how to retarget on google ads

Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial 2022 (Step-by-Step FULL Guide) so you want to create a google ads,ca

Eric B. Preston

Updated on Jan 06,2023

Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial 2022 (Step-by-Step FULL Guide)

The above is a brief introduction to how to retarget on google ads

Let's move on to the first section of how to retarget on google ads

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Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial 2022 (Step-by-Step FULL Guide)

so you want to create a google ads,campaign that's going to follow the,people who visit your website your,google my business or your youtube,channel around the internet so when,they're reading through blogs articles,and other places online they're going to,see your ads well this is the tutorial,for you now i'm going to do this in a,real estate context but this will apply,to broader niches as well if you do want,to get into google ads retargeting now,before i get into the tutorial if you,are a real estate agent watching this,this is the third video in a series of,videos i've done so if you haven't,watched the first two videos i'm gonna,recommend you actually go back and do,that i have them down in the description,the first one is the 500 000 a month,strategy which goes over the proper,account structure that you're going to,want to set up for your google ads,account talking about all the different,campaigns and the overall strategy the,second video is the 500 000 a month,tutorial which is a long one which is an,a to z tutorial to actually set up your,proper campaign this is the third one,where we're actually going to go over,setting up a retargeting campaign so you,have to watch those links in the,description go check those out first if,you have let's get on to this video and,before i do that if you don't know me my,name is eric preston i'm the founder and,ceo of agent launch if you want to work,with agent launch and you are real,estate you can go to apply we,help build real estate client,acquisition systems that you actually,own and that makes us a lot different,than other people in industry because,when you finish our program you're not,actually relying on us to keep getting,the results and our clients seem to like,that so without further ado let's get,into this tutorial if you haven't,subscribed make sure you do that because,there's more videos like this coming so,first thing you're going to do when you,go to your google ads account if you've,watched the other two videos i'm not,going to cover basics because i cover,them there but basically what you're,going to want to do is go to, first thing you're going,to do is go to tools and settings and,then you're going to go to linked,accounts okay that's where i am right,here in this ad account what you're,seeing here is all of our connected,accounts to our ad account so basically,what this means is we've connected our,zapier our youtube our google analytics,etc to this ad account so that they can,talk to each other okay this is really,important like if you want to do any,kind of retargeting you have to set this,stuff up realistically or it won't work,because what this does is it connects,your website to your ad account so they,can talk to each other otherwise if that,doesn't happen they can't talk to each,other so there's no retargeting that can,be done like your ad account doesn't,know what people have visited your,website or youtube channel etc so you,want to make sure you do this first okay,so we have all of our stuff set up now,you may not have google analytics that's,okay you don't need google analytics for,this to work google analytics is like,kind of a more all inclusive platform,for website traffic and tracking and all,that kind of stuff some of you in this,video will just have the google ads,conversion tag on your site and that,will work for this purpose too to,retarget visitors of your site so don't,worry if you don't have that the one,thing you do really want to connect,though is your youtube channel so make,sure you go in here and you search for,youtube and you click link and you,follow the process to actually link,those accounts if you have those two,things that's really all you need the,other one is google my business which,you connect in a different place but,what this allows you to do is allows,your ad account to talk to your youtube,channel to your google my business and,to your website so that it knows who,visited those places we can then create,ads to actually follow them around the,internet so let's get into the actual,tutorial of how to do this so just to,give you some context for this there's,two types of retargeting campaigns,really we're going to focus on one which,is the display network so there's search,retargeting and there's display,retargeting so just to kind of tell you,a bit about what the difference is,search retargeting is retargeting,traffic in the search of google that,means if someone searches certain,keywords and they've been to your,website before we can run ads just on,the basis that they've been to your,website before and not necessarily on,the keywords i mean you can still,control for keywords of course but that,would be within the search result in,google so very similar to the previous,ads we've run is another search campaign,the second one is retargeting with the,display network and that's what we're,going to focus on because that is,usually what's going to get you that,brand awareness and brand recognition,and kind of getting people to use to,seeing you and your website over and,over again and that's display,retargeting so those are the ads that,you see on