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How To Find Competitor's Facebook Adshow to find your competitors facebook,ads well that's easy just


Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Find Competitor's Facebook Ads

how to find your competitors facebook,ads well that's easy just keep watching,hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel my name is ennis and i'm working,for you and as always start the video if,you have any questions or any video,requests make sure to drop them below or,just check out my instagram in the,description box i do reply to each,comment on also each message on my,instagram because as i said i'm working,for you and today i will be showing you,how to find your dropshipping,competition facebook ads because,discovering and analyzing your,competition on drop shipping is really a,critical step in your success because if,you do that you might miss out on some,products and also some cool ideas about,design for the shopify store and also,for the creatives for the ad set and so,on so the point here you should always,analyze and discover your competition in,dropshipping or any market because your,competition might be in the market for,so long so they may have discovered tons,of things that you didn't discover yet,so spying in them is always a good idea,and you must do it before you even start,but finding ad set for your competitors,sometimes it might not be easy some,people might recommend using some,expensive tools to find this ad set and,so on some people they may even offer,services to find this ad set but one,thing that you are missing well they all,use the same trick and that's exactly,what i'm going to show you in this video,i will show you a unique and easy trick,to find the ad set for any competitors,on your drop shipping journey and we,will not use any tools or anything like,that the only thing we will use is,google chrome browser and google search,engine and also facebook platform,obviously so without any more talking,let's get to it so you might notice that,i'm accessing right now google search,engine well because i will use it to,find competition for a specific product,and i will do demonstration on one of,those computation to find the ad set for,it on facebook and also this trick i did,share it before on my channel and i,really love this trick because it did me,so many favors and without this trick i,wouldn't able to have some success in,dropshipping because simply i do find,something that people don't and that's,the key in everything online so we'll,use the google search engine as i said,to find some drop shipping capacitors,and we will do demonstration on one of,them and this rake works on any niche on,any drop shipping product whatever if,you are working with shoes or hiking or,smartphone cases or whatever the case is,this will work for you absolutely so the,first thing i'm going to do is obviously,access google search engine just like,you see right now and after that i'm,going to type in in the search bar in,text two dots and two quotation marks,and between the two quotation marks,powered,by shopify,and if you are one of my subscribers on,my channel you probably seen this week,before and you might wondering why i'm,using it again well because i really,love this trick and it's awesome and if,you did discover the full power of it,you will love it and you will use it,every day so after you did typing in,text two dots to the two quotation marks,in between them powered by shopify hit,space and type in again in text two dots,and two quotation marks and make sure,you guys include space between each one,of those otherwise it will not work and,also i will put this in the description,box so you guys get it right and between,the second quotation marks you will type,in the keyword that's related to your,niche in this case i'm going to go for a,product that saw a friend of mine really,doing well with it and also selling,plenty of products each day which is,galaxy projector and you've probably,seen this before,but it's really good product so after,you type in the keyword in between the,two quotation marks simply hit enter and,as i said i will put this in the,description box so no worries just,scroll down description and you will see,the fold command here and as i said make,sure you guys include space between each,one of those otherwise it will not work,and you will ask me why it's not working,because i've seen that before,so let's just scroll down to pick a,product from here yeah this is the,product that's uh it has the similar,color and also it reflects on the,rooftop it shows the like the galaxy,image on the rooftop and it's also,moving i believe and this is really good,product because i said a friend of mine,is really doing well with this product,so let's just go for this one for,example it's a 59,let's just go for this one,and by the way if you are wondering or,the first time you seen this trick why i,did type in powered by shopify well,because every shopify store has at the,bottom of it,powered by shopify right here as