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How To Block Facebook Ads on Android/iOS (2021)hello friends in this video i am going,to show you ho

Satyendra Pandey

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Block Facebook Ads on Android/iOS (2021)

hello friends in this video i am going,to show you how you can disable ads on,facebook,app on your android mobile so first of,all open the facebook app,now from the bottom right hand corner,click on the three horizontal lines that,you see,click here now it will open up the menu,now scroll down till the bottom uh till,you see the settings and privacy option,click on it now it will open another set,of options,and you need to click on the second,option that is privacy shortcuts,as you can see click on it,now it i screen will open just like this,one,as you can see the first one or the,first option is privacy,and there are another set of options uh,below it now scroll down and the second,one is the account security,click on the uh third one uh you as you,can see the third one is add preferences,learn how ads work on facebook and how,you use data to make the ads,you see more relevant okay now the under,this one the second option is,your ad preferences you need to click on,it reviewer,add preferences click on it,okay now it will uh open another screen,now you can see your inter shopping,business entrepreneurs,you know it is showing my interest and,it will show your interest,in your facebook app uh you can also see,all your interest now,what we need to do is we need to click,on add settings that you see right here,in the third option is add settings,click on add settings,now there are two three types of ads,that you see on facebook,now these are the ads based on the data,from partners,and ads based on your activity on,facebook company products that you,see elsewhere you can read out the,description,that's how facebook is giving you ads on,your wall,on your facebook wall so what you need,to do is ads based on data from partners,so i simply click on it,now i'm going back now as you can see it,is allowed is written,below it that means they are giving ads,based on the,data from the partners now click on it,now it's also giving so much of details,if you allow us to use data from,partners if you don't allow,simply click on continue at the bottom,of the screen,now as you can see in front of the,allowed it is right now it is enabled,you need to disable this screen now it,is not allowed,to use now now facebook will not use,data from the partners to serve ads,on your facebook wall now click on save,now click on,done okay,okay now i have refreshed it now it's,showing not allowed,now go to the second one that is ads,based on your activity on facebook,company products that you see else here,now it is also allowed,now simply click on it and,see ads based on facebook ad preferences,click on no,and go back and refresh the page,okay now it's coming not allowed once,you click no,now uh the third one is the ads that,include your social actions,click here let me see what are the,options here,uh only my friends click on no one right,go back and refresh it and as you can,see,it is coming in as no one uh now once,you do this setting on your android,mobile,these settings are also applicable to,the facebook,on your laptop or you know pc or in,iphone,as well in iphone app as well so this is,how you can,uh how you will see less ads on facebook,it won't it won't,fully disable the ads but you will see,less,less ads on the facebook app on your,android mobile on your laptop,on your iphone so this is how you can do,it so thank you for watching the video,please like it,and subscribe to my channel for more,tips on facebook,thank you

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You may see fewer alcohol and tobacco ads on your Facebook feed thanks to a new policy

You may see fewer alcohol and tobacco ads on your Facebook feed thanks to a new policy

this is news at six all she cared about,was where she was gonna get her next,jewel from where she's gonna get her,next hit from Robert Mueller's testimony,to Congress wasn't the only hot-button,topic on Capitol Hill today lawmakers,are grilling jewel executives about the,role the company played in the youth,vaping epidemic and it's your big,storage at at six hi I'm Christopher,Gosar hey everybody I'm Jeff Butera a,national survey showed one in five,American high school students vaped last,year that's three million teenagers,well jewel is in the hot seat Facebook,is adopting some new policies to help,keep teens from picking up the bad,habits like that in the first place,ABC 7 smoke with the rule is getting a,small town where the posts about tobacco,and alcohol are going to be a lot harder,fine yeah Democrats that's all part of,Facebook's announcement today is the,very first day of their brand new policy,restricting posts about both the sale of,alcohol and tobacco,this means brands selling those products,will have to restrict their content to,users 18 and up I still out of products,that are for sale and like advertising,of new things but two things Caitlyn,vanilla will be seeing less of on her,social media or alcohol and tobacco for,it will reduce the amount of times a,Seattle marketing expert javier fuller,says in this day and age not being able,to sell on social media will have a big,effect on these companies it is,immensely important everybody's all,social media everybody is on their phone,constantly just ask vape user Kellie,Scratchy even though she uses nicotine,and tobacco products,she says she's glad these sites are,setting some standards for younger,generations and they see other people do,it and then they follow it because they,probably think it's like a trend thing I,think that's a good idea because a lot,of younger kids use social media now and,it's probably not good for them to see,that because and I think it's okay the,policy not only applies to brands but,also to social media influencers who are,paid to promote the products more,influence that they have with negative,things they're more likely to try it but,regardless of the social sites new,policy fuller says these brands will get,their products out there one way or,another that are gonna adapt and they're,gonna figure out how to how to sell,their product and how to prove,you know whoever they need to or want to,nowadays but they're just not gonna use,social media for it,the new policy does not apply to,everyday users you're still free to post,content related to tobacco and vape,products you just can't sell trade,transfer or gift the products through,the social media sites,I'm live in studio tonight Simone,Cuccurullo abc7 thanks mom the Food and,Drug Administration is also working a,little magic to keep kids from vaping,take a look I'm going to put it into a,hands about it's all I'm gonna do okay,okay here we go watch very carefully,yeah they've hired street magician and,Julius Dean for an ad where he seems to,be turning vapes into cigarettes the ad,says it's not magic it's statistics the,FDA says teens who vape are more likely,than others to start smoking the new ad,runs on the youth oriented cable,channels and streamed on social media,now Facebook's crackdown on tobacco and,alcohol not the only change that Mark,Zuckerberg and company are making,Facebook also just reached a settlement,with the Federal Trade Commission the,social network is gonna pay a record,five billion dollar fine related to,protecting your privacy they have agreed,to expand privacy protection for you and,Zuckerberg has agreed to stay out of,decisions related to privacy and,security

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