how to sell ebook on shopify

How to sell ebook on shopify 2023hello friends in today's video i'm gonna be  walking through how to

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to sell ebook on shopify 2023

hello friends in today's video i'm gonna be  walking through how to sell ebook on shopify  ,but before getting started this video  make sure to subscribe how to admin it  ,so first of all go to products  and click on add product,and now enter here your ebook title,and now enter here your ebook description scroll  down and now add your ebook media file here,the same way you can add more than  one files and now add here the price  ,and if the product has any  discount then you can add here,you can enable or disable charge tags  on this product i'm going to disable  ,this one and cost per item you can add cost here,and you can add a sql number here or barcode  and this is a physical product so ebook  ,isn't physical product this is  a soft product so you have to  ,must disable this option to sell a ebook  you have to disable this option and  ,if this product has options like size or color  then you can check this option product status  ,select draft for now we will make it active in  future so scroll down and select product type here,for example i'm selecting here  this one and now enter here the  ,finder you can add collection from this  option and now enter here your product tags,and now click on save,so the product has been created now  we need to add an app so click on apps,and open app store and  search here digital download,and open this app digital downloads,and click on add app,install app,okay now go to products,and open your ebook product,and now click on more actions  and here you will find this  ,option and digital attachment through  the app we just installed so click on it,and now all you have to need just we need  to upload the file which one we will provide  ,customer to download so click on upload file  and now you have to select the ebook soft copy  ,but i'm for example i'm going  to uploading this dumb image,so once it's uploaded click on fill  in your shopify admin okay now select  ,product status active and click on save and  you are ready to sell your ebook on shopify  ,if you think to see more shopify videos please  check the links and descriptions if this video  ,helped you give a thumbs up and please consider  subscribe how to one minute thank you for watching

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How to Sell eBooks on Shopify in 5 Steps

How to Sell eBooks on Shopify in 5 Steps

how to sell ebooks on shopify in five,stops before we start i would like to,hit that red subscribe button so that,you never miss out on any of our videos,hey guys what's up welcome back to,e-commerce know-how step one brainstorm,ideas first you'll need ideas for what,you will write about start with the two,primary forms of books fiction fake,nonfiction not fake fiction books,require creativity in a whole lot of,effort start by following writing,prompts and honing your craft in areas,you are interested in seek feedback for,people who aren't afraid to hurt your,feelings and follow others to write,non-fiction books you'll want to do some,research and solve problems you can,choose to be the ultimate resource for a,topic you have expertise in or learn new,crafts to share with the world try and,stick to narrow issues go to reddit to,find small communities whose problems,you solve focus on communities with at,least 100 000 members step 2 create your,shopify store once you've got some good,books you want to create a shopify store,with a shopify 2.0 update your theme is,selected for you still you want to run,through the editor and familiarize,yourself with how to make it unique,you'll wish to custom graphics to help,you stand out compared to the crowd for,logos and designs you can hire,freelancers on fiverr or upwork,otherwise you might teach yourself how,to use canva try and keep it simple to,start with plans to expand down the line,step 3 get the downloadable digital,asset shopify app once your store is,where you want it you'll need a digital,downloads manager to upload your ebooks,shopify doesn't have an inbuilt system,so they have approved apps that you'll,need to install from their app store the,best one on the market is downloadable,digital assets it's the ideal way to,handle your digital files because it's,free version offers 2 gigabytes of,storage because most ebooks are tiny you,won't need to worry about paying for a,while even when you do the monthly,subscription starts at five dollars,downloadable digital assets also include,email templates with great customization,options this feature enables you to,stand out when marketing your digital,books it also gives you protection,features to prevent customers from,sharing downloads with others step 4,list your ebooks once you upload your,books through downloadable digital,assets you can begin to list your,products you'll need to create a new,product listing for each of your books,to do this find out how to add products,to shopify here you can watch the video,tutorial below to learn how to install,the app upload your products and be,ready to sell it's super easy after,adding your products to shopify you can,attach a digital file or ebooks to each,one of your products the free version of,downloadable digital assets allows you,to list one book per product easily you,can upgrade easily if you want to offer,bundle deals multiple attachments to one,product just be sure that the digital,items you release fill out your store,you don't want it to look dull step five,grow your audience once your,downloadable products are listed and,finished your digital content is ready,for sale you need to make people aware,of this offering and grow your audience,to start you can use ppc campaigns on,sites like google or facebook to attract,people looking for your book you might,target people who look for fantasy,novels in fiction for nonfiction focus,on providing your book as a solution to,their questions on google and facebook,you can use this to point people to,direct sales of your book you can,include thank you cards within the,shipment asking them to spread the word,and follow you on facebook people find,small creators pretty charming you can,gain new followers who like your style,from your social media through this,you'll be able to make a post to boost,your sales instead of paying for,advertising using these steps you'll be,able to get some significant potential,for your shopify ebook business this,brings us to the end of our video i hope,you enjoyed it hit like if you did and,don't forget to subscribe to our channel,so that you don't miss any of our videos,in the future also watch the two videos,that are on your screen because i'm sure,you love them without i'll see you in,the next video

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