you can,see so right now we know this is a,shopify store and by the product which,is the galaxy projector this is a drop,shipping product and it's really obvious,so as you can see this is the product,right here and right now we want to,discover the ad set for this particular,product because if we did go simply to,facebook ad library and we did search,for galaxy projector well you will get,tons of ad set and you will not know,which one of those is the this for this,actual product because the objective,here is finding the ad set for your,competitors in this case this is our,competitors which is break plus fox i,guess so we want to know this actual ad,set for this particular product which is,cost 19,which is cost sorry 59 bucks so to do,that the first thing you're going to do,is spy on the page what you need to do,is simply look for an icon for social,media whatever it's facebook or,instagram or whatever it is once you did,find an icon let's just scroll down i,don't see it here just check the menu no,it's not here just about to just check,the about page maybe it's,on the about page maybe,no there is nothing here oh here it is,as you can see,i miss it when i check the powered by,shopify and here it is as you can see,the icon for facebook on also instagram,and that's exactly what we need so just,spy on the page check out the old links,here if you can find it anywhere if you,don't just scroll down at the bottom,page and you will see it just like i did,find it here so let's just access the,facebook page for it simply click on it,and here is the facebook page for it and,also if you are not signing to facebook,platform make sure to do sign up because,sometimes it will not let you check the,page if you did not sign up to an,account on facebook so after you did,access the page on, uh there is the link as i,said there is the link for the store so,after you did access the facebook page,the first thing you're going to do is,simply scroll down until you see this,section right here it says page,transparency right here and simply click,on see all and give it a moment it will,show a bunch of information here as you,can see the name the name change when,exactly they change the name for the,page and so on,previously it was called save and trend,as you can see so save and trend is,obviously a drop shipping store here,so let's just scroll down the countries,where they manage their page which is,canada two persons the number two stands,for two persons but two persons are both,from canada and here is the section that,we need just like you see right now it,says here,ads from this page it says here this,page is currently running ads so we know,right now this page is actually running,as for this particular product let's,just get back,to the galaxy projector right here,so we know right now they are they are,running ads for this particular product,and they are selling it oops it says,here this this page,has run ads about social issues and,election and politics or that's not good,do not do that that's not good so as you,can see uh,at the bottom of it there is the button,here it says go to add library simply,click on it and it will open up a new,tab and obviously to,a facebook ad library and here is the,page here as you can see and here is the,ad set for it just like you see right,now,and it's active as you can see the,assets start running on december 7,and right now it's 18 as you can see,it's 18 december so it's more than 10,days and the ad set is still running so,his me is probably making some says,that's why he is still running uh,testing out product does not go beyond,one week if you have a big budget 10,days you probably did make some sales so,you are skating or something like that,and also the second one and second one,sorry in,the 7th december and also the other one,7 december as well and this is not,actually our my competitor i'm just use,it this way to find competition for,a particular product to do demonstration,on it on the search engine as i said,make sure to use the,a particular product in between the,second quotation marks so you would get,in the results only the shopify store,that's actually selling the product that,you are selling as well so that's how,you find your drop shipping competitors,facebook ads easily without using any,tools or anything like that and as i,said the comments that i did use decided,to find competitors for the trick on,google search engine i will put the,comments in the description box just,scroll down description box and copy,them and make sure to replace the,product with the product they are,working on otherwise i think my job is,done i hope this video helped you out if,it does help me out pressing the like,button and as i said if you guys have,any questions or any video requests you,can find my instagram in the description,box and thanks for watching and catch,you very soon

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Target Your COMPETITOR'S AUDIENCE on Facebook With THIS Simple Trick!

Target Your COMPETITOR'S AUDIENCE on Facebook With THIS Simple Trick!

