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How To Target Luxury Home Buyers in Facebook With The Special Ad Categoryhey everyone jack lawson wi

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Target Luxury Home Buyers in Facebook With The Special Ad Category

hey everyone jack lawson with,,and in this video i'm going to show you,how to target,luxury or high-end buyers even when you,need to use the special ad category,so for real estate professionals using,housing ads in,us and canada they need to select the,special ad category,in the campaign settings when they're,setting up a facebook ad,and it limits the targeting options that,you have,inside of the ad set level with the,audience,however there are still some ways that,you can limit your audience,based off of interest and target,your audience closer to the high end,luxury meaning they have more money and,whatnot so i'm going to go ahead and,show you,what you can do inside of the ads,manager account here,so after you've already set up a,facebook ad you're running a home buyer,adder,or something and you want to target,higher end,um buyers again this is based off of you,having to select the special ad category,of housing for us and canadian,real estate professionals so under,the ad set for the targeting,if you scroll down here you have limited,options based on,where you can target,geographically so obviously if you,are working in a higher end area you,would want to drop that,on the high end location but,15 miles is the minimum radius you can,do so you can't do super hyper targeted,you know one mile radius around a,neighborhood or anything like that,so how do you limit that even more,what you do is go down to detail,targeting,and you click browse and we're going to,use interest,so when you're inside of interest what,you want to look for,are interests that would,likely mean that they are money smart,or have a technical job or high-end job,a doctor especially some something like,that,um that will will obviously translate,over into,uh more than likely having a little bit,more money,and being able to afford a better house,higher in-house and,and whatnot there so um i'm i'm not,gonna cover,all them i'll cover a couple and kind of,go through the list kind of fast,but first one obviously is accounting if,they're an accountant they're,interested in accounting they uh they,know about money they have an interest,in money it's likely that they,might have some more money so that's one,that you can select,and and side note when you are selecting,these uh you don't necessarily have to,go through and select every single one,that you um,that you can this might be something,good to split test so i mean,you can really select one or or a,handful of them,you want to make sure your audience,doesn't get too specific 15 000 is kind,of small in my opinion i would,i would keep adding them until you have,a larger audience 50 to 100,000 at least for for an audience,so um architecture might be,might be something if they're an,architect or something along that,then they uh they might have some more,money,um banking,i would definitely think someone with,banking would have a little bit more,money,biotechnology and keep in mind this,doesn't mean that they are a banker,it just means that they have like,something on facebook related with,banking so it's not a perfect,you know it's they're not checking the,the job title of the person,it's just checking the interest across,uh facebook platform and in,everything that's connected with them um,maybe bitcoin,depending on the day if it's up or down,uh broker possibly have money budget,i don't know about budget um business,business owners business development,uh car dealership if they're looking at,car dealerships or is there either,a salesman or a dealership owner,i wouldn't go with cash,computer engineering computer,programming computer science those are,high-end jobs um just those ones,selected right now we're already at 250,000,people so again i would go through the,list i'm not going to,go through it because it's going to take,a little while but again just like think,of,think of who would like who would be,interested in this and if they,um if it's something that would,translate over into,possibly being more in tune with,financial,what what have you um then,then that's something i would probably,click on and,uh increase the likelihood that,they um,have a little bit more money in our,higher end higher end buyers,um so that's what we're going to do um,so again i'm not going to go through all,those but,play around with the detail targeting,pick a few of them see watch your,potential reach see what it gets to,and then split test based off of that,the the other thing that you can do,as a little side note is,use the actual ad to target,higher end buyers so when you're running,your ad,use a high-end,luxury photo of a home,make it look like you're a luxury brand,a luxury brand,will bring in more more likely than not,um,luxury buyers so keep that in mind when,you're,branding yourself obviously that's a,whole nother,topic and a whole nother discussion but,part of your brand,will attract the type of client,that you want again it will also attract,other clients and,i mean you shouldn't not work with those,clients but,maybe you can you know refer some out if,it's not necessarily in your price range,but don't,discount um you know facebook ads and,online marketing because you can only,you can't target people