how to set up double opt in on facebook lead ads

Facebook Advertising 2021: How To Add Lead Form Data Automatically To Your CRM (Integromat Tutorial)

Evelyn Weiss

Updated on Jan 22,2023

Facebook Advertising 2021: How To Add Lead Form Data Automatically To Your CRM (Integromat Tutorial)

hi friend my name is evelyn weiss i'm a,digital strategist and in today's video,i want to talk with you,a new better cheaper way to connect your,lead ads with your email autoresponder,so without further ado let's jump right,into the video so i'm now in one of my,ads managers and as you can see i'm,running quite a few,legion campaigns i really really love,this campaign objective because,it's a powerful tool for your business,whether you're a local business and you,want to find,clients or you are you know an online,entrepreneur you want to build your,email list or,you're a coach you want to find new,clients lead ads are one of the most,affordable,most powerful ways to connect with,potential clients on facebook,and the reason for that is that they are,so so so convenient,so let me quickly show you one of my,leader so you understand what i mean,lead ads are basically forms,promoted forms that live on facebook so,you can make a specific,offer for potential customers like i,in my case here offer those canva lead,magnet builder templates,and if people want to have that they can,just click on sign up and they can give,you their,contact details right away on facebook,so it's super convenient you don't even,have to have a website to be able to do,this,and because it everything flows so fast,people give you their email address,easily and it's very affordable,cost per lead so now here is the,downside of this,because this only lives on facebook,and it's so convenient the lead,turns cold super fast and we need to,figure out a way to get the data,out of facebook and follow up as soon as,possible,so in my case or everyone that works,with a strategic freebie something that,needs to be delivered in an email,you will want to connect facebook lead,ads with an email autoresponder,if you are a local business and you have,a sales crew and people should follow up,with leads on the phone,then you could connect excel,spreadsheets and run a report,so the old way to do this and here's,what the problem is,is that for most,connections there is no pre-built path,from facebook so you need other tools to,connect facebook lead ads,with your email autoresponder with,spreadsheets,and with other tools with your hubspot,crm,whatever you use to follow up with leads,and in the past i was doing this with a,tool,called sapir so zapier is basically,a glue that connects one app on the,internet with another app,and while i thought it's really easy and,practical to set things up,what i really didn't like and what you,can see here by the angry face,and here by the comment of people saying,i signed up i didn't get it,is that sapir took always around,15 minutes to pass the information,through to my email autoresponder,and to send the email out so that my,email autoresponder can send the email,out to people,and basically people thought once they,signed up and they didn't receive an,email within you know five minutes,they were like okay this is a scam this,is not working i gave my contact details,and i'm not getting anything,and 90 of people will not come back and,delete their,sometimes nasty comment on the ad right,or their,their angry reaction because they expect,things to run smoothly and their freebie,to be delivered immediately,same applies if you have a sales team,and they should follow up quickly so the,longer it takes,the colder the lead gets and this was,always kind of my problem with sapir,plus,that it's actually not as affordable and,you have to pay a monthly fee,so now i came across this new tool and,this is called integromat,and integromat is first off free for the,first,thousand transactions so it's really,great if you,are just a small business if you're just,starting out with your online business,and with litan ads,it's a great way to try it and then if,you should get,over those thousand operations,then it's also really affordable and,it costs up until 10 000 operations it,costs 9,a month which is approximately half of,what i had to pay for zapier so,really cool tool and also the connection,the setup is so so easy because it's,very visual,so let me quickly show you this um all,you have to do is say,create a new scenario and now you can,type in,whatever ad app you want to connect with,another app so it's not only for,facebook lead,ads it's for just about every tool,online you can imagine,but let's stick with the example so,facebook lead ads,continue and now let's click on it,and say new lead so now we first thing,is we need to connect,integra math with facebook you want to,be logged into your facebook,and then you can create a new web hook,so you want to say add,and now you want to give your ad hook a,name you can,name it with date everything that helps,you to stay organized,and now if you didn't already connect,all you have to do is say add,and it prompts you to facebook to a,login window you log in again you allow,integromat,to access your account and then that's,it i already did this step,and then you