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to show you,how you can work out who your,competitors are targeting on facebook,and then how you can then target their,audience how you can target your,competitors audience with your facebook,and instagram ad campaigns now this is,something that a lot of facebook,advertisers want to be able to do,particularly if they know that their,competitors are having success with,their facebook instagram ad campaigns,they think well i offer a similar,product or service i want to know who,they are advertising to who they are,targeting i want to be able to target,the same people and i've got a very,simple trick that works very well for,working out who your competitors are,targeting and you can then replicate it,and target uh the same audience and,hopefully see great success with your,facebook ad campaigns as a result before,we're gonna exactly actually very,quickly ask you to smash that like,button and of course subscribe to my,channel if you are new i release,facebook advertising related content all,the time if that's what you're into,that's something that's important to,your business and your career i strongly,recommend you go ahead and subscribe,okay,so,the method i'm going to use is something,that facebook provides,something that you may not have heard,talked about before it's not something,that people talk about very often,something that we use and is very,effective it's not completely foolproof,there's no way from my experience to 100,know,which,target audience is every single one of,your competitors or any company is using,at any one time there's no sort of 100,this is guaranteed i can know that,company who they're targeting but this,works really really well particularly if,you're,entrenched in your target market and,i'll explain what that means in a minute,but here i've got an example add up i,was on facebook earlier and i've,actually prepared a number of these to,help demonstrate how this works but i've,got an example ad this is an ad from,johnny's sister,i don't know i've never heard that,business before but they sell a range of,personalized dog bones okay,now,if whenever you see an ad on on facebook,you click on these three little dots up,at the top and then there's a section,here called why am i seeing this ad and,if you select this,you will see the facebook is,telling you,why you're seeing these at this ad,and from that information you can work,out,who,this business is targeting,because that's how they've ended up,advertising to you so for example you're,seeing this ad because your information,matches johnny's sister's advertising,requests okay there could be more,factors not listed here johnny's sister,is trying to reach people facebook,things are interested in pets,then they're going to give some other,information johnny sister trying to get,people 18 or older which i obviously am,johnny sister is trying to reach people,whose primary location is united kingdom,which again is,true for me,so,from this we know,that johnny's sister the advertiser,they are,targeting,people interested in pets with this ad,campaign okay so imagine that johnny,says is not a business that i've never,heard of imagine that's one of your,competitors that's advertising to you,you could use this and find out okay,they're targeting the interest pack the,interest pets,now you may have already worked out but,for this method to work,your competitors need to be targeting,you you need to see their ads in order,for this for you to be able to see what,it is that they're targeting,and i mean you may already have this,experience i know that i certainly do,and most people on the platform will,you get targeted with your competitors,ads all the time because facebook is,classifying you as interested in in,those things because that's what you're,doing on the platform that's what you're,advertising yourself that's what you're,interacting with perhaps you're members,of facebook groups who have your own,facebook group so facebook knows that,you're interested in this category i get,ads for other facebook advertising,digital marketing things like that all,the time,because i'm active in that space so,i often see my ads my competitors you,most likely often see your ad speak,competitors if you don't spend some time,reading articles watching videos in,facebook groups around your industry,which was talking about being entrenched,in your industry and you will see ads,pop up for your competitors so there's,so there's one example i've got i've got,a bunch more because i think there's,some other things to this that are,really interesting so we know that if i,was selling for example uh pet related,products dog related products okay this,company they are targeting people,interested in pets in the uk fantastic,that's that's really good to know by the,way a bunch of these examples are pet,related stuff i have a dog i research,dog great stuff all the time so,facebook's you know you're not just,going to see your competitors you're,going to see a whole bunch but if you,spend 20 minutes scrolling through your,facebook news feeds you're going to see,50 different ads,you will find some of your competitors i,guarantee it provided again and say,you're interested you show that you're,interested in that stuff okay so there's,one next one again another dog-related,one so this is spirit dog training okay,click on these three little dots why am,i seeing this ad imagine this is a,competitor of mine okay who are they,targeting,um spirit dog training is trying to,reach people facebook thinks are,interested in docs so they're using the,dogs interest targeting option at the ad,set level of at least one of their,campaigns okay really good to know,let's go on to the next