how to run ads on etsy

How to Run Profitable Etsy Ads - Strategy Of The Top 1% i would have not become a top 1 store if,i d


Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Run Profitable Etsy Ads - Strategy Of The Top 1%

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How to Run Profitable Etsy Ads - Strategy Of The Top 1%

i would have not become a top 1 store if,i didn't learn how to properly manage my,etsy ads in this video i'm going to,share with you guys the formula that was,able to help me to scale to becoming a,top 1 store,hi guys my name is wad i'm the owner of,tag pup it is the number one pet product,store on etsy in terms of daily sales,you can check with e-rank and you'll,find that i double or triple second and,third place,when it comes to daily sales so i'm one,of the hottest stores on etsy when it,comes to pet products so i'm saying this,not to just flex i'm saying this so that,you don't miss the opportunity to share,with you guys how to deal with etsy,advertisements i spent over three,hundred thousand dollars on etsy ads i'm,gonna share with you guys exactly a step,by step on what you need to do if your,etsy advertisements don't work and how,you can apply yourself appropriately so,if you're new to this channel this is,the kind of in-depth content you're,going to get so make sure to subscribe,hit the bell notification and if you,like this video leave me a tip tip like,hitting that thumb thumbs up so if your,advertisement on etsy is not performing,well you're gonna have to do one of,three things if they're not performing,well one you either need to be patient,and something's gonna change or two you,need to adjust and modify something or,three you need to stop advertising the,trick is to realize which of those three,you should be doing so in this video i'm,going to give you the scenarios that you,need to do for one of those three as i'm,going to be going through these steps,i'm going to be explaining exactly what,you need to do and how to diagnose in,order to make the decision whether you,need to stop or keep going now we need,to establish a baseline we need to,assume that you have done your proper,keyword research we have to assume that,your product is going to be in high,demand and you have done your due,diligence,before coming to this moment now if you,have not done your product research or,you don't know how to do it after,watching this video after you've,subscribed and hit the bell notification,and hit the thumbs up on this video go,ahead and check out my other videos i'm,going to leave little cards on the sides,to help you guys to keep exploring on,how to properly sell on etsy and one of,them is going to be product research or,how to find or how to find trends now in,fact on my youtube channel you'll find a,lot of ideas that i give you guys what,you need to sell at which time of the,year so take advantage of that now let's,establish that you have done that and,now we're going to move forward,understanding that hey let's just say,you've picked a really good product and,your advertisement is just not working,so the first one is you need to be,patient okay when do you make the,decision that i'm going to keep going,and i'm not going to chicken out and i'm,going to keep investing when is that a,good decision to make well first we need,to realize that advertisements are not,linear,when people run advertisement for a day,and they're saying hey i spent a hundred,dollars and i only made ninety dollars,in sales so i lost some money in fact i,lost a lot of money right and you say,advert advertisements not for me or even,seven days but the way that's the,advertisement work is that so when,somebody clicks on your advertisement,listing they you spend the money already,and let's say say they're sitting on the,toilet and they're trying to figure out,what pillow what couch pillow they need,and they wanted a red couch pillow and,they clicked on your advertisement so,when you spend the money on them and,their wife is knocking on the door and,saying you're in there too long so,there you go oh that's right they go off,do their thing come back to the phone,and they're like oh yeah let me search,for some couch pills when they type in,couch pillows into the search engines,the results will now adjust to their,previous searches so if you paid for,their click,you're gonna have a sweet spot in that,search ranking because algorithm has,recognized hey they clicked on this one,so they might like more of their stuff,so you have to realize that when you,spend money,that one day,you might only get results within weeks,if not a month so you have to understand,that advertisement is not a linear,thing it's very dynamic and results,don't always come right away now the,second way to identify whether you,should be waiting and keep pushing,through it i'm going to have to jump on,my computer and show you what you need,to look for in the analytics in order to,make that decision all right so what,we're going to do is we're going to go,on stats once we hit on stats you go,down to the listing that you want to,observe you let's just say we're going,to click on this one you need to scroll,down and you need to find this pie chart,what this pie chart is going to show you,is where your traffic is coming to in,regards to this listing now this whole,big blue part is basically saying when,they're coming