by their income,anymore,um that's you know there's workarounds,to that there's other things that you,can do,um including what i just showed you and,also including,referring out leads and you know maybe,even having,if you have a team maybe have some,dedicated,agents that work with people looking,under,x amount two hundred thousand three,hundred thousand a hundred thousand,whatever it is,um have dedicated agents working with,with that,um so and again luxury,you know high-end listing photos are,going to,attract a lot of people but uh,but they will understand that maybe,they're you know,they see a mansion um you'll have,some look you lose but more more than,something else you'll have,people actually looking for that type of,home click on your ads,so that's a few ways that you can target,luxury buyers with a special ed category,and with those limitations and those,stipulations that you have,um in there so if you have any questions,about this video,drop it in the comments below like,comment subscribe,um if you have any questions about the,digital real estate academy and want to,learn more check out the links in the,description, thanks so,much for watching and i'll see you guys,in the next video

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Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents 2023 [STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL]

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents 2023 [STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL]

if you want to generate leads within the,next 24 hours this is the only video,tutorial,you're going to have to watch we're,going to show you step by step,how to generate leads using facebook,with this one creative,strategy now my video last year has been,ranking number one for facebook ads for,real estate agents with over 40 000,views thousands of comments now,but a lot has changed since last year,this by far has been the most requested,video,to show you what's working in 2021 based,on how the facebook interface looks,today so what we're going to do is walk,you through start to finish,click by click exactly how to get an ad,up and running,right now that will give you leads,within the next 24,hours now this exact strategy has helped,thousands of agents in my own database,generate leads very quickly but i want,to say something quickly before we get,started,there are some very unique creative,strategies that generate you the warmest,hottest leads that convert at the,highest rate which is what everybody,wants,if you want to know how to do that just,drop a comment below,because for anybody that comments on my,youtube videos i'm going to give you,access to my brand new free training,that i just released this year,with the strategies that generate the,hottest leads,in 2021 and we've proven it and the,results,are insane with people closing multiple,transactions per month,within the first month or two from,implementing these strategies,so drop a comment below if you do want,to see that free private training,otherwise without further ado let's head,on into my screen,and show you exactly how to do this,step-by-step click by click,facebook ad tutorial all right guys so,it's time to walk through this step by,step from start to finish so that,you can follow along but do exactly that,open up your screen,make sure you follow along so that you,don't miss a beat because if you skip,ahead,you're likely going to make various,mistakes that i hear,everybody making and people reaching out,to me asking,what they should be doing so here's what,we're going to do we're going to go,ahead and create an ad,and this is going to be a lead,generation ad now,you will have seen that if you watch the,previous video that i mentioned,previously that the interface looks a,bit different because facebook is,constantly and annoyingly changing it so,this is what it looks like now it's,going to be the exact same process,but there's a couple little quirks and,nuances so what we're going to do,is we want to generate some freaking,leads so let's do,exactly that so choose your marketing,objective,um as lead generation and we're going to,click continue,so this is now going to pop up now this,is,really important for tracking so i like,to make sure that,you're always naming things properly,using the proper nomenclature so that as,you can see over here whenever you're,looking for a specific,ad campaign you know exactly what it's,about so let's just say that,we're going to do a custom list of homes,under 500k calgary,so this would be an example of what i,would do in my market and then you,in your market what you want to be doing,with this ad is find the,average price that most people can,afford and that's why this works so well,because you're doing a custom list of,homes of the most,popular listings under a certain price,point,that is the average price point that,people would be moving down they would,move moving up,they'd be buying their first property it,would be empty nesters it's very,strategic to use this price point,that almost anybody can afford if,they're looking so,the next thing we have to do is we do,have to use the trusty,old unfortunate special ad category for,housing,now you come down here don't worry about,a b testing,don't worry about cbo or campaign budget,optimization,you simply don't need it right now i,will create other,tutorials showing you about this and it,is in my program,so what we're going to do now is the ad,set name so