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How to Backup and Update Shopify Themes Tutorialhey guys this is Carrie with core,marketing grouped

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Backup and Update Shopify Themes Tutorial

hey guys this is Carrie with core,marketing grouped today's tutorial is,all things updating themes backing up,themes so the first part of this is,going to how do you make a copy of a,theme say if you wanted to make some,changes or some updates but didn't want,to have it impact the current thing that,you have live so here we are on our,dashboard on your Shopify site so we are,going to go on navigating store and so,then you'll see where you have your live,theme here so then we're going to go,here you'll just hit the drop down and,you're gonna see an option that says,duplicate so I'm gonna hit duplicate and,it's gonna go ahead and duplicate a copy,of your theme so I'm just gonna let it,run its process here real quick,shouldn't take too long and what I like,to do once it's done duplicating I like,to rename it so I have an idea if it's,like a specific change that you did an,app integration I like to give put that,in the name or even just updating the,date so you could go over here and,rename and I would say like turbo copy,and then I would put today's date which,is like six twenty nine twenty twenty so,I know when what this is and when it was,actually duplicated so then you could go,over here and what this did is it,actually copied your theme exactly how,it is so it copied everything and,duplicated it over here so if you were,to go over here and customize it you're,going to see everything just the way it,is on your life theme so what you would,do is you go in and make your changes,and then when you're ready to publish it,all you would need to do is hit the,drop-down and publish it and then that,is going to publish it to your live,theme and you just hit publish,so that is how to make a copy or,duplicate your live scene now I'm going,to show you two different ways on how to,make updates so a lot of these themes,are constantly being improved by their,developers so every now and then you'll,get a notification if you purchased a,theme depending on who you purchased it,from that there are updates maybe to fix,some bugs or add new features things,like that so there's two different,methods that you can do this bait,depending on the type of theme that you,purchased now first I'm going to show,you if you just purchased a theme from,the Shopify theme store how we would go,ahead and get the latest version of that,so I'm going to switch over here this is,one of my clients and they are rust we,purchased this theme called Testament so,what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back,over here we're gonna go to the Shopify,theme store okay and I'm gonna find the,Testament theme okay so here it is and,so what I'm gonna have to have to do is,I'm gonna have to go back over and grab,the URL for my shop and then you're,gonna go back here and you're gonna log,in with this URL and so what this is,gonna do is it's gonna recognize if you,purchased any themes through the theme,store so now you're gonna see here that,this button has actually updated so it,is recognized that this shop has,purchased the Testament theme so what we,can do here is go add the latest theme,version to your shut so it's gonna copy,it over and now you're gonna see it here,updating and what it's done has added,the latest version of this theme to this,client store now the only difference,between this is is it's going to install,the raw template like just as you had,purchased it from the very beginning,it's going to bring over some of your,photos and everything but so I'm going,to just click over it here so you can,take a look so it's gonna be like the,very first time that you installed a,theme so essentially you're gonna have,to go through and wreak ustym eyes your,site now all your products and,everything will be here right but you're,gonna have to go through and essentially,recreate your site I only suggest doing,this if there's some major functionality,issues and you need to reinstall the,theme so the third part of this tutorial,is what I'm going to show you is,updating themes if you are using out of,the sandbox or pixel union themes and,they are actually the preferred theme,provider for all core marketing clients,and I'm going to show you why we choose,to use these themes a lot of times we do,a lot of customizations but sometimes,we'll use these as base themes or if a,customer wants to save some money we,choose these themes so what you can do,so we're currently using the turbo theme,from out of the sandbox so what they,have done is they have created an app,you can go over here the App Store and,it's called Shopify theme updater so if,you have any template by pixel Union or,out of the sandbox you get a 365 day,free subscription to the theme updater,after that it's like 9 dollars a month,but I'm going to tell you it's gonna,save you lots of time and headaches so,once you add the theme updater when you,go over to our online shop,you'll see we have all these different,themes so if you log into the app then,it's going to show you all the themes,that you have currently available and,it's going to tell you if there's a new,version so this is an unregistered and,so the the caveat with is is you,actually have to register your themes to,be able to update them so if I want if,there's a new version for turbo all I'll,have to do is hit update and so there's,a couple little things that you want to,keep in mind when doing this you,probably want to make a copy of it first,before you update it and if you've made,any huge changes customized changes to,your theme running this update will not,always bring those changes over with,them what it will do is give you kind of,a log of the changes that were on the,old theme and the new updated one and,then it'll let you go through and you,can manually go in and update those with,one of their services - they have a plan,that allows you to pay a little bit more,and they will save those customizations,and then it makes it a little bit easier,when you have to go and update it so,what we're gonna do is we're gonna hit,update and then it's gonna if I want to,preserve our theme customizations once,again like we can go ahead and click,this but it's not gonna always save them,up I don't believe this theme has been,heavily customized so it's gonna go,ahead and update it ok so now that our,theme has been updated it's just going,to essentially give you your theme log,here and it's gonna tell you all the,different things that have been updated,within this update and the ones you have,from before so if you had some,customizations here it's also going to,show you like what of the customized,options within your theme we're not,updated so it'll give you kind of a,change log to be able to do that so if,you wanted to go over and customize your,theme,you will see once it's done loading here,that everything is intact so it looks,exactly like what you had that was live,it's just updated to the latest and,greatest version of your theme so that,is it for this tutorial I hope that you,found this helpful,I hope that this empowers you a little,bit more to take control of your Shopify,website and if you have any questions or,concerns please reach out to us our,handle over on Instagram is Cora,marketing and you can also reach us over,at our website at core marketing group,com have a great day and if you liked,this please like and make sure you,subscribe so that you can keep updated,for all our latest tips and tricks and,tutorials,you

