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Selling Advertising To Small Businesses. Advertising Know How And Advertising Sales hi Claude Whitak

Claude S. Whitacre

Updated on Jan 06,2023

Selling Advertising To Small Businesses. Advertising Know How And Advertising Sales

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Selling Advertising To Small Businesses. Advertising Know How And Advertising Sales

hi Claude Whitaker here I'm an author,I'm a speaker I talked to groups of,business owners and groups of,salespeople so if you're selling,something and your income is determined,by how much you sell it you might want,to listen to this because you might get,something out of it okay I wrote a book,recently called selling local,advertising this is for people that sell,coupon books or they sell magazines or,they sell something where local,businesses are advertising it could be,radio it could be a TV local cable TV,advertising it could be any of those,things well there's a few things out of,this book that I thought I would share,with you the most important part if you,want to know one secret that every ad,rep should know to absolutely guarantee,their sales it's this and I almost never,see this when I see people training,salespeople selling advertising locally,and it's this know how to write and,create profitable advertising and what I,mean by this is make sure that when you,are creating an advertisement for your,client learn how to make that,advertisement pay learn what makes,advertising work what draws people in,the door what causes them to want to buy,I recently talked to an advertising,sales rep and I was speaking to a group,of reps and and I was meeting with a,small group at a table and one of the,first things a guy this guy told me was,he said Claude I was talking to this guy,that was he had a mattress store and he,was complaining that people weren't,coming in to buy mattresses he said they,would come in and look around and they,would leave and he says I told him my,job is just to get him to call you after,that it's up to you it has nothing to do,with how much you sell assessment to do,with what I do and he said what do you,think of that Claude well I guess you,could think of it that way I said but I,don't think the client thinks of it that,way okay and he looked at me like it was,from Mars he said why don't we,talking about he just walked away the,amazing thing is this that is not a,unique reaction think of it this way if,you are a sales rep and you're selling,advertising to a client and you create,an ad for them and the next month you go,back because you're going back for the,next monthly issue or the next you know,the next series of ads and they say oh,I'm so excited,we made a fortune off of that ad for,every dollar we put in the ad we got,back six or seven or eight or ten or,twenty dollars okay,the question I have for you is is how,hard would it you be for you to sell,that next ad it wouldn't be hard at all,in fact you wouldn't have to sell it at,all they would be calling you okay you,know I had I know I had a half a page,how well do you think a full page would,work is what they'd be asking you how,about two pages do you think that this I,can tie this in with radio do you think,that'd be a good idea why because,they're making money you're not selling,advertising you're selling new customers,so you need to figure out how to make,your advertising pay now I'm not talking,about putting the owner of the of the,business putting his poodle in the ad,you know or putting him one in the ad B,just because it'll make him feel better,and then it'll take six months for him,to realize that as advertising isn't,paying I'm not talking about that at all,what i'm talking about is studying,copywriting studied advertising there,are key factors in advertising that,cause advertisements to pay that cause,people to actually come in to buy and,you need to learn what those things are,and then when you're selling advertising,you're not selling advertising what,you're doing is you're selling new,customers and for every time and you,you'll never run into somebody that says,well I can't afford you know I can't,afford these new customers you know what,they're basically saying then is I can't,afford 30 cents to make a dollar is,really what they're saying well that,doesn't make any sense so what you need,to do is figure out a way to make your,advertising pay so that you're creating,a profit for that vendor or a profit for,that,business owner okay no I explained that,and explained an awful lot more in my,book selling local advertising it's on,Amazon hope you read it

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