you'll see that you've,got the campaign level you've got the ad,set level,and you've got the ad level same process,as,years in the past just different,formatting,the exact same process so the ad set is,the targeting that you're going to be,using so what we're going to do here is,we could say,calgary buyers because that's who we're,going to try and attract,we're going to be using the instant,forms which we'll get to in the ad,which is the lead form that pops up,allowing people to auto populate their,information,now you have to choose the correct,facebook page so we will come down here,and i will select,this facebook page now don't worry about,dynamic creative either,so provide creative elements such as,headlines and will automatically,generate combinations for you,you don't need to do this i think a lot,of agents overwhelm themselves,with extra layers of complexity that,aren't necessary in order to generate,leads,exactly what i'm going to show you will,generate you leads within the next 24,hours,the rest of this stuff can be added at a,later date,but before you start overwhelming,yourself with all of these little,campaign budget optimization dynamic,creatives just,ignore it because it's not necessary for,right now,so i do recommend that if you're in not,the most competitive market meaning that,the smaller population then i would,recommend starting at about 10,15 a day if you're in a more competitive,market,or a more popular market in terms of,density of population like toronto,vancouver la,miami anything like that i would,recommend starting at about 20 dollars a,day just because,as everything ad price is starting to,increase over time,now what you want to be doing is,selecting your starting and end date so,i don't like to just let it ride forever,we're going to choose something like,6 a.m tomorrow morning and then make,sure that you select an,end date because i've seen so many,people spend 10 20 30 up to 100,a day and they forget that they have it,set and they didn't set an end date and,now they're just burning money on an ad,that wasn't converting for them,so we'll just select something like a,couple weeks from now,at the same time and it'll show you that,you know you're going to be reaching,about this many people so now it gets to,the creatives,okay so this is the audiences that you,want to be doing,now as you're going to see here when i,select custom audiences i've got a ton,of creative audiences here this is the,stuff that i go through in the training,that i talk to you about,that you can get if you comment below,but for this ad what we're going to be,doing is we just want to generate,leads so we're going to select our,market center,and we're going to have people living in,or recently in this location,there's some creative things you can do,with these ones down here,but we won't get into them in this video,so we will choose our market center,now again as you guys know the special,ad category you do not have the ability,to go,less than a 15 mile radius and you,cannot adjust,the age or gender right you can see here,that if you try to it won't let you,because of the specialized category now,here's a bit of a different thing that,you need to be mindful of,most people say well mike i can't,exclude realtors,i can't even target people that i want,to be targeting on facebook like i used,to be able to,that is okay because even though,facebook eliminated some of the,more creative targeting opportunities,that they previously had,their algorithm has become stronger so,if you're in,canada i typically leave the detailed,targeting completely blank because,facebook's algorithm is so powerful,that it's going to go out and find,people that are interacting with it,and then tailor the ads to more people,who are likely to also interact with it,whereas if you are in the usa in the,states,then you can add some detailed targeting,like zillow or down here,which might inch you slightly closer,to the goal here so this does,unfortunately again with facebook's,little bug take a moment to show up but,you can see that you can choose,um zillow now i wanted to do this,because,i get a number of people saying mike,says ad set might get zero leads i'm,spending 20 bucks a day why would i be,getting zero leads,you're not going to get zero leads this,is facebook's little creative way to get,you to spend more money,on their advertising so i've done this,endless amounts of times before and,it even if it says that you're gonna get,zero leads i have,always gotten leads 100 of the time so,don't worry about this,so you can play around with adding if,you're in the states,zillow and but if you're in,canada leave a blank you're good to go,languages leave a blank again now you,don't want to be using automatic,placements because,it spreads your budget a bit thin so it,says,it's recommended of course because,facebook wants to spend your money,so what we're going to do is we're going,to use the trusty three that are proven,to get the best results which is,excluding all of these and coming down,here and all we want to do,is we want marketplace for facebook,instagram feed,and facebook news feed these three are,proven to get the highest results,and i've tested this with hundreds of,different ad accounts so,you can start with that for optimization,just leave it as well and we will go on,to the ad,now for the ad what we're going to do is,again we can say custom list,of homes and it's time to create,our ad so make sure that