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How To Import and Export Shopify Themes | 2021 METHOD

How To Import and Export Shopify Themes | 2021 METHOD

yo what up guys welcome to a brand new,video on my channel today we're looking,at another shopify tutorial,so without further ado let's get,straight into the video,so today we're looking at how to,export and import a shopify theme,so let's say you have received a shopify,team from a friend,from a colleague and you want to use it,from your own store for your own store,or you just have another store and want,to duplicate the store,or use the same team like you've paid,for for the,for another store it's pretty simple so,let's say,this is my final store and i have bought,a shopify team,in the team store and i want to use it,for another store,and not pay again for the team what we,need to do,is just click on actions so assuming,this is a team,we want to import into a new store,we want to click on actions scroll down,until we see download team file,from here the team file will,get sent to your email so,let me get that right now so as you can,see,i've received the team file in my email,and all i need to do is just click on,the team export and from here it will be,downloaded to your computer from there,on you,have actually exported your team file,and let's say this is our new store,and we want to import the theme to our,new store,all we need to do is again go to online,store click on teams,from here we scroll down and as you can,see,where we explore three themes,or buy a new team within the shopify,team store you can also click on,add theme right here and if you click on,it,you will get two options upload a zip,file and connect from,github well what we've just did is,downloaded the zip file,so we know all we need to do now is just,click on,upload zip file and as you can see you,can,upload to a maximum file size of 50 mb's,you just click on add file and select,the team click on upload,and show file will do its,job it will take a few minutes so don't,worry if it's,still loading after a minute or two,depending on the side size of your team,and what you've added to the team,it can take up a few minutes so just be,patient,after the team has been uploaded you,will get,this little notification uh saying the,team has been added,to your store from here on uh,the theme has been added to the store,but what we want is,use it for our shopify store so,all we need to do is click on actions,click on publish,and what this will do is um,what this will do is move it to the main,area,so from here on you can,customize your team let's say you,want to use a team but have another,brand you can customize the team right,here,and it will immediately show up at,your url your domain name or your,shopify,store domain name so that's about it,it's pretty simple,pretty straightforward i hope this video,helped you guys out,if you have any further questions about,shopify or,anything else just let me know in the,comments below,and i'm more than happy to help you guys,out in the comment section,and also make a video about it when,that's mandatory,so that's about it for today guys i hope,you enjoyed the video i hope you're,um going to make a lot of money on your,shopify store,and hopefully um,till the next one thank you for watching

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