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The Best Facebook Ad Placements To Usehi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm go

Ben Heath

Updated on Jan 20,2023

The Best Facebook Ad Placements To Use

hi guys it's ben heath from lead guru,and in this video i'm going to explain,the facebook and placement options which,ones you want to use and when there's,something i get asked about all the time,so i wanted to create a video quickly,covering it before i get into something,very quickly asked hit that thumbs up,button that really helps me out and of,course subscribe to my youtube channel,if you are new and haven't done so,already i release facebook ads related,content all the time okay so i've,created a first i should say i've,created a conversions campaign in my,example ad account here and that's going,to be important i'll explain why later,there are different placement options,you want to use depending on your,campaign objective and that's a critical,factor so let's jump to the ad set level,and scroll down to the placement section,now obviously facebook recommends,automatic placements,um and they do that partly because it's,going to help you as a facebook,advertiser but also partly because it's,going to help facebook as the,advertising platform they want to have,the maximum flexibility with their,customers which is you and me the,advertisers as to where they can put,their ads because they have they might,have more demand in certain locations,sometimes less in others so those of us,that go with automatic placements they,allow us to um,you know to move things around and fill,in the holes where they have this sort,of ad inventory to sell okay,doesn't always mean it's the best option,for you so,automatically before we get into the,individual options when should you use,it if you're running the conversions,objective or a conversion based,objective where you're optimizing for,your end goal so examples of that other,than the convergence objective would be,things like um lead generation,um would be things like app installs,okay things where you can track what's,going to happen and you want facebook to,optimize for that thing automatic,license is fine because facebook's only,going to put your ads,across facebook instagram and the,various other places,where you are able and are generating,conversions they're not for example,gonna put loads of your ad impressions,on the audience network if people who,are sitting on the audience network,aren't going on to convert so with a,conversion based objective and i know,that the campaign objectives are being,updated very soon so you may have,slightly different options but you'll be,able to understand what it is i'm,talking about if you have had that,change happen in your ad account,the conversion based objectives,automatic placements is fine,in nearly all other scenarios i'm going,to make some adjustments and manually,select certain ones right so,interesting here consider using,automatic placements to reach more,people let's get rid of that reaching,more people yes that can be beneficial,but it's not often the objective the,objective is usually purchase lead um,sign up to my email list,watch this video whatever happens to be,okay,manual placement so,before you go into place in options,there are four platforms there's,facebook instagram which everyone knows,and thinks about there's the audience,network which can cause some confusion,and then there's messenger which again,everyone sort of is fairly familiar with,there are talks and have been for years,now that facebook is going to start,adding whatsapp as a platform that we,can advertise on it's owned by,well facebook that's now called meta,it's owned by meta um and that is,probably a potential really big,opportunity for facebook advertisers,better advertisers that'd be so those,are the four major um placement options,now,it's very rare that i would recommend,deselecting either facebook or instagram,sometimes you will particularly if,you're wanting to grow a following on,either the platform but the vast,majority of the time we're going to have,both those platforms selected,if you are not using a conversion based,objective so let's say you're using,something like traffic or something like,reach uh maybe because you can't track,conversions or because that doesn't,really match up with your uh and,your goal from the campaign i would,often deselect audience network and if,we scroll down we can see which of these,placement options get deselected these,great ones weren't available because it,depends on ad creative get deselected,it's these down here these apps and,sites,because that's what the audience network,is it's effectively external expand your,reach with ads in external apps and,websites it's external to facebook,instagram not something a lot of,facebook advertisers think is part of,the facebook ad network but if you use,the rich or awareness campaign objective,for example and you're getting really,cheap um impressions you think this is,great they could all be on the audience,network which is apps and sites that are,external to facebook and instagram and,that you might be thinking hang on i,don't want to be on that sort of stuff,that's that's not what i want that's not,what i want my brand to be associated,with often it's,not the best quality articles for,example,so that's what audience network is,i would often also recommend if you're,not using a campaign objective a,campaign based sorry a conversion based,campaign objective deselecting messenger,in general,very few facebook advertisers see,significant volume from messenger anyway,whether you leave it on or off that's,less of an issue than i would,quite confidently say you want to get,rid of audience network if you're using,traffic reach awareness something like,that messenger less of an important,point but if we deselect messenger you,can see that