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How To Fix "Ad Set May Get ZERO" Error in Facebook Adshey ninjas welcome back in this video,i'm goin

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Fix "Ad Set May Get ZERO" Error in Facebook Ads

hey ninjas welcome back in this video,i'm going to show you exactly what you,need to do whether you get an alert,headset may get zero purchases or,headset may get zero results or no,conversions when you get this alert and,it looks like this or like this,depending on your version of your,facebook ads manager we're going to go,through exactly what you need to do,about that now regardless if you are new,to facebook and instagram ads or if you,are already a veteran this video is for,you and i'm also going to be giving you,some pro tips on how to actually turn,more of your traffic to sales hi i'm,sylvia myers i am one of the co-founders,of the traffic ninjas if you are new to,us and if you are new to these channels,we talk about all things about highly,converting traffic to your shopify store,and how to turn traffic into cells right,because that's what it's all about so,join us on our path as we discover all,of the little known and hidden ways to,essentially get you more traffic to your,store in an easier way for less money,and convert that to sales make sure you,hit the subscribe button and the bell,notifications so you don't miss out on,any of our new videos now guys there,have been lots of changes recently and,the most frequent questions i literally,get asked like every single week is like,oh sylvia i'm getting this alert that my,ad sets can get might get zero purchases,or zero results or zero conversions oh,my god like what am i going to do guys,don't panic super easy fix let's go,through this step by step so essentially,the alert might look something like this,headset may get zero conversions or it,could set eight that may get zero,purchases whatever version you've got,right now what i guys want you to,understand is that there is nothing to,worry about because facebook is not a,human so often this alert pops up when,facebook thinks something is wrong,because some but nothing might,necessarily be wrong however having said,that we do have to go through certain,steps to make sure that it's not a false,alert that actually you've set up your,ad sets properly okay,now why is this happening why is this,happening more and more often it's,happening more and more often because,the targeting has changed okay with all,of the privacy settings being introduced,social media platforms have completely,had to change the way they target and,it's not as precise as it used to be,okay and so essentially it's become much,much harder for facebook and instagram,to find the right people for your store,because we don't have those kind of uh,lookalike audiences working so precisely,as they used to before if you want more,information on looking like audiences,there is another video uh for that and,also if you want another video on more,detailed information on how to set up,your targeting we've got another video,for that okay but in here stay until the,end because we will talk about power,tips on how to maximize uh sales to your,store from your traffic and make sure,that you do not get this alert at,sending zero purchases or that if you do,get it that it's actually nothing to,worry about because you've checked that,everything is running smoothly so first,of all you need to make sure there's,several points inside your headset that,you need to make sure a hundred percent,correct okay 100,correct,before you essentially publish your ad,set,um and also there's few things where you,will find that this asset may get zero,conversions it's a false alert but,sometimes it's a real alert so,what most of you guys do when you get,these alerts at said may get zero,conversions you just click on this learn,more and then you get this whole,whole whole information,as to why this doesn't work and what,could be wrong and it tells you like oh,my god you might have to troubleshoot,your conversion optimization like uh,what is conversion optimization this is,so complicated you might have to,optimize for different events and,essentially it gives you this whole,whole list,of how it calculates optimization blah,blah blah blah blah like honestly in my,opinion this information is too,confusing it's too much of that and in,other words guys what facebook wants you,to do,they essentially particularly if you're,new to this if you're new to this,uh let me move this they do not want you,to select purchase,they do not want you to select purchase,because they,might have never registered somebody who,purchased from your store right because,your store might be new,and therefore they're like oh my god,this is going to be really hard for us,to find,somebody who is going to be doing,purchases so what essentially all of,this text means,is that facebook is trying to push you,to go back to your campaign,and they're trying to,get you,to select something else they're trying,to get you to select traffic or,engagement or like brand awareness or,reach because they're like well this is,gonna be easier,for us for facebook it's gonna be easier,for them to find people to click on your,ads however what you've got to,understand,is that without having conversions,selected we without having your campaign,optimized from conversions,guys like you're not gonna be getting,those at