how to run facebook ads without spending a dime

How to generate leads online without spending a dime on ad spendhey what's up silver family hopefull

James the Solar Expert

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to generate leads online without spending a dime on ad spend

hey what's up silver family hopefully,you doing amazing,before I jump in the video if you,haven't scheduled your solar strategy,call maybe you're new in industry,or you're looking for sales and,marketing strategies make sure you book,a free solar strategy call to be a,pop-up around this video somewhere in,this video I want to go over how you can,generate organic solar leads without,spending a dime on ad spend right so,let's go ahead and jump right into it,unfortunately gonna have to pay in one,of two ways right so it's either gonna,be your time or it's gonna be with money,right so if you have a lot of time in,your hands but you don't have much money,there's ways to you know put a little,bit elbow grease in to dive deep and get,dirty with it yourself and obviously if,you have money you can pay people or you,can be coached or you can learn,strategies to excellence she cut the,learning curve right but you're gonna,pay in one of two ways right in any of,those ways what I want to show you today,is how you can generate organic solar,leads without any ad spend right so the,first way to do that is by basically,joining Facebook like home-improvement,groups or anything related to homes,right and from there you want to just,build an authentic relationship you want,to start commenting and providing value,in the group don't be the spammer in the,group that you know as soon as they let,you in you say hey what's going on James,here who needs solar ready because no,one is gonna respond to that and it's a,big turn-off in social media right so,sit there for a while maybe for like you,know a week or so building the,relationship with people there because,you are building an authentic,relationship you are giving value so,basically when somebody comments try to,engage right so they see you a lot more,on the page rather than you know jumping,in and spamming them with something,about solar as soon as they let you in,right so more than likely if you did,that if you just you know spam to the,page but solar ads or you know get a,solar quote here's my number here's my,email,more than likely gonna kick you out,right so that's one way that you can,generate leads organically without,paying any ad spend the second way is to,start creating you,to videos this is gonna be the best,strategy out of the two because these,homeowners that are searching on YouTube,they're actually already looking for,solar right because if you really think,about it there's already a conversation,happening in social media right they're,already like up there in the in the,airwaves because people are already,looking into solar and it's your job to,get in front of that traffic right with,whether you know it's a paid ad or,whether it's a video you have to get in,front of it of that traffic that's your,job as a marketer right so the best way,to get in front of that traffic is by,creating value videos that's going to,help cut some of the learning curve that,the homeowners are searching for right,because as you already know Google owns,YouTube right so they would rather serve,their videos before they go in external,places to find content further you know,for their users right they'd rather,serve their videos so it's really,important for you to start creating,videos and keep in mind that social,media in general it's a long-term play,right it's not something that you just,crank on one day and here it comes and,obviously there are ways where you can,create ads on like Facebook where you,can get in front of homeowners quickly,and within maybe a few days you may be,able to get some leads but the end of,the day those type of advertising on,Facebook it's dead right so Moz will,spend your time to aiding something that,has a solid foundation which is YouTube,videos and from there that's the way,you're gonna be able to build a know,like and trust factor with your audience,and when they opt-in it's gonna be a lot,more viable lead right because there's a,lot of garbage out there right now on on,Facebook I mean if I pop up in Facebook,right now there's probably like you know,10 different ads of you know solar,companies or you know people that just,running ads and unfortunately the market,is supersaturated with those types of,advertisements so you have to do,something different I know sometimes,it's a little uncomfortable to get on,camera so if you're uncomfortable right,now just start you know with one video,like one video a day right eventually,you're gonna get even more and more,comfortable and then from there you know,making a video it's gonna be a breeze,right if I can share with you the first,video I made years ago it's horrific,right it's probably the worst video that,anybody can ever make right I'll,probably get the number one worst videos,of the worst videos when I first got,started was horrible but obviously I,just kept going I kept pushing through I,started getting better and better and,just keep in mind that you know after,you create your video just watch your,video a few times and write down the,things that you liked about your video,and maybe the way you looked or the,things that you said and then write down,some things as well that you can improve,on and that way if you're tracking it if,you're measuring your videos it's gonna,get better and better right so my,suggestion to you especially if you're,trying to get organic traffic on YouTube,without any ads spin start creating,videos right because that's why I teach,all my students