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How To Advertise On Facebook For FREEin this video I'm gonna show you a,really cool way that you can

Liam James Kay

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Advertise On Facebook For FREE

in this video I'm gonna show you a,really cool way that you can advertise,and make money on Facebook without,spending a single penny on adverbs,hi guys welcome back to the channel yeah,so in this video I'm going to show you a,really cool strategy you can use to,advertise on Facebook and you can make,some really good profit with it,without spending a single penny on,advertising using recently and it's,working really well thanks to a Facebook,algorithm change um so I'm gonna jump on,my computer now show you exactly how it,works and show you how you can get,started with it straight away right so,you just on my computer an out I'm gonna,show you this strategy and it works,amazingly in a minute thank you to a,like algorithm change on Facebook it's,kind of exploding I'm obviously using it,with affiliate marketing because that's,kinda what I focused in on at the moment,it works great with affiliate marketing,well you can use it with other things,like drop shipping or if you're selling,your own products it would work just as,well with that so the method is Facebook,groups now I'm not I've talked about,Facebook groups before I'm not talking,about going and posting over people's,Facebook groups and kind of spamming,them now just kind of work but this is,all about creating your own Facebook,group around a certain niche and using,that to advertise and honestly it is,working perfectly at the moment I'm only,thousands of dollars from this method,and even put more effort into it I can,even make even more I know it's please,it's working really well,and that is because Facebook is really,pushing Facebook groups out a minute if,you look down your newsfeed now you'll,see like night like probably like 60 70,percent of posts that you see are from,Facebook groups and that is because,Facebook's really getting behind this,idea of community and they're really,pushing it so they're they're making,groups a lot better and they're kind of,pushing people to them because obviously,they kind of want to get around the,community idea so this is the perfect,time to create your own Facebook group,and monetize it and it works really well,I'm going to show you now some examples,and and yeah I'll show you now show you,some examples so this is my Facebook,group but I only started about a month,ago or so I've got two thousand members,in,and is about video marketing obviously,so I'm promoting giving tips and tricks,and things about affiliate marketing,build a community around affiliate,marketing but I can also use that to,advertise products related to affiliate,marketing like link tracking software or,like builder or other things like that I,can promote them in this group because,that's what the audience is interested,in so yeah it works really well so all,you do is you create a Facebook group,around your certain niche you provide,value and then you can every now and,again post something which is maybe an,affiliate product or a product that,you're selling and you can get you can,get loads of clicks on it and you can,make loads of sales but it doesn't just,have to be in the make money online,niche and you don't have to have a great,father I'm going to show you some more,examples in a minute if it working,really well and you can do it with,almost anything but just to show you,like this is my group that I've got,2,000 members so all you do is you,decide what niche you're gonna be based,in so obviously I'm about making money,online so I created a group around this,but you don't have to do a group around,that you can do a group around whatever,you want so whatever you're really,interested in you should be able to,monetize it so you create your Facebook,group and you want to make sure it's got,keywords that people will search on,Facebook so affiliate marketing is,obviously what people are searching as,you can see here it says earn passive,income which is what people are,searching and people might search my,name so it's kind of ticking free the,boxes there with that so you think about,your niche and you put the keywords in,the title create a cover photo which is,attractive and then when you first start,add your friends to it first of all just,to get some people into the group and,then what you can do is go and find,groups similar to yours join them and,then add people from those groups as,friends and then you can add