one,fido pro um let me go to that,notification um again this is,uh something to do with dogs,being injured on hiking again it's a dog,related thing facebook knows i'm,interested in that click on the three,little dots why am i seeing this and,okay so,um,findo pro is trying to reach people,facebook thinks they're interested in,pets so they're using the pets interest,targeting option they're also using the,dog walking interest targeting option,and they say and more so okay so there's,a third one they've got if you click,through to add more so they are,targeting in in the ad set that showed,me this ad,fido pro is targeting people interested,in pets and dog walking and dog harness,those are the um,options that they're targeting isn't,this just amazing information if these,were your competitors and you were,selling things in dog space you'd be,like okay i can try out these targeting,options i can see how they perform now,one of the things that i would encourage,you to do and i'm gonna take a little,detour for a second is you click down,here review all your interest so this is,what facebook has categorized your,interests as based on your activity on,the platform based on your activity,online all that sort of stuff and i've,actually already prepared this in a new,tab so here you can see my interest,category so these are things that,facebook um thinks i'm interested in and,that i'm going to be served ads based on,those interests um and we'll take a look,at a couple examples some things i want,to want to highlight here that i think,are very important so top one is amy,porterfield that makes complete sense,that's someone that i know that produces,content in the digital marketing space,produces a lot of stuff around creating,online courses that's obviously related,to what i do social media examiner,produce tons of social media marketing,related material i've written for them,on their blog i've appeared on their,podcast i've done live trainings for,their uh membership program,and so that's like two obviously work,related ones i've also got dog harness,dogs physical exercise if i click on see,all interest liberty university i don't,know what that is uh dog walking website,builders online advertising copywriting,association,football soccer business natural product,john loomer that's a an obvious one um,john loomers someone for those who don't,know who creates a lot of facebook,advertising with content viva barefoot,i've bought their products uh neuro,linguistic programming nlp tourism,hotels,infant money coach learning shape career,shopping and fashion face that seems,like a weird interest to be categorized,in marketing pop music okay so i want to,keep going on this list because you'll,see that you can see how far i've gone,down,you are classified in an enormous amount,of,interests so,of these obviously targeting options and,we're going through this process but one,thing i wanted to highlight here is just,to be a little bit careful around the,accuracy of some of these pop music is,what i've been registered interested in,not really not really bothered for much,music in general i listen to music when,i work,um,help me concentrate that's about it i'm,not i'm not a music person at all but,i've been classified as interested in in,pop music so it's important to come,through this list you see that most of,them will be accurate but not all and,that's,part of the reason why when you are,targeting interest options,you have to be aware that some of your,target market is not going to be exactly,who you want to be but that's a little,aside but you can come in here and you,can remove these and you can adjust,these and all this stuff it's just an,interesting aside to see what your,interests are how that affects things,it's good to understand how this works,for when you're targeting to see what,you are registers interested in on the,on the platform but anyway that's a bit,of a sign let's get back to it because,we've got some other examples so this is,another another ad from this morning,uh why am i seeing this ad this is,obviously for a tripod,um okay so i wanted to show this one,because it says elder,edelkrone,wants to reach people who may be similar,to their customers so what's that then,edelkrone are targeting a look-alike,audience based on their customers and,i've obviously been included in their,look-alike audience for people if we go,back to their ad that might be,interested in in various filming,equipment like a tripod well,that's pretty good targeting right,because i'm literally recording a video,right now using a tripod um,to show you guys this stuff so,i'm certainly a potential customer for,this product let's have a look at,another one here we've got bottle farm,turn any plastic bottle in indoor farm,which is pretty cool,um,why am i seeing this ad,same reason bottle farm um,wants to reach people who may be similar,to their customers that is a lookalike,audience,great so not only can we see if they're,targeting particular interests your,competitors and exactly what interest,they're targeting provided you see and,out of theirs you can also see if you're,included in a lookalike audience of,theirs okay great that's really useful,information,and here we've got another one sorry,about all the pop-ups um ceo of hiros uh,alex becker so high rosters you don't,know is like a,a software that you can use in,conjunction with your facebook,advertising um and if i click on why am,i seeing this ad,i i know what this will come up with,so crosshairs alex better indicated you,may have visited so,i'm being advertised to,um,by,this,facebook page ceo hire us because,i visited on april 22nd so a,little bit while ago now actually,interestingly um 2021. so this is a,retargeting campaign i'm