from other products other,listings and then they're like oh what,about this one and they click on that,listing that's where it's coming from,it's coming from within your store now,this one right here is your organic,search it's from people searching and,you're organically,bringing people in and this is the,advertisement this is where the traffic,is coming when you're paying for them as,you can see that my advertisement,section is small,and my organic is bigger now it was,flipped when i just started selling this,product,i had the advertisement was just like,about this big and only a sliver of this,was organic and that's because it's the,organic listing is slowly turtling its,way through the algorithm now the,advertisement is the one that's really,pushing through the ceiling and it's,obviously going to be bringing you the,majority of your advertisement and so,what you need to do to identify whether,you are in the first section which means,wait and be patient is,when you run advertisement and i like to,do 30 to 60 days of running my,advertisement in order to make the,proper decision in which of the three,categories this listing belongs in so,when i run for say 30 days let's just,take 30 days for a second,what you would need to do is you would,need to filter out the first seven days,of that,30-day period you screenshot this little,pie chart and then you go to the last,seven days of the 30-day period and then,you screenshot again and then you,compare how well this orange section has,grown if this orange section has gotten,bigger and the or the advertisement has,gotten smaller that means you're in the,right direction and you just gotta keep,going because if you keep advertising it,will grow and become one of the larger,ones and overtake the advertisement thus,improving your profit margins which is,always nice now there is going to be a,moment of,saying this is it this is how far we're,going to go and this listing i've been,selling for a long time now and this is,where i'm at currently so this is a good,pie chart sometimes i might have this,even bigger so if you see the direction,that is going to growth where your,organic,listing is growing,you know you keep you got to keep,holding in all right and the third,reason why your listing might not be,performing well and you need to push,through it is,it's a new listing if it's a new listing,or you're a fresh new store you're going,to have people that are going to be a,little skeptical about the kind of shop,you are if i'm getting a gift for say my,mom or let's just say i'm getting ready,for a wedding,i don't want etsy to sabotage that so i,would rather find a shop that has the,experience of customer service and that,can deliver on time so when you are a,new store there's just a little there's,just not enough trust sometimes and your,you know profit margins or your,conversion rate might just be slightly,below,now this is not a big one but it does,it is a factor that you would need to,consider okay so the second section is,modify this means you keep running your,advertisement you just need to check,change something how do you know if you,need to modify something in your listing,the first one is you have to be honest,with the quality of your listing how do,you do that now you're obviously going,to be biased because you're the one that,put the listing together what you need,to do is choose a couple friends or a,sample of your friends and choose the,top competitors that are selling that,product and choose the nice ones choose,the ones that are very professional and,you send them the links of these say,three,shops and include the fourth one to be,yours in in obviously a randomized order,and have your friends select which which,of the products they would rather would,like to buy if yours were not was not,chosen,that tells you that you're not competing,on the quality now try to change hire,photographer,really put your effort into the product,and then try that again so if they start,to select yours then you know that you,are ready to upgrade your listing and,you will see better results because,we're selling a watt based product,visuals are everything they don't need,it they want it and you want to spark,that emotional response with the imagery,and the visual representation of that,listing the second one is their errors,have somebody proofread your listing you,need to have somebody and be involved in,your listing if you're kind of shy and,you don't like criticism this is where,you might have to humble yourself and,let somebody read your listing and tell,you what you missed then the next one is,your price competitive now this is very,important,if your production is horrible and it,takes you forever to make a product,you're going to have a higher price but,if you can improve your manufacturing,and i guarantee that you're probably,saying to yourself it is as best as it's,going to get i guarantee you that there,are things you can change and if you,have a competitive price you will start,to see your conversion rates improve now,sure etsy is a different platform than,amazon and the price doesn't matter as,much,and but it still does improve your,conversion rate thus improving your,ranking say you sell 10 items for a,higher price or 15 you know items for a,lesser price and the outcome of how much,money you you got from them or in terms,of profit was the same and