how to resize images in collections shopify

How To | Resize photos on your Shopify Storehey y'all it's aj here with fluffy,hustle and this is go

Asia LaShelle

Updated on Jan 24,2023

How To | Resize photos on your Shopify Store

hey y'all it's aj here with fluffy,hustle and this is going to be a very,quick video,so if you have a shopify store and you,do not like the fact that your pictures,are all different sizes,and things like that like how this is,looking i have found an application on,the shopify app store that will get all,of your photos,the same size it's auto resizer so i'm,going to show you how to do it,as per usual go to your store click on,apps go to visit the shopify app store,you are going to type in photo resize,in the search you're going to add the,application on,install the app,and this is literally my first time,doing this so you guys are going to see,this,in real time because i'm testing this,app out,okay analyze shop images so they doing,it's doing its thing,okay so it recommended that,um i resize 19 images let me preview,what they're talking about,view store preview,okay and let me scroll down,so right now that all looks straight let,me go to the catalog,and see if all of the pictures in here,look the same,they are this is a little different,though this is a little different so let,me see what it does let me go back,resize 19 images,okay it's pretty fast,okay well we gonna see before we rate,um the photos let's go to the store,and i'm gonna refresh it,oh yes that fast,yes everything is the same size now,love that i don't know if y'all saw the,difference i hope you did,but literally everything is on the same,line now,all everything oh that is perfect,so yes listen i don't know maybe i'm,just a little boosh,but i do not like when i go onto,websites and the pictures like are,all over the place different different,sizes and the products are on different,lines like,it just it irks me to no end so this is,a cool little app y'all,i'm going to be reviewing these apps,sporadically,just to give you guys like some things,that you can do to enhance your shopify,stores,so yes do this get your life,and do this that is a really cool little,app again,the app is called a photo resize by,pixie,so photo resize by pixie and that was a,100,free and you saw how quick that was this,is,day five of hustle miss so,if you have not watched the other videos,i've literally shown you how to find,drop shippers for hair how to bring,products in from aliexpress into your,shopify store,how to create banners that look,beautiful um,like like the one on this store,i'm showing you how you can use canva to,make beautiful,um banners and things like that like,this,so yes um if you guys,are interested look down below i have,links to,um brain fart,sorry i have i have links to my free,boutique launch guide,links to the vendors list on my store,i have links to setting up your own,canva account,and also if you need to start your,shopify store,i am a shopify um affiliate,and so yeah if you want to set up your,shopify store you can get 14 days for,free,and the link is all below for all of,that i will catch y'all tomorrow with,another,video alright bye

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How to increase collection image height on the collection page Shopify #ShopifyTutorial

How to increase collection image height on the collection page Shopify #ShopifyTutorial

hi guys good morning everyone uh,good afternoon with the name wherever,you are on the planet right now,so i discovered something i'm working on,i'm going to show you guys,how to increase the image visibility,like let's just someone browse your,website i'm actually doing this for a,client,of mine so let's say somebody browse,your website,and they can see the small images,because some people can't really see far,and some people can see fire so it's,better to zoom in the,image whereby you know let me just i'll,just zoom there saying i'll use google,chrome to zoom the same,about let's say 150 at least the image,should be able to pop,up up to the stage in order for you to,do that,i found a very good shortcut guys to do,this,so log on to your shopify store once you,log on to your shopify store click on,online store,once you click on online install click,on,the drop down arrow actions click on,edit code once you click on edit code i,will show you guys,is pretty easy you guys don't believe it,i close that out so you guys don't make,mistakes,so the first thing you need to do is,click on,go to section click on,collection liquid once you click on it,it pops up leave it open,then the next one will be collection,template,click on it it opens if you observe on,we start with collection,dot liquid so the first collection that,liquid if you notice,on the upper it says case section,okay guys i don't know if you guys can,see it when it says case section dot,settings dot grid,when when it is two percent the image,should increase,by 5 30. so what i actually discovered,is that you can actually change it you,remove this to number two,all right guys remove number two change,it to four if you have four product,on your layout if you have four product,but if you have two product just leave,it like that,if you have full product on your layout,this is the best way to do it,change that to four and change the four,to two,then leave it you can increase this then,leave it click on save,then do the same thing over here on,collection dash template dot liquid you,have to do that,also so you click change that two to,four,then change the four to two,all right then click on save guys,and let me zoom out you can see,this is 100 right now this is how small,the image is,so if i refresh we should get a bigger,image,you see that it's zooming a little bit,closer,so so pretty easy guys i'm telling you,guys,it's pretty easy if you have any,questions,you know email me contact me i'll,definitely respond i'll try my best,knowledge to assist you guys,like subscribe

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