some will disappear we've,got messenger inbox going we've got,messenger stories,um and then otherwise we've got the gray,ones which you know a slightly different,thing and then we've got the the,audience that were deselected so if we,just have,the facebook and instagram platform,selected you can see that the vast,majority of placements,are available,i'm not going to go through each and,every one but facebook have categorized,them into chunks so here we've got feeds,as the,best,place for your ads to be the majority of,the time both on a cost basis on a,likely to convert basis there's also,that's where people spend their most,time across facebook and instagram so,that's where you're likely to get your,most volume you might get for example if,you're running a traffic campaign 60 to,70 of your clicks coming from the feeds,even if you were to select um automatic,placements and have everything available,just because that's where people are,most of the time,and they break down the feed into these,various sections okay um,in general the two big ones out of here,where the majority of things are going,to come from is the instagram feed and,the facebook news feed which is probably,not all that surprising that's what you,probably spend the most time on as a,user of these platforms certainly what,most users spend the most time on,it's absolutely fine if using traffic um,you know reach awareness those sorts of,campaign objectives to just leave feeds,as it is there,or you could be more selective if you,really wanted to just narrow down to the,very best quality and just go with the,facebook newsfeed instagram feed if you,want to move variables,that might be something you want to test,in your facebook ad campaigns it's,unlikely to make a huge difference,either way these aren't low quality,placement options they tend to,produce significantly less volume in,terms of impressions but,it's it's,an advertiser's decision basically,next we get into stories and reels,that's usually how i would how i would,leave it i mean reels is very new as a,as a placement option as of the,recording of this video so um we would,usually leave it at the moment we would,leave it on but that recommendation may,change but obviously instagram stories,facebook stories absolutely fine,instagram stories is a reasonably,significant placement option that's,where people do spend a lot of time on,instagram you are likely to get quite a,lot of impressions from there the,likelihood that people then click,through is significantly lower than on,the feed,um just kind of because that's how,stories work you want to move on to the,next story et cetera et cetera but,absolutely fine to leave it in there and,i almost never remove,um,instagram stories and facebook stories,from my targeting options even if i'm,using something like the traffic or the,reach objective for example okay,then we get down to this other stuff,we've got in article we've got search,we've got in-stream,very low impression volume in general,you can either leave them on um if you,want it's not going to make a few,seconds either way because it might,represent a couple of percent of your,overall impressions i would usually,deselect them particularly in an article,i just think that a lot of facebook you,know say facebook instagram articles a,lot of them are low quality clickbaity,type stuff i don't necessarily want my,brand or the brands that we're,advertising to be associated with that,stuff so we would often deselect,so those are the various placement,categories the various placement options,and what i've got here right now,is the setup that we would often use if,we're using a non-conversion based,campaign objective like awareness like,reach like um traffic for example video,views we're going to be going with this,sort of setup where we've basically,narrowed it down to just facebook feeds,and stories sorry facebook and instagram,feeds and stories,if we're using conversion based,objectives like lead generation,conversions app installs we are usually,going to go with automatic placements,and that's our setup so that's been,useful in terms of breaking down the,various placement options what they do,what they mean,um when you're on these platforms by the,way and you're just sort of messing,around playing around have a little,think when an ad pops up thinking oh,what placement oh that's a storage,placement what what placement is that,what placement you know and you can you,sort of get a feel from the user,standpoint which then inform you informs,you as a facebook advertiser as to,exactly what is going on hopefully that,has been useful before you go uh one,thing i want to quickly mention and,that's our facebook and instagram,advertising services so my company lead,guru is a specialist facebook and,instagram advertising agency we create,manage and optimize facebook and,instagram ad campaigns for our clients,and if you want to get better results on,the platform and have a company like,mine take the work off your hands we can,most likely do that for you and we do,have a 3k per month minimum budget,requirement but if you meet that,criteria then you can go ahead and book,a free call with one of my team members,there's a link in the video description,below just an informal chat where we can,find out more about your business how we,can help you can find out about our,services how much we charge all that,sort of stuff um and uh hopefully we get,a chance to work together um if you,found it useful thumbs up please comment,below to let me know feedback comment,below if you've got any questions and of,course subscribe for more facebook and,instagram advertising and probably meta,advertising as things change related,content going forward thanks a lot guys,bye for now

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how to remove placements in facebook ads catalogs

Facebook Ad Placements 2022 (Big Mistake!)

