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Root Bluestacks 5 (No downloads, x64/x32) | LATEST | Working 2022 what's up my name is taken over he


Updated on Jan 07,2023

Root Bluestacks 5 (No downloads, x64/x32) | LATEST | Working 2022

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Root Bluestacks 5 (No downloads, x64/x32) | LATEST | Working 2022

what's up my name is taken over here for,troubleshoot and welcome back to another,video,in today's video i'll be covering,rooting bluestacks 5.,my previous video roosting bluestacks 4,did incredibly well but of course a,video needs an update when a new version,of bluestacks comes out,the video in question will be linked in,the description down below we're using,bluestacks 4,working 2021 while this does still,technically work,it doesn't work for bluestacks 5. and,that's exactly what we're going to do,here so to begin i'm not just going to,show you how to do it i'm going to show,you how to do it for two different,versions,of bluestacks both the 32-bit and 64-bit,as the methods are basically,exactly the same so let's begin usually,you'll have only the 32-bit version,installed but if you'd like some extra,performance out of your bluestacks,device,to make sure to open up the,multi-instance manager and add a 64-bit,version of the device that you like,and of course head into these settings,give it some more cores and some more,memory in order for it to run a lot,better,i find that the 64-bit version gives me,a little bit better performance,and hence i'll include it in this video,guide so what exactly do we need to do,to begin,first of all we need to navigate across,to where we installed bluestacks too,for me i installed it to my d drive,though more than likely for you it'll be,located in c,program data simply open up a new file,browser head across to this pc,c drive and make sure that hidden files,are enabled,if you're on windows 11 click the three,dots up here options,and then make sure that under view you,have show hidden files,folders and drives checked if you're on,windows 10 which you more than likely,are,head into this pc c drive view at the,very top,and then make sure that hidden items is,checked once we're in here,if you installed it to the default,location you'll see a bluestacks folder,inside of this program data folder over,here,if you don't don't worry simply navigate,across to where you installed it,in my case it's on d drive vm,and then bluesnacks underscore nxt now,of course,it could be underscore nxt or underscore,anything else really it's just,bluestacks,underscore something else either in,program data if it's installed to the,default location which will be on your c,drive or it could be on a different,drive if you installed it to somewhere,else,anyways what you're looking for is,bluestacks.conf,if you find yourself completely lost,simply search all of your drives for,exactly bluestacks.conf simply double,click on it and open it with a program,such as notepad as simple as that,now that we have the settings window,open all we need to do is look for the,settings that say,routing so usually it'll be,bst.feature.rooting,so i'll simply scroll down to f and you,can see bst,feature routing zero simply change this,to,one keeping the quotation marks now,scrolling down even further,you'll see bst dot instance dot followed,by an android version and small settings,or,flags what we're looking for is enable,root access,which is down here as you can see bst,instance followed by the instance name,enable root access,and we'll change it to one once again,now scrolling down,even further you'll see i have nougat,64.,if we have a look inside the multi,manager over here you can see 32,and 64. now depending on what versions,you have installed which you may even,have more,you'll have to go ahead and do this for,every different version of android that,you have installed,anyway once again we're looking for bst,instance followed by the instance,version,enable root access and we'll change this,to 1 once again,now we'll save this file with ctrl s and,i'll change it to,read only so right click this,bluestacks.conf file,and then click properties inside of the,properties window,make sure that read only is checked and,then click ok,if you'd like to edit this file in the,future you'll need to uncheck that,edit the file save it and then check,that option once again,now from here all you have to do is,simply start up your bluestacks app of,choice,now of course if you had one running,it's highly recommended that you stop it,and then simply start it up once again,so i'll start up say nougat,64 bit right over here it doesn't really,matter what version of android you're,using,now though on the home screen let's go,ahead and open up these settings by,clicking the settings wheel in the,bottom right,now for some reason it's not displaying,properly on my screen,but under device settings you'll see,root access,enable root access in fact let's just go,ahead and pull up a background so you,can see it a bit better,there we go i've now zoomed in on a,black image and you can see the settings,a lot better,device settings and you can see enabled,root access,is checked to further verify that root,access is actually enabled,let's go ahead and download an app from,the google play store of course you'll,need to sign in first,there we go now that we've signed in,let's go ahead and search for root check,it's a simple app that lots of people,use to verify whether the device is,actually,rooted so let's go ahead and install it,and open it up,after scrolling through it and clicking,verify route you can see that root,access,is properly installed on this device,it's that simple,so anyways that's about it for this,video of course you can go ahead and,install any other route apps or tweaks,that you'd like,and it's now been fully enabled but,anyways that's about it for this video,thank you for watching my name has been,taken over here for troubleshoot and,i'll see you all next time ciao

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