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How To Sell A Dropshipping Store For $500,000K+ (Shopify Dropshipping Marketplace )ecombos throw an

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Sell A Dropshipping Store For $500,000K+ (Shopify Dropshipping Marketplace )

ecombos throw an egg for every ad,account you have banned,mole remover halloween store with my,cousin from,2017 the oxymeter and the facebook pixel,we had on it,guys i i don't know i can't even count,anymore,yo what's going on guys this is the,ecombass and in today's video i'll be,teaching you guys something,super super interesting because i've,realized guys in this,i realized this a year ago at least the,drop shipping stores they sell for so,much money you guys have,no idea how much money you can make of a,drop shipping store that's only done 200,to 300 to 1 000,profit i'm just saying guys you can make,a lot of money selling drop shipping,stores on the exchange marketplace so,a little bit later inside of this video,i will bring you guys inside my computer,to show you guys around a little bit on,what you can expect how much to sell,your store for where to sell your store,and a little bit of details surrounding,that,because i had a lot of people asking me,how do i sell my store so if you're,interested in seeing a video on how to,sell your store,you got it guys if you want to get into,the coaching program please message me,on instagram here and if you just want,to follow me please follow me there as,well,me and my team are working behind the,scenes on a course yes i said it because,a lot of you guys been,asking me i was thinking for a long time,i'm not going to do it because i didn't,want to be one of the gurus,but i actually feel like i have some,really valuable information and that i,could change you guys's life but with a,course and since so many of you guys,been asking for it and the demand is,high,i will work on it yes i will do it,i'll do it but i'll probably just do it,one time anyways,so there are places called exchange,marketplace there are a lot of other,places too,where you guys could sell your shopify,drop shipping store and the store that's,done low numbers could actually make a,lot of money as well just by selling it,so a really cool business model i have,friends doing this it's just like,running stores putting them off like 1k,a day 2 3k a day,not scaling far not skilling for months,and months just,making a store scaling a little bit and,then just selling it,and that's that's a way for you guys to,basically just print money because these,stores really sell,and you would think like nobody buys,these stores but they really really do,so in a sec i'll show you guys the,exchange marketplace but this is the,genius business model,so the business model we're talking,about now is building a store solely,just based on trying to sell it so you,build a store,scale it to five thousand dollars you,have two thousand dollars profit you,sell it for twenty thousand dollars you,made a lot of money a lot a lot of money,so if you do that with a lot of storage,you sell them or maybe just sit on the,stores the store is an asset right so,maybe you just sit in the store and you,want to sell it well i got you guys you,can sell your store of course,so we should probably get into my,computer before all that smash a like on,this video please and make sure you,subscribe to the ecommerce channel,appreciate all of you guys make sure you,subscribe and let's get into the pc,show you guys how to sell a store okay,guys we're inside of my computer,so this is the exchange marketplace this,is a website where you guys can be,selling your drop shipping stores,really really interesting so here we,have a store that's doing 2k a month,profit and it's selling for 49 000.,well that's just his asking price do we,know if it's gonna sell for that,we'll see we'll see but i'm just talking,like some of the margins there are,incredible,these stores really really sell for a,lot a lot of money right now it says no,average profit at no average,profit so you should probably just you,know refresh this thing,let's price it high to low keep in mind,guys even if the store's not done a lot,of money you can still do this thing,so this one makes approximately 7k a,month in,in profits and it has the inventory,value of 10k so it's obviously doing,good,he's asking for 95 000 for the store,doing 7k profit a month,that's incredible and do i think it's,gonna sell i think it might sell,well however when you buy a business,i've heard and i'm pretty sure you,usually buy like the next upcoming five,years,so if the business revenues or if the,business profits,one million dollars a year you want to,buy it for five million dollars because,that's one million a year for the next,five years i'm just saying like,it's gonna be you're buying you know,five years worth of money in that,business if it makes sense for you guys,so if this one makes 7k a month on,average profit that goes up to maybe,like around 80 000,a year maybe a little bit more i think,it would be like 85 000 a year or,something like that,definitely worth it guys for 95 thousand,dollars you,that's a good idea it is a good deal,however you don't know if these stores,are gonna keep selling that's the only,question and here we have another one,it's five thousand dollars a month in,profit he's asking for fifteen thousand,looks like a scam so i won't really talk,about it this one does 5.7 k a month,in average profit and you want to sell,it for 7.2 i think that's a little bit,of a worse deal,someone does 8k a month so 450 000 i,mean you guys have to calculate yourself,some of these prices like this one may,be a little bit unrealistic but i tell,you guys this guy sells store for way,more than what it's worth,this one does 10k a month asking for 75,000 that's insane,so i'm just saying guys stores can,really really sell for a lot of money,you go to the exchange marketplace here,and then what you can do here you can,browse you could do the industry truck,you could do the industry we could also,go to sold stores actually you go you,can just sort of buy drop shipping if,you guys want to,um so here we got sold stores um i think,yeah this these are actually sold yeah,so he's doing um,so he's doing 40k a month average when,it comes to the profits and it's asking,for 100k,99k he got it sold it sold it really did,sell,so