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How to make money with facebook ads 2016Facebook released a new form of,advertising you see that in

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to make money with facebook ads 2016

Facebook released a new form of,advertising you see that in front of you,this may look like any old Facebook ad,but oh are you wrong you see this right,here it's a sign up this is new the,difference is that when someone clicks,this button their Facebook email address,is instantly yours,listen process that for a second this,means that right from the ad thousands,even millions of people can join your,email list without ever having to come,to a webpage you never have to worry,about making your website Facebook,compliant and the dreaded Facebook ban,the minute they click this button they,are now your email lead and it's a,hundred percent legal you own them for,life but here's the problem this is,where facebook failed listen to this,when someone clicks that signup button,that's where it stops nothing happens,this is nuts Facebook just dumps their,email address into some hidden mystery,file in your account one that took me,five minutes to find they add it to an,excel file and from there you're on your,own,that means multiple times a day you have,to log into your account download the,file and find a way to upload that file,to your autoresponder CRM or webinar,platform not only is this time consuming,and technologically challenging but you,essentially just caught yourself a new,job who would want to do this firstly,most autoresponder don't even allow you,to just upload lists without doing,double opt-in so you end up losing over,50% of your leads to that process,secondly the person who gives you their,email address is statistically proven if,you don't contact them within the hour,they have a tendency to forget about you,it could be hours or even a day before,you upload their email address to your,autoresponder then they'll get a message,to double opt-in,then they'll get your first message,third if you want to register them for a,webinar or push them into your crm,chances are it would have to be done,manually again wasting tons of time how,would this ever work it's just a mess of,in efficiencies a loss of both time and,data and a lot of hard work on top of,that so yes Facebook has built a great,program but it feels almost like they,forgot to finish it this really explains,why more people are not using it and,even know about it in a nutshell,Facebook has legally developed a method,that enables you to pull out their users,as many as you want,hi my name is Fred Lam and on behalf of,my partner's Jimmy Kim and onyx Engel I,want to share with you a way you can,automate this entire process I want to,give you a way that you can quickly and,easily start building your very own,profitable email list using Facebook,within minutes,we've developed a software that finishes,what Facebook forgot to finish it takes,all the grunt work out and automates the,entire process I'm proud to introduce,you to leads tunnel a simple to use,cloud-based tool that directly connect,you with facebook leads and connects you,to over 20 different autoresponders CRM,and webinar platforms and the best part,we don't store any of your data and we,allow you to opt in your data to,multiple platforms at once this means,you can get people to register for your,webinar and put them into your,autoresponder directly from Facebook and,because we don't store your data your,data is 100% secure and your data is,only your data you can rest assured of,that all right let's talk about how you,can use these tunnel and Facebook to,build your list the minute that someone,sees your Facebook ad and clicks sign up,they are automatically and instantly,sent to one or multiple,autoresponders CRMs and webinar,platforms of your choice they are,instantly subscribed to your email list,and they will get an email from you you,can immediately begin to build a,profitable relationship with your new,subscriber leased tunnel is a hundred,percent cloud closed for you nothing to,install just a few buttons to click and,you're ready to go here let me show you,this really neat just a few taps and bam,you're getting leads let me show you,exactly how leads tunnel works before we,begin I'm going to time myself and show,you how fast you can actually create,your first campaign and start building,an email list off of Facebook so let's,start it right now,all right I'm just going to go to my,Facebook account and create a new lead,ad campaign go after lead generation I'm,going to call this the leads tunnel demo,create a new asset demo create a new ad,demo and press create so once this has,been created I'm going to go straight,into going after my targeting so here I,have to first choose my Facebook page,and then I would have to find my,targeting so I'm just going to after the,United States people that are 35 plus,English all and I'm in this case,scenario I'm actually going to go after,onyx and golf the reason why I'm going,after onyx and goal is because E is a,very well known email list builder and,he teaches about list building so in,this case our software is absolutely,best for anyone that is interested in,onyx and golf all I have to do is go,safe and now go under the ads level and,the ads level here's where we actually,create our first lead ads so this I'm,going to go new email list building,strategy,start building your email list through,Facebook without using a single landing,page tap here to see our software in,action headline I'm going to put new,email list building strategy here I'm,going to put tap here to see our,software in action now all I have to do,is scroll down select an image and then,making sure that I select the lead form,and now all I have to do is just click,review changes to