like blogs on articles all,over the internet that say like google,adsense the most common place most of,you will see these ads is reading an,article reading a blog and every like,paragraph they have an ad this allows,you to get into that auction that's the,google display network so that's what,we're going to focus on for this,tutorial basically like in this ad,account when we took it over the lead,cost was about 23 we've been able to get,that down to about 12 which has been,really really great now this is a very,competitive expensive market if you are,watching this as a real estate agent,usually your lead cost will be if you do,this properly like usually your lead,costs for your whole account should be,in the like 7 to 15 range something like,that in some markets like a little more,expensive markets like there's always,these unicorns you know even seattle is,one of them where your lead costs a bit,more expensive but hey your average,commission there is like 25k so it,usually balances out in the wash but,anyways i digress basically what we want,to do here with retargeting and i want,to make this very clear is retargeting,is not a play to get a good lead cost,okay so when you're looking at,retargeting like if i click on this,display campaign here what is the cost,per conversion well the cost per,conversion here is 19 okay whereas the,cost per conversion across this account,is about 12 and that's actually a really,good result the re-targeting for search,is a 1162 so it's actually lower so,that's really good too so these are two,types of retargeting and we'll go into a,little bit of both of them today but the,main one that's going to net you kind of,the result you really want with,retargeting is the display network,retargeting so basically you're not,looking for a good lead cost because i,want to explain this when i make this,very very clear when we drive 10,targeted clicks to your site one of them,is expected to become a lead roughly,sometimes a bit less okay so if your,cost per click is one dollar and you,send ten people to your site that's ten,dollars and one of them become a lead,that's ten dollars a lead right that's,roughly how the math works roughly,that's nine people that didn't become a,lead who clicked on your ad who typed in,your search keywords who is a potential,client necessarily retargeting targets,those nine people to bring them back to,the site to try to get them to convert,again okay but that's not really what,we're trying to do here let me explain,what we're really trying to do here is,take the people that actually did sign,up already and bring them back because,say you get ten dollars a lead so for,every lead cost you ten dollars say you,get ten leads for a hundred dollars,right out of those ten leads that,actually did sign up and give you their,information on your website about five,to seven of them will use the website,once and they won't ever come back so,you just spent fifty to seventy dollars,on someone to come to your website sign,up leave and not come back those are the,people that we're trying to target so,the three to five people that do come,back and use your website a few times,those are the people that we're not,necessarily trying to focus on with this,we're trying to focus on the people that,used your website and at some point,maybe forgot about it maybe they ended,up going to a different site and we want,to keep them coming back to your site,and using it because you want to make,your website sticky and a big part of,the process at least in a real estate,context is to get people using your,website teaching them why your website,is the most value-packed website in your,market teaching them how to use it how,to request a showing how to request more,information how to access you and your,team on the back end and showing them,that that's something that zillow and,realtor and all these other websites,don't offer so that's part of the,strategy and that's why retargeting is,really important is to bring people back,back back back keep them coming so when,they do read an article they do read a,blog they are on the internet somewhere,they keep seeing your website pop up and,they keep coming back because they're,curious about looking for homes and,that's exactly the type of person that,we are attracting people looking for,homes that's the whole strategy it's,people searching for real estate and we,want to make sure that your website is,as sticky as possible so that's really,what this is all about so how this is,going to shake down basically we're,going to create a retargeting campaign,for the display network and then we're,going to create a ad for each area that,you're targeting okay so go to all,campaigns and then overview and then go,new campaign basically what we're going,to do here is choose website traffic as,our objective and ignore this down here,these are our conversions so in the last,video i showed you how to set up,conversions this is where you're going,to actually want to do something,different is in the campaign type we,want to make sure we select display okay,so display network is run different,kinds of ads across the web that's the,kind of campaign we're going to focus on,for this video and then we're going to,go standard display campaign i don't,like smart campaigns they're usually not,smart it's usually just google trying to,over control things so this one i would,i would label um like display,retargeting i would do retargeting dash,display,is our i think we already have one,called this i'll call display two now,basically you can generally target all,countries and territories as okay,because you're controlling the location,targeting on your original campaign but,if