how to see the ads that are running on facebook

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Check Facebook Ads Running or Not

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how to see the ads that are running on facebook catalogs

Running Ads Fixes Views On Facebook Shops?

Running Ads Fixes Views On Facebook Shops?

does running facebook ads on your shop,actually fix the view problem on,facebook shops,how's it going guys and welcome back to,the channel welcome back to another,video if you're new here my name is kyle,we go over everything related to,facebook marketplace and facebook shops,drop shipping so if that's something,you're interested in definitely,subscribe to the channel and turn on,post notifications so you guys don't,miss out on a single upload as you saw,by the title of this video we're going,to be talking about running facebook ads,on shop side of things is something that,we don't talk about much and it's,something that we've been getting a lot,of questions around so i definitely want,to address you know any myths that have,to do with running ads on on facebook,shops and some people just might not,know about it at all so i just want to,go through a full overview of running,ads to your facebook shop before i go,over that we do have a subscription,website that's 20 a month or 180 for a,year plan and it has things like,community group chats it also has,monthly courses inside of there and then,on top of that we also have one-on-one,zoom calls where you can book a zoom,call come and talk to us ask us any,questions you want and then we also have,live q and a's every other monday inside,of there and we will probably be,changing the pricing structure to that,very soon where it's just kind of a,one-time fee to enter and you're just,you're kind of in for like a lifetime,instead of the monthly reoccurring,subscription so if you still want to,join for only 20 a month then definitely,now is the time to do so but let's get,into the video so as most of you guys,probably know we used to run ads on,facebook marketplace and this is,something that worked extremely well and,again i think this is why so many people,ask about running ads on shops is,because on marketplace it works so well,so just to give you a little bit of,background i mean we started back in,shopify and the reason i bring this up,is when you're when you're starting in,shopify and drop shipping from there a,huge part or if you want to take this,route you can run facebook ads and,obviously if we're talking you know,seven eight nine years ago these perform,very well and they're very cheap and now,trying to run facebook ads they're very,very expensive and it's a reason why me,and hunter couldn't kind of you know get,a good roi back when we were running ads,and be profitable drop shipping on,shopify because obviously you know you,have your product you have your margin,but you can't spend more on advertising,than you actually profit from that,margin on the day obviously then you're,running negative so that was kind of the,ongoing battle that you have to face,when you're when you're shopify drop,shipping so we already knew that,facebook ads are extremely expensive so,we were a little hesitant to do,advertising you know when it was on the,marketplace and said boost listing but,we tried it anyway because again we try,to test everything so we tested boosting,the listing on marketplace and it was so,cheap to do and the reach was amazing,and the results were amazing so of,course we continued to run with it and,we basically had an ad running ever,since then when we realized it was great,and then we got onto facebook shops we,started selling on there a little bit,and we noticed that there was a spot,where you can see it says ads and then,it goes to dynamic ads so we were,playing around with that a little bit to,see if it's kind of the same thing as,boosting and listing a marketplace but,it turns out ads on shops are just how,you know when we ran ads trying to do,the shopify drop shipping so as you can,probably guess now it's extremely,expensive and the results just aren't,good that's why we kind of we figured,out that it wasn't worth it pretty,quickly because we had experience in,that lane so you know it wasn't like we,tested it for a while we we did it a,couple times and we just noticed like,the reach was terrible compared to the,ads we were running a marketplace at the,same time because this is when we were,on both so we could easily you know,compare the two and just tell like we'll,spend you know 20 dollars for maybe like,a thousand or two thousand people,reached but you go spend twenty dollars,on boosting a listing on marketplace and,you can reach twenty thousand thirty,thousand forty thousand depending on the,niche you know everything varies if it's,not a very competitive niche you're in,you can get a higher reach if it is then,obviously a lower reach but no matter,what boosting a listing on marketplace,was performing 10 times better in,reaching so many more people than these,dynamic ads and so a lot of people also,ask you know because that was a thing as,well spending money with facebook,facebook likes to reward you so it was,will you get your shop fixed if you're,spending money on advertising through,your shop and again we tried that out,the answer is no they it just i would,stay away from dynamic ads completely,it's not going to help get views back to,your shop that's obviously an algorithm,problem that they're dealing with right,now and eventually that will come back,and then on top of that they're just way,too expensive and it's just not worth it,you know there's there's billion dollar,multi-million dollar companies out there,that are running advertisements on,facebook and have a way higher budget,than us that that are kind of filling up,that space and just made it super super,expensive so i'm not saying it's,completely impossible to run facebook,ads and other niches and things like,that because obviously you know you have,to really know what you're doing and,there's still people out there that do,it but just for the most part i would,try to stay away from dynamic ads for,the most of us you know it's not like,we're experts in facebook ads and again,if you are then absolutely if you know,what you're doing but again for the most,of us it's just not worth it so i,definitely do not recommend dynamic ads,on facebook shops i hope this video was,helpful if it was leave a like and i'll,see you guys in the next video,bye

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