can select whatever page,you have,where you run the ads from i just have,also some for clients,okay and then you want to select,the form the lead form that lives on,facebook so for this page i have two,lead forms,and this is for the lead magnet builder,templates,all right so that was already the very,first step we want to say okay,and you're connected next thing is that,we want to pull,the people's data from the lead form so,now you want to say,get lead details,and then you want to select again your,page,and the corresponding lead form and now,all you have to do is pull the lead id,and you see it says here what you need,to pull,and then you just need to match it so,lead id,goes to lead id super easy okay,next step now we want to connect our,email autoresponder,in my case it's activecampaign so i'm,going to search for this,and you can see it already comes up it,has integration to,all popular email autoresponder also to,convertkit to aweber,i did this for a couple of my clients,yesterday because i'm so excited about,it,um and mailchimp so every,app that you most likely use it will,have the integration,okay so now i want to say i want to,create or update a new contact,and now i want to pull the email,from the lead ad and you can see it's,automatically suggesting this,to us so again we just need to look how,is the field called and then,pull the field name in here,so okay and i just want to pull the,email for this example,okay so now already our email address,gets pulled from facebook,into our software if you haven't,connected your software yet,there are two possible scenarios one is,that you just need to be logged into,your email autoresponder on another tab,and then you just like you did with,facebook you want to add a new,connection,or like with active campaign you have to,enter an api key,for most email autoresponders you will,find your api key in the settings,and then it will say something like api,key or for active campaign it says,developer and then you find your keys,okay so you just have to paste that in,here and then it's already connected,okay so now facebook is already sending,the data into our email automation,software,so that's cool now we have to have an,automation,in our tool setup that actually,delivers the freebie so the way i have,set this up,is under automations,i have set up a logic and you can do,this with,every email campaign,i have set up a logic that says every,time someone subscribes,to the list lead magnet builder,they it will send this email where the,lead magnet builder templates are,in and then it will follow up you know,with a nurturing,sequence after a few days,so now we still we have the email,address but we still need to,subscribe the new lead the new,subscriber to,the list so that he can get into the,automation and actually gets the freebie,delivered,so this is what i want to do now i want,to again add active campaign,and i want to say update context list,status so you see here,all everything you can do you could also,set this up using text then you would,just say add a tag to a contact,so this is how you just prefer to manage,it in your tool,so now we want to pull the,list and this is,integra matters that all for you in the,backend so,it just once you connected it it will,suggest you automatically,the lists you have now we need to map,the,contact id and,we want to map it with the contact id in,active campaign,so again you have id id is here,and perfect so this is everything,that we need and now let's test it so we,want to come back to,our facebook page,and it should be the page where we run,the ads from so now we want to come here,to test this,to publishing tools,and under the publishing tools we have,the lead ad forms and then we have the,forms library,so now we want to preview the form,and say developer testing tools,this is if you have never filled it out,once if you have,if if you have filled it out at once if,you've never filled it out you could,just enter your details here now,but i have filled it out in the past so,i need to come here,select my page select my form,say delete lead and now say,preview form and now i want to run,this as a test so i want to say run once,come here enter my detail and say,test002,next and submit the form,so now you can see it's running and you,immediately you don't have to wait,it immediately sends everything through,and now we can see if,actually the contact already is in,activecampaign,and add it to the list so let me search,here for,test 002,and here you see it was created just,this minute,and when i click on it it got added to,the list and it entered the automation,and with that it get if it was a real,email address another test email address,um you will get the email and the,double opt-in and then after the freebie,delivered so,that's it then you just have to toggle,it on,yes you want to run it immediately and,you're good to go,that was it i really love this tool i,wish i found it earlier,and i hope this was helpful for you i,hope you understand a bit better,how to connect your lead ads with your,email autoresponder now,and that you will check this tool out,all right so that's it for now if you,found it helpful please give it a thumbs,up and consider subscribing to the,channel,thanks bye