you do want to restrict it you can so,like if someone from i don't know brazil,visits your website do you want them to,get retargeting ads well potentially why,did someone from brazil visit your,website in the first place they might,have been searching for properties in,your area you don't know that you're not,going to spend a ton of money on this so,i would just leave it at all countries,and territories is generally the best,practice because usually we're,controlling the location targeting in,the original campaign where we're,sending that original traffic to so,retargeting is generally very cheap as,it is with the display network so it's,not really worth like running display,ads in like brazil for example are very,cost effective so you're not gonna like,spend a bunch of money on this so it's,not really worth restricting it too much,and then we're just to go next here,we're going to set our budget so usually,what we do for budgets for retargeting,is about five bucks a day it really,depends on how much you're actually,spending so like in this account you,know we're spending hundreds of dollars,a day so we probably want to have a,bigger budget than five and we do but if,you're spending you know 30 40 50 a day,i think five dollars a day could make,sense but you can always start small the,thing you're going to notice with,retargeting is if you just kick off your,campaigns you're not actually going to,get a lot of traffic because your,retargeting audience hasn't built up yet,if you run retargeting on day one you,know there might only be 10 people who,visited your site so it's not actually,going to deliver that ad let's save you,five dollars leave it as conversions of,course make sure you have conversions on,pretty much all your campaigns that's,telling google you're going to say,optimize for people who convert and then,google is going to work the algorithm,into that and say i'm going to go after,the type of people that convert and,google knows who converts because we,have the conversion tracking set up,properly don't set a target cost per,action for this that's a little more,advanced the only time you want to use,tcpa target cpa is if you've been,running a campaign for a long time and,you want a consistent lead cost it's not,something we use or found to be,effective in our context so now we're on,to targeting and this is really where,you want to focus and hone in like the,type of person you want to target or who,you want to target okay so basically,with targeting you're going to go ad,targeting and then you're gonna choose,your audience segments okay this is,really interesting because this is where,you're gonna actually see your audiences,that have been built up in google and by,audiences i mean groups of people that,google knows has been to your website or,your youtube channel etc okay basically,there's gonna be a lot of stuff in here,and you're going to want to be careful,of what you select you don't want to do,like houses for sale because that's just,retargeting google's list of people,who've looked for houses for sale okay,you want to make sure you're actually,retargeting,your audiences all visitors google ads,so you can just hover over this and you,can see what this actually is right this,list populates using all values from all,parameters in your remarketing tagging,implementation all site visitors,contains everyone who's been to your,page so that's the audience you'd want,to target is all visitors that have,derived from your google ads right you,don't want to use similar users okay,this is like letting google go out there,and find anyone who they think is,similar let's just see we can go down,here so a lot of these are actually auto,generated just in case you were,wondering but you can also go browse and,then you can go to your custom audience,segments and you can make a custom,segment now generally speaking you don't,have to do that because google,automatically does do that that's what's,different about google and facebook is,facebook does this manually google does,a lot of it automatically so if instead,of doing custom like you can create your,own custom but you can also not combine,you can also select how they've,interacted with your business right and,you can go to website visitors and you,can just choose all visitors from google,ads you can also do all visitors from,analytics so the difference between,these two things you'll notice that they,are different sizes this is tracking all,the visitors that have come from your,google ads but this is going to track,all visitors that have come period so,you actually want to select both you can,also select website visitors users last,30 days that's fine as well you can also,select all converters now a lot of these,overlap okay let's see what 90 days here,visitors of the page with the google,analytics tags yeah so that doesn't,matter because we can just select all,visitors in general and the reason you,want to select all of these even though,they overlap is because it's going to,give you the data after because you've,selected all these it's going to give,you the data for all converters it's,going to give you the data for all,visitors like how many clicks you're,getting so you can just see the data a,little more clearly even though these,overlap you still want to select all of,them because it's going to segment out,that data for you later okay you could,even select 90 days if you wanted but,i'm not going to in this context because,i don't know really where that audience,came from i don't know if it was created,manually or not and i don't know what it,actually is it just says 90 days but,that doesn't mean it's actually 90 days,so then i can go back,and then