you guys can see they probably priced,a little bit higher but this one also,sold,2k a month profit so for 7.5 k 1k profit,for 997 that's bad,this is great this is great you guys see,214 dollars a month that's,nothing that's that's just that's,absolutely nothing but man,he sold this store for let's see how,much 850,so we sold it for 4x and everyone can,make 240,a month with free traffic in profit like,it's incredibly simple,so i'm just letting you guys know 600 a,month selling for 5k,like this this stuff is really is a good,business you guys got to get on it,it's the best thing ever 3k a month 3.6k,a month,sold for 20 000 like this this is,incredible,um 13k a month so for 31 000 for 13k a,month this is so sick,um i got some eight thousand five,there's no point on me there's no point,on me just,looking over this thing just bragging,about how incredibly cool it is,i we've seen all the examples you go to,the website yourself,so the only thing you guys really need,to know now is how do you make 200,profit on the store how do you make 500,profit on the store because we've seen,examples inside of my computer now,for example stores you know doing 3k a,month selling for 30 000 dollars like,usual store,did like 3.7 or 3.6k a month profit,and someone sold it for i think it was,like 32 000 or something that's like 10x,out of work,so you guys want to just get a store,trying to scale it find a winning,product trying to make some money of it,then i don't know if you're going to,sell the pixel if the pixel comes with,it it might be worth a little bit more,without the pixel i don't know do you,have inventory or not don't really,stress that but i'm just saying you,could,mass produce these stories you could run,a store make a little bit of money on it,and then sell it instantly just keep,repeating that cycle,and if you keep your pixel this is a,really really cool tip here so you can,be,scaling stores scaling stores in the,same niche while just keeping your pixel,so never selling your pixel,that means you can find your next winner,as long as you hold on to your dear,facebook pixel,you can just find a new winner instantly,so if you sold a store based around the,acne remover,you could just use your pixel and try to,run a blackhead remover because it's,sort of in the same niche so that pixel,will most likely make the blackhead,remover wind to,make sure you guys like and subscribe,though by the way that will you got to,subscribe you really got to,but this is super cool i i was mind,blown the first time i saw it had a,story i think it did 30 000,in profit we're planning on selling it,for 160k this stuff really is real,it's on the exchange marketplace,honestly i didn't want to expose it,because i don't want this to get,saturated,but i feel like a lot of you guys,watching are not going to go and sell,your stores instantly,but if you sit on the store maybe you,should try to sell it i mean,um there are some qualifications in,terms of selling the store i think you,need like two months of average,profit but it's still really easy you,don't need too much of details here but,you could sell it people,actually buy it i think they look at,long term i don't really know what they,look at,maybe they look at like okay so if you,did 30k in a month i you can,keep making 30k in a month that's like,360k a year i don't know what they're,thinking the people buying it but i'm,sure they have a strategy behind it,but just i'll probably if it's possible,though and still getting the same worth,i would not sell a pixel,because that pixel is what's going to,help you guys make a new product new,product what you guys could also,do is you sell your store but you keep,running that same product on another,store because drop shipping is,competitive anyways right,so i would recommend you guys trying to,do this if you sit in the store for,example if it's not scalable right,that's the thing,your store is making a lot of money,you've been really profitable with it,you've been super happy,you just made a lot of money in general,but you can see on the graph it's going,a little bit down it's dying a little,bit out,maybe it's time to sell it you know try,something new because the thing is guys,the thing so once a couple of years ago,when i was new to dropshipping i was not,an expert i was considering paying,someone for coaching,which by the way guys that's the,smartest thing you can do pay someone to,help you,but what this guy said so he asked me,about goals what do i want to do with,drop shipping and everything and say,like hey man i just want to make 200k a,month,and he was like why do you want to make,200k a month why won't you work for a,year or work for two years trying to,build some some sustainable type of,business and a store that you could sell,for five million dollars later,and i was a little bit mind blown,because i was always thinking about you,know chasing 200k a month with a 30,margin 40 margin making good money,monthly you know 70k a month or,something,but i got a little bit too blind because,he said that thing and he's like yeah,you could build a sustainable business,you could sell for five,million dollars later and that's what,drop shipping is this is a business at,the end of the day,i know that it looks you know a little,bit like a money printing game it just,looks fun and it doesn't look that,serious but this is a business,this thing is worth something people,actually do buy it so trying to focus on,that when building a brand building your,store if it's branded you'll get even,more money out of it right,so focus on that focus on scaling,towards selling but of course if it's,making good money every month should you,sell your store that could be a whole,other video,not in every case you want to sell your,store if someone was for example just,coming with an offer of 40 000,for one of my stores would i take it i,mean probably not you know,so situational so you guys got to figure,out is it actually worth selling the,store,is it dying out maybe it's time to do it,maybe not you guys will have to figure,that out yourself it's going to be up to,you,but let me know if you hyped for the,course um we'll have a huge announcement,really soon so pay attention to my,instagram look at my instagram here,again,and that's gonna be it guys uh just to,summarize here,selling stores are really good it really,is you see me in the next video guys,peace