both your,facebook page are connected and your,instagram account is connected this is,why it is,necessary to have a business account on,instagram,and now what we're going to do is select,one image a single image,i know a lot of people are trying to use,the carousel because you can show so,many photos,but a single image works best for a call,to action,video works very well for collecting,data,it works very well for brand awareness,it works very well for,nurturing online leads through,retargeting and look-alike audiences,but if you want a cta or a call to,action,you want to be using a single image so,we're going to be selecting,exactly that a single image so we're,going to add media,and we are going to choose a photo of a,property that,looks like the average price point in,our market you don't want to be choosing,a property that if you're in california,it looks like it's from texas if you're,in texas you don't want to be choosing,something that,looks like you know it's from michigan,or new york you want to be choosing,something,that looks exactly like your market,because it should be a property,from your market so the one little,unique thing that i will say,is ideally choose a property,that's slightly higher price than the,price point that you're advertising,you are not saying that this property is,in that custom list,of properties that are under five,hundred thousand dollars it's just,a call to action so if you choose a,property that,looks like it could be but is just,slightly higher for example,this one would might maybe be about 550,000,it's going to peak curiosity a little,bit more and i've seen it get,much better results so now we've got our,image,now for the text you can do something,very simple you can say something like,uh we'll do some sort of emoji,attention calgary and again if you look,at my free training by commenting below,i'll give you the exact copy i'm just,making this up,on a whim here um,properties are flying off the shelf,and i want to make sure you,are the first to see the hottest,new listings,and then you can put another emoji this,is a,free list of the most,popular listings under,500k and then you can do something,like click below click below to get your,free,list boom done,okay very easy um and then for the,headline,put like a property emoji or something,like that and you can just say,most popular,listings under 500k,and then maybe draw a little arrow over,here if we want to go back up to the top,nice little finger point like that now,for the call to action,learn more is always the best,i find that it converts the highest i've,seen this time and time again so i will,always recommend,using that now the last thing is we've,got our instant form so we want to,create a form,for this property so what we're going to,do is we are going to continue,and we are going to name this form,custom list,under 500k we are going to go for more,volume,for the intro we are going to use the,image from the ad,as you can see here for the headline,where would you like us to send,the your custom,list,and then you can again add some sort of,greeting if you would like,now for a proper lead we want to be,doing,email name and we want to be doing,phone number as well so we've got all,the lead information i like name to go,first so you can drag and drop this to,the top,and now for the privacy this is an,interesting one so,privacy link is going to be the text,policy now we want to come to our,website here,if we come to,my website which is the exp realty,website,there's a couple things we want to do,number one we need to get our privacy,policy from our website so,if you come down here your website,should have a privacy policy,so you will select that and you will,paste it in here,and then we've got the last part which,is,the call to action so thank you,click below for your,free list of homes,emoji make spice it up a bit now,let us know if you would like,to book a private viewing,or if you're,looking for something specific,feel free to call text me,at 000.000,or email at,something like that now for the call to,action we are going to put,the view website it will be view,free list of homes,you can add another emoji if you would,like and the link,so what are we going to do for the link,here what we're going to do is we're,going to come back to our website and,we're looking for the most popular,properties in my city,under 500 000 so we're going to select,my city,we are doing single family we are going,to choose a minimum price,of about a hundred thousand dollars less,than what we are advertising and a max,price,of under five hundred thousand dollars,so five hundred thousand,now what you'll see is that when we come,here it is,automatically filtered by popularity,okay so because it's filtered by proper,popularity these are,proven based on the mls data the most,popular properties,under five hundred thousand dollars and,now we are going to,paste this link in here and then click,publish,and there you go so that is exactly how,you create an ad that's going to,generate you leads within the next,24 hours and if you want to know the,strategies that are going to get you the,warmest hottest,highest converting leads just drop a,comment below,and i'll gladly send you the next,opportunity to get into my free training,so,thanks so much for tuning in as always,guys go run those ads get those leads,close more deals,and we will see you in the next video

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