you're like,well i'd rather only make 10 and not 15,in order to not work as much but here's,the thing you're hurting your conversion,rate if you are able to sell more,product you're letting the etsy,algorithm know that you have a higher,conversion rate you sold more items etsy,does not care on the price tag of your,product but it does carry on how many,units you have sold in how many clicks,so sometimes,less work is not always a good thing if,you're able to sell say 20 and not 10,and you got the same price out of it i,would go for the 20 just because it's,better for the algorithm so the next one,is tags you need to you might need to,modify your tags because let's say you,sell a red pillow red couch pillow and,you in your tags have the keyword blue,or green or take out all those colors,because your etsy ads are spending money,trying to rank on keywords that are not,relevant you want to be as closely,relevant to those keywords because you,need to satisfy the keyword so if i'm a,customer and i'm looking for a blue,pillow and your red pillow pops up i'm,obviously not looking for that so i'm,going to either scroll past it which,reduces your conversion rate in that,matter or if i even if i do click on i'm,like oh that's a cool pillow but i don't,need it but i want to check it out i'm,spending your money and i'm less likely,to buy it so you're reducing your,conversion rate so make sure your tags,are closely correlated to what your,product is so that you most closely,satisfy the keywords appropriately in,the last one for the adjustment section,is your product a niche product what i,mean if you're selling t-shirts you're,going to have a lower conversion rate,but if you're going to be selling,graduation mom t-shirt you're going to,have a better conversion rate because,that's a little bit more niche than,specific so you got to make sure that is,the product you're selling a niched,product,or is it a very broad product and that's,something that's really important for,you to consider so if you are a broad,product you might need to adjust and,find keywords that you can narrow your,product and change your tags okay now,the last one is how do you diagnose if,you need to shut off your advertisement,and not do advertisement for that,listing well the first one is you might,be just losing to your competitors in,terms of design you might you this is,where you have to be honest with,yourself the market is going to vote for,the best design it's going to rank the,best designs that the market thinks are,going to be now whether you agree with,that or not that's not up to you it's up,to the people with the wallets so if,they chose that these designs are the,better one what you might need to do is,pause the advertisement and let that,listing sell organically and create,another listing that is inspired by the,top ranking,listings and then create a new listing,and start this whole thing all over,again with a new listing because the,market will vote and you want to make,sure that you are carefully listening to,the market and not be foolish but apply,yourself appropriately the second one in,this category is that you might have a,very similar product if i'm selling a,mug that has bridesmaids on front and,it's a white mug i'm trying to be,minimalistic and it's a cursive,text and everybody else is selling the,same thing you might have a harder time,selling that month because if the,customer has scrolled past those,minimalistic white mug with bridesmaid,on it the chances of them scrolling past,yours on the second page is pretty high,so you want to make sure that you stand,out to some extent yes it's okay to to,be inspired by other listing and get as,close as you can but sometimes when,there is not enough features to be,different and you're almost literally,copying them it's going to be a lot,harder for you to rank especially if,their price is better because at that,point it's just a matter of price you,can do it but you're going to have to,really lower your price so if you can,still again sell that organically but i,wouldn't i wouldn't bet my dollar on,that in terms of advertisement and the,last one is reviews now i had to close,down a whole store because of this i had,a cat store and i've been using the same,buckles for my extra small dog collars,for my cat collars and they turned out,to be too heavy and the customers were,complaining leaving bad reviews saying,it's too heavy for my cat and i have to,actually close the whole store so if,this is the reason you're not ranking,well and it's hurting your seo and,you're trying to advertise that listing,you might want to pause it and change,that error all right so hopefully you,found that useful if you have make sure,to hit the thumb on this video and like,i said if after watching this video,you're saying hey i want to do some more,keyword research so that i can have this,video be even more helpful for me and,even more useful i'm gonna these two,videos go ahead and check them out i'm,telling you you need to learn how to do,etsy appropriately and on this channel,we're gonna take deep and deeper dives,into how to sell on etsy so that you can,become also a top 1 store so make sure,to subscribe if you have not yet,subscribed and hit the bell,notifications so to be notified the next,time,this face pops up alright have a good,one

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