how to run political ads on facebook

Setting up Facebook Ads for Political Campaignslocal and national elections here in the,philippines

John Cornwill

Updated on Jan 17,2023

Setting up Facebook Ads for Political Campaigns

local and national elections here in the,philippines will be happening next year,2022 and in this current world scenario,there's never been a better and safer,way of campaigning than doing it in the,world of social media,aside from the fact that it's not a,scarce resource compared to the airwaves,of tv and radio broadcasters placing ads,on social media is also very cost,efficient and can be micro targeted,based on the wide variety of social,media users here in the country and in,the whole world this video is for all,the interested media buyers that seek,political clients now or maybe in the,future,also for all political campaign teams,who are now starting to strategize and,even for the politicians themselves to,be aware of the things they need to,secure before finalizing their plans for,their campaign so if you're one of them,this video will tell you exactly how you,can set up electoral or political ads on,facebook,let's cut to the chase,hello hustlers and entrepreneurs,advertisers and politicians welcome to,this another video about facebook,advertising i'm john a facebook ad,strategist and ceo of cornell media,advertising agency in this video we're,gonna talk about what you need before,you can run political ads on facebook,and you will also learn the exact,process that you need to go through,let's start with the requirements first,one is the business manager facebook,business manager is a tool that allows,you to manage multiple facebook pages,create and manage ads give access to,people who you work with to grow your,business organizations or in this case,your personal brand if you're a,politician you don't have an automatic,business manager account if you are,already a facebook user but you can use,your same login credentials to sign up,with this tool just go to, click sign up and,you're good to go,number two is add account an ad account,is basically where you can launch and,manage ads input your payment methods,and assign partners that will work with,you in running advertising campaigns you,can create multiple ad accounts actually,but facebook will only allow you to have,one when you're a new user of business,manager and will grant you more ad,accounts if you spend for ads on a,regular basis next requirement is an id,that can prove your citizenship the,thing is you're only allowed to,advertise within your country of,residence and using the same currency,your country has to help guard against,foreign interference ahead of upcoming,elections all advertisers who want to,run electoral or political ads in a,certain country must have their ads run,by a person who has confirmed their,identity and is authorized in that,country you can provide either an id,preferably a passport driver's license,national id,or an authorized facebook form that will,serve as a proof of your identity next,is a verified page owner the owner of,the page that will carry your ads should,be a verified user of facebook,especially for running political ads and,then for the last one advertising,disclaimer we will talk more about this,later as we discuss the ad authorization,process of facebook the ad authorization,process consists of three steps step one,confirm identity in your country go to, id and you will be,redirected to a page in your account,settings make sure that the two-factor,authentication is turned on before,submitting an id or unauthorized form so,we're here at id you can,have your,id uploaded or a form authorized,in this case i chose,upload an id,and,i browsed my photos and uploaded my,password after i submitted it i received,this notification saying that they're,reviewing my information and in my case,actually just hours after i uploaded the,id i got this notification saying that,the idea that i have provided as proof,of my identity has now been confirmed,actually you can,wait for,about 48 hours they said that the review,process takes within that time frame so,just be patient because facebook,manually checks and verifies your,identity through the id that you have,uploaded now they have hesitations don't,worry because your data is encrypted and,not visible to anyone inside facebook,even including you step two is to link,ad accounts and manage disclaimers so,after confirming your identity a page,admin must link your ad accounts to your,page and provide a valid disclaimer,now when you're at your page you go to,settings,you can see here a tab that says,issue electoral or political ads,note that