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Connecting Your Lead Form to Your CRM

Connecting Your Lead Form to Your CRM

all right in today's video I'm gonna,cover integrating your Facebook lead,form with other CRM tools and also,setting up email notifications when,someone submits the form if you don't go,through this step and if you don't set,up an email notification your Facebook,ads will collect leads but you won't,actually know it unless you're going in,and checking frequently and you won't be,getting the leads in real time it,basically just shows that leads have,been collected and then you need to,download those separately out of the,Facebook Ads manager and that's not very,easy to remember and not the easiest,process to go through if you're getting,a lot of leads on a regular basis so,we're going to start here which is in,your Facebook page publishing tools,we've been here before you're going to,go to your Facebook page that you're,managing and then you're going to go up,here to publishing tools you're gonna,click this link and then you're going to,go down to the lead ads section and,before we were working the draft forms,library and these are your existing,forms and I'm gonna go to leads setup,now when you're in lead setup it says,set up a CRM seeing at least delivered,instantly without a CRM you'll need to,regularly download a CSV to see new,leads bummer that would totally suck so,essentially what they're doing is,they're allowing you to search for CRM,providers here and it says you'll need,an existing CRM obviously if you don't,have one visit this here and then CRM,integrations pages the examples which,I'll show you in a second and add to see,which ones are supported so first step,find your see I'm using the search box,we're gonna do that here in a second,this is the search box,second connect to your CRM so there are,a few different ways there are a few,different options when it comes to,connecting the first one is connect from,website you need to set up the,connection within your CRM and those are,just they have direct integrations so,connect from website and then this says,connect but this really means connect,using zapier zap use a third party,integration platform that has allows you,to connect different services and send,data back and forth if you're not,familiar with zapier i'd highly,recommend you check it out I'm going to,show you how it works here but it's,worth taking a look at and then,requesting support means that's not,supported and then requests this part,means that Facebook will reach out to,the CRM to request integration and then,we have manage your leads after,connecting with CRM you can still,download your Lea,however you can also edit connections or,whatever so but the the managing leads,is really done through the CRM is really,done through the CRM and we're in the,lead step down down here alright cool so,we're gonna start we're really going to,go through the SAP your integration,because zapier is something that,everybody can sign up for it's a,third-party service that is not a part,of Facebook and it allows you to handle,your lead data in a lot of different,ways and essentially what it does is it,acts as a middleman like a pipe between,two different services so if you're,thinking about you know if you're,thinking about the electrical power,plant it's not a pipe but it's like the,power cable running to your house it's,what connects two things save your house,you're the power plant you need,something to connect the two and you,have like the electrical cabling I'm not,an electrician probably said something,wrong there alright so when we're,talking about zapier I'm gonna go over,to the zapier comm and I am already,logged in so I'm logged into my I'm,logged into my account you'll want to,sign up for a SAP your account and you,gonna want to log in before you start,the zapier integration because if you,don't what I've experienced did that is,that Facebook just kind of hangs up and,it doesn't really connect very quickly,maybe does if I wait longer but I tried,to do it just recently and it just like,didn't load so once I logged in then it,load it right away so go to zapier comm,create an account depending on the,volume and how many things you want to,do you may need to create a paid account,I think they start maybe at ten dollars,a month something like that are just,fifty dollars a month because we have,quite a few different zaps so I'm gonna,head back over here to the CRM and I I,just want to get email notifications so,if you're just starting you probably,just want to get email notifications,coming to your inbox when leads are,generated and so I'm gonna I'm gonna,type in zap here it's gonna show me the,different options that are available,through zap here you have email by zap,your SMTP web hooks which is like a URL,that sends data SMS RSS by zapier and,then we have a couple other CRMs here,and actually before I get into zap year,I,did want to show you the different,serums that are available so I clicked,the crms tab from here serum,integrations page and I got to this guy,and this shows 27 pages of CRMs and,there's just a ton however what's,important to note is that what from what,I saw and I didn't go through too many,of these but all the major CRM Zoar all,the serums that I'm not familiar with I,that's it connected through SAP years so,there's Zoho you know I'm familiar we,use nutshell so let's do Zoho and so,Zoho socials of male Swedes Oh CRM,this looks like there's a direct,integration because it doesn't stay,connected through zapier if I do,oh it says through leads bridge sorry if,I do nutshell I'm going to do this this,says through zapier if I do that I know,Google Drive was in here it says,connected through zapier so a lot of,these are connected through zapier now,you also saw leads bridge I'm not that,familiar with lead bridge but it's some,sort of automation software for managing,leads so if if you need to check that,out then you would