right create a personal,band and start creating videos around,that personal brand and then from there,you're gonna be able to get more viable,higher quality solar leads than posting,a Facebook ad on Facebook right that is,is dead at this point unless another,strategy comes out but Facebook is so,saturated and at the end of the day,Facebook it's more like a billboard,right you're trying to get in front of,homeowners you're trying to convince,them that Solar is a good thing versus,Google versus YouTube like I said the,conversation is already there right,people are already searching and,organically you just got to get in front,of the traffic of all these homeowners,that are already looking into solar so,if you want to dive in deeper if you,want to learn how to do marketing how to,position yourself as a person or,authority by creating a personal brand,make sure you schedule a free solar,strategy call or maybe you're new in,industry you need sales and you know,sales tactics because these days,everyone's a 1099 and unfortunately,solar companies aren't spending too much,you know with their 1099 employees so if,you need to learn how to close more,deals if you aren't closing 30% of your,deals click the link as well and,schedule a free solar strategy call and,if you haven't subscribed to channel,make sure you click the subscribe button,click the bell notification as well so,you get all my updated videos as it,comes out thanks for watching have an,amazing day

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How To Promote Your Facebook Page Without Spending A Dime - Part One

How To Promote Your Facebook Page Without Spending A Dime - Part One

good morning everybody this is coach,Gary founder of 30-minute million or I,hope you're having a wonderful labor day,weekend with your family when of course,I should have tooken a bye on today,being labor day but I want to just let,you know that we want to continue with,the series on facebook and how to build,your business on facebook and the,two-part series that we're gonna do,right now our lesson so we're going to,do right now is how do you promote your,Facebook page without spending a dime,and we have 18 ways that we're going to,teach you these two you know these two,series um you know that you can promote,your facebook now let me make very clear,i know a lot of you out there saying oh,my gosh that's too difficult it's too,tough I can't do it stop it stop don't,say that anymore because what we're,doing is we're taking you step by step,to show you how you can actually brand,yourself create some content create some,messages and own some real estate on,social media and we're doing a whole,series on facebook which will be a book,that we're publishing and that book is,going to be headed for the top 10 amazon,best sellers so just want to make sure,that you guys know that you can follow,along step-by-step little by little,because you're going to have a book,you're going to have a video I'd be I'm,going to put this on youtube of course I,make a public for everybody and on the,same time you'll be able to read the PDF,download file and you'll have the book,you know for 295 or whatever it is that,it's going to be kindle edition that you,can download on top of it so you got the,video you got the book and i'm going to,add another element to it to help you,out to let you know how easy this is,inkay it just takes a little time and,again you can't learn it overnight but,step by step you can build this internet,presence using facebook we're gonna be,teaching that series i'm gonna offer you,a 30-minute free coaching session how,cool is that also you'll have access to,my book on my blog site the number 30,minute dash ma intercom okay it's all,about linkedin so it's linkedin for,network marketers now the key here is I,teach how to leverage your time through,using by hiring a,personal assistant and how inexpensive,that really is and how easy it is i'm,teaching that netbook also i have a,program now that i'm working on that,that's going to be a program that i'm,going to offer to people that they can,actually generate 10 to 25 leads every,single day from social media and in any,one of the major platforms how cool is,that we have qualified people not people,looking for a job that are broken,desperate and are answering ads to,anything and everything but these are,people that are qualified highly,successful people those are the leads,that we're going to be generating for,you so if you just get started and,you're the person at the bottom and,saying you know I can't read all those,books at Gary right so I can't do all,those courses he teaches you know hey I,get it I understand that you know I,spent a long time learning this stuff,there's no question about it I just,poured myself into it for five solid,years they get to where I am so don't,worry about it we're going to make it,very easy for you so if you go click and,all you have to do is learn how to,engage in a conversation talk to people,how cool is that and have fun with it,okay so we're getting you there what I,call a click and talk method all right,as opposed to a steady learning right,valuable content and but we still want,you to create your profiles because,people are going to check you out and,that's where people miss it on this,stuff if you don't have a great profile,of all of these platforms people go to,check you out they go who's this person,Oh nobody's following him what is he,what can he do to help me move my,business forward you get where I'm going,alright that's what these lessons are,designed to help the person the least,amount of experience and for those that,want to go to the top of the comp plan,and build their blog sites and brand,themselves and write their content well,you