how to remove ads on twitch

How to block Ads on Twitch - Twitch Adblock so I recently heard about this extension,called twitch A


Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to block Ads on Twitch - Twitch Adblock

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How to block Ads on Twitch - Twitch Adblock

so I recently heard about this extension,called twitch Adblock,and you can search up on Google like I,did it'll be one of the first options,here,I've been using it for about a week now,and it works perfectly,um basically you'll just have a button,here that says add to Chrome and you can,install it on any chromium based browser,so if you're running a Microsoft Edge,like me it'll work here as well,after you install it go to Twitch and,see if it works and if it doesn't just,restart your browser so basically just,exit out and then start up a new browser,again because sometimes you need to do,that sometimes you need to restart it,for it to actually start working,um and then I'll just show you I guess,how it looks like right now,um basically,I'm going through a couple of streams,and,right here there's supposed to be a,pre-roll ad,but you'll see this little text here,that says blocking ads,and it'll show that until,the pre-roll ends,and all the controls will work like,normal here,so you can use the video player like,normal,and yeah it'll work just fine,so just check a couple more here okay,drill,also says blocking ads General sniper,blocking ads,and if for example someone's running,mid-roll ads so in the middle of the,stream they click the start adds button,it'll also block those,um if you want to check the settings you,should have little icon here on the,extensions and you can click it to open,up settings,but if you have a lot of extensions like,me then it'll be under this extensions,button so you click on Twitch outblock,here,and you'll just have the option,basically to turn it on or off,or to,show or not show this little text here,and yeah it's basically it,one last thing here that I want to add,though about this whole ad blocker,versus twitch thing,is that from my understanding it's a bit,of a back and forth or like a game of,cat and mouse where from one day to,another twitch can decide to change a,bit of their code,and this will make it so the ad blocker,no longer works and then basically the,developers behind ad blockers have to,notice this and then they have to change,the extension code,so that it matches whatever little,change twitch made on their end,so basically what I'm trying to say is,that if you install the extension and,it doesn't work and you restart your,browser and it still doesn't work,maybe give it a couple days because,there's a good chance that twitch,recently changed a bit of their code and,then it just takes the,developers behind the ad blocker it,takes them a bit of time to change their,code to match whatever change was made,here,so yeah I hope this helps you thank you,guys for watching

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