just go to leads,bridge comm and that will allow you to,connect through like Zoho show leads,bridge so I'm gonna kill this and I'm,gonna do this a pure one and I'm gonna,do just email by zapier I mean it this,guy so email by SAP be repertoire hit,connect and so now what we're gonna see,is there's an embedded form with zapier,loading and it's gonna allow me to set,up the integration right here embedded,within Facebook now you can actually,also do this within zapier by pulling in,the forms but but through the zap your,interface but we're just gonna go here,that the interface looks exactly the,same when you're in zap here,so basically we're saying Facebook when,a facebook lead ads triggers and I need,a premium zapier subscription for this,one specifically so premium is gonna,cost you some money I'm gonna try and,pull that up right now actually real,quick snap your premium let's see if I,can get the pricing hanging features,come on pricing,I was never pricing all right,sappy er premium pricing should have,this tab up before,alright so zapier premium pricing is I,believe that would be $20 per month,yeah premium apps right here so you do,need to pay $20 per month paid annually,25 individually 20s apps and then it's a,premium app so what you'll see is that,when we're doing this integration,premium it's a premium integration so,unfortunately you can't do with the free,one if I said that earlier I apologize,you may need to pay 25 bucks a month,it's kind of a bummer so what we're,gonna do is we're gonna hit we're gonna,hit next here we're gonna hit continue,and now we're gonna select the Facebook,lead ads account and so right here,you'll see that there's two Lee ads,account when I was kind of mess around,earlier I connected a second one if you,don't have an account here you can do,connect account now if you don't need to,do connect account you can just double,check that this works I'm gonna do test,right here BAM Bam's success so this,means that my facebook account that I'm,currently logged into this is well when,I when I did connect an account it,attached the one that I'm currently,logged into but if if there's already,one connected then you can just test it,even if you're not logged in but when I,did connect an account it connected me I,can rename this I will actually end up,deleting it but this is the paracord,Facebook account this is connected and,it shows that it's working and great,alright so that means that the Facebook,account in connects with the the lead,forms that I'm working with and then I'm,gonna do save and continue and now we're,going to be selecting the page and in,the lead form so what I'll do is I'm,gonna select which page I'm working on,and I selected the paracord demo page,and then I'm gonna choose the form and,from our last video or one of the,previous videos I know if it's the last,one I'm gonna do paracord demo and this,is the form that we created when we,created the lead form so I'm going to,choose the page and then I'm going to,choose the form and then it's going to,associate the form with the page now,what's important to remember is that,this is a social this is connecting to,one form this is not connecting,to all forms and so this if I select,this it's connecting to one if I don't,select it so if I do clear current,choice then it's gonna pull in,information from all forms so it's,important to know that I can select this,it's one form if I don't select it it's,gonna pull in information from all forms,so you know probably to be safe you're,gonna want to pull it in from all forms,however you could potentially run into,some issues with what fields are being,pulled in and your email notifications,if you have different fields so this is,a little bit of an annoying part about,running a lot of different lead forms,you may have to set up multiple zaps,within the zapier interface instead of,doing a catch-all which is what this,looks like so if you need to connect to,a specific form because you have,specific actions that are taken by one,form you'll need to log into zapier and,then do some work there and I'll show,you what the zapier in your face looks,like at the end of this video anyway I'm,gonna do continue right now and then it,says pick a sample so this is brand new,so this is brand new form so I'm just,gonna say pull in samples which,basically means that we're pulling in,like a fake lead because elite hasn't,been submitted I'm gonna do continue and,then it's saying that we're gonna do an,email so you can see it's kind of,progressing down here on the left I'm,gonna do continue and then I'm gonna put,in the email information so I want this,to go to Adam at paracord com,it can be a comma separated list of,emails so it might be hello at paracord,com it'll go to those two people limited,to five I can do a subject so I'm gonna,do Facebook lead and that way when the,email comes in I know it's a facebook,lead obviously and then here I'm gonna,pull in the the email address and I,don't have a phone in that one but let's,see here if you want to add a custom,field then you hit this guy and it shows,you the different options available,within the Facebook lead form so email,it pulled in automatically I might do a,full name right here so this is dummy,data for full name test lead if I want,the name or one thing that's nice is you,can pull the name in right here,then all of your facebook leads that,come in don't roll up into one,conversation thread if you're using,Google Google email it actually will,separate them out individually but I,personally like because if they roll,into one then it gets kind of annoying,for me to like click and open and filter,out and try and figure out who's who so,I might do Facebook ly : and then do the,name here and then when the lead comes,in I'll see the name and it'll also,create new email threads and then in the,body of the email we're gonna have the,email name than whatever other data we,want to see so if we would just want the,email address