you'll notice that a lot of,these other audiences here are like,demographic data so you might recognize,this from facebook if you're familiar,but marital status all this kind of,stuff a lot of the stuff you can't do in,a real estate context anymore they've,limited it so don't worry about any of,this other stuff if you want to create a,custom segment you can basically do that,here and i'm not really going to get,into that because it's not really that,relevant but it is something you can do,is create your own custom segment but,again it's not something you're going to,need to do here just use the all,visitors audiences that's kind of what,the point of this is is to actually,retarget visitors of your website and,not similar people that that google,wants to find we want to be more in,control and we've become very good at,this by spending you know half a million,dollars a month in controlling these,factors we don't want to give up too,much to google in this context i think,in facebook's context these days the,lookalike audiences are kind of the,direction you want to go but with google,not necessarily now that's pretty much,it you're just going to select all,converters this is a list of people,using your conversion tracking tag so,that's going to be people who've become,a lead users in general in the last 30,days that's going to target just the,most recent people all visitors in,general and all visitors from google ads,those are the audiences you pretty much,want to use so we're just going to go,ahead and click next okay basically what,you want to do here with your ads so,that's the campaign settings the budget,the targeting now we're onto the ads now,this is like the actual ads that people,are gonna see i probably should have,brought up an example here anyway i,think there's some images in here that i,can show you uh that will make sense and,so in this context basically what you're,gonna do is build the ads based on the,location so jason here is in nanaimo so,if we go to,and go to nanaimo basically what we're,going to do here is we can put in the,url for nanaimo right and then we can,build the ad around nanaimo now we've,built ads for each individual area that,we're targeting for this team and by the,way jason and his team close 200 deals a,year in a real estate context from this,ad account right here that i'm showing,you so if you are interested in working,with us to set up a similar,infrastructure at asian launch again you,can go to our website and apply to work,with us and book an intro call we can,tell you a bit more about it but anyways,basically we're going to set up a,retargeting campaign for nanaimo and,then you'd want to set up the same thing,for all of the other areas that you're,targeting so in his context we're,targeting like eight or nine different,areas so we have about eight or nine,different ads set up for those areas so,in this case you'd want to do business,name sims real estate final url would be,nanaimo uh images we can click plus,image and you can just see that we,already actually have some images in,here so basically,this is like creative that we've,developed so you'll see kind of how this,looks basically you want to put in the,headlines and whatnot so search all,nanaimo homes see it just pops up there,search,nanaimo real estate so it's going to,give me some previews i know we've,already made this ad so whoops it's,going to give us some suggestions here,which makes kind of life a little bit,easy so you can usually put in like,three of your favorites here you don't,have to put in um all of them homes for,sale and nymobc try our advanced mls,search i actually don't like that um,usually with these you want to have just,kind of like homes for sale search all,homes search all this like you want to,basically have the whole picture in the,headline that's the most important thing,so generally i'd say have like search or,homes for sale search all in a home,search and i'm a real estate homes for,sale in novc uh something along those,lines and then we're gonna do something,like this search all the long headline,the reason you have to put a bunch of,headlines in here by the way is because,google ads display network is very,dynamic these ads are going to show up,on google properties meaning they're,going to show up on like google products,but they're also going to show up in a,bunch of different places right so,see this like promotions it's going to,show up in these little things in in,this is it a mail right if you look at,this search in mail this is in gmail,like there's so many places that your,ads are going to show up you have to,give them a lot of different options in,terms of like headlines and photos and,all this other kind of stuff because for,that reason so even in the images here,you want to have one landscape and one,square image generally you could do,something like this which is just like a,nice view of a property,you could even do a picture of the the,boys here and what this will do is it,just gives google options to test right,you're giving google options to shuffle,around all of these things and test your,different headlines and test all this,kind of stuff that's kind of the point,of this so if you want to do search all,homes,for sale in nanaimo you're,trusted nanaimo,advisors,something along those lines and the,reason again you do this is because,there's so many places that in some,places google can put more keywords,there and some places it can only put,less so you have to you have to give it,options basically description you can do,something very similar it's going to,make some suggestions here so i'm just,going to go ahead and like use these,like we have some some pretty