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How to run Facebook Ads for CBD and Canna Products - 2022hey guys what's going on this is pavel,vasi


Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to run Facebook Ads for CBD and Canna Products - 2022

hey guys what's going on this is pavel,vasilic um,i'm the ppc guy the ad guy um i've been,running facebook ads and youtube ads,probably for the past decade if um,you know if there was something to sell,i probably sold it i've sold everything,um from like toys to beauty products to,clothing to,um supplements pretty much everything,i've ran it on facebook,but um recently,um i have probably in the past like two,years i've gotten into more,of a different niche which is cannabis,cbd kratom even mushrooms um started,running ads for that now i started i,just got interested in to basically,um,getting ads approved for things that no,agency or other people like can get,approved i was taught by uh jason horner,nicholas kuzmich um among other people,uh maxwell finn probably,some of the best people in facebook ads,that are out there um these were,probably spent over a hundred thousand,dollars learning going to seminars going,to workshops uh learning this over the,course of the last 10 years and i've,gotten really really good at it so um,and uh it took me about a year uh to,figure out how to,how to do this right um because one of,the biggest problems is for this,industry is no one can run ads,everything gets shut down accounts get,suspended and that's because mainly of,one of the biggest reasons which is,compliance right,most agencies and um you know uh,contractors that run ads they they don't,know what they're doing um they haven't,done it before uh it took me about a,year to figure it out i lost like six or,seven accounts,um trying to figure it out went through,a lot of failure a lot of tweaks but the,only way that we can learn is if we fail,so i learned from a lot of mistakes i,knew what was uh you know what to do,what not to do and over the years,facebook actually dedicated a rep to me,who helps me uh so basically i got a guy,on the inside who kind of tells me what,to do and uh when i need things,to get approved i just kind of hit him,up and things get approved so um i want,to talk a little bit about kind of what,this looks like and if you need this,um you probably do um there's a you know,organic traffic is really really good,but again it takes time uh to build to,build up that organic traffic to get,your stuff ranked on on google or,youtube or whatever it is but one of the,quickest ways to get results is,paid advertising right and,this industry whether it's cbd cannabis,you know kratom any of these any of,these gray area things that these,platforms are just you know not happy,with they don't allow you it's against,their you know terms and services but,there's ways around it and,uh with the help of the facebook rep and,all you know this little trick that i,learned um everything gets approved so,right now what you're looking at is uh,an account for a company um that i,started working with about six six,months ago,running their advertising what they went,through was they hired agencies got,burned by them um everything got shut,down their ads kept getting you know,disapproved um and i think they lost,pretty much every single account that,they had so we uh we opened up a new one,uh i made sure everything was compliant,um and through trial and error,of things that i went through in the,past we were able to get things approved,so you can see here,on these ads um there's a few ways that,i do this um,it's oh but the roi is not bad this is,pretty good and we've spent about 18,this is,about four months ago we started running,these ads um six months ago i actually,started working with them you know,putting everything in place uh making,sure that everything was in order,compliant um so it wouldn't raise any,flags by facebook but you can see here,that we spent eighteen thousand dollars,and you know eighteen thousand four,hundred thirty three dollars and three,cents on advertising and it brought back,one hundred and one thousand four,hundred and twenty five dollars which is,5x return um with retargeting we're,looking at 10.82,um,you know x uh return on uh return on ad,spend basically so there's there's a few,ways that we run this and i want to show,you one of the ads and and if you do,decide to work with us,and you do want to have paid advertising,run go ahead you know hit us up click,the button below or whatever there,should be something on the screen where,you can click it apply or contact us,send us an email if you are interested,in getting uh ads approved for your,company we'll you know we gotta first,make sure that we're the right fit for,each other and we can work together but,i wanna show you one of the ads that we,are running right now um i'm only gonna,show you a little bit um i don't want to,give away all the secrets but um this is,how we do it um typically we run,something called a video ad on facebook,uh works really really well and as you,can see there's a lot of comments we're,targeting the right people people,the cool thing about facebook and uh,tick tock ads and facebook ads whatever,um is that you could target people,literally when they're about to buy,uh we target people based on the most,likely person to buy within the niche so,we're not targeting random people we're,targeting the exact