks five weeks,okay um,but if you're still worried here are a,couple ways that you can lower the,number of complaints or returns from,your customers if you're worried about,the shipping either being too expensive,or too long,the first way to lower the amount of,complaints and returns from your,customer is to try to be as transparent,as possible about shipping times on your,website i know,this might seem intuitive but a lot of,people are afraid to write that the,shipping is going to take 30 to 50 days,but guys please,understand that you have to share this,information with your customers because,if someone buys something today they're,gonna expect it to be at their house you,know within a week two weeks you know at,the max three weeks right and if it,doesn't get there in that time they're,going to be upset so you need to let,them know,that it can take anywhere between 30 to,50 days for the product to get there the,more you share that with them the less,likely they're going to return it when,they don't see the product in you know,in seven days or whatever um,excuse me um,also you know a thing i used to do is i,on my home page and on my faq page i,created an faq page if you don't have an,faq page i would add one in they're,pretty easy there's a couple apps that,can show you how to do it but on my,homepage on my faq page and all my,product description for all my products,i would let them know that we source,products and this was kind of made up,but i let them know that hey our company,source products from different,organizations and institutions,throughout asia and other parts of,europe and because we do that all of our,products come from different locations,and that's also why if you order more,than one product from our website it may,come as two different shipments or two,different boxes if you let them know,that uh it comes from all these,different places in asia they may,understand why it takes longer for some,products to ship to them and they may be,more understanding they may not then,return the product or complain about the,product shipping too long so it's good,to be transparent let them know hey you,know all products come from we source,products from you know vendors and,private organizations all over asia and,europe and it's going to take a really,long time so please understand,you know it might take 30 to 50 days and,we really appreciate your patience just,write that you know all over your,website and make sure that they see it,for example you can add a banner to your,home page let customers know that there,may be a delay in shipping because of,covid right now right because we're,shipping let them know that the delays,because again we're shipping products,from overseas,from different countries we you know we,source from a lot of really cool,suppliers but because of covid you know,the travel time for,um shipping may be a little bit slower,right let them know put that in the,banner put the banner on the home page,at the very top so that when they land,on the homepage they see that banner and,they expect wait times to be slow and,they won't get upset,use less suppliers i think i said this,in my course before the more suppliers,you use the more likely you're going to,run into issues don't use this i mean,you could just use one supplier,generally i would use you know two to,three suppliers just in case one of your,suppliers um you know use two or three,suppliers that kind of sell the same,things because if you use one supplier,and that supplier like goes obsolete or,they shut down their aliexpress store,then now your entire shopify store has,to be shut down um so it is however,still good to have less suppliers than,more because that way you can build a,relationship with those suppliers and,you can ask them you know just go ahead,and message them say hey you know i've,been a loyal,seller of your products for a while,could you tell me a little bit about,your shipping methods you know what is,the best and fastest shipping method,that you can offer um for me and my,customers you know let them know that,you're drop shipping you've worked with,them you've sold a lot of their products,or maybe you're interested in selling,the products you know what is the best,way what is the best shipping method,just open up a communication channel on,aliexpress it's very easy just click,message supplier and just talk to them,generally they will always respond,because they know that you're their,source of business,reach out to the supplier and ask them,for feedback and suggestions kind of,what i just mentioned right ask them,what their suggestion for the best,shipping method is uh depending on what,country you're selling to for example,maybe you're selling in the united,states ask them what's the best shipping,method method for the us ask them do,they even have e-package shipping more,shipping anymore because let them know,you don't see it on their on their um,let them know you don't see it here,and then just message them up here right,you could click here contact now let,them know hey i don't see a packet on,your page anymore let's let's assume,that you're selling iphone cases and,then ask them what's the next best thing,and then lastly i suggest sending,something to yourself to test the speed,so if you're going to try something new,right like maybe,you want to try this shipping method or,this shipping method send a product to,yourself first,time it does it take three weeks does it,take four weeks does it take five weeks,does it takes two months,you know does it take three months you,know again right now during covid things,are a little bit more difficult not only,for you but also for me you know i've,had to find a lot of ways to get around,this um you know i've done a lot of,print on demand i've tried to build,relationships with people in the united,states because i sell in the us just to,get shipping a little bit faster it has,been difficult during covid i suspect,that after covet is over e-packet will,be available again or maybe an,alternative to e-pack that will be,available but right now during coven,there's really no way around it right if,airlines are not flying,commercial airlines as much to ship,those products it is inevitable that,they will take longer because there's,just less flights moving those products,from overseas to the us or overseas to,europe so just hang in there i know it's,not optimal i've taken a hit in my,business likely you'll take a hit in,your business as well but just be,optimistic you know the vaccine is,already on its way out i actually just,got vaccinated about a week ago for my,second dose,so things should be turning around,right now a lot of the chinese,government is opening up a lot of those,markets,and outsourcing again um doing a lot of,their shipping a lot of the airlines are,picking up not only in china but also,here in the united states so i'm,optimistic and i think if we hang in,there we'll see the light at the end of,the tunnel alright guys so again just to,summarize there is no right or wrong way,to ship it it's really whatever you,think is fast and or cheap it's up to,you and if you're worried about it just,send a product to yourself just to test,how fast it gets to you and if you think,that's appropriate send it to your,customers make sure to be as transparent,as possible on your website everywhere,on your website just let them know hey,we,you know source from a lot of different,uh businesses all over the world and,that's why you're going to get your,products in different boxes when you buy,more than one product and it may come at,different times,let them know hey it's covered right now,so there might be delays people will,understand and then your business will,bounce back just like mine we can do it,together alright guys good luck,you

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