upload my first lead,ad within Facebook now let's log into,leads tunnel and actually create the,synchronisation this is a demo account,so we're just going to go straight in,and actually create and synchronize our,campaign we're going to connect to,Facebook first and now what's happening,is that our software is speaking,directly to Facebook to gather all the,data within your Facebook account so,your Facebook page information and your,leads information so there's a lot of,ping-pong right now going back and forth,to gather all those information for you,so just take a couple more minutes and,the synchronization will be completed so,once it's completed it'll say,integration with your name complete it,now we just have to add in a new,autoresponder in this case we're just,going to go after send lane and then I'm,just going to copy the API key into here,the hash key into here and the sub,domain so here I'm just going to put,leads tunnel,and I'm going to go after leads tunnel,settling here we go alright and safe so,now we've actually synchronized with sin,lane so now all you have to do is under,campaign add a new campaign and I'm just,going to call this leads tunnel demo and,I'm going to choose a Facebook page,which is the one that we have our leads,in and go up your leads tunnel launch,and choose send lane in the drop down,menu here and the autoresponder list so,I'm going to go after leads tunnel early,bird access all I have to do now is,click safe and the campaign is being,created so what happens right now is,that all the fleet's inside the forum is,now added into sin Lane so that's it,let's see how long it took us so it,basically took us less than four minutes,to actually create your first lead ad,that's it four minutes we're actually,going to let the ad run overnight and,see how many leads we can mined out of,Facebook by tomorrow we'll check this,tomorrow morning and see what it's done,now keep in mind one thing you only need,to set up the campaign once when a user,click on your facebook lead ad and,subscribe to your list this will,automatically update when it updates it,will automatically synchronize to your,autoresponder within seconds that means,your prospect will immediately get your,first email in their inbox now let's,wait until tomorrow morning and see how,this campaign does alright it's been 24,hours so let's head back into our least,tunnel account and see how many leads we,were able to mine out of Facebook whoa,look at this in the course of 24 hours,we were able to get over 200 new leads,into our autoresponder again this was,all done without any landing page or,anything technical at all it's just a,simple ad I ran inside Facebook and my,quality list is building now let's log,in to sin lane to see if all our leads,are actually added,into San lien now the number inside San,lien should match identically with Lee's,tunnel so as you see right here,211 subscribers now we've also created,an email that goes out immediately when,someone signs up through our lead ad,inside Facebook now we take a look at,this we have well over thirty percent,open rate now this is way higher than,industry average industry average is,around ten percent we are able to do,thirty percent open rate now keep in,mind also one thing these people have,just saw at inside Facebook they tap and,subscribed it so they haven't even had a,chance to look at their emails yet so,over the course of make several hours,this number will dramatically increase,as you just witnessed leads tunnel is a,next-generation technology that puts the,power of Facebook and list building,right at your fingertips,heck you can even start selling your,high ticket programs using webinars,directly up a Facebook remember you,don't need to worry about any compliance,issues you have no landing page and,hence you can stop waking up every,morning in sweat about whether,Facebook's shut down your account or not,using leads tunnel you can now a hundred,percent automate building your list,using this new form of advertising on,Facebook it's as easy as one two three,step one create a Facebook ad step two,lead,clicks on the ad step three lead tunnels,automatically adds the lead to your,autoresponder or webinar software and,now you can promote any product or,events you want in any niche for life so,along with your exclusive lifetime,account with leads tunnel you're going,to get two amazing fast action bonuses,for taking action today bonus number one,Facebook lead a strategy valued at two,hundred and ninety seven dollars this is,the most advanced level Facebook,training you'll ever see,listen I've invest over ten million,dollars in buying traffic online,Facebook is one of my number one sources,I will walk you through all the details,and most advanced ways of setting up a,profitable leads at from day one it's,literally like receiving a Facebook,masters degree and today it's your for,free I'm not done yet,you also get bonus number two thirty,days free send Lane account valued at,$69 send Lane is the number one best,autoresponder service for email and,affiliate marketers sailing directly,connects into leads tunnel so whether,you're already have an email list or are,just starting one we have you covered,you'll get an account on the house for,free so that's to a hundred percent free,bonuses worth over three hundred and,sixty six dollars all for just grabbing,your account with leads tunnel so now,the only question left to answer what is,least on Oakland and cost you well give,me thirty seconds and I'm about to shock,you trust me you would never expect what,I'm about to tell you see leads tunnel,cost me $20,000 to create we had three,programmers working away for months not,only coding the technology but,integrating it with every Spader API we,could find when everything was done it,was clearly told to us that we should,price Lee's