audience that is,interested in this product and we just,put it in front of them in a way that's,compliant,and in a way that gets them clicking,going to the store and buying stuff,right but we do it,there's a there's a little a little few,little tricks that i do there that uh,you know go around facebook's algorithm,and compliance stuff so they never,really um they don't care uh what i'm,doing because it's all compliant it's,done in a very specific way,and this is something that we could do,for you um so it's really cool stuff,it's really powerful if you want to get,things moving fast right if you want to,get things moving fast go ahead contact,us if you kind of want to do it slow,then um,you know and try and figure it out,yourself lose account so you could do it,that way or just go with us um so if you,guys um are interested this is kind of,how things work you could see that we,run a lot of cold traffic so this is,basically stuff to new audiences and,then we re-target them basically,following the following them around you,know basically the people that saw,something you know saw our first ad will,they get cookied and then we follow them,around all over the internet basically,until uh,they buy we give them discounts offers,whatever um just to give them incentive,to buy and the more they see it the the,more they're exposed the more brand,recognition there is the better right so,this can be done for like an e-commerce,type store this can be done for your,local dispensary location this can be,this could be done for basically,anything right it works so whether,you're local or you're national whatever,you know industry that you're in that,you've been getting shut down you're,tired of getting shut down you're tired,of you know going through all that,nonsense and you think maybe you know,ads are just never gonna work that's not,true okay because they are working right,here and this is for a kratom product,and then we're running another one for,cbd also so kratom was actually like,it's actually really,heavily regulated um as far as uh on,these platforms on social platforms they,do not like grade em um so there's only,like one or two other companies that,have successfully been able to do what,i've been doing one or two other,agencies that are helping them out i,kind of figured out so this is like a,big industry secret and not many people,know how to do this um so if you guys do,want to have this type of advertising in,your arsenal helping your store brand,your location explode hit us up click,the button below and have a talk with us,and i hope to work with you guys in the,future and have a good one peace,you

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Can you advertise CBD on Facebook? CBD Advertising in 2022

Can you advertise CBD on Facebook? CBD Advertising in 2022

there's one question that every cbd,marketer has asked at some point can you,advertise cbd on facebook,here's the truth,yes you can advertise cbd on facebook in,fact we work with dozens of cbd,companies who successfully advertise,their products on facebook and i've,personally run cbd ads for my own brands,as well,let's dive into facebook's ad policies,for cbd review some best practices for,getting your own cbd ads approved and,look at some real world examples of cbd,ads being run on facebook today,although you can advertise cbd on the,platform there's no specific facebook,policy regarding cbd ads that's publicly,available,but facebook does have internal policies,in place for cbd ads they've even,commented on these policies in the past,back in 2019 a facebook spokesperson,stated in an email that while they don't,allow cbd or ingestible hemp to be,promoted ads for topical hemp are,permitted,flash forward to 2022 and we can see,clear examples of companies advertising,cbd on facebook,confirming their policies continue to,evolve over time,but more on that later,facebook's ad policy for cbd can be,summed up in three guidelines,first your ad creative cannot feature,ingestible cbd products,this means gummies candies and other,edible cbd products cannot be featured,in your ad images or videos,second,your ad copy cannot explicitly mention,cbd or other related terms like cannabis,or cannabinoid,we'll discuss some creative ways to work,around this shortly,and finally your landing page cannot,feature any ingestible cbd products so,no sending traffic to a product page for,cbd gummies or chocolates,simply put your ads cannot mention cbd,show cbd products or link to a landing,page with ingestible cbd products for,sale,of course you'll find brands outright,violating these guidelines while still,getting their ads approved,but it's only a matter of time before,facebook notices and takes action,oftentimes the risk is not worth it,even if you follow facebook's guidelines,there's no guarantee your ad will be,approved not only do you risk getting,your ads disapproved but facebook is,known for taking swift action against,advertisers who promote cbd products,some retailers have even reported their,facebook ad account shut down,permanently after only their first,offense,this is mainly due to the enforcement of,facebook's ad policies being automated,which is why it's important to follow,the guidelines we just discussed as much,as possible,using words like cbd cannabis or hemp in,your ad copy can quickly trigger,disapproval of your ads or worse,if the risk of losing your ad account is,too great i recommend