don't have to buy a fifty thousand,books you don't have to go all these,different programs it's all gonna be,right here for you alright let's get,started here you go glad to have you on,board on a on a holiday weekend okay,here we go,all right here we go how to promote your,Facebook page without spending a dime,and again you know this is by my brand,30 minute millionaire cuz we're gonna be,talking about that so I threw my brand,in there this is also going to be part,of our Facebook one of our amazon books,and there's my assistant masha Ilyich is,a social media strategist all right so,part one of two here we go all right now,my previous lessons I have shown you how,to make Facebook page and create and,called the action button what that does,is that put you in to you can put you,into a fan page it can put you into a,blog site mine happens to be my blog,site i'm going to show you that in the,lesson today how easy that really is ok,and then people sign up for my what i,call ethical bribe which is my book that,i wrote on linkedin for network,marketers which is how to highly,leveraged your time ok now your new page,is ready and you know it's ok and you,know it's important for your,organization and lead generation whole,purpose here's a build an organization,and to build leads and quality leads to,grow your organization i'm going to stop,and say something at this point linkedin,has changed my life financially and both,were the relationships that i have i,have people seeking me out all the time,and coming to me i get over 30 people a,day now that actually through facebook,and linkedin that actually contact me,they want to connect with me i want to,know more about what i'm doing so just,keep that in mind how important it is,that profile yourself and to build a,brand where you become a person of,attraction and it's very easy to do and,it's all laid out for you in these,courses step by step all right the only,thing you don't know is how to promote,your page and attract more visitors and,that's what this lesson is all about,promote your page facebook page 18 ways,or into each other promote your facebook,how cool is that we want to make this,fun for everybody okay all right are you,looking for creative ways to spread the,word about your facebook page absolutely,you are so today i'm going to show you,some great tips not tricks but tips on,how to educate your fan base on how to,find your how to find you on facebook,now here's what's crazy,you see if you educate your fan base or,your downline or your customer base,you're teaching them to do what you're,doing and here's the cool thing about it,because you're doing it see I'm a,product of my own teaching I do what I,teach people to do see it's not that I,just print and you know go out there,read it and rewrite it and no that's not,what I had spin it out that's not what I,do I don't even go to plr to be honest,with you privately were right side ever,even done that here's what I'm telling I,do I take everything I learned and I,implement it and I practice as this,example I keep saying then that mush and,over 5,000 people now is probably more,following their first two weeks on our,new you know fan page that we're,building 30 minute millionaire so that's,all you know so we're doing what we're,teaching you so it's not just hype and,smoking mirrors its we're actually doing,it so we're product of our own teaching,just keep that in mind to help you out I,put together a list of 18 ways to,promote your Facebook page how cool is,that can make this fun for you guys all,right even if you implement only a few,of these ideas you'll start seeing,results and increase your conversions to,your fan page so let's get started all,right so here's something you need to,know thank you twenty percent of your,time should be creating content every,now here's what happens most network,marketers believe it or not make the,mistake of spending eighty percent of,their time developing their content and,eighty percent twenty percent of time,promoting it not smart you want to take,eighty percent of your time to promote,your brand and your content get it out,to people engage in people give them,free ethical bribes you know a free,little mini ebook it be it can be ten,pages you know again I'm giving,30-minute counseling now to people that,are reading this to help them get going,in in this okay isn't that cool alright,so the first thing you want to do I hate,strolling because I know you guys are,going oh I can't keep up with Gary hear,me shape your name or your brand very,important know where we are going to do,a whole section on branding for across,the board on all of the platforms,on social media it'll be a special,special teaching that I'm going to do,all right before you start collecting,likes you have to shape your brand now,to say something specific memorable,above yourself there's no question about,it you want to say something that people,can remember now and here's where you're,going to do it it's about you your,information page is where you build that,what are you going to do that's,different than everybody else you want,to be the same old french fry you want,to be unique creative innovative and,stand out absolutely you do so what,could you do differently than everybody,else to solve a problem to help people,move their lives forward to move their,business forward that's the mindset that,you have to have when you're on social,media that's why I offer free ebooks and,I offer free coaching to those people,and in gardless what MLM there in if,they come to me and say I love my,company I'm not going to change it can't,recruit me but god I'm stuck can you,help me out coach the answer is yes yes,and yes I can help you out okay I,promise you within 10-15 