classic,stuff that we use so you can do,something like that our website has all,the mls and private listings you can do,something like this award-winning,mls search updated every three minutes,you know use your judgment on this you,can just kind of copy this like i,personally don't think this is that,important these are kind of descriptions,that are going to show up in and around,see how it has the headlines search,alana homes award winning property,search and i'm home for sale blah blah,this is going to be the smaller text in,all of your ads so it's not like as,important but it still should complement,like the headlines so you don't really,have to repeat you should really have,something that's complementary but i,always like to have one that does repeat,like this the name of homes for sale and,i'm a burst columbia real estate our,website has all the mls and private,listings let's see yeah this is a good,one search search every now and then for,sale today our website has all mls and,private listings we're doing mls search,updated every three minutes i think,that's good enough you could put a,fourth one in here but i think that's,plenty basically like that's mostly what,you're gonna do i would just leave these,checked like basically i'll walk you,through what these means if you use,asset enhancements it's gonna allow,google to add like animations and cool,things to it video it's gonna kind of,make like a video slideshow to your,videos native formats is just going to,expand your reach by allowing it to use,native formats and kind of change your,stuff this is just giving google,flexibility just leave it it's pretty,good at optimizing these things and,that's pretty much all you would need to,do for creating your ad campaign so if,you look this through like our ad,strength is good which means we have a,good amount of keywords a good amount of,photos a good amount of options right,and this is just gonna really like see,how it has this little video here's a,perfect example that's what it meant by,allowing google to make like kind of,videos right and basically you want the,photo the headline and the descriptions,to kind of line up in terms of the,messaging like you can just see here how,many different ways your ads are gonna,show up it's actually really cool in,theory you could add more headlines and,descriptions like i could go ahead and,add five in some cases that could make,sense you could go ahead and add more,descriptions but that's pretty much the,formula you want to use for this type of,campaign so then you're going to go,ahead and hit next and you're just going,to review everything everything looks,good there's nothing i really need to,review and then you're going to go,publish so i'm just going to publish,this and then i'm going to pause it,because obviously we don't want to run,this so if you just go to the campaign,level and hit pause i'm actually just,going to change this name youtube demo,there you go basically that's the first,type of retargeting campaign is display,now what you would do is you would go,into this ad group right and so i'd go,to the ad group level here and i'd hit,settings and then i changed this ad,group to nanaimo right now how you would,change this for other areas is you'd,basically go over the campaign level,then go to ad groups which i'm already,on click on this nanaimo here go edit,copy deselect paste leave it checked,where it is right that's all you have to,do is hit done and then hit paste here,again now what that's going to do is,it's going to start duplicating that ad,group this is how you duplicate in,google ads so we'll just wait for that,to complete but basically what you do is,instead of rebuilding the campaign from,scratch the most efficient way to do,this is to essentially duplicate and,then change nanaimo for whatever the,next thing is so if it was like,vancouver just change the nymo to,vancouver everywhere change your photos,change your headlines change your,descriptions that's basically how you're,going to duplicate your different,campaigns are you different ad groups in,this context okay so now the second ad,group is there it's going to name it in,the demo number two by default so i just,go into that and i would edit it and i,would change everything over from,nanaimo to whatever your second city is,now when we get into retargeting in the,search network which is what we're going,to talk about now essentially you're,just going to build a search campaign,and so this is going to be the exact,same as the previous video you're going,to go new campaign you're going to go,website traffic you're going to click,the search network you're going to go,retargeting search,you want to focus on conversions don't,set a target cpa deselect display,network make sure that's really,important i would leave all countries,and territories go ahead and click next,you can put in your keywords here use,the same keywords as before if you do,want a copy by the way of my google ads,cheat sheet leave a comment below i do,have a keyword guide and things like,that leave a comment i'll get you a copy,of that if you did watch my previous,videos you should have that basically,the most basic keyword is the name of,homes for sale so you're gonna go in and,put the same basic keywords in there and,you're gonna build the same ads okay so,what you would normally do is you just,actually duplicate your campaigns from,the original campaign you made and then,you're gonna change the targeting here,okay so if i go back to campaigns,basically what we're going to do,is go into audiences and now we're going,to actually select our audiences and,this is what makes this really different,is if remember if we go to