tunnel at 497,not a penny less but not for now during,the special launch period we are doing,an insane special discount on the,release actually we're giving you a 92%,discount all because we want to have a,very special release into the market we,want everyone to be using leads tunnel,and don't want the price to be an,obstacle at all so today you get your,lifetime membership into Lee's tunnel,and our,366 dollars and free bonuses all for,just one single payment of just $37 you,hurt me right just 37 dollars many have,called us insane for doing this but,again like I said we want everyone to,finally start getting use of Facebook's,new at type there's no reason you,shouldn't be stuffing thousands of high,quality leads to your autoresponder but,also remember this is just our,introductory price within the next few,days we will raise the price back to a,minimum of $97 or even to 497 we're only,offering these tunnel at this low,introductory price as our way of,releasing least tunnel to the public,this is only for now so make sure you,get your copy right away you get a,lifetime account with leads tunnel plus,three hundred and sixty six dollars,worth for free bonuses all for a small,tiny investment of just $37 just click,the big button below this video and,let's get started the entire leased,tunnel team is waiting to start helping,you build your email list using facebook,lead ads click the big button below this,video and I'll see you inside

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Facebook Business Page - 15 optimization tips

Facebook Business Page - 15 optimization tips

so you've created a facebook business,page for your local business and you're,very happy with yourself a week goes by,two weeks and nothing not one like and,your only followers are your friends and,your mum bless her in this video I'm,going to go through 15 powerful tips you,can start implementing today to optimize,your facebook business page so you can,maximize your chances of being found,amongst the millions of other pages out,there by new visitors which you can turn,into customers I'm leader and the,founder of ranking Academy COO UK the,place where small businesses turn to for,better online visibility more traffic to,their websites and more customers to,their stores and before I forget why,don't you subscribe to my channel and,give me a thumbs up as it will help me,create more tutorials for you this video,is for those of you who already have,created a facebook business page but are,not quite sure how to make the most of,it,if you haven't created a page for your,business yet check out my tutorial how,to create a facebook business page,step-by-step instruction first so,without further ado let's start with tip,number one add the right profile picture,add a profile picture that reflects your,brand very often this will be your logo,this picture is probably the most,important one as it will be displayed on,all your posts in facebook search,results and when someone shares your,post on their own timeline,make sure the picture is a 180 pixels by,180 pixels square and is still readable,when reduced to 40 pixels which is the,size it will be in a newsfeed tip number,two add a cover photo you never get a,second chance to make a great first,impression and that's what you should,use your cover photo for since it's the,biggest image on your page and the most,impactful at 820 pixels by 312 pixels,your cover photo is by far the largest,image of your page and the best,opportunity to showcase your business,think about changing it regularly so it,matches with trends season,news that are happening in your business,better still use a video if you can as,it will grab the attention of your,visitors straight away and make it more,engaging have a look at this example for,instance from Mary Smith the video,should be between 20 to 90 seconds long,and at least eight hundred and twenty by,three hundred and twelve pixels but it,is recommended to go for eight hundred,and twenty by four hundred and sixty two,pixels tip number three other short,description to your page this,description is found under the About,section of your page use it to describe,who you are and what you do in 255,characters which is the maximum allowed,it is very important to use relevant,keywords in your short description so,your Facebook page appears in Facebook,search results for your chosen keywords,tip number four add a long description,to your page the long description is,also located under the About section,just below the story headline as you can,see mine's got a few paragraphs here and,if you click on see more it will expand,it to its full glory now use this,description to describe your business in,more depth and include services and,maybe additional information such as,social media links and repeat your,address and phone number,this section is limited to ten thousand,characters which is huge and gives you,plenty of space to put all sorts of info,in there tip number five add a,description to your cover photo,this one is ignored or forgotten by many,businesses but is yet another,opportunity to add more copy and more,relevant keywords in relation to your,business simply click on the copy photo,tool and click on the add a description,link add your description in there where,you can add a link or whatever else you,want you can also tag yourself and add,your location if,you want to when you upload a new cover,photo it creates a post in your newsfeed,which is shown to your network and will,include the description tip number six,add a link to your website this doesn't,need much of an explanation really your,Facebook page is a great opportunity to,also promote your website and in order,to do that you can add a link to your,website directly from your Facebook page,go to the About section scroll down go,to the additional contact