minutes of,listening to your stories I can tell you,what you're doing wrong fill out the,relevant information if you didn't,before with great attention to these r,okay we do these rounded fields and,don't skip a step because if you don't,do the if you don't fill out the,information properly you don't set up,the search criteria for the robotics and,these systems and it can't find people,for you okay so I'm going to use me an,example not to boast or brag this is not,about that it's just an example a guy,built this brand and it's it's,well-known I companies seek me out top,income earners seek me out because of,this brand I am a top MLM marketing,coach that teaches entrepreneurs and,network marketing is how to become top,income earners how do I do that through,social media strategies how do I do that,by branding yourself profiling yourself,writing content and becoming a person of,attraction you'll be able to do that on,any one of the platforms now we're,talking about Facebook think about that,figure out what you're going to say,about your,self now I'm going to give you a clue,what you're going to say about yourself,you need to be passionate about it it,needs to be purpose driven it needs to,be you know it needs to be content value,driven you have to learn the content you,have to become a person of an expert for,some authority for people to be,attracted to you you can't fake it till,you make it this is not what this is,about you're going to have to do some,studies that's why these courses are,here for you it's to help you to get on,top of it experience it like I did you,got to start someplace right but here's,the point most people never start and,that's why they never get anywhere you,got to start the key word is start all,right so I'm kind of like kind of poking,a little bit here to make sure you,understand what you need to do is start,and it'll come to you you know what I,took trigonometry I gotta tell you,something what I looked at that book I,looked at and I kept thinking to myself,I remember going back when I took,trigonometry you know way back I,actually I took trigonometry and junior,high school and I looked at that book,and I just said oh my god what did I do,I can't understand any it's all Greek to,me what is it what what am i doing you,know but as I started going through the,chapters reading the table of content,going through the chapters I started to,give familiar with it and clarity,started coming and you know what I,literally mastered it and I got excited,about it and math became what am I you,know I became a math guy not a prodigy,or you know like some of my friends are,oh my god for the prodigies I mean I,hang around with two guys that are just,met brilliant you know I guess oh my god,they they intimidate me but anyway I,didn't do that but I mastered the,subject because I got familiar with it,and clarity came after familiarity it,didn't happen okay overnight all right I,was the slowest student in the class but,then I actually ended up in that class,to be one of the top students okay I,started out last I ended up somewhere in,the top Jimmy ok let's look at this page,information and I'm going to go through,my example now you know my brand is 30,million her,personal coaching and business,development is consulting us what I do,all right now you notice my web page my,facebook web page it i branded this is,what 30-minute million or if you go,there you'll see it immediately when you,click on me or you like me it shows up,it has that profile as that brand sticks,right in front of you what do i do am I,my subscription here top MLM marketing,coach teaches entrepreneurs in network,marketers how to become top income,earners using social media that's all it,is that's all I do nothing I don't have,a 10,000 you know things that I do I'm,very what I call Pacific to gave very,specific to my purpose and that is to,teach social media marketing network,marketers okay and personally I think,I'm gonna top guys doing that because of,the depth and the time I took to learn,it to implement it and have the success,and I teach it by my experience and,success which is really cool okay 30 min,a millionaire is about teaching,entrepreneurs network marketers how to,get 30,000 likes in 30 days investing 30,minutes a day now that's the whole,purpose of doing in his facebook program,following Gary on Facebook Lincoln,Twitter Google+ those are some of the,platforms i am going to be bringing,instagram in here as part of the social,media packages and looks i'll be writing,a courses i'll be building as well,social media strategies every monday,morning i do a google hangout just like,i'm doing this morning and let me be,honest i don't have a huge following in,this but the people that are following,are serious and they're going to be,building their businesses on social,media and the benefit is they're going,to learn it on social media and they're,going to be successful in social media,now i get this a lot here I've been in,the business I've been working hard i'm,not getting anywhere you know and here's,what I got to say to you people folks,the process in social media takes a,little time it's not a fast track to a,million dollars no way I'm not ever,going to tell you that but it is a,consistent and sure let me say that it,won the word is sure way to create,strong relationships through the way,that you're going to connect with people,and,bond with people that will pay off for,you big time better than anything I've,ever known as far as finding key leaders,and key people I've never seen anything,you know my successes strictly come from,social media and I built these,organizations and or three thousand,people still struggled with it okay,until I use social media my life changed,I just got