them into,your group send out to people just let,people know those there tell your,friends tell people like that to you,start to get a few people in the group,and then what will happen is once people,start joining the group and you're,providing value in that group I'll show,you some types of posts in a minute then,Facebook will see that people are really,enjoying this group and they'll start to,push up people's newsfeeds,and they'll start advertising it for,free so you don't,to spend a single penny on advertising,and you're going to get people coming to,your group and then eventually clicking,on your links and this works out so much,better than Facebook pages so we have a,Facebook page you have to pay for,advertising and things like that this,works so much better because as I said,that Facebook Facebook are basically,advertising it for free so I get like,hundreds of people's joining this group,every week and I only wonder questions,when they join the group I said where,did you hear about they say just on,Facebook,Facebook's just advertising it for me,now they come into the group they see my,welcome post and then there's a link in,that welcome post that leads through to,an affiliate product I'm promoting I'm,learning commission from that every time,someone joins the group but you can then,what you actually see if you look down,the group people are just commenting and,having conversations in the group it's,really started to be a really good,community and then you can just add some,values or post some quotes post some,tips share some articles get some really,good engagement so and then when you do,want to sell something then it doesn't,stand out and people actually trust you,then so yeah it works really well but,you haven't got to just be in like make,money online niche,I was looking before so you can if you,say you want to be in the fitness niche,so you're all about fitness,there's loads of groups about fitness,and yeah you can share tips you can,share tricks you share things like that,but you could also share some fitness,products so if you go into Clickbank,you look here in type of health and,fitness there's loads of fitness,products down here red tea detox back to,life a fitness product flat belly fix,yoga burn so what you do is you create,your Facebook group around fitness mmm,like women's health and fitness tips,here it's got 11,000 members or fitness,motivation you get people joining that,group and then you can just put in your,top post and some products that you,recommend and people will come through,to them and click on them and purchase,them and that is basically how it works,and it works really well and again is,like these niches for almost anything so,you can think of something that you're,interested in and there will be a group,about that and basically you just create,a group buy as well so these like dogs,here loads of groups of out dogs,one here in dogs our family 68 members,dogs made me smile 222 thousand members,in that group and you think well how are,you gonna monetize that grouper out,about dogs well if you actually go to,Clickbank or wherever that affiliate,networks I just search dogs before,there's ten pages of dog products,accelerated training for dogs cookbook,for dogs training tool for dogs brain,training for dogs so again you create a,group around that post some cute,pictures of dogs you're gonna get people,interested in dogs joining that group,and then you can share products that,they're interested in like how to brain,train your dogs it's literally the,perfect way of advertising because,you're building a community that are,super concentrated that are really,interested in your niche and then you're,recommending product that they're,interested in and you'll make so many,sales from it so that is their strategy,it's just a quick video just to show you,this really cool strategy so you don't,even have to have a spend a single penny,on advertising at all create a community,around a certain niche and use it to,advertise products and it works with,Shopify or drop shipping because you,could be promoting some products that,you've bought from China that you want,to sell through your own Shopify store,like dog chews or something like that,and then again you just recommend it in,your pinned post or mention it every now,and again and it works really well so,yeah that's that's it for this video,hope you enjoyed it if you've got any,questions or anything just let me know,in the comments box below and if you do,this method and it works let me know how,it goes,thank you for watching until next time,cheers guys