Facebook Ad Placements 2022 (Big Mistake!)

as you start to scale up your Facebook,advertising increasingly what you're,going to want to do is focus on reach,that means influencing as much people as,possible over the longest duration that,you're trying to build your brand for,the challenge that you're going to run,into when you do this is the placements,the Temptation for these advertising,platforms is to sell you what we call,junk inventory so selling you spaces,that will never get noticed will never,get processed and people will never,remember you're at,so when you're doing something like,conversions or lead generation it,doesn't really matter where your,placements are so you can just go with,the automatic recommended placements you,can see it here is Advantage Plus but as,you move more and more into brand,marketing you're going to want to,manually select the spots that are,actually going to get noticed because,here you're optimizing for reach and the,you don't have the check and balance,there of was a lead generated or not in,which case you can actually trust the,Facebook algorithm but you can't so much,with something like brand awareness or,reach,so what I'm going to do is I'm going to,show you some research and I want you to,take this with a grain of salt because,when we look at research we have to be,very skeptical based on who's sponsoring,it because all too often what happens is,the outcome is the result that the,researcher wanted or they were trying to,prove a point they were trying to sell,something but let's just take this at,face value for now to at least open your,mind and be skeptical of the ads so here,we have on Twitter this gentleman saying,that we need a better digital,advertising ecosystem 85 percent of,digital ads get less than 2.5 seconds of,attention required to enter the memory,so memory is really what we're trying to,do when we're doing long-term,broad-based broad we reach advertising,on Facebook we want people to remember,our brand because most people are not,going to buy today people are not going,to buy tomorrow in business to Consumer,a typical product that's bought,frequently might still only be purchased,two times a year or a very frequently,bought product like margarine eight,times a year which is still not a lot,Coca-Cola,a heavy buyer is considered somebody,that buys three or more times a year,which really isn't that much,so what that means is that when we,advertise we're primarily interested in,people are going to buy in the future,and far into the future and that,requires memory,and to get into people's memory we have,to get attention and this person's,arguing that uh two seconds of attention,is not enough to enter memory so this is,based on eye tracking research we can,see the data here,so this is the kind of thing you need to,keep in mind when you're deciding on the,placements that you're going to do is,that little ad that you see in Facebook,Marketplace gonna get enough attention,to enter memory maybe you're going to,want to focus more on the mainstream,Facebook stream for example,so we're also thinking about creative,what kind of creative are we making,is it actually getting attention so,doing something like a big splash and I,want to show you an example of that this,is an ad that I saw for MailChimp I,happen to see it on LinkedIn but this,could just as easily have been a,Facebook ad in fact it probably is a,Facebook ad but what they do is they,have this,picture zoomed in on a cat's eyes which,is very attention grabbing and then the,cat's image flips around in a circle so,it's very eye-catching it's very bold it,gets your attention and that's really,what we're fighting for with marketing,creative is let's get attention because,most advertising basically gets ignored,and then once you have people's,attention then we can think about how to,embed ourselves in people's long-term,memory and this also has implications in,terms of the types of ads that you,create so something like a video will,have much more chance of being able to,enter people's memory having a longer,attention focused on the ad and you're,also able to work with much more,gimmickry to to get that kind of,attention that's needed so let's take a,look again at some additional research,to look at attention so attention game,by different media we see here based at,least on this limited research that,television,especially with the the larger,televisions has a very high attention we,move down to YouTube can also have very,high attention with the no skip ads,progress down to Instagram and you can,see Facebook here a little bit towards,the bottom uh,specific types of Instagram ads are,getting less attention than Facebook and,then we have mobile and desktop,in my experience one of the placements,you really need to control for is mobile,apps mobile apps are largely just,garbage,garbage placements so I noticed like,really high click-through rates but uh,no nobody's buying nobody's interacting,nobody's converting because of those,clicks they're just clicking by mistake,potentially Bots something like that,now here's some additional research to,show what the active attention seconds,are Facebook 1.7 seconds Instagram 2.2,seconds Twitter 3.2 seconds and YouTube,2.7 seconds so one of the implications,here may be that uh Instagram is,definitely a placement that you're going,to want to go with don't just limit,yourself to Facebook

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