details,section there's a link here that says,enter a website simply enter your,website here and click Save you now have,your website here and if you click on it,it's gonna take you to your website do,not forget to link back directly from,your website to your Facebook page like,I did here tip number seven select the,right business category when you create,a business page make sure you select the,right business category there is no need,to add 10 business categories since,Facebook will only keep the most,specific one you want to choose the most,relevant category for which you want,your business to be found for so in this,instance I've selected a local business,and in a page category if I've got a,coffee shop I'm only gonna select coffee,shop tip number eight create a customer,URL or vanity URL when you create a,business page for the first time,Facebook will automatically generate a,URL for that page made of random numbers,which is not very useful this is not,practical if you want to advertise your,page and you need something a lot more,customer friendly which would look like,the one that I've got right here this is,what is called a vanity URL click on the,create a page username link under the,profile picture and create your desired,URL you will need at least 25 likes,before you can do this be very careful,when you do it because you can only do,it once tip number 9 add a call to,action button to your page this is your,opportunity to convert your visitors,into leads or fool on,summers by simply adding a,call-to-action button right at the top,of your page in blue they are currently,five main categories to choose from,ranging across 14 different options,choose the one that is the most suitable,for your business so let's pick one I'm,gonna choose the get InTouch button and,call now and add my phone number right,here now I have the ability to be called,directly from my Facebook page tip,number 10 add page tabs to promote your,products or services if your local,business you will either sell products,or offer services if you are interested,in finding out how to add a product tab,to your page or set up a shop check my,video how to add a shop to your business,page or if you're interested in how to,add a service tab then check the how to,add a service tab tutorial I'm not gonna,go through this now because it would,take too long but both options are,available on the left hand side as you,can see here,tip number 11 pin your most important,posts not all posts are created equal,and while it is okay to post,light-hearted articles or videos on your,page you always want to give the best,impression to visitors you come for the,first time choose what you feel are the,most important posts from your feed and,pin them right at the top of your page,which should send the right message,select the post you want to pin and,click on the three dots at the top of,the post and simply select the pin to,top of the page that should bring your,post right at the top of your Facebook,page tip number 12 start posting videos,according to a study conducted by Cisco,who is the worldwide leader in IT and,networking videos will account for a,staggering 80% of global Internet,traffic so I'm to get that camera out,and start shooting some videos to engage,with your audience,tip number 13 create video playlists you,may think they should be part of tip,number 12 but I think it needs to sit,separately the reason being is because,creating playlists for your videos gives,you yet another opportunity to add,more content through descriptions titles,etc and also organize your content very,nicely so let me show you how it's done,from your home page click on videos then,click on the pencil here which will open,the option to add a new playlist or,click on add playlist so here you have,the opportunity to add some content in,the form of a title and a description,here is my title and my description ok,click on next and then you can start,selecting the videos you want to be part,of your playlist click on next you,should then see a recap of the videos,you've selected and then click on create,playlist and that's it you now have your,very first playlist,tip number 14 unable reviews nowadays,everybody makes informed choices based,on reviews people will check your,reputation online before they make a,decision to do business with you as a,business it's important to build,credibility and that goes through,collecting positive reviews online so,let me show you how to do that obviously,on my page I've already unable this so,I'm gonna use another page so I can,demonstrate that to you,simply go on your page and go into your,settings then choose edit page scroll,down and click on add a tab select,reviews and add a review tab close and,go back to your page and you now have,the review option enabled tip number 15,measure your performance as you are,taking the time to optimize your,Facebook page make sure you spend a,little bit of time analyzing your,results to see if whatever you are doing,is working this is very simple on your,page click on the insight options right,at the top and that will give you access,to all sorts of data which will help you,understand what's going on with your,page pay particular attention to user,engagement and reach since these are,great indicators of how popular your,page is becoming that's it,15 simple tips for you to consider if,you want your Facebook business page to,get the attention it deserves more,visitors and more customers it may seem,like a lot of work but trust me it is,well worth it now it's up to you start,implementing all these tips one by one,and watch those visitors coming through,as always and let me know how you get on,in the comments below and don't forget,to subscribe to my channel I'll see you,very soon,bye for now,you

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