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How To Do Facebook Ads For (FREE!!) Easy Method 2022!

How To Do Facebook Ads For (FREE!!) Easy Method 2022!

so in this video I'll be showing you,guys how to do Facebook ads for free in,2019 and the method that I'm going to be,showing you guys actually walks if,you're done if you don't have enough,money to spend on FB ads or you aren't a,fan of every ad so you don't know how to,do the regular FB ad,this method is gonna work for you so,with that being said let's jump right,into it first of all we're gonna head,over to a website called lookup ID,that's gone it will be linked in the,description so what we're gonna use this,website to do is that we're gonna use,lookup ID that come to find our target,audience and as we all know if you're,watching this video you should actually,have known that Facebook adverts,actually targets a a particular niche so,what we're gonna use lookup ID to do is,to find our niche on Facebook so how,we're gonna do that we're gonna head,over to the every search tool right here,this tool right here,every search - so we're gonna click on,that and it's gonna open up this page,for us so what we're gonna do on this,page now we're gonna go all the way down,down down down down and here to the,multiple variables - right here this -,multiple variables so what this is gonna,do is gonna tell Facebook um we're gonna,tell lookup ID to tell Facebook to show,us um a particular set of people that,were that were actually trying to,advertise to so here you can see name,we're gonna click on the drop-down and,it's gonna show us current employer,title past employer title any employer I,took current location previous location,language spoken school visited likes,born what all these things means is,let's say we choose some liked this,means that were telling lookup ID to,tell Facebook to show us people that,liked what we write here so we're gonna,look for people with a like fitness and,and we can actually add another variable,then we're gonna click on end right here,and it says um and and and we can add a,click on this dot,here again we're just people at my,current location or any location your,night ad states and now what this means,is that this is gonna tell Facebook to,show us people that like fitness and are,currently in the law in the United,States so you can see how powerful these,two E's and I can actually add another,variable and see and tell the compiler,to tell Facebook to show us between the,light fitness that I in the United,States and are named let's say Daniel,okay so with that done we're gonna click,on search and let's wait for it - Luda,okay um and you can see right here you,can see right here,look up you just told Facebook to show,us people this guy Daniel Hart lives on,Channel a male US Virgin Islands likes W,BFF Pro fitness model this guy's on your,parents lives in channel ml US Virgin,Islands likes Britain babe Fitness so,you can see all these people are people,that are super Lisa packet and we can,actually advertise to these people so,what we're gonna do now is that we're,gonna um let's say we wanna sell a,t-shirt a t-shirt that that that has the,name let's say something like I'm Daniel,um okay let's say Daniel rocks a t-shirt,that has a right of the C's Daniel rocks,we can actually get the t-shirt on and,actually promoted to all these people,right here so but what I'm gonna do that,we're gonna do something else so we're,gonna come here and look for people the,like let's say let's try another niche,um people the like I'm weight weight,loss um that are currently in the United,States and let's just remove the names,let's say if you have something like,a weightless ebook and you wanna promote,it to people at AI in the United States,and and love weight loss then can use,that so you can see I'm liked weight,loss current location United States so,done I'm gonna click on search now you,can see all these people here are people,that aren't United States and love,weight loss so what we're gonna do with,these people that look up ID toward,Facebook the source to show us we're,gonna take all these people put them,into one Facebook profile and actually,advertise to them with their Facebook,profile so how I'm gonna do that we're,just gonna um we're just gonna go ahead,and add a friend request add confirm,that I know the person add and that's,what we're just gonna do but actually I,don't do this manually,I use a Facebook extension called two,key for Facebook and it's done and this,is the extension and our link is in the,description so what you use this,extension for basically is to,automatically add all these people that,I want to target into if a particular,Facebook profile and actually advertise,what you have to offer to them so we're,just gonna go down and click off a,button so uh huh this is the part of you,that I you say it's click on add friend,buttons right here so they're gonna,click on start - so it's takes enter URL,to start the click on add a friend,button - so just gonna head over to the,Facebook search page that um that lookup,ID gave us and you can see I'm right,here on the on the on the extension page,it already has HTTP double territorial, input for us right here so,we're just gonna copy from here,from such from such all the way down,click right click and click on copy then,head over to toolkit for fbn put this,what we copied right there and click on,start ok,he's gonna show us on this pop-up right,here so just gonna enable all to screw,down and it will auto press um at a,press confirm buttons and enable auto,press those buttons and then I like,using 1050 seconds because if you don't,do that Facebook is gonna actually think,that your robot under my tongue,put your account I've disabled for the,moment so um once that's done you can,use anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds I,prefer so just keep it at 20 and then,click on any of their logarithms and you,can see right here and I started adding,friends so that's how easy it is another,one there's clicking others things it's,the the plug-in that's do not walk now,so as soon as this plugin is done adding,up all these people into a friends list,for me you know what I'm gonna do is I'm,gonna find a weight loss product maybe,an athlete's product or my own product,and actually promote these products to,these people through my Facebook,accounts and that's actually how you can,do FB ads for free in 2019 so you can,see how powerful this method is it's,automatically adding friends for me and,once that is done I can actually promote,to them once that is done I can actually,promote to them and make a lot of money,make Bank with these people so um guys,that's it for the video if you liked the,video please subscribe to my channel cuz,I'll be uploading awesome videos about,making money online like this every,single day on my channel so it's gonna,give it a bye bye for the video,see you on my channel as a subscriber,so guys

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