only page admins can manage,disclaimers okay so you click this,and then,you connect your business manager here,so both to business manager and then set,it up in the business manager you can,set this up,here,okay,you,uh it's already checked there i confirm,my identity and then now i can create a,disclaimer so what is a disclaimer by,the way a page admin can create a paid,for buy disclaimer so if you have seen,an ad you may have noticed that there is,a paid for buy,freeze there under the name of the page,that's the disclaimer now here you can,create a disclaimer so you have options,it's either uh you use your organization,name or your name you can choose if you,will use the organization name or your,personal name but,uh you will be required to enter,additional details if you want to use,your organization name so what are these,information it will require you,information like maybe another name that,you can use,the confirmed phone number a confirmed,email address with a domain that matches,with it and you should receive a,decision on your disclaimers within 24,hours once a valid disclaimer has been,approved for a page in your country the,page will automatically qualify for page,admin country location transparency if,you choose to include the page name in,your disclaimer you'll be unable to,change the name of the page while,disclaimers are linked to the ad account,associated with the page running ads,about social issues elections or,politics in your country now let's go to,the last step step three,explicitly informing facebook in your,campaigns that you're running a special,category ad so when you submit this ad,review takes up to 72 hours to complete,per ad submitted take note that ad smart,as about social issues elections or,politics are entered into the ad library,for seven years what's the ad library by,the way it's a public searchable library,containing all ads including issue,electoral or political ads it helps make,advertising transparent globally by,giving people more information about the,ads they see to go to the ad library,you'll just need to type, ad slash library on your,browser and you can see this interface,now you can choose what the ad category,is so here you can choose all ads or,issues elections or politics,specifically so this is the thing that i,said that will be posted there publicly,and it's searchable,so this is uh based on the principle of,facebook they try to be transparent as,much as possible now maybe you're asking,how to specifically and explicitly say,to facebook that this is a political ad,so when you have your,disclaimer ready and page ready add,account ready when you create an ad you,can see on that campaign level special,ad categories and you need to select,social issues elections or politics now,that's it,those are the steps for you to run,political ads on facebook but there's,more i have an additional six tips to,successfully make this happen for you,your client or your team number one,there should be no url in the name of,the advertiser it should not like be, number two don't use short,names for the advertiser name because,facebook don't like acronyms but a quick,solution here is using lowercase letters,if you can't really get away with,acronyms number three use a page solely,made for a candidate or a campaign for,that candidate at least one page admin,or as much as possible the owner of the,page should have confirmed his or her,identity number four don't use a,personal phone number and email address,assign one that's purposely made for the,campaign or the candidate number five,make a website of the candidate or,politician with a matching email address,this is for two reasons building your,own audience outside the facebook,platform just to be safe and also for,the verification process of facebook to,see alignment of your website and email,address for example if your campaign,website is vote for then the,email address that you need to submit to,facebook should be like admin at vote,for now the last one,the sixth tip is to be aware of the laws,and regulations because as facebook said,in all cases it'll be up to the,advertiser to comply with any applicable,electoral or advertising laws and,regulations in the country they want to,run ads in if relevant authorities make,us aware of an ad that's in violation,with a law they will carefully review it,and take appropriate action if you want,more videos or information about this,book a 15 minute discovery call with me,or connect with me directly through the,links in the description now do you want,to know how to run facebook ads the next,video will help you master facebook ads,set up in roughly one hour see you there,you

