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How To Find Competitor's Facebook Adshow to find your competitors facebook,ads well that's easy just


Updated on Jan 17,2023

How To Find Competitor's Facebook Ads

how to find your competitors facebook,ads well that's easy just keep watching,hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel my name is ennis and i'm working,for you and as always start the video if,you have any questions or any video,requests make sure to drop them below or,just check out my instagram in the,description box i do reply to each,comment on also each message on my,instagram because as i said i'm working,for you and today i will be showing you,how to find your dropshipping,competition facebook ads because,discovering and analyzing your,competition on drop shipping is really a,critical step in your success because if,you do that you might miss out on some,products and also some cool ideas about,design for the shopify store and also,for the creatives for the ad set and so,on so the point here you should always,analyze and discover your competition in,dropshipping or any market because your,competition might be in the market for,so long so they may have discovered tons,of things that you didn't discover yet,so spying in them is always a good idea,and you must do it before you even start,but finding ad set for your competitors,sometimes it might not be easy some,people might recommend using some,expensive tools to find this ad set and,so on some people they may even offer,services to find this ad set but one,thing that you are missing well they all,use the same trick and that's exactly,what i'm going to show you in this video,i will show you a unique and easy trick,to find the ad set for any competitors,on your drop shipping journey and we,will not use any tools or anything like,that the only thing we will use is,google chrome browser and google search,engine and also facebook platform,obviously so without any more talking,let's get to it so you might notice that,i'm accessing right now google search,engine well because i will use it to,find competition for a specific product,and i will do demonstration on one of,those computation to find the ad set for,it on facebook and also this trick i did,share it before on my channel and i,really love this trick because it did me,so many favors and without this trick i,wouldn't able to have some success in,dropshipping because simply i do find,something that people don't and that's,the key in everything online so we'll,use the google search engine as i said,to find some drop shipping capacitors,and we will do demonstration on one of,them and this rake works on any niche on,any drop shipping product whatever if,you are working with shoes or hiking or,smartphone cases or whatever the case is,this will work for you absolutely so the,first thing i'm going to do is obviously,access google search engine just like,you see right now and after that i'm,going to type in in the search bar in,text two dots and two quotation marks,and between the two quotation marks,powered,by shopify,and if you are one of my subscribers on,my channel you probably seen this week,before and you might wondering why i'm,using it again well because i really,love this trick and it's awesome and if,you did discover the full power of it,you will love it and you will use it,every day so after you did typing in,text two dots to the two quotation marks,in between them powered by shopify hit,space and type in again in text two dots,and two quotation marks and make sure,you guys include space between each one,of those otherwise it will not work and,also i will put this in the description,box so you guys get it right and between,the second quotation marks you will type,in the keyword that's related to your,niche in this case i'm going to go for a,product that saw a friend of mine really,doing well with it and also selling,plenty of products each day which is,galaxy projector and you've probably,seen this before,but it's really good product so after,you type in the keyword in between the,two quotation marks simply hit enter and,as i said i will put this in the,description box so no worries just,scroll down description and you will see,the fold command here and as i said make,sure you guys include space between each,one of those otherwise it will not work,and you will ask me why it's not working,because i've seen that before,so let's just scroll down to pick a,product from here yeah this is the,product that's uh it has the similar,color and also it reflects on the,rooftop it shows the like the galaxy,image on the rooftop and it's also,moving i believe and this is really good,product because i said a friend of mine,is really doing well with this product,so let's just go for this one for,example it's a 59,let's just go for this one,and by the way if you are wondering or,the first time you seen this trick why i,did type in powered by shopify