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Getting a Virtual Address For Your Dropshipping Store - Dropship Downunder - Drop Shipping Australia

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Getting a Virtual Address For Your Dropshipping Store - Dropship Downunder - Drop Shipping Australia

hey guys grant here for, today i'm going to,be talking about where you can get a,virtual address for your drop shipping,store and not,have to use your personal address,let's dive in,okay before we get started if you do,like the video please give us a big,thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to,the channel if you're not already and,hit those bell notifications because,we're banging our videos all week long,we also got some great free training in,the link below,down in the description so if you want,to learn how to build a,successful drop shipping business right,here in australia,just click the link below in the,description to go and check that out,okay so almost nobody is prepared to use,their,personal address for their drop shipping,store,and this is obviously for a multitude of,privacy reasons,and you don't want your personal address,to just be,out there online for anyone to see now,the traditional way around this has been,to use a,po box and this does work and it is an,option,it is a pretty good option really at the,end of the day however,when you do have a po box for your,address for your store address,it does make your business look a little,bit sort of,home based because that's the,traditional,method to put a address on your website,or or for your business in general,without having to put your,personal address so a more professional,way,to get this done and to do this is to,use what's called a virtual,mailbox or a virtual address so how this,works,is you purchase a virtual address or,virtual mailbox,off a company and you're able to list,your address,as a more professional looking address,so for instance,the uh provider that we use we actually,get a,sydney cbd address so it'll be,sweet x kent street,sydney 2000 so as you can see,it does look like a much bigger business,like you actually have a,an office in that particular location,although it is only a virtual address by,writing suite,x at you know xyz location,in sydney cbd 2000 it does make it look,that much more professional like you,actually do have that location,so it's much better than just a po box,and i'm going to jump into a screen,share and i'm going to show you the,actual company that we use,and how you can get in touch with them,and basically some of the services they,offer so let's jump in,okay so this is the company that we use,for our virtual address,and it's called gateway digital,solutions and the,domain is the gateway com.iu,and you can see down here that they,offer a variety of different,solutions digital solutions but we only,really use the,mailbox solution and you can see down,here a bit further under my services,they've got mailboxes they have both,virtual,and physical now there is a difference,in price and i will go over there in a,moment but,for the most part unless you're going to,be receiving physical,items or mail or anything like that you,i mean if you're registering your,business with the government,under this address then you may be,receiving correspondence from them,you might need a physical address but if,this is,merely a virtual address for your online,store,um then obviously the virtual option is,is,most suitable so if you go to the,mailbox tab up here this is where you,can get your,virtual address and you can see,there's a whole heap of different uh,benefits and who it's suitable for you,can read through all those but the main,thing is,that we have a virtual address which is,a dedicated street address in a cbd,location so it makes it look really,professional,all right so down here you'll see what,you get you get a suite number,and the address and you can accept,accept mail if you choose the physical,option we do have a virtual option and,mail has,has come there on on the odd occasion,that someone has sent it to us,and usually what they do is they'll just,give you a notification that you can,have the option for them to forward it,to you or,or you can come pick it up but that's,very very rare if you've got a virtual,address and you're not,planning to send any physical items,there and it's just listed on your site,as your address and it's it's,really not nor neither here nor there,you don't really need to worry about,that,so virtual mailbox is plenty,obviously there's some different plans,they have available down here i mean i'm,not going to go through every single one,but the absolute bare minimum is the,personal,3m virtual so you'll be paying around,about 137 dollars,straight up and then 110 every three,months now this might not be an option,if you're just starting out however when,you do get a bit more serious and your,your website's doing some some,significant numbers and you're doing a,decent profit,this is definitely something that that i,would look at doing so this looks to be,the cheapest option for the virtual,mailbox all right i hope you got some,value from that if you did like the,video please give us a big thumbs up,don't forget to subscribe to the channel,if you're not already and hit those bell,notifications because we're banging our,videos all week long,and if you do want to learn how to drop,ship right here in australia,you can check out the free training,we've got in the link below down there,in the description,and that'll take you through to the two,hours or so of free training we've got,there for you,all right we'll see in the next video,cheers

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Quick Answer: Shopify Remove Billing Address On Digital Products

Quick Answer: Shopify Remove Billing Address On Digital Products

Bell is Paul just an update on this I,don't think you can do it but I'll give,you a few options depending on what,you're doing and I think when I said,I've done it before I did it on,WooCommerce on a wordpress blog that,that you could just get an app that,removed the address for digital products,I think depending on your situation if,you're giving it free if you're giving a,product away free that's where it's it's,hard to do if it's a paid one there's,probably an option to do it via PayPal,and click a PayPal button I'll show you,what I mean but I've gone through some,forums and the base of these people they,are saying I'm trying to give a free,free digital download away and you're,asking for billing addresses then the,experts saying you can't do it and a few,people are moaning so I think at this,point you're not going to be able to do,it so I'm guessing what you've done is,you've if you think you've said they,using digital downloads right deliver,did your downloads your Shopify right so,that's obviously this app then you,create an app you create a product and,go to more actions add the file right so,I'm guessing that you've done that so,obviously to get rid of shipping address,you tick on tick this box otherwise,you'll get the shipping address asking a,shipping address at checkout which just,uncheck that yeah I'm I'm guessing,you've already done that as well but if,when you go to Add to Cart if you add a,PayPal option and you click PayPal it,will just jump you in PayPal and and,check out for you but you can't do that,if it's free so you can't you can't give,a free version away because PayPal say,what you're doing you can check out on,PayPal on a zero price but if you are,charging for your download then the,PayPal button would just jump in grab,the information and check out and then,you may well look if that's the only way,you want them to check out your mouth,when I look at getting rid of the,checkout button but if you do if they,don't click checkout it will go,to a page where the address is looking,for the address before the PayPal option,even if PayPal's your only option like,it is here it'll still ask for the,address Rasila it'll still go and ask,for this information so it isn't an,answer to you it is just saying that the,the option to make paypal a button to,make it a one-click stop rather than the,information is an option and then get,rid of the checkout boy but a lot of,people are asking the same question it,just looks like they don't offer it as a,feature they seem to think taking,billing information it's a benefit to,the store and a lot of people are saying,it's got no benefit or obviously if it,then goes to process a card payment you,need the address but so at this time it,doesn't look like you're gonna be able,to you gonna be able to do it on on,Shopify as I say I think when I said,I've done it before I'd done it on,WooCommerce and a wordpress blog I'll,keep me out I'll keep I'm gonna be right,I'll maybe send a message to Shopify,support to see what they say but at this,time it's it's gonna slow you down and,hopefully it doesn't cost you too many,sales but let me know if you charge you,for something or if you're giving,something away for free,I obviously on my website I don't know,what your site set up but I use,teachable for my stuff I don't know if,I've got a I'm it's a digital download,into so what you could do is for,instance I've I got a PDF it's something,like this Think and Grow Rich book I,clicker I'm already logged in so it's,gonna jump me past the but it only it,only asked for it only asked for email,address and name on enrollment and then,if you're paying something it will ask,for an address or to login but depends I,want to pay so and then you can you can,show people like if your PDF document,then in a training course,you could do it that way I would do it,you know if I wanted to get email,CAPTCHAs first job to build a list I,could I could grab emails only and give,away a free product or with teachables,gray if you wanted to charge something,they take all the payments and then just,pay the Commission so you don't have to,do anything back-end,I'm teachable I really like you for that,especially if you're in the UK or,wherever you are and you've got a mess,about rataxes teachable take all the,taxes so just give me some more,information and we'll get your worm,we'll get you further down the line as,to it as to what can be achieved all,this helps Cheers

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