being,retargeted as part of this okay so if,you do want to find out what your,competitors are,who they're advertising,it will depend on which category you're,in as to what you'll see so i wouldn't,recommend for example going and visiting,all your competitors websites because,then you'll just be in the retargeting,audience and you'll just see exactly,what we can see right now you want to,see what their interest targeting,options are where they're targeting,lookalikes as well so visit some to see,if they're retargeting,don't visit others by visiting some,you'll be classified as interested like,for example if i go around and click on,a load of facebook advertising software,websites,facebook's going to register me as,interested in that so not only am i,going to be retargeted by businesses,like hiros i might also be targeted by,other businesses um that offer similar,products or services and that's the,exact way you want to go about doing,this and that's how you're going to find,out a range of advertisers your,competitors who they're advertising okay,so,once you've got all these various,options you can then come in to the ad,set level and you can either start in a,custom audience level go okay i know my,competitors are targeting lookalikes,based on existing customers that's,obviously what i should be doing boom go,ahead and add that in or my competitors,are retargeting that's i mean you should,be retargeting anyway and hopefully you,know that but boom let's add that in all,my competitors are targeting pets,they're targeting are people interested,in pets people interesting dog harness,people interested in dog walking okay,let's give those audiences a test,because if it's working for them it's,likely to work for me as well so this is,not foolproof it doesn't give you the,whole story because for this to work,your competitors need to be advertising,to you you need to see their ads,i think that's highly likely and there's,things you could do to make that happen,as i said visit their website,consume content in your industry these,things are going to pop up,um,but you're not going to see the range of,their targeting options you're going to,see the one that you come under so if,you come under a lookalike or you come,under an interest that's where it is but,but what you want to do there for is not,just use one competitor but look at a,range of competitors,and get a feel for what they're,advertising okay i looked at 20,different competitors ads which you,could do in a morning or afternoon that,is not hard to do at all,and we found that seven or eight of them,are all targeting this interest we,should definitely be targeting that,interest or,a load of them are targeting look-alike,audiences let's make sure we get some,look-alike audiences in there that sort,of thing and then you can come into the,asset level which where i am right now,add in the detailed targeting options,like interest or target your customer,audiences look-alike audiences and see,how it goes you can at least test their,targeting options and see how,performance you it might be the thing,that,takes your campaign from struggling or,doing okay to just really doing really,well to find out what your competitors,have already worked out and then go,ahead and take advantage of that so go,ahead and give this a go let me know how,it goes in the comments and before you,go a couple of things i want to to,quickly mention the first is a free,webinar i've created called three killer,facebook ad strategies to double or more,your revenue and in this webinar,i break down the sales funnels that we,use as a facebook ads agency for our,clients we use three different ones all,the time they all work really well they,work for different types of businesses,and i explain that in the webinar i say,look if you've got this have a business,you want to use this sales funnel,there's no one-size-fits-all if you've,got this type of business you want to,use this sales funnel so i'd strongly,recommend you go ahead and watch that,completely free link's in the video,description 60 70 minutes long a very,very good use of your time if you want,better results with facebook and,instagram ads in my opinion so i'd go,through that other thing i want to,mention is our facebook advertising,services so my company lead guru is a,specialist facebook and instagram,advertising agency we create manage and,optimize facebook campaigns for our,clients all the time,if you are interested in working with a,company you want to take your,results to the next level we can,certainly help you do that you can book,a free call with one of my team members,just click again there'll be a link in,the video description below go ahead and,click on that you can go through to our,website and literally book a slot,directly in with one of my team members,we do ask that you have a minimum 3k per,month budget which is not really able to,work with companies that are spending or,planning to spend less than that but if,you meet that criteria book a call,completely free no obligation we can,just discussed whether we'd be a a good,fit we can explain what we've done,before how we work all that stuff and uh,yeah hopefully we get a chance to uh to,work together if this video has been,useful thumbs up comment below to let me,know comment below if you've got any,questions i answered nearly all the,questions on my channel i put a lot of,time and effort into that and um,subscribe to my channel i release,facebook advertising related content all,the time tips tricks techniques full,strategy videos and stuff like this if,that's what you're into go ahead and,subscribe um and uh yeah i'll talk to,you soon thanks a lot guys bye for now

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