to be honest with you ok so,I'm passionate about educating network,marketing and people and the industry on,social media mark I'm sorry got this,cold this morning and so we have I feel,the greatest method ok and the greatest,business model in network marketing and,entrepreneurialism ever created ok for,our day and time you just have to,understand it and you have to understand,the methods and how to use it as a,result of this I've been ranked as one,of the top 10 linkedin contributors and,educators for better health a product,that I have is I you know I'm supporting,and basically with asante as an emerald,going qualifying diamond for 60 day,transformation 400 hours and 60 days to,lose weight and break the sugar,addiction so I'm very excited about,helping people with their health,breaking the sugar addiction which i,think is a cool yet I know as a,corporate inflammation you know causes,the stress and also in heart attack so,I'm very very very committed and,passionate about helping people knowing,that it's not these low fat diets and,cholesterol that's just junk with the,real truth is sugar causing inflammation,causing heart disease and heart attacks,and it's the number one killer and it's,a silent killer so sugars the culprit so,I'm there anything I do I got to take on,I'm passionate about ok alright so here,it is here's my email everything's,branded my facebook everything's branded,a 30 minute millionaire my books are,written 30 minute millionaire all of,that is brandished 30 min a millionaire,ok there's my page ID so if they ever,ask you for that you need to know where,that is second thing you're going to do,hold on i'm in a wife strong you're,going to set a custom URL for your,facebook page that's very important you,branch,self that I just showed you what I did,have you noticed that when you want to,share your link on facebook page that,you get a long ugly URL with a lot of,letters and numbers okay well nobody's,gonna follow that God excuse me I'm so,sorry about this is boring man I got a,head cold and I just can't help it,luckily Facebook has the option of,creating a nice custom URL instead i,will show you step-by-step how to do,that it's very easy okay here are some,important notes to remember you must,have at least 25 fans to set up a,username on your Facebook page so go out,and get your fans ahead of time you go,to a I need a favor you go to your,downline whatever it is say look I need,some fans I promise you people are going,to help you because they want to do the,same thing and even get them off of,facebook you can just go out there I,need your help post something on,Facebook I promise you're gonna get 25,people because that help you on your,okay that's so simple to do and it's a,lot of fun and it's probably your first,step into connecting with people you,must also be an admin of a page in order,to secure a custom URL that's automatic,if it's your page you should be an admin,of course you can add admin as well,usernames can only contain alphanumeric,character so you know and you can use a,period alright so keep that in mind that,but just one okay choose wisely because,you couldn't get because ones once you,set because once you set your username,you cannot change it later cannot be,changed later ok so the ones you said,are stuck with it no question about it,now here are some basic steps on how to,create your custom your URL you go to,your Facebook page from the account,warrior or you're the admin and you go,to and here it is as simple as that you,just take that down and you copy paste,that into your URL ok and the link says,set up your username pages and you just,click on not difficult very easy step to,follow so now what are we talking about,get your brand think about that this,lessons about creating your brand,getting you set up getting your username,ok or your brand,same as your url identification all,right and then start promoting it so,that's the first step getting your brand,going get your name going and start,promoting it create your facebook web,address right here click availability,and when you click availability it's,going to tell you if it's available or,not isn't that cool you can only create,a no I created this and I've got and it,was available how cool is that so I got,a web address with 30 minute millionaire,how is it maybe that's so I beat my gosh,I was so excited that it's available,look at that boom it's available okay,several things you need to can remember,i'll stop destroying several things you,need to remember you can only change the,username in 30 minute million at once i,already said that after you set it up so,there's time you can't transfer the,ownership of the username to any other,party it's yours forever it's protected,it has rights you can't violate any one,else's trademark rights your,trademarking yourself a lot of people,don't realize that when you set it up on,facebook how cool is that oh my gosh if,you are acquiring a username is sell it,in the future squatting you will lose it,oh my god so there's no squatting here,you know this is not the godaddy here,i'm sorry you know with all these people,that squat on you or am sorry about that,I user names they may be reclaimed for,other unauthorized uses so be carefully,follow the rules there's adequate here,like everything else are you sure you,want to set the 30 minute millionaire as,a 30 minute millionaire username you,confirm that boom and away you go,obviously mine is confirmed and I've got,it solid I got a locked in I'm the,trademark guide look at that if you,click on facebook com forward slash 30,minute millionaire Gary pops up so go,try that see what happens my brand comes,up my you'll see my like sign in goes,directly over to my blog site people,sign up on my blog