two cards and you're not gonna,be getting those sales just saying,you're just gonna be having random,people from facebook just coming and,clicking okay so,whatever this help is suggesting you,i personally i mean obviously the,decision is up to you only you know your,story and your customers the best way,possible but,i,i,personally and and all of our students,we always talk about conversion,conversion ads because that's super,super important okay,so if you're getting this alert,that except may get zero purchases let,me go back here but that headset may get,zero purchases,uh if you're getting that alert,because you've optimized for a purchase,and it's a new store then,do not pay attention to this that's tip,number one okay,second you've you've selected um,conversion conversion and,campaign you optimize for purchase and,then you go and select your budget,so often when you select your budget and,let's say you put five dollars a day,bam,again we've got like oh it said make it,lead to zero purchases because your,budget is too low and essentially all,facebook is doing it's just pushing you,to spend more money would i be spending,more money when facebook is telling me,to spend more money,i don't think so like guys by now i've,spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds,of thousands of dollars,on social media advertisement and i,never top up the budget when facebook,tells me to top up the budget i only top,up the budget when an ad is actually,working for me okay so don't be shy,select five dollars it's completely fine,to do that okay,so again if this pops up,because you've got a low budget or,because you selected purchase for your,optimization,then,that is what i call a false alarm,however however,really really really important really,important what often happens is that,when you make your headset,and your specific targeting too narrow,or too broad,that's when this pops up as well and in,that case that is real that is real okay,so,you're targeting you're targeting,essentially the people you choose,the edge the detail targeting all of,that stuff you choose here the country,needs to be the right size and in this,video we are not specifically talking,about different types of targeting but,there is another video where we're going,through detail of how to specifically,choose that for your brand because i,know so many of you guys are product,makers you're so like passionate about,all of these amazing products that,you've got you want you want to show,them to the world and it's very,important to know like how to target the,right person because essentially we're,small business owners right we don't,have all of this unlimited money just to,spend okay,so,that is that so inside this you select,your essentially your targeting group,right so,i personally don't mix too many,countries together on a small budget i,usually just just pick one country so,pick like wherever your market is like,whether it's uh the usa australia or,canada wherever that is,um most of you most of you advertise to,the united states because you know that,is one of the biggest markets out there,uh h i personally don't do like you know,so many people do like oh 18 to 65 like,no guys your ideal customer is not,between 18 to 65 plus,no your ideal customer is more most,probably in a bracket of maximum 20,years like maximum 15 20 years for some,of you guys even less so really like go,back to what we call your ideal customer,and by the way there is a video on that,where we really drill down of how,important is it to niche down on your,ideal customers so that you are not,wasting your money with the social media,giants but really targeting the right,person okay now inside here inside,detail targeting this is super important,super important inside detail targeting,essentially,what you can find here are interests,like for example home decor right so,let's say you sell racks or cushions,you know you can find like interior,designs and then you can press,suggestions and there is all of these,different ideas,as to who you could target now,often we find these alerts exits may get,zero purchases often,it pops up when you like make this super,super super super super niche down,like for example like if you just,go like you know let's say let's say you,sell products for parents,that are educational and you select,something like,specifically so niche like,uh do we even find something like,educational toy,like if we select educational toy and we,remove the interior design,ah well it still shows us a relatively,like bigger size in in millions but,uh there are some interests that are,like super super,niche down right and if you like select,one of those,then facebook is gonna get uh confused,and it's just not gonna give you,that many people like some of these,interests you know you want to make sure,that they're a good size that these,interests are really somewhere in the,millions,if you're going to choose something,that's,like in thousands or in hundreds,like if it's in hundreds of thousands,then can still work,but if this interest it's in like in,hundreds of thousands,and then essentially,these are all the people on facebook all,the people on facebook interested in,educational toy,but we only want people in united states,between age of 20 to 35 who are,interested in educational toy so this,number may appear like it's between six,to seven million but in reality in,reality it's only going to be like,estimated