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How to Setup a Discount Code in Shopify for New Customerssetting up discount codes in shopify can,he


Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Setup a Discount Code in Shopify for New Customers

setting up discount codes in shopify can,help to entice shoppers to buy and can,lead to repeat sales,in this shopify tutorial for beginners,i'm going to show you how to set up a,discount code that new customers can use,when placing an order on your store for,the very first time,if you're new to shopify or are looking,to learn more about how you can optimize,your online store be sure to subscribe,to the easter king's youtube channel,to get started with our discount we're,going to head on over to the left hand,side of our shopify admin and click on,discounts,from there we can click on the create,discount button,and this is going to give us a few,different options,we can create a discount code that,allows customers to save a certain,amount off of products,we can also create a discount code that,gives us an amount off of the entire,order which is what we'll be doing today,you do also have the option to create a,buy x get wide discount code and that,can come in handy when you do a sale,let's say buy one get one free,and then last but not least we do have a,free shipping discount,for today's example we're going to be,creating a discount for new customers,we're going to give them 10 off of their,first order so let's go ahead and click,on amount off order,starting from the top we can either,create a discount code or have it,applied automatically in our case we,would like to create a discount code,that users manually enter at checkout,so we'll leave discount code selected,and then we're going to give it a name,so this is the discount code that,customers will enter at checkout,you can of course name it whatever you'd,like to name it for this example i'm,going to keep it pretty generic and call,it save 10 since customers will be able,to save 10 percent,next we'll move on down to the value,section which is where we can add the,amount that the customer will be saving,you do have the option to create a,percentage off or a fixed amount off,and again for this example we're going,to be giving 10 off,and you may have noticed that as you,create your discount codes the,right-hand side is populated with your,summary this makes it really easy for,you to review and make changes as needed,alright so next we'll head on down to,minimum purchase requirements,you can either leave this as is which is,no minimum requirements or you can,change it to minimum purchase amount,which allows you to enter a certain,amount that the customer has to spend in,order to receive the discount,or you can enter minimum quantity of,items and this allows you to set a,certain amount of products that the,customer has to purchase,i'm going to select no minimum,requirements so that the customer can,have 10 off of their first order no,matter what it is,next we're going to select which,customers can take advantage of this,discount and because we would like for,it to apply to new customers only we're,going to select specific customer,segments,from there we're going to hit the browse,button on the right hand side,and then we're going to select the first,option which is customers who haven't,purchased,and of course that means new customers,who haven't yet purchased anything so,we'll go ahead and hit the add button,and then from there we'll head on down,to maximum discount uses and we're going,to select limit to one use per customer,that way once the new customer has used,the discount code they can't come back,and use it again,last but not least you can set an end,date if you'd like,which is pretty self-explanatory you can,set the discount code to expire on a,certain date and time,so let's say we wanted to have the,discount code expire at the end of the,year,we can go ahead and set that,so we have december 31st,at 11 59 pm,so once we're done entering all of our,information for the new shopify discount,code we can read the summary information,over on the right hand side just to make,sure there aren't any final changes we'd,like to make,so the discount code that customers will,need to enter is save 10,and it will be available on all sales,channels,if you look over on the left hand side,this store has an online store as well,as a pos meaning that customers can come,and shop in-store so this discount code,can be applied either in-store or online,it's going to be 10 off of the entire,order,there is no minimum purchase requirement,necessary,and it's going to be for customers who,haven't yet purchased anything so new,customers to the store,it is one use per customer and it's,active until the end of the year,so if your summary looks good to you you,can go ahead and hit save at the top or,save discount at the bottom,and there you have it you now know how,to create a discount code in your,shopify admin if you'd like you can,click on this button here the get,shareable link button do you get a link,that you can share on your email,newsletter perhaps or your social media,posts,if you found this shopify tutorial,helpful be sure to subscribe to the,easter king's youtube channel for more,ecommerce videos,you

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How Do I Set Up A 10% Discount On First Orders For Email Subscribers On Shopify?-Hopps Video Answers

How Do I Set Up A 10% Discount On First Orders For Email Subscribers On Shopify?-Hopps Video Answers

hi this is theo from hops help where we,try to answer your questions in two to,three minutes,and today's question is about how you,can create a discount code,and use that to your first time,subscribers in your email list,first we need to uh just make sure that,we establish that we create a discount,code,and then um from there we'll talk about,the subscribers,so obviously what you're going to want,to do is log into your shopify account,and create a discount code by going to,the discount section,and then create your discount code how,you want you can have the option to,create an,automatic discount code or a,normal discount code that you create and,then people can use it,automated discount codes basically are,ones that show up directly in the,checkout,right away but you can also do,the option for manual discount code,which you can,simply create what the code is going to,be and then you can place,the name of that code and an email,sequence,so i'm going to show you that here to,kind of answer the question so,all right so i have a discount code,right here which is normally used on,this store the most,lsl 21 3 off,and i'm going to hop over now to my,clavio system,which is a automated email system and,i'm going to pinpoint the,welcome series right here now,there are many different types of,automated emails that you can set up and,clavio is,definitely the best system to set up,those types of automated emails,i personally like to have my discount,code showcased,in my abandoned cart flow so therefore,when people have put an item in the cart,started the checkout process but then,they decide not to purchase well they'll,be hit with an automated email,and it will the system will not only,show them the,the product that they were looking at,but it will also i have in there,the discount code that they can use to,purchase,that item with so kind of goes hand in,hand it helps out really nicely,but specifically for getting you know,your first,subscribers to your email list getting,them a discount code,you want to put first you want to do is,create a clavio account,set this up correctly and then after,that you want to create a welcome series,and attach it to a list i would name,that list newsletter so,anyone that basically anyone that signs,up to subscribe,to your website to get updates you can,have them receive,an automated message so let me go let me,show you what this,my automated message for this particular,store looks like,and within that automated message you'll,be,you have the option as the owner to put,in,whatever you want so here is an example,right here i have in bold the discount,code for people to use,right here in there once they have,signed up for the newsletter,people will receive this message and,then they will be able to get,that discount code all right so,i hope this was helpful this has been,theo from hops help,feel free to head over to if you,have more questions and would like a,one-on-one session with one of our,experts,alright have a good night thanks

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