and everything else in,there we'll do that and then we have,some Advanced Options you know doing an,attachment which I don't think we can do,in this instance I don't I don't think,we can do that in this instance unless,I'm a dummy let's me an upload one here,I've never done that before but I don't,know why I guess I don't know why you,wouldn't necessarily give me just one,second yeah this list is long yeah I,don't think you can do it an attachment,here,but anyway so or do a from name if you,want it to be like hey this emails,coming from Parekh or or let's say let's,say Facebook please because this is,going to this is going to you right so,the other option an alternative is to,send an email to your customer and in,that case it might be hey this is coming,from paracord so if you want an email to,go to your customer it can come from,here now you can also send one to,yourself and to your customer I'm gonna,show you how to do that at the end of,the video but let's say that this is,coming from Facebook going to us like,we've been doing those Facebook leads,reply to we don't need to reply to,because we're not gonna reply to it and,then see see if we want BCC you know if,you want and then some other things like,force line breaks which is a formatting,thing alright so we have all of that so,setting up an outbound email now I'm,done setting all that up I'm gonna hit,this says continue and now we have test,email so this is the sample if I say I'm,going to send it to these people this is,going to be the subject line and then,body and then I'm gonna do a test here,so send test to email by zapier boom,I hit that guy a test was sent and then,when I go to my inbox,I see facebook lead test lead dummy data,for full name so as the dummy data it,has me and hello right here email came,through email test name test and then to,stop these emails so if you don't get,the email right away then if you don't,get the email right away then then you,probably check your spam folder and add,them to your whitelist because these,emails do come through very quickly and,they could potentially go into spam it's,possible but that's what the email looks,like and so now you have this setup done,I'm gonna hit the finish guy right here,I'm gonna move this into a folder for,I'm gonna move this into a folder which,is paracord leads because that's what I,do and then we're gonna see it on the,dashboard here and so now when I'm,looking in zapier this pulled me into my,zapier account I see this guy right here,get emails with new Facebook lead ads,I'm gonna open this one so you can see,it says Facebook to this little email,guy we have other ones down here which,is Facebook two more steps to nutshell,nutshell going to campaign monitor click,funnels going to email this is simple,texting going to other stuff so these,are all of our nut zapier integrations,so I'm gonna hit this guy and this is a,little bit of a zapier overview but what,you'll see is we have new lead coming in,and this is connected para Chris,Facebook account these are the options,I'm not going to go through all the,options because it kind of like makes,you like reset them but these are just,the things we just went through I might,rename this to demo account,zap demo camp email notifications right,and so what I said was that it's sending,an outbound email to you to the business,owner or to your salesperson or whatever,if you want to send an email then to,your customer you can add a step here,and now I'm gonna search for a step and,we're going to do email email by zapier,and we're gonna go through this same,process button,stead of the email going to me now I'm,gonna choose a dynamic variable from the,lead right here so it says new lead I'm,gonna hit this down guy we grabbed the,email address boom I set that in,dynamically and then I put this in you,know thanks for your interest right and,then I put in you know we'll contact you,soon or whatever right and now we have,an email a third action going to the,customer that submitted the form,dynamically because we dropped in their,email address here and then I mean we,could even say you know we asked for the,full name we didn't ask for a first and,last so we can do you know full name,comma Adam mark Phil you know whatever,Joe Smith comma will contact you soon,Adam or visit our website or whatever,the case may be so you go through these,steps very similar options what we,looked at before you hit continue and,then you would test this step and it's,gonna go to test at thinks,your interest tesla and then when you,hit send test it will then send the test,so that's how you can basically send,email notifications after someone has,submitted a form and then quite honestly,from here this is a whole nother talking,point but you can keep adding steps and,zap yours pretty impressive you can do,paths and filters and delays and,formatting but you can now push it into,another CRM you can hit up a slack,notification we use simple text you can,do something a mini chat you can do it,as a sauna task,active campaign now once you have zapped,you're set up to pull in the leads that,are coming from your Facebook Ads now,you can do all these different things,based on your technology stack which is,pretty powerful all right so I think,that covers pretty much everything with,the technology with the integrations,piece of the facebook lead forms the one,area that I didn't spend a lot of time,on because we don't use it ourselves is,this leads bridge option we reuse zapier,zapier is a little bit cheaper I my,opinion is more well known as tons of,integrations this looks like it has some,different different features but we,don't use it so I'm not going to go into,it in a lot of,but if you use it it's kind of the same,thing where it's connecting different,systems so that is all for integrations,and email notifications thank you for,watching and we will check you out in,the next video thanks a lot

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