how to rotate ads on facebook

How to rotate Facebook ads evenly within an ad sethi my name is Michael Holmes and you're,watching t


Updated on Jan 23,2023

How to rotate Facebook ads evenly within an ad set

hi my name is Michael Holmes and you're,watching tech rific make sure to,subscribe to the channel as well as hit,the bell notification icon for more,videos on marketing technology and,software reviews and tutorials in this,video I'm going to explain how to rotate,your ad budget evenly in an ad set on,Facebook Ads manager now first I want to,briefly explain how the ad manager is,set up if you are already familiar with,that manager and just want to skip to,the answer to the question make sure to,hit the the timestamp in the description,box but but I think this is a useful,back information for people that are,wanting to know why you would want to do,something like this so here I have the,the Facebook Ads manager you'll see that,your ads are split up into several,different columns here so there's a,campaign level the ad set level and then,the ad level I'll briefly explain what,each of these means the campaign level,is your overall objective so when you,create a new campaign you can choose,between any of these objectives here,including driving traffic conversions or,actual physical visits if you have a,physical store but but any of these,objectives you can set up at the the,campaign level the ad set level is where,you define your audience so how old are,they are they male/female what are they,interested in and then you can also set,up your budget and the schedule the ad,is the individual ads the the text and,the display that that runs on these ad,sets to give you an example here we have,this ad set here and we have several ads,here and the goal here is really just to,drive traffic to blog content to kind of,boost kind of a blog content,amplification if you will so the the,default by Facebook is when you have an,ad set is to pick a winner which ad is,performing the best and usually Facebook,will just kind of dump all of the money,into that to one particular ad in this,case we have different blog articles,that we value equally and want to rotate,and AD,set budget equally now a possible way,around this is to put the different,articles into different ad sets but then,you run into the issue of if you're want,to use the same targeting for all of the,articles you really should have them all,in the same ad set putting the same,targeting on different ad sets creates a,situation where your ads are competing,against each other so that's where what,I'm describing in this video is very,important which is to rotate the ads,been evenly within an ad set and instead,of having a Facebook choose a winner to,just evenly distribute that ad spend and,I'm going to show you how to do that now,choose a an ad within the ad set and,we'll choose edit here and then I'm,gonna also select the other ads that I,want this to apply to and I'm gonna,choose to create a rule and I've see,that I've got the four ads selected I,could do this also at the campaign ad,set or ads level and have it apply to,everything but you definitely want to be,careful when you do that because again,the default on Facebook is to put more,money into the ads that are performing,better so I you just want to be,cognizant of that and make sure you're,only applying this to what you want to,and so in this case I'll just choose,these four ads we need to set up two,rules one is going to be to turn the ads,off once they hit a certain number and,then the second one will be to turn them,back on at the beginning of the day so,we'll set up the off first and you'll,see that there's a number of different,conditions that we can set here these,include lifetime spent the cost per,results but we're gonna look for word,daily ratio spent in if you hover over,the tool box here you'll see that this,is a ratio which is zero point a number,between zero point zero and one point,zero of how much money you've spent over,the day and that's what we'll choose,here and this number is going to be what,I'd recommend here is to divide however,many ads you have that you want them to,be run evenly across so I have four here,so that would be a 1 divided by 4 would,give us Oh point 2 5 but say for,instance it was 5,there would be 0.2 like 20% of the day's,budget would be evenly distributed,between five different ads so for this,we want the daily budget is greater than,0.25 or and this is something I,struggled with you can't just hit point,because it'll say please enter numbers,only so you have to hit so you have to,zero first and then the point and then,I'll put two five in there you can,choose to have it evaluate any of these,different time periods I'm going to,choose for this to be a daily thing and,the attribution window this is going to,be more applicable if we're monitoring,conversions but we're not so we can,ignore this the schedule is to run,continuously I'll be notified through,email and I can add in a different,account managers here as well under the,subscriber menu I'll just name this real,quick and I'll choose create,now choose clothes and I've got to,create that second rule because these,are going to turn the ads off once they,hit that threshold to turn the ads back,on again I'll create an honour rule and,then choose again the daily ratio spent,and then this time I'm just going to do,is smaller than 0.25 or 0.25,and then choose that for today and,continuously and I'll just put turn ads,back on now you'll you imagine like once,the the ads turn off at the new day when,the ad budget is reset and the each ad,has spent zero percent of the new budget,then this rule will run and we'll turn,the ads back on so I'm going to create,this rule,and now let's go to manage rules the,other way to get to this menu is if you,hit the the drop-down on the top of the,account here to go to all tools it's,under creative manage and then automated,rules a good way of checking to see if,this is working or not is we can hit the,preview button here,and it says if this rule were to run,right now it would affect these two ads,and we can view in the ad manager just,to make sure this kind of makes sense,so this is the the turn back on rule and,so this is going to effect these two ads,and you'll see it's a change this to the,daily figure for this particular ad set,campaign it's a budget of $2 per day and,you'll see that these the actual spend,is below fifty cents so it's going to,turn these ads on now let's look at the,turn off rule and we'll preview this,and we'll go to view,ads manager and again it's that same $2,per day budget and you'll see that this,one is above 50 cents per day and then,this one there's also above 50 cents per,day so that's how you can rotate your ad,spend evenly within an ads set if you,have any questions or comments please,leave those in the space below and make,sure to check out the playlist for other,Facebook advertising tutorials and,thanks again for watching terrific