audience 1.7 to 2 million,right,and so some of you guys would like,uh you know again select the super niche,interest here and so when this number,estimated audience is like 20 000,or 30 000 like you might think like oh,but 30 000 cells that would be quite,amazing but in reality guys it does not,work like that in reality like if you,get,one to two percent,of your ideal customer who see the ad,click on your ad that's a good result,okay so you do the math like we need,millions in our audience to be able to,do to give facebook a chance to learn,who is your ideal customer and then be,able to get more and more sales from,that asset,so guys that's essentially it right,there's few major things why,you might be getting that epsilon magnet,zero purchases like you might either,have an optimization that you might be a,new store and you might be,running a conversion ad optimized for,purchases when you get that,like do not give in to facebook do not,give in to facebook because it's really,important that you optimize either for,purchases or any other conversion event,like add to cart initiate checkout like,like look you you essentially select,from here,like for example initiate checkout or,or add to card would be one of those i,would be choosing if you haven't had any,sales to your store i would be choosing,add to cart,uh and in that case i would not,necessarily worry about the exit may get,uh zero zero results okay,now second you might get that alert when,your budget is too low,like how much is too low some of my,exits guys even after hundreds of,thousands of dollars spent on social,media advertisement i still have assets,running for 2.50 a day okay so if you've,got an ad set that's only five bucks a,day honestly do not give in to this,alert,however however should you have not the,right targeting then this alert might be,real okay so you'll be kind of talking,about three scenarios here so definitely,go through these three steps and as i,said there is another video that really,helps you understand like how to choose,your ideal customer and make sure you've,got the right targeting so that you can,get more of that high quality traffic,and really turn it into sales,now guys i promised you a power tip how,to actually maximize sales for your,store so power tip when creating your ad,sets is really start thinking about what,kind of data you've got to create a,custom audience okay,so what facebook really loves is when,you help facebook find the right people,so start thinking about have you got an,email list of engaged customers who have,bought from you over and over and over,or who just always open your emails or,have you got emails like if you have a,physical store for example and you might,have not sold online before but you've,got all of these physical customers like,can you ask them for the email addresses,and upload that into facebook because,anything that you've got that's yours,that you have access to as data facebook,will love you for that and we reward you,with higher quality traffic for less,money okay so now guys if you want to,learn more about how to sell your,amazing high quality products on social,media media following the latest changes,on facebook and in instagram,advertisement i made another video and,you can get that and we'll see you there,so i'll talk to you soon guys bye,you

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hello guys welcome back to my channel,this is speaking to in this video what I,want to do is I want to show you,different between account error and AD,set error now if you are a very um if,you are somebody who run Facebook ads,very very well then you would have been,faced with the problem of seeing an,account error or ad set error now the,question is that when you see these,errors what do you do and what are this,error when you understand what these,errors uh means and why they actually uh,show up then you would understand what,you need to do immediately without,wasting any of your time so this video,is going to be a walkthrough on how you,are going to fix account error first you,have to understand what account error is,I'll be showing you that secondly I also,be showing you what ad set error is and,finally I will also be showing you how,you can resolve both the asset error and,account error without further Ado before,we go into the video please smash the,like button drop your comment I want to,see your comment drop your questions and,ultimately I want you to subscribe to,this Channel please just to encourage,the con this kind of free content I,would I would really appreciate if you,can subscribe to the Channel all right,let's go so the first thing I want to,talk about is that what is AD set error,now you would you might have come across,um,situations whereby you would see asset,errors like this now you can see that I,don't know if you can see my screen here,you can see where the mouse is pointing,to you can see that you have asset error,asset error now asset error is has a,reason why it occurs now then meanwhile,you can see um situation whereby you,have account error there's some other,instances you'll be seeing what is,called account error now all these are,called because of specific reasons specs,specific reasons okay so now before we,even go into the reasons and everything,let's talk about what is an asset an,asset is the second level after the,campaign level now let me go into a,campaign and show you something