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How To Sell Your Shopify Dropshipping Store (Fast & Easy)

How To Sell Your Shopify Dropshipping Store (Fast & Easy)

in this video I'm going to show you how,to sell your Shopify store no matter how,many sales you currently have I just,sold one of my own drop shipping stores,that I created at the beginning of this,year and it's never been easier to do so,remember to leave a like And subscribe,for more my name's Alex let's jump into,the video okay so the first option that,I had for you guys is actually going,away I noticed this last night when I,was planning out everything for this,video but at the top of the exchange,Marketplace this is a platform offered,by Shopify I'm sure many of you have,heard of this or actually used it in the,past but the message at the top says the,exchange Marketplace will be,decommissioned on November 1st 2022 and,will no longer be available for,merchants to buy or sell their stores,Merchants with current listings will,need to be contacted by email so this is,the Shopify exchange right here it was,one of the major platforms to buy or,sell your Shopify store on and I've,actually noticed nothing but problems,lately with this website and this,platform as a whole when I was going,through the actual process of selling my,own business I dealt with nothing but,negatives on this website myself and had,a ton of problems pop up as well so I,actually didn't end up selling through,this website I'll go over the one I did,sell through in just a moment but now,that this major platform is gone in,literally three days this just leaves a,handful of options yeah you guys can,sell on another similar website just,like this that I'll go over in just a,moment or you guys can actually find a,private buyer for your store whether,that's you know social media word of,mouth or some sort of networking but,it's definitely easier to just go,through and list them on websites like,this whether you're looking to buy a new,Shopify store or sell your current,Shopify store so let's go over the next,best option right now all right so your,current best option to buy and sell,Shopify stores is now Flippa that's, so this is the home page that,you'll see when you go on this website,if you guys just scroll down a little,bit you'll see a bunch of listings for,sale we can actually go ahead and look,at some e-commerce businesses right here,if you guys click the browse feature at,the top you guys can look at websites,apps different Investments domains and,different types of collections we'll go,on websites e-commerce and then they,have specifically Shopify Drop Shipping,Amazon FBA digital products or inventory,holding we'll just go ahead and click on,different Shopify stores let me go back,to that we're going to see all the,different available Shopify listings,that are for sale on Flippa right now,the different niches the different,prices and everything that's included in,each listing,so you guys can see right here this,business is for sale for forty thousand,dollars thirty thousand dollars three,hundred and eighty thousand dollars,sixty thousand one point seven million,so there's gonna be a very big range of,prices on this website but you know each,business is unique you guys can read,about each business by clicking on the,listing some of them will be more,private because they don't want people,just going and copying you know their,products or their Niche or stealing,their audience or any of that because I,know a lot of drop shippers will,actually go on Flippa or the exchange,websites to find new products to sell,you guys can actually look at their,history of sales and everything as well,so if you guys want to sell your own,Shopify store you'll just go ahead and,click sell now at the top right here in,the upper right hand corner,and then you just want to go ahead and,enter your website to get started,they're going to ask you a few questions,about your sales,um you know how you guys conduct,business if you guys are A Drop Shipping,Store or if you hold your own inventory,what kind of assets you want to transfer,you know is your advertising account,included are your social media accounts,included are you you know including any,inventory are you passing over all of,your suppliers what exactly is included,in this listing the more that you guys,include with your brand the higher price,that you can actually sell your business,for but just go ahead and explore this,website flip a little bit go through,some of their FAQs if you guys are,unsure ask me some questions since I've,posted some listings on here myself but,this is definitely a great option to,sell your Shopify store when you guys,are interested and ready to do so after,watching this video you now know how to,sell your Shopify store whether it has a,thousand or a million dollars in sales,Flippa will help you value your business,and get you paid fast if you want to,learn how to build and grow a Drop,Shipping Store quickly consider signing,up up for my free course below and if,this video helped you out consider,leaving a like sharing with others and,subscribing for more thank you so much,for watching and I'll see you in the,next one

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