well,because every shopify store has at the,bottom of it,powered by shopify right here as you can,see so right now we know this is a,shopify store and by the product which,is the galaxy projector this is a drop,shipping product and it's really obvious,so as you can see this is the product,right here and right now we want to,discover the ad set for this particular,product because if we did go simply to,facebook ad library and we did search,for galaxy projector well you will get,tons of ad set and you will not know,which one of those is the this for this,actual product because the objective,here is finding the ad set for your,competitors in this case this is our,competitors which is break plus fox i,guess so we want to know this actual ad,set for this particular product which is,cost 19,which is cost sorry 59 bucks so to do,that the first thing you're going to do,is spy on the page what you need to do,is simply look for an icon for social,media whatever it's facebook or,instagram or whatever it is once you did,find an icon let's just scroll down i,don't see it here just check the menu no,it's not here just about to just check,the about page maybe it's,on the about page maybe,no there is nothing here oh here it is,as you can see,i miss it when i check the powered by,shopify and here it is as you can see,the icon for facebook on also instagram,and that's exactly what we need so just,spy on the page check out the old links,here if you can find it anywhere if you,don't just scroll down at the bottom,page and you will see it just like i did,find it here so let's just access the,facebook page for it simply click on it,and here is the facebook page for it and,also if you are not signing to facebook,platform make sure to do sign up because,sometimes it will not let you check the,page if you did not sign up to an,account on facebook so after you did,access the page on, uh there is the link as i,said there is the link for the store so,after you did access the facebook page,the first thing you're going to do is,simply scroll down until you see this,section right here it says page,transparency right here and simply click,on see all and give it a moment it will,show a bunch of information here as you,can see the name the name change when,exactly they change the name for the,page and so on,previously it was called save and trend,as you can see so save and trend is,obviously a drop shipping store here,so let's just scroll down the countries,where they manage their page which is,canada two persons the number two stands,for two persons but two persons are both,from canada and here is the section that,we need just like you see right now it,says here,ads from this page it says here this,page is currently running ads so we know,right now this page is actually running,as for this particular product let's,just get back,to the galaxy projector right here,so we know right now they are they are,running ads for this particular product,and they are selling it oops it says,here this this page,has run ads about social issues and,election and politics or that's not good,do not do that that's not good so as you,can see uh,at the bottom of it there is the button,here it says go to add library simply,click on it and it will open up a new,tab and obviously to,a facebook ad library and here is the,page here as you can see and here is the,ad set for it just like you see right,now,and it's active as you can see the,assets start running on december 7,and right now it's 18 as you can see,it's 18 december so it's more than 10,days and the ad set is still running so,his me is probably making some says,that's why he is still running uh,testing out product does not go beyond,one week if you have a big budget 10,days you probably did make some sales so,you are skating or something like that,and also the second one and second one,sorry in,the 7th december and also the other one,7 december as well and this is not,actually our my competitor i'm just use,it this way to find competition for,a particular product to do demonstration,on it on the search engine as i said,make sure to use the,a particular product in between the,second quotation marks so you would get,in the results only the shopify store,that's actually selling the product that,you are selling as well so that's how,you find your drop shipping competitors,facebook ads easily without using any,tools or anything like that and as i,said the comments that i did use decided,to find competitors for the trick on,google search engine i will put the,comments in the description box just,scroll down description box and copy,them and make sure to replace the,product with the product they are,working on otherwise i think my job is,done i hope this video helped you out if,it does help me out pressing the like,button and as i said if you guys have,any questions or any video requests you,can find my instagram in the description,box and thanks for watching and catch,you very soon