so let,me look at open this campaign and edit,now you see that there are three levels,to your ad your ad always comes with,three specific levels so the first I,believe just follow through with my,mouse I believe you can see my mouse,pointer so you can see that there's a,campaign level and there's an asset,level and there's an ad level so,whatever level you are selecting from,then it it shows that what you want to,do so in this asset level there are,major things that happens here if I,click on it you have the title you can,select the conversion depending,um location you can also select the,pixel you can also select um the um,dynamics of the creatives you can also,select the amount you want to spend and,you can also select the audience you,want to run your ads to and finally the,placement for your ad these are what you,have available on the asset so whenever,you see your account show at set error,it means that there is an error in any,of this information I've outlined any of,this information is having error that is,you're either having error in your,placement you're either having error in,your um location or your audience you've,created rather yours either having error,in the amount or your budget schedule or,you're having error in your pixel setup,or your conversion location so that is,one of the reasons why you might be,having ad set error because your ad set,currently having issues is that correct,very straightforward asset error comes,up because you're having errors in your,asset level so don't forget we have,three levels to your campaign you have,the campaign level itself the ad set,level itself and the ad level so the ad,set level will be out whenever you see,asset error that means your asset level,is having issues so all you need to do,is come straight into your account once,you get into your account you just make,edit in fact most times you would see,this error you'll see the errors showing,up somewhere around here let me quickly,uh show you my screen so that you see,what I'm saying you might see the error,showing up somewhere around here,once you have an asset error the error,might be showing up somewhere around,here so it will show you specifically,what you need to do and what needs to,change I hope that's clear okay so what,about account error account error comes,up specifically because of one reason,there's only one reason why account,error will come up now account error,comes up because one you need to fund,your account your account is currently,so okay don't forget we have two major I,don't forget my video I made a video on,prepaid accounts and other account I'll,be sharing the link uh somewhere up in,this video I'll be sharing the link,somewhere here uh in that video I talked,about prepaid account and postpaid,account so prepaid account is an account,where you can add money to your ad,account before you start running ad why,postpaid account uh is another it's,another account that you run your ad,first after I've done you're done,running your ads then you pay for the,ads so whichever kind of other countries,using early prepaid which is the manual,payment or the post bid which is the,automatic payment whatever payment,you've decided to use will uh will,determine the kind of Errors you'll be,having so for instance if you are using,a prepaid account,and you see account error it simply,means one thing and it's I can guarantee,you this it means one thing and one of,the things it one that thing is that it,means that your money the money you,currently have in your account has been,exhausted and you need to fund the,account it's as simple as that so it,means that whenever you see an ad,account,um,uh uh account error it means that,probably you're running your ad and,maybe you didn't,um plan the exact amount you're supposed,to spend so let's say you added 15 000,and your ad has run to the extent,whereby it has run up to like um for 15,days and you're there to spend 1 000,every day and you've exhausted the money,or the money currently on that account,would not be enough to,um allow the ad to run for the next one,day then you'll see your ad account to,be showing up with account error I,believe that's clear so ad account asset,error comes up on the asset level at a,account error comes up when you have,issue with payment or when you have,issue related to money then that means,you are owing Facebook or you need to,add money to your account to run your ad,I believe I've broken it down asset,error and account error so if you love,content like this if you love the way,I've broken this down you're free to,check me on Whatsapp my a phone number,is going to be in the comments section,please make sure you reach out to me,contact me I have a Facebook ads course,and it's going to be very helpful for,you if you can purchase the Facebook ads,because I've broken all these stuffs,down in that particular course and it's,going to be an interesting one to,finally connect with you after you've,seen this video so if you have any,further questions do well to drop it in,the comment section and if you want to,have a one-on-one chat with me can you,do that uh using the WhatsApp number I'm,going to be dropping on the comment,section so make sure you subscribe to,this channel make sure you give this,video a thumbs up and make sure you like,all my videos thank you very much I'll,see you in other content thank you

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