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Facebook Advertising Tips - Watch Ad Frequency to Avoid Ad Fatigue

Facebook Advertising Tips - Watch Ad Frequency to Avoid Ad Fatigue

in this video we talk about Facebook ad,frequency and how you can optimize that,for the best results and to avoid ad,fatigue check it out hi I'm JB with,marketing 360 and we help small,businesses grow with our marketing and,design talent technology through our,number one marketing platform marketing,360 we call marketing and design man we,love that and hopefully these videos,will help you fall in love with Matt too,so make sure to follow us to learn tips,tricks and strategies to grow your,business and fuel your brand so what is,that frequency ad frequency is,essentially how many times somebody sees,your ad so you want to keep an eye on,that data metric and make sure that,you're optimizing to that to make sure,people aren't seeing your ads so much,it's creating that fatigue and they're,no longer really impacting themselves,from your ads and turning into leads and,turning into customers and therefore,you're wasting money you want to avoid,that fatigue so let's talk about some,tips on how you can do that tip number,one Facebook Ads perform the best when,the ad frequency is between three and,five times so when somebody has seen the,ad between three and five times that's,optimal if they haven't seen it at least,three times they really haven't seen it,enough to take effect if they've seen it,more than five times it starts to lose,its effect and you start to really waste,money on your marketing because your,cost per conversion is going up and,you're getting less conversions starting,to drop so three to five is what you,want to look for so in your Facebook,campaigns make sure you have the metric,the column added for ad frequency and,watch that and when you reach that three,to five threshold that's pretty good,when you exceed that you're gonna want,to make some changes tip number two is,what do you do after you exceed that,five times frequency when you start,dated six seven frequency you're going,to want to make some changes and so what,you do is you just have to have new,creatives it doesn't have to be a huge,change with your ad it could be just a,simple color change but there needs to,be some kind of an update because what's,happened is the other ad is become,fatiguing to the people seeing it and,they're blinded to it now so you need an,ad refresh now typically when you hit,that three to five threshold on ad,frequency that's going to be two to four,weeks so really what this means is you,need,new creatives essentially every two to,four weeks one bonus tip here is video,ads have the longest shelf life so video,ads will typically make it for four to,six weeks whereas in an image ad is only,going to be two to four weeks so what,does this mean let's talk about some,other tips so tip three how do you,really strategize for this and here's,the tip here develop a series of ads,come up with your call-to-action your,message that doesn't really need to,change what really needs to change is,the creative that surrounds that the,colors the imagery the presentation of,that call to action the message should,change so what you should do is come up,with a call to action come up with the,messaging and then design literally six,or more sets of ads for that same thing,what you've done now is you've now,pre-planned and pre-designed the process,for you to really update your ads,whenever that ad frequency exceeds that,five mark and so this is really powerful,right now you have a nice series of,designs already ready to go right out of,the gate every time you reach that 3 to,5 threshold we update your ads this is,probably going to be every two to four,weeks like we talked about so if we,develop six different apps you know that,could potentially be six months worth of,ads and here's the nice part by the time,you get to the end of the six months you,can almost start back over at the,beginning because six months ago people,will necessarily remember that ad it,almost becomes fresh to them again so,this really allows you to just kind of,rotate this through on and on until the,end of time tip number four is to make,sure you build your campaign so that you,exclude people that converted if they,convert it you don't want to show your,ads to somebody that already converted,unless that makes sense for your,business model but typically once,somebody converts you're wasting money,if you continue showing them the same ad,they already converted so save money by,excluding the people that converted from,your ads that's gonna keep your,campaigns leaner and meaner so tip,number five we're just gonna put this,all together now so how do you really,tackle Facebook Ads you develop a,call-to-action you develop your,messaging you then design a series of,six ads six ads are gonna run the course,of three to,months in terms of the calendar how long,those are going to last you're going to,want to refresh your abs every time your,frequency gets three to five so the,glowes adds stayfresh to your audience,you're going to want to set your,targeting on Facebook to target to my,perfect demographic of people that are,interested in your product or service if,they see your ad and you're going to,want to run that and you're going to,want to exclude the people in that,audience if they convert so as soon as,they convert you pull them out what this,is doing is like squeezing a towel and,more water comes out you keep squeezing,the towel in that first month to get a,good chunk of conversions you'll exclude,the people that converted you'll then,show the people that haven't converted a,new ad and just squeeze the towel a,little more and you'll do this over the,course of time you really get the most,out of that audience and the highest,overall conversions you could have,possibly received boom,so in conclusion thanks for watching if,you like the video like it share it,leave a comment if you have some other,tips around this idea of ad frequency,and also follow us for more content like,this in the future give us ideas in the,comments - there's other things you'd,like us to talk about with regards to,Facebook Ads or anything else who'd love,to cover it have a great day at happy,marketing

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