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How To Target Your Competitors' Customers With Facebook Ads!

How To Target Your Competitors' Customers With Facebook Ads!

hi guys has been Heath from lead guru,and in this video I'm going to show you,how to target your competitors customers,with Facebook Ads now why you would want,to target your competitors customers,with Facebook Ads is fairly obvious,particularly if you have a product or,service offering that's better price,that you can undercut your competition,on price or perhaps you've innovated in,some way and the product or service that,you offer is superior to your,competitors product or service and why,not advertise to their customers you,know those people are going to be,interested in what you have to offer,because they're already buying and,equivalent potentially in inferior,equivalent and being able to put your,superior offer in front of them might be,a great way a very cost effective way of,acquiring a lot of new customers and so,the advantage is obvious how do you go,about doing it because it's not as,straightforward and in many cases as it,would seem so there's basically two,methods of doing this I'm going to show,you both and it depends on how large,your competitor is if you go out to do,is it's a big business a well-known,brand it's a lot easier to target their,customers than it is if they aren't so,let's say let's go ahead and jump into,the steps before I do that which one of,quickly mentioned at the end of this,video I'm gonna be telling you about a,new free resource about Facebook,advertising but I think you're going to,find really really useful so make sure,you stick around to the end of video for,that but with that said let's get into,the steps on how we go about identifying,your cutter your competitors customers,and how we go about targeting them so,that you can grab them for yourself and,so I'm in a demonstration Facebook ad,account here and don't worry about all,the example campaigns and stuff I'm just,gonna go straight to the the methods of,doing this if identifying your customers,competitors and targeting them so what,we're gonna do is just I'm just gonna go,into this example CBO campaign here and,I'll create a new ad set and I'm gonna,demonstrate the first method which is it,the sort of easy way the works part of,the time so let's just call this,competitor customer and set okay let's,save that to draft and I what you want,to do very very simply the first thing,you want to do if we do anything else is,test to see whether your competitor this,business is an interest targeting option,so for example I produce a lot of,content on Facebook advertising so if I,was to think I,who are some of the big content,producers to do with Facebook,advertising online and one guy one of,the guys that comes to mind is Jon,Loomer so if I go ahead and pop him in,here okay that hasn't come up maybe I've,spoke John wrong I'm sure he's an option,if I put in Leela oh yeah,so John without an H so Jon Loomer,digital now if I wanted to target his,audience his customers this would be a,fantastic way of doing it because he has,come up here as an option Jon Loomer,digital now he's come up with an,interest and as you can see if I if I,hover over this you can see what,Facebook says so the people that will be,included in this interest targeting,option are people who have expressed an,interest in or like pages related to Jon,Loomer,so that's gonna include people that like,his page primarily most of these people,have been people that like John Lewis,page they could face but can include,some people that have interacted with,this content and things like that on,Facebook but primarily is gonna be,people like his page now the people that,like his page aren't necessarily going,to overlap a hundred percent with his,customers there's going to be people,that like is page then interact with his,business on Facebook that haven't become,paying customers particularly in his,scenario because he's very much a,Content producer in other businesses,people that like the page are far more,likely to be an existing customer but,you can sort of gauge that depending on,what sort of industry you're in what the,competitor is etc but well you can,basically guarantee is that the majority,of his customers are going to be in that,group there might be other people in,there but his customers are going to be,in there so using this as an interest,targeting option if I wanted to target,John Loomis customers let's say I've got,better quality content I mean by the way,for the record I think John would,produce fantastic stuff but if I thought,I had better quality content or,something better to offer the more he,offers then that's something that I,could go ahead and test so the person,you want to do and this is particularly,effective if your businesses are if your,competitor that you're trying to,basically steal customers from is well,known and established brand in your,industry if they're not when you go to,search for them in this little search,box here they simply won't come up as an,option and if they don't come up as an,option you can't use this,the new type is an option great go ahead,and target this audience that's how you,target your customers competitors with,Facebook units so that's method number,one very very straightforward but as I,said the business name won't always come,up here as an interest particularly if,the competitor isn't that large if,that's not the case if that if they,don't come up then you want to go ahead,and use a second method,so for the second method assuming that,your competitor did not appear as an,interest targeting option here at the ad,set level you want to go ahead click on,these three down lines and go ahead and,go over to audience insights but I say,three no lines and Facebook uses,different interfaces for different ad,accounts so depending on whether they've,changed you over to the new version or,kept you in the old version like this,this is being recorded in 2020 it is not,today video but but yeah Facebook,changes different interfaces different,time so don't worry about that whatever,if things are in a slightly different,place the functionality is still going,to be there and that's the most,important thing anyway you want to go,ahead and come over to audience in size,and you want to select everyone on,Facebook okay and the first thing need,to do when using audience insights is,select the locations that you want to,target so for example I'm truly this is,the US for demonstration purposes but if,I was just advertising in the UK I would,want to change that to just the UK okay,that makes sense because whatever the,data whatever data is displayed here is,going to be representative of that,location only some believe it is the US,you will leave everything else open age,gender code etc and then you want to go,ahead and pop that competitor's name in,here now you'd only reached this stage,assuming that the first method didn't,work but let's say for example I wanted,to pop in Jon Loomer,in here I'll use him as a demonstration,for this for this video so the starters,you can find some really interesting,information about your competitors,audience your competitors cust customers,in this section here so I can see that,for example John Loomis audience is,slightly more male than female and,bearing in mind that 55 percent of,Facebook users are female so Facebook is,more slightly weighted female and I can,see that people are far more likely to,be married they're more likely to be,highly educated if they follow Jon,Loomer so you can find,interesting data in here that you may,find useful but the part that I find,really interesting is if you come in to,pay trikes,let's go take a second to load and what,you're looking for