launching a sister,company on a separate domain to test cbd,ads on facebook,you'll need to build landing pages on a,new site but they don't have to be too,elaborate,a great example of this is just hemp,they're a sister company of just cbd,built primarily to advertise on,platforms like facebook and google,the site design is very simple and it's,an effective strategy for driving new,customers to their main brand,there's no way to guarantee whether or,not your cbd ads will be approved if you,follow these guidelines,but there's no question that following,these guidelines,gives you the best chance at getting,your ads approved without losing your,entire ad account,first,don't mention any trigger words directly,related to cbd in your ad copy,this includes words like hemp cannabis,and cannabinoid,chances are if the word is frequently,used in relation to cbd it will trigger,an add disapproval,instead use phrases that focus on the,benefits and manufacturing process of,your cbd products here's some great,examples natural plant-based remedy,infused topicals botanical ingredients,when discussing benefits be sure to,avoid making any explicit medical claims,phrases often used by cbd brands today,include,soothe and revitalize skin,or relieve joints and muscles,next,don't show any mention of cbd in your ad,images or videos this includes product,labeling which facebook's automated,content moderation will be able to,detect,if you want to be extremely cautious,don't feature any cbd products in your,ad creative,however you'll see when we look at ad,examples that plenty of brands are,getting ads approved that feature,topical cbd products,your mileage may vary and finally don't,mention cbd on your landing page,you may be able to get away with,mentioning hemp but most cbd brands,avoid mentioning either and instead,highlight the benefits of their products,along with the ingredients,obviously if cbd is in your landing page,url your ad will likely be disapproved,this is part of the reason just cbd has,the site just hemp that we talked about,earlier,i know these guidelines are extremely,restrictive and make it seem almost,impossible to get cbd ads approved but,rest assured there are dozens of cbd,brands actively advertising on facebook,today,before we take a look at the ad some of,these brands are running let's discuss a,few campaign strategies for cbd brands,that don't involve sending traffic to a,product page,the guidelines we've been discussing,primarily apply to ads and landing pages,that are actively selling cbd products,some cbd brands are able to mention cbd,and ad copy,feature cbd and their ad creative and,have cbd all over their landing pages,when they implement one of these,alternative campaign strategies,one of the most popular campaign,strategies for cbd companies is running,facebook ads to promote a blog post or,article related to cbd,covering topics like the benefits of cbd,or how to pick the right cbd products,are relevant to your target audience and,easy to create,the best part is you can directly,mention cbd on the landing page and,direct traffic to other pages on your,site using call to action buttons,a quiz funnel is one of the best ways to,collect leads for your cbd business,with the help of third-party software,like typeform you can host a quiz on,your landing page and drive traffic to,it using facebook ads,there are many different types of,quizzes to choose from with one of the,most popular in the health and wellness,industry being product recommendation,quizzes,create quiz questions that help you,match potential customers with the right,products while collecting valuable,information on how they like to use cbd,products,at the end of the quiz direct the,customer to the product they match with,or simply collect an email address for,future outreach,facebook's ad library is my favorite,tool for finding cbd ads just enter a,brand name or keyword and look through,any active ads that currently running,you'll see their copy creative and can,even click through to whatever landing,page the ad is pointing to,as an example i have medterra's facebook,ad library page pulled up on my screen,here,let's take a look at some of the active,ads they're running currently,so here we can click on any ad on see,add details and get a glimpse of what,creative copy and landing page you're,pointing people to,so here's a great example of a cbd ad,that's pushing people towards,educational content we see in the copy,here they're able to mention cbd,specifically,in their ad creative they're able to,feature a cbd product we're clearly,saying a tincture cbd is mentioned in,the ad creative too and when we go to,look at the landing page they're sending,people to,will notice very quickly that it's not a,direct sales page it's not a product,listing this is a blog post on top five,things to look for when buying cbd,so like i mentioned when you advertise,towards educational content you can get,away with mentioning cbd as much as,you'd like,and how are they directing this traffic,to buy from their store or sign up for,their email list,this straightforward learn more button,which is going to take you to the,medterra homepage so this is a clear,example of that ad strategy we talked,about where,by promoting educational content you can,work within facebook guidelines without,having to obfuscate what it is you're,actually advertising,now if we continue to look through we'll,see a lot of different posts