they get my free book,now they also get you know a 30 minute,free coaching session and way we go to,help people do the same thing okay how,cool is that your facebook your custom,facebook URL is now created it was easy,to do it all the steps were laid out,three four steps boom boom boom you're,ready to go share it on your social,media,networks groups pages every place that,you could share it print it out on your,business cards folks you're like rocking,and rolling how much fun is that so many,people are still checking the about you,section on facebook you know I go on,Facebook honestly and I click on about,you and nothing's there because people,are not taking the time to learn this so,this is so I've made it so easy Masha,and I bless their heart i just love ish,i couldn't do this without it she's,making it so easy for you guys to really,learn about this and to do about it and,to implement this is so simple okay you,can add a link to your About section on,contact your basic information alright,here it is contact basic information,everything is right here that you have,to fill it up you need to be an all,start filling out your overview work in,education places you lid family,relations details about you live events,your interest remember hashtag interest,big time connects with a lot of people,you'd be surprised when you use hashtag,interest and we're going to be adding up,more into our teachings I think in the,second session about hashtag interest,okay all right here we go here's my,account and that cool all right so it's,all there for you here's my here's my,personal page and here's my business,page alright fourth item organization,power ask everyone in your organization,to put a link of your pages of your,business pages on their profile that's,not hard to do everybody in your,organization a downline this is so easy,to do a lot of you guys have downed,lines of 200 300 500 this is how you get,going some of you may have downloads of,two thousand five thousand to them folks,if you just stop and think about this if,you ask your organization to honestly to,endorse your page you're teaching them,what they need to do and the average,person just the average person a person,doesn't do anything on facebook has out,in 20 people that's the average on,facebook today,the average business page has over 500,people I don't know actually what it is,I looked it up but I know it's over 500,people I know that much ok so usually a,business pages anywhere from about,twenty five hundred five miles ok and I,know a lot of the big guys get it up to,fifteen twenty twenty-five thousand and,they can k obviously can do that here's,my point when you do and teach somebody,else to do it man you just tapped in to,their sphere of influence if you learn,anything from this you are absolutely,compounding your efforts of connecting,with people because you teach them to,endorse you and then they'd learn how to,do that and they're going to copy you,and follow you you want to be a leader,you want to be a leader do it and teach,them to do it how cool is that ask,everyone in your organization to put a,link on your business page on your,profile ok and you know yeah I don't,have to bug them a few times send some,emails going on the phone with an angled,you do this ask your friends to do it,that's how you do it how do you become a,best-seller unlinked it you ask your,friends you get the book away for three,days I'm gonna give you my secret you,give the book away for three days and,you go talk to people that have,thousands of thousands of people on your,profile and you endorse their book I got,people with 500,000 people and their,downline endorsing my book hello that's,how you becoming Amazon bestseller ok,give you away my secrets a simple was,that simple everybody thinks it's so,complicated right well how do you get a,lot of people on I'm gonna give you,another one a big tip ok I don't know,I'm getting off in this bandwagon but I,just want to let you know how easy this,stuff is ok wait what do you do but you,know what if go find a video with 10,million views that isn't the same,relative field you are and then tag that,video if it's not being promoted or,advertising you have to get permission,and do this and that video you start,promoting my god you know the views it,you're going to get on that boom boom,ba-ba-boom you can't handle it ok simple,stuff I took a course in clickbank to,learn how to do that these kids make,five million dollars in less than five,years doing that one technique I just,shared with you come on folks it's easy,ok to do all right this is going to be,continued again this is coach Gary hey,love you guys I want to see the best out,of your social media,a marketing social entrepreneurism is on,the move it's on the rise and it can,help you Gary offers a free 30 minute,millionaire coaching session the,scheduled appointment right to okay uh,we got to change that we're going to,change that ok we're going to write to,ok here's what it's going to be it's,going to be Masha at see she changed it,now to 30 minute ash really you know,because you got to keep their brand,upright that's her new email all right,there it is boom how cool is that all,right so that's it we'll see you next,week part two just go ahead and,implement this get it going folks you're,going to have the time of your life all,right so this is all great stuff easy to,do easy to do books easy to do have fun,with it take that free session I'll walk,you through it okay you got some,problems you need to solve in the,coaching session besides the facebook,I'll help you with that too this is,coach Gary have a wonderful rest of the,weekend and we'll see you next week bye,bye now okay

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