how to remove ads from microsoft edge

How to Block Ads For Free in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Mac (Chromium Edge) with Ad Block Plus

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Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Block Ads For Free in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Mac (Chromium Edge) with Ad Block Plus

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How to Block Ads For Free in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Mac (Chromium Edge) with Ad Block Plus

you,you,in this video I'm going to be showing,you how to block ads and the new,versions of Microsoft edge,so now I have the Microsoft edge browser,opened up and this is the new Microsoft,edge and I'm actually using it on my Mac,um it works like Google Chrome like it's,on the same project so let's go over to,the top right corner and tap on these,three dots and scroll down to extensions,and click get extensions for Microsoft,edge so these extensions are extensions,that you can also get on google chrome's,because Google Chrome and Microsoft edge,are now related they're on the same like,platform chromium project so search for,adblock plus here it is,and this should block ads in YouTube and,various web sites so then you just tap,get that extension and it's installed,and you can see it's in the tool bar up,here and if you click that you can see,how many things you've blocked and you,can go to settings which lets do that,I'm gonna block additional tracking and,social media icons and I'm not going to,allow acceptable ads because I don't,want any advertisement and there's some,language settings and white listed,websites advanced and help so now let's,see if this actually works I'm going to,go to a couple websites starting with,just go to Digital Trends let's see if,there's any ads on this web site in this,article and you can tell it's blocking,ask because in trackers because it says,six I don't see any advertisements,no ads so far so that's great some,websites um will send you a message like,please disable your ad blocker or pay or,whitelist etc so no advertisements on,Digital Trends let's try going to, now and seeing if it blocks,ads I'm gonna search for humiliating,soccer skills you gonna click on this,video and see if there's any advertisers,no advertisement at the beginning and as,you see down here there's no yellow bars,indicating ads coming up so that's,awesome,um if you want to block something,manually like if an ads and they get,blocked for some reason just right-click,or control-click something and you go to,block element so that's how you do that,now even though this ad blocker is,working it may not block every ad in,every situation obviously some videos,have ads actually in the video not,before it or just sandwiched in between,they're actually part of the video files,so obviously you can't block that so,just be aware this doesn't work in every,single situation but it does work in a,lot of situations and it's very helpful,so if this was a help to you please like,and subscribe to my channel and thank,you so much for watching and have a,great day,you

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