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Ali Mirza

Updated on Jan 17,2023


so who made changes to your Facebook ad,account well it's someone that you gave,access to right but if you have your,team and maybe agency and maybe a,freelancer multiple people managing your,Facebook ad account how do you know,specifically who made the change that's,what we're gonna see in today's video,before we jump into it you know what to,do subscribe to the bell icon and also,like this video all right now let's jump,into this and it's actually very easy to,see if you have a Facebook ad account,and especially maybe you work a,different client or if you are a,business owner you have multiple people,managing your ad account and you wanna,know like who's making changes who's,changing the copy the images or whatever,inside your Facebook ad campaigns it's,very easy to do let me show you how to,do it right now so here I am logged into,one of the ad account and we are gonna,go to let's go to this campaign so I'm,gonna select this campaign and let's,open this up and now I'm gonna click on,this it's actually right here this icon,it's like a clock it's just select at,least one ad set to see a history of,changes so this is kind of like let me,click here right here so you know,exactly let me resize this so it's this,icon right here so for example this is,like the first ad set I'm gonna click on,this and now I'm gonna click on see,history so I'm gonna click on this and,now look at this so the person who made,the recent changes is Ali Mirza that's,me and also shows what the activity was,the details of tactics hers the activity,the ad name was updated the details and,the item that was changed and the change,by person so if you had multiple people,you know freelancer another resource may,be different people inside an agency,their name will show up right here and,also you know exactly when they made the,change the time this is very very,helpful because we manage a lot of,different accounts of a different client,and some of our team members they are,making changes and sometimes the client,himself or herself they also go in there,and make some changes so it's hard to,sometimes track like who made,change but you can easily go to the,change history tab and look at all the,data so let's say if I wanted to just,I'm at the ad set level there I can also,go to the ad level so if I click here,and same thing it's gonna now show me at,the ad level when the ad what activity,so ad name was updated and status was,updated ad was updated and different,activities and also who made the change,who's the last person who touched the ad,so once you have like a lot of like,hundreds of campaigns when we work with,a lot of different clients some kids,sometimes we have like hundreds of,campaigns running for them on Instagram,and Facebook and we want to make sure we,know the who's the last person who,touched that account and also what,changes were made so having built access,to this feature inside Facebook Ads,manager is very helpful and then you can,also I'm gonna now go at the campaign,level you can also see the same data at,the campaign level so look at this I can,see all the changes made made by myself,ally versa and also I can see what the,actual changes were and what the date,and time was so stepping back you can,see to change history on your campaign,on your ad set and also at the ad level,very very powerful if you guys want to,see who is making changes to your ads,inside ads manager thank you so much for,tuning in before you go make sure you,subscribe to the ballet icon and also,like this video and I'm gonna see you in,the next one bye for now

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How to download facebook leads from a FB lead ads campaign

How to download facebook leads from a FB lead ads campaign

in this video we are going to see,how to collect facebook leads,from a campaign which is running on,facebook,what i am going to do is i am taking you,to a,facebook ad which is already running,and it has collected few leads now we,will see,how do we go and download those,leads first you need to go to, slash ad manager,now um select the campaign and,account so here it is important to,select which ad account you want to,go click on that,select the appropriate ad account,now what it does is it will show,all the ads which is connected to that,particular ad account,one thing you need to check here is this,is that active,gate campaign which is running,here um if you just scroll down,we can see that five,leads are generated already but there is,no,option to download it so this is where,people get confused,what you need to do is you have to,go to ad set,then add,or even you can directly go to the ad,then you will see the option to,download this leads so then only,hyperlink will be available so basically,by default you will be landing into the,campaign tab,you have to go to that corresponding ad,then you can download it,another option is just keep clicking on,this hyperlink,it will take you to its corresponding ad,set,see this tab is selected so the problem,with facebook is this ad is not,very much evident and will not we there,are chances to,miss out this particular part then again,click on that particular ad set,it will take you to that corresponding,ad here you can,click the result,and then it will open up uh the download,option so if you want to,download by range or download in their,leads you can just click and then,it obviously downloads that's how you,download,results from facebook lead ads,thank you for watching

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