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Social Issues, Elections, Political Facebook Ad Type Approval Process!

Social Issues, Elections, Political Facebook Ad Type Approval Process!

all right if you've hit a wall with,regards to your campaign that you got a,trigger,uh from facebook ads that you've gotten,a policy violation you can simply go,into your account quality settings in,your facebook business manager and,make sure to set the correct,uh account at the top and then you'll be,able to go in it starts usually off of,in zero zero you know available for,another review if there's any unchanged,you got to go to the fourth tab here and,you'll see the rejected ad campaign and,what the violation is about for,submitting to uh get it looked at again,to be reviewed again this one is about,social issues elections and politics and,as we all know if you know facebook,there was a lot of,um things that went on in the past that,uh could skew uh the uh,political,um,uh people that are running and get them,into office by using facebook ads and,now facebook has implemented this where,you have to prove who you are and,authorize you as a person authorized,also that you're not um there is no,affiliations for so um this campaign in,particular is a historical based event,that i'm running for a client,and it's uh it uh triggered the thing,because there's certain politicians in,various categories that are a part of it,that the words triggered it,um this uh this issue so,what did i have to do so that uh um i,can then run it well i had to order a,uh verify uh myself um first off that,you have to um to get this reinstated,your ad account and you do that within,your settings,of your facebook account your personal,account you have to go in and go through,a verification process in the settings,general and then identity confirmation,um so that you can run things like,social editing it's a good thing to do,this early before if you're running,facebook ads for clients do it early and,and do an identity confirmation of who,you are so that when you get here you,don't have to wait a week to get this,and um this piece of paper which i'll,show you here uh this sort of piece of,paper that uh you know came in the mail,from facebook a envelope with facebook,on it blew my mind today they even paid,90 cents to get it to me,came in like three four days to be,honest with you even um during this is a,covid time,and it still came in,and uh,here's what the the paper looks like and,you get a code on it and now we got to,plug that code in so where do you do,that you do it in the general identity,confirmation settings right here,and you go in and you go view,and as you'll see uh it's all about,confirming your identity and canada,action and so like i've already been,through some of this and submitted some,documentations and stuff like that where,if you go down the page here uh you see,we're asking people who want to run ads,about elections social issues politics,confirm their identity this is part of,the uh efforts to know who's responsible,for the continent funding events that,discuss political candidates electric,officials and so it's just basically,confirming it,um so that facebook isn't as possible so,your identity has been temporarily,confirmed um so i submitted some,information uh my driver's license front,and back that you can take a picture and,submit it they walk you through that,and you can upload it so i've already,done that but you'll probably have to do,that first and then you say yes send me,a code,so um,it's been when you receive the code,enter it before august 17th so there's,like a two week window that you got to,get this so if you didn't get in the,mail re you know you have to request it,again,and um they'll take care of the rest you,should be able to run the ad soon so,all of these pages so if you come down,here and i'm going to add the code in,that i got oh drum roll my client's,going to be very happy with this,first time there's always something you,run into with the new things with,facebook and submit code,and my personal id,i'll show you here,boom personal id has been confirmed look,at that that's a beautiful beautiful,thing to see um it's great and,personal id i'm gonna take some of these,this is fantastic very very very,fantastic,and uh that we can get this so now that,it's been confirmed,i guess now we can go back,okay so back here uh it appears that if,you're a page of men for the page that,you you'll run ads about social issues,go to the page settings and,authorization so let's go here amen,amen,i see so let's just go and search e-man,citation,let's go and that's the one,now,let's go into the settings,as they're saying here,and uh we want to,uh uh to do paste and select,authorizations tab on the left so let's,see where's the authorizations,issues,is connected to okay so let's go here,and now let's go to the,uh so we're in the in the business,manager settings so i've authorized,myself canada okay so i've created the,confirmed i've submitted the id,i have confirmed yep this is now,confirmed here so this is in the page,settings of course,and it's been confirmed this was not and,so now we get to create a disclaimer,so let's create the disclaimer and see,what this is all about,okay disclaimer you can create a,disclaimer with your organization or,personal name disclaimers that list an,organization and verify information,provide a higher level transparency so,organization name so let's get the,organization name,of my client and go from there,now see 48 hours just pay attention that,typically we completely now 48 hours,this should be approved by monday or,tuesday since this is saturday go,continue,and that's it now we wait it's in review,you've linked your um did you link your,you did you linked your um instagram,down below also,let's see in review linked i'm not go,edit here just to make sure no no no no,um actually yes you you should do that,link in ad account go there click on,that,so choose the one that's um the one the,correct one wait a second i'll get you,that,information um,it's the six eight one,six eight nine right yeah yeah,go ahead and go next,go,save else they wouldn't have been able,to link it so go done,now also do your um edit there and,connect your um instagram account,paste your name in there,and then go review this instagram name,check box it,go submit,that'll go through with things so now,they've received the request,done close,everything's set up now we just have to,wait two days to check back here when,it's confirmed and then we'll be able to,run your facebook ad campaign and it'll,be approved to run your social ads,and last but not least i want to also,explain that you have to put an email in,that is domain specific so an info at or,an admin at your domain to prove that,you are,an official of that organization if you,have like an at gmail it's not gonna,work so you're gonna have to go in,and set up um,your mx records and set up an email,address so that that took me a bit to um,get going right at the end of this,because the client didn't have a domain,specific so i had to create that i set,them up on google apps it's also called,google workspace and um you just you can,easily set up in godaddy um you know in,the mx records it makes a really easy,process and whatnot but you do need to,set up a domain specific email make sure,you have one of those set up prior again,workspaces the google stuff gmail domain,specific costs about five seven bucks a,month so that's an average of,60 70 a year it's a tax write-off and i,totally suggest that you go with the uh,work google apps workspace,to do that so make sure you have a,domain,specific email of an administrator that,you want to assign as the owner with,that email address that controls all,this okay thank you very much if you,have any questions leave them in the,comments below or choose these two,videos too because uh they might be,helpful also for what you're looking for,bye for now

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