browse,and then we go to how they've interacted,with your business and if you go website,visitors and we just select all of these,right now the big difference with,retargeting is you just go targeting,instead of observation so this is,literally all you do okay now i just,zipped through this i know but think of,it in a context i just show you how to,duplicate okay so what you're going to,do is you're going to duplicate the,campaign you made in my last video so,the general search campaign you're going,to duplicate that just like i showed you,with display ads then you're going to,actually go into audiences here and,you're going to select all of your,retargeting audiences and what you're,going to do from there is you're going,to change this from observation to,targeting really important what that's,going to do is it's going to start,spending more money on people that have,visited your website who have gone back,to google and are searching again so,it's going to create you as more of a,dominant force in the search market in,the website real estate search website,world if you want to say it that way,even if someone clicks on your ad one,time they search for like say homes for,selling nano they click on your ad they,don't sign up as a lead then they come,back to google like a week later and,they search again homes for sale in,nanaimo you're gonna get priority,because you're targeting them both in,the search and in retargeting so you're,spending more money on retargeting so,it's more likely that you're gonna show,up in that search again so like if you,think about it the quality of person,that searched a week ago and searched,again a week later like shows that,they're a little maybe more serious and,so basically that's something you're,gonna do here to prioritize people,who've already been to your website,right to get them back in the search,mark what this is also gonna do is if,someone does sign up as a lead again,remember this is the most important part,someone signs up as a lead they leave,your website they don't come back and,they go back to google and they search,again homes for sale in nanaimo instead,of them now going to someone else's site,you're going to get back in front of,them they're going to click and be like,oh yeah i already went to this website,this must be like a pretty dominant,force in this market and it just builds,the authority of your brand because they,keep coming back to you they see you on,the display network they go search,google again they see you they just see,you everywhere so this is how you become,a bit of a dominant force but this is,the big difference here that's why i,don't want to just want to zip through,this search one because all you have to,do is duplicate your previous campaigns,select your audiences and go targeting,narrow the reach of your campaigns to,the selected segments that's the,important thing you need to do meaning,it's only going to show your ads to,people who fall into these buckets,observation is going to show them to,anyone who searches for those keywords,okay so that's the important point i,wanted to make is this is how you set up,a search campaign so that's really i'm,just gonna discard this but that's your,google ads retargeting everyone so,there's a few things to point out here i,know this is probably over some people's,heads if you have questions leave them,in the comments if you want a copy of my,google ads ppc cheat sheet leave that in,the comments i'll send you a link you,can sign up for that and i'll send it to,you in an email otherwise if you are a,real estate agent and you do want to get,help setting this stuff up our company,actually builds all of this for you our,company as i said is called,agentlaunching go to agents.comply we,basically help real estate agents build,scalable client acquisition systems they,own people really love that we're,building assets rather than building a,product that you rely on forever and you,can only get the result from if you keep,paying us we're we're more of a you know,we have a four-month program we build,out a full client acquisition asset from,lead generation to systems to people,acquiring talent training them to sales,training to content strategy to video,editing we cover every element of,acquiring clients online and that's why,we've had almost bulletproof success,rate with our clients because if,bottlenecks do arise we're able to,actually combat those bottlenecks,because we have everything under one,roof so we truly are a one-stop shop and,that's what makes us different in most,cases most agencies they're only,covering usually one part of client,acquisition and usually that's just lead,generation in some cases it's nurture as,well some rare cases it's lead,generation and nurture we're covering,lead generation nurture people sales,content we're doing the whole thing and,that's what makes us truly truly unique,so if you are interested make sure you,apply online book an intro call with us,someone from my team will field that,call and basically see if there's an,opportunity to work together and then,get on a second call with myself or,someone from my team and if you do,decide to join the program we'll be,working really closely together for the,duration of the time that you're in,there but i hope you guys got a lot out,of this tutorial i will be making more,and more content like this to just over,deliver and deliver more value to you,guys but this is the third video in this,series so far i don't exactly know what,the next one's going to be but i will be,making some more google ads content in,the near future at least lead generation,content so stay tuned for that

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