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How To View Any Active Ads Of An Instagram Account (2022) hello and welcome to this video when,we're

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To View Any Active Ads Of An Instagram Account (2022)

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How To View Any Active Ads Of An Instagram Account (2022)

hello and welcome to this video when,we're thinking of ad content for,ourselves as a business account,we really want to make sure that we are,targeting,a the right people and b we're reaching,them using content that they're,actually going to want to be engaging,with now i could go on forever about the,right kind of,ads that you need to be running on,instagram and facebook,but this video today is about showing,you a,shortcut way of cutting through that,market,research finding something that works,really quickly,and being able to utilize that for you,on your own,page now the way that we're going to be,doing this,is by seeing somebody else who's already,doing,really well in your own niche and,modeling what it is that they are doing,now the first question really is how do,we know,what a successful page is doing on their,ads front because,unless you're seeing their ads show up,in your news feed,it may be nearly impossible to know how,they're advertising themselves,but not any longer i want to show you,exactly how you can see,how your competitors are running ads on,facebook and instagram,and be able to model those successful,ones for yourself,and the way that we do this is by going,to a page in a specific niche,now for this example i'm going to be,pretending that i,am in the fitness or the health niche,there is a page here called remy now,raymie,is a fitness blogger she is a foodie and,a health,expert in the field and i often see a,lot of her content show up in my own,personal,instagram page that's why i have chosen,to use her as the example today,now as you can see on her page she's got,this program,called homebodies right here on the,highlights,which seems to be a subscription-based,fitness,class now let's just pretend that we are,also in the health and fitness,niche and we're looking to promote some,of our own content,and raymie here's ads are reaching the,exact same people that we are wanting to,be reaching,we're going to go up to her page and,click the three dots on the top right,hand side,and then we're going to click about this,account right there in the middle,now when we get to this page you'll see,a lot of cool information here as well,like when they joined where they're,based any form or user names that they,may have had in the past etc etc,but the thing i'm wanting to show you is,down here at the bottom where it says,active ads it says see remy's ads in the,facebook ad library,if i click that it's going to open up,all the current promotions that this,person is,running on facebook so as you can see,here it says that the,ads launched in august 2021 which is,when i am recording this video,some of these things here they do need,to verify your age to show you the,content so they're not giving me a,preview but if i scroll down far enough,here we go here's one right here it said,that this active ad,started running on august 2nd it's given,you the id,it's showing you where it is being,promoted and what the ad itself,looks like it also says that you can see,add details here,and when you scroll down you get a,little more information about this,person's profile,and how they have set up their own ad,now,let's say that this ad is creating a ton,of traffic for raymie on her page,we can go ahead view this video here see,how it is that she's phrasing her,content,how she's marketing to people and go,ahead and create,our own version of this ad and set up,the ad specs,the exact same way so go through a few,of your favorite pages,and see if you can see what kind of,content they're promoting,on instagram through the facebook ads,campaign,and you'll be able to model some of the,best content and have,all of that market research done by,someone who is already doing really well,in your,niche so i hope this video was super,helpful for you today if it was please,give me a thumbs up,and don't forget to subscribe so that,you never miss a new video from us

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