here as,well um beyond just having educational,content they're also going to be,advertising directly to some products as,well,see if we can find one here,okay here's a good example so um,like i mentioned with just hemp a lot of,brands are going to advertise hemp,products,while they have cbd in their catalog and,the hemp products are going to be used,to drive people to their site now again,facebook is wishy-washy when it comes to,whether or not you can show hemp or cbd,in the copying ads but we see here a,clear example of medterra being able to,advertise a hemp product it's clearly,mentioned in their,product copy,you see it mentioned on the product,image itself and if we go to the actual,landing page,again we'll be able to see,um,you know the directing people to an,actual product page this isn't a blog,post it's a straight product page for,someone to come in and buy product,another cbd brand that i see advertising,on facebook a lot is ned now just like,medterra we're going to notice they're,advertising directly to product pages,advertising coupons but they're also,leveraging customer testimonials this is,another great way to,you know leverage user generated content,for your cbd ads on facebook so they do,a great job of highlighting customer,testimonials customer reviews while at,the same time still directing people to,landing pages and some of their approved,ads and again these are all ads that are,actively being run today,so again here we have a landing page,that's advertising the products that do,contain cbd but what you'll notice here,is they're not outright mentioning cbd,nowhere on the page can you find the,word cbd it's not in the url even if i,were to go up and look at their um you,know product page links there's no,mention of cbd so again um you know here,you'll see it in the educational content,but as far as products go there's no,mention of cbd so again,one strategy if you're directing people,to a product page or a sales page just,don't mention cbd,you know they focus on the benefits of,their products and some of the other,ingredients that are included and this,is enough to get customers interested,and help explain to them what it is,you're actually selling,ad agencies that specialize in cbd,marketing often share case studies of,successful facebook ad campaigns they've,run for cbd brands a quick google search,of cbd ad agency will reveal dozens of,sites you can find cbd ad examples on,i like to take the brands listed on an,ad agency site and enter them into,facebook ad library for an even deeper,look at the campaigns they're running so,an example here that i found through a,quick google search again for just cbd,ad agency is lucy d here and if we head,over to their our work section we're,actually going to find,screen grabs of their cbd ads that they,run for some of the brands they work,with so again medterra,other brands here like,tommy's play cbd living,now if we click on any of these i'll use,medterra as an example,they're showing screen grabs of the cbd,as they actually run for this brand so,again,facebook ad library great place to start,if you come find these ad agency pages,they'll show off some of their work you,can get inspiration for the type of ads,you might be able to run and then again,what i like to do is take these brands,and then go and put them back in the,facebook ad library to see all the ads,they're currently running,so that's exactly how i discovered um,you know medterra and their ads that,they're running today found them first,through the site um you know this ad,agency enter their company name over on,facebook ad library and i'm able to go,look at all the ads they're currently,running,so again check out those ad agencies you,know quick google search you'll find,dozens of examples you can pull,inspiration from again there's more than,just you know these uh six here lists on,this page you have three pages worth of,different brands you can look at so,highly recommend leveraging ad agencies,to find examples of cbd ads that are,being run on facebook today,now if you want to skip the legwork of,you know searching google searching,facebook ad library to see some of the,best facebook ads in the industry i've,got you covered over at smoke drop i've,actually curated a collection of my,favorite cbd ads to help inspire your,own campaigns check the link in the,description and get immediate access to,them no signup required or anything i,have about a dozen or so facebook ad,examples in a google drive folder that,you can immediately access so i highly,recommend checking out the link in the,description head over to the smoke drop,website and access those curated ad,examples,hopefully now you see you can advertise,cbd on facebook the process isn't as,simple as we'd like but i'm very,confident that over time facebook will,evolve their ad policies for cbd as more,and more consumers start to make it part,of their daily routine,remember advertising cbd on facebook,does come with its risks but by,following the guidelines we outlined in,this video you can successfully launch,your own facebook cbd ads whether you,sell cbd online or in a local store,consider joining smoke drop for access,to the top cbd brands in the industry,you'll find we offer the best automated,drop shipping services as well as,competitive wholesale pricing to stock,your store,thanks for watching and happy selling

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