and these options up,here so these sort of these are page,likes by category so people that like,the Jon Loomer page you're interested in,Jon Loomer,are also likely to be interested in ezra,firestone and leadpages and add espresso,this things all make sense to me the,people be more like to be interested in,that if they're interested Jon Loomer so,what you want to do is make a note of,all of these interest targeting options,you know Marie Smith these are names,within the industry so make a note of,these targeting options and try and,gather as many as you can,you may need to sense check these so it,might be that some that come up just,aren't really that applicable you know,so these actually all look fairly,applicable to me but for example you can,see that one of them you go oh okay,people that like my competitor liked,that page but that page isn't really,that's not really relevant to my,audience or something like that it's us,finds to discard those otherwise make a,note of all those so you grab this top,section and then you also want to come,down and you want to grab this this this,bottom section down here and here's we,can see affinity scores so affinity is,how likely the audience that you're,researching is to like another page okay,so for example people who are interested,in Jon Loomer so they have a Jon Loomer,interest are unsurprisingly 10,000 times,more likely to like the Jon Loomer paged,in the average Facebook user okay no,surprise there but here's the,interesting part they're eight the half,thousand times more likely to like Rick,Rick more ready and five thousand times,more likely to like social mouths except,etc and you go down the list okay now,that's really interesting because you,want to make a note of all these,targeting options now I call these,targeting options some of them will be,and some of them won't be okay so what,you wanna do is you want to make a note,of these click see more grab a whole,bunch so you can grab ones that are,larger you can see Mary Smith's got a,big one that's,great but just make a note of all these,options here as I said you can keep,seeing more if you need to find 2030,that's absolutely fine you make a note,of those now let's assume that Jon,Loomer digital wasn't a targeting option,when we went to our ad set some of these,options from the combinations up here or,the ones you find down here will be you,will be able to find some that are,targeting options are interest targeting,options in at the answer level when you,set up your Facebook ad campaign and,those you can target okay does that make,sense so let's say for example let's try,and do this as an example so let's say I,was to start here and I wanted to grab,me Edgar,or Facebook for business or let's just,jump from from one to the other so if I,now jump back into ad manager we can,have a look to see whether that's,available or not so now that we're back,in an ad manager we can go back into our,example CBO campaign we can hunt down,our competitor customer ad set that's,one we were working with before click,Edit don't worry about all these,warnings,mr. demonstration had accounts that's,all fine so this is where we were adding,in Jon Loomer but let's say John Neumann,wasn't an option we went over to,Facebook audience insights we researched,John Lumas audience to find those other,options and we could pop those in so we,could pop in for example Facebook for,business okay that sounds like a really,good option and if you want to target,those people or even Mary Smith was one,of the options we could target that,audience instead of okay and if you,wanted to have a number of different,options than fine now because we know,that Marie Smith is the audience is,overlap very heavily there's a high,affinity score with John Loomis audience,there's a good chance that this interest,targeting option is going to contain,John Loomis customers does that make,sense if someone is very likely the,people that like John Leamas page are,very likely to be John nearby customers,the people that might rip John Yuma's,page are also very likely to be Mary,Mary Smith's customers so by targeting,Mary Smith assuming this is assuming,John Newman wasn't available by,targeting Marie Smith and,and people who are interested in people,who are including this audience we are,going to have a number of jon memmer's,customers crew included in our audience,now it's not gonna be a hundred percent,accurate and some will be more accurate,than others okay so be aware that when,you run this maybe only ten percent of,that audience will actually be your,competitors customers but that's still,going to be a lot better than trying to,find them just through other broad,interest targeting options or something,like that this is still a good way to go,about targeting your competitors,customers something I'd recommend you,try it can get difficult,targeting competitors customers on,facebook it's only something I'd really,recommend if your product or service is,demonstrably better than theirs so it,does it have a great new feature are you,better than them on price otherwise,you're gonna have a real hard time,convincing those people just switch from,the current business that they're buying,the product service problem to yours,unless it's much better but if it is,this can work very well I've take a look,at a number of campaigns that have used,this this this strategy of targeting,competitors audiences quite effectively,so so yeah that's how you do it those,are the two methods give that a go and,let me know how it goes okay so I said,the beginning of video I was going to,talk about a free Facebook advertising,resource that I think you'll be very,interested in and that's a free training,that I've put together called three,killer Facebook and strategies to double,all more your revenue and in that,training I've broken down the three,Facebook advertising strategies that we,use all the time for our clients we've,generated seven plus figures multiple,times with each one of these strategies,there try and trusted and work very very,well and I sort of break them down I am,straight exactly how to implement them I,also very importantly tell you which one,you should be using for your business,specifically you know I give three,strategies because one of the strategies,is the one you want to use if you're,advertising a thirty dollar product but,that's not the same as if you're,advertising a ten thousand dollar,service you need different strategies,and that's why we use three I'm not a,big fan of and one-size-fits-all when it,comes to Facebook advertising that just,doesn't work as an agency owner myself I,know that straight up doesn't work so so,go ahead and check out that training is,completely free there will be a link in,the video description,go ahead and click on that,can watch that it's about 60 17 minutes,long something like that I'd strongly,recommend you go through the whole thing,because at the end of the day no matter,what you're doing with your facebook,advertising no matter who you're,targeting as we've covered in this video,no matter how engaging your ad creative,is if you do not have the right strategy,for your products and services your,Facebook ad campaigns will not work they,will not be profitable it's not possible,so number one mistake I see people make,is using the wrong strategy for their,products or services so go ahead and,check that out and and yeah if you join,this video please give it a thumbs up,please subscribe to my channel I really,spaceback appetising related content all,the time and let me know in the comments,you've got any questions if you enjoyed,this video let me know in the comments,that'd be much appreciated and I will,touch your sin thanks a lot guys

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