how to remove roku ads

How To: Removing Roku Advertisement Themes alone welcome back so this is a quick,video plus take ove

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How To: Removing Roku Advertisement Themes

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How To: Removing Roku Advertisement Themes

alone welcome back so this is a quick,video plus take over weekend basically,in the world coup and nobody loves this,on Saturday will cool change up the,regular purple scheme or any TV feed,that you have xv4 on your TV and they,turn it into Avengers and game themes,with Disney classic alone The Avengers,series and then today Sunday they,changed the theme ups again and they,made it into the Disney bus team with,the arc and the blue background and the,Disney Plus logo with the advertisements,on their content so I want to show you,how to get rid of pop-up advertisements,teams so you won't have to you know if,you don't like it you want to see it,every time you turn on your welcome and,I do want to tell you this as a side,note you also want began you know we're,gonna holiday themes if you do this so,keep that in mind so all you gotta do is,just call the sentence,go down to themes go down to custom,settings and then turn off enable beats,and themes just that simple right now,here's the thing though whatever you,have when this goes up it's still going,to be basically there until you know the,female spiders and then the Constance,policy no longer will be able to see any,advertisement themes will never work you,want to promote something and keep that,in mind so if you don't mind this being,staying there or two expires do your,thing,if you still don't like this appetizer,theme go to power settings go to the,theme and then click on revert to the,default theme and that's going to be,going back to the default welcome feel,that you have before we change it up so,keep that in mind so that's the quick,little video stay tuned because on,Tuesday I'm going to be resume Disney,Plus and also I'm going to be adding,this video to my podcast which is going,to be next Friday I hope so if you have,Spotify if you have incurred if you are,popping search the vocal in our podcast,if you don't have time to watch the,videos without the meat and you just,want all these videos combined into one,simple podcast that's the one one we,doing it with this one,and this point we have a little bit more,of things that they brought up in my,videos this week so keep that dog away,so thanks for watching hopefully this,tip helped you very much,and you won't have to be doing these,annoying work who have time to paint,anymore and I'll see you next time

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