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How to Completely DELETE/REMOVE Facebook Ad Account in 2022 from Facebook Business Managerhey how's


Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Completely DELETE/REMOVE Facebook Ad Account in 2022 from Facebook Business Manager

hey how's it going beautiful people i'm,going to show you exactly,how to delete a facebook ad account not,deactivate but delete,okay if you look at my facebook ad,account where i have,multiple ad account and if you're like,me and you have for example,up to 25 ad accounts then you know that,you cannot,add another ad account or if you,just want to get rid of facebook you,want to close all,out account you want to delete it there,is a difference between deactivating and,deleting this,this is an account that i closed about,two months ago but it's still,in my list of ad account it has not,disappeared,and so i am going to show you how to,delete an ad account how do you do it i,don't want to waste your time,when you're logging in your facebook,business setting okay if i hide that,when you,when you deactivate an ad account by,just clicking here,the account will not go away it will,just be hidden as you,as you see here hide close ad account if,i,unactivate that the closed ad account,will still appear here,when you reach 25 ad account you cannot,create another one,how you do delete one you have to open,your facebook,business manager first how do you open,that you go on, and then,here you will it will open your business,manager,in my case i have multiple business,managers and within a business manager i,might have,multiple ad accounts as you see here,within this business manager i have four,if i want to delete an ad account within,this one,i will have to delete the whole business,manager,there is no way again i will repeat this,you cannot,delete a single facebook ad,account you will have to delete the,whole business manager,and if you only have one ad account,like this one in the business manager,then it won't matter because you're,trying to delete the ad account,so you will have to open the ad account,suppose this one is the one that i want,to delete,you have to open your ad account you go,up here on business tool,and you go on business settings maybe,your layout will be different than mine,but this is how you do it,if you come here under add account this,is a closed ad account,and how do you delete that this account,is disable or,inactive but it's not deleted so how do,you delete it you scroll down at the,bottom you click on business info,and you click here on permanently delete,business if you delete the because every,business has an ad account,an ad manager and ads within the ads,manager,so if you delete the business manager,you will delete,everything you will not have access to,it anymore i'm going to click on,permanently delete business manager,once you delete the business manager,this action can be reversed to,help us improve please tell us why you,want to delete the business,it's hard to use whatever you select,your,options i'm just going to say it's hard,to use or maybe,i don't like your facebook something,like that anyway i click on next,schedule business for deletion once you,schedule a free for deletion it cannot,be accessed,all pages listen all pages,ad account and tools added will be,returned to the original,owner or be deleted imagine for example,that,i assigned so if in this account for,example i have assigned this,account to someone else then,if i delete that business account that,business manager you will be returned to,the original owner which is this,business manager so if i click on next,this is what will happen i'll have to,put my facebook password,you see now it says afro talent,whatever will be permanently deleted in,24 hours,if you change your mind go to business,manager and choose,don't delete business done you see now,it is still here in my list of business,accounts,so if in 24 hours it will disappear with,the ad account inside and then there is,zero page that i created here,if you have a page that have that you,have created and that you want,to keep you can you can assign that page,to someone else or to another business,account or to another person outside,your facebook so if i if i want to,cancel the deletion i just click on it,and i say,don't delete business it will be deleted,now in 23 hours so be careful,if you want to delete your facebook ad,account you'll have to delete your,facebook,business manager if you have multiple,ad accounts within the business manager,then you cannot delete a single one,if you delete the whole business manager,understand that it will delete,all ad accounts within it and not only,you will lose,all the ad accounts and all the pages,associated with this ad account,but you will also lose the pixels,that has all the information now if you,don't want to delete your whole facebook,business manager what you can do,and if you if you want to create more ad,account but,you have already reached the maximum,then you can create,multiple business managers touch just,like you see here and to do that you go,on,business dot,over view now you can create another,business manager when you create another,business manager,that will allow you you can create as,many business managers as you can as you,see here i already have 13,that will allow you now to have another,business manager you just open that one,and what you want to do is that you want,to transfer,some of this asset from the business,manager that you want to delete,to the new one that you created after,transferring them,then you can delete the business manager,so that you don't lose everything,in that business manager and if you want,to learn how to transfer assets,just let me know in the description i,will make another video about that i,don't want to make this video too long,and before i close this if you advertise,on facebook there's one tool that you,need to have,and it's called connect explore and what,this tool,allows me to do is actually to find,interests that are hidden on facebook,because facebook wants you to spend,more money on their platforms and what,they push you to do,is when you're trying to create a,facebook ad,on the interest part here when you,search for things like,fitness that have 798,million people that are interested this,is what facebook suggests you 58 million,48 million,the reason why facebook suggested that,is because they want you to advertise on,those keywords that are already,highly competitive and therefore your,click per cost will go,up and you will spend more money but in,fact they are actually,hidden keyword or interest that people,have shown,interest for that facebook is not,showing you for example,with this connect explorer i am able if,i type for example fitness,or gym i am,able to find 290,results with keywords that have,a very specific lower address not in the,million but in the hundreds of thousands,that almost nobody target but they exist,in facebook but facebook never shows you,that,let me show you an example if i take for,example body feed,this interest exists in facebook and it,actually has,806 000 people interested,but if i go on my facebook ad,set and i'm trying to target that,keyword i type,body fit no result is fine,there is no result it does not exist but,i actually we disconnect,explore i am able to simply add,that in my facebook ad set,and actually because the competition is,low here,because no not a lot of people have this,tool,and the fact that i will target a lot of,this keyword with actually,low competition that will drive my click,per cost down the number one thing that,drives you click per cost,for like eight dollars per click five,dollars per click,three dollars per click is because like,i said facebook will just suggest you,those interests when you type them that,are in the millions,okay it will never suggest you anything,that is about,like 373 000 never,but this tool allows you to find that,and actually to add that to your,facebook account so,click on the link down below access this,tool,now you need that and i have already,made a,an in-depth tutorial on how to use this,tool,i will also put the link of the video,down below so you access this video,you watch it and you know how to use the,tool but you need these two,if you want to skyrocket your facebook,ad find,a lot a lot a lot of interest that are,not,in facebook and succeed with your,facebook ad this is what i wanted to,show you if you think,this video was helpful please smash the,like button subscribe to this channel,because i cover everything from,instagram growth to facebook ad to drop,shipping to affiliate marketing to,blogging and,seo anything that can help you achieve,greatness,and until next time i love you my,beautiful people peace,and don't forget to smash like and,subscribe,thank you,you

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How to Delete Facebook Ads Account and remove Credit card

How to Delete Facebook Ads Account and remove Credit card

Hi everybody welcome to our new  video today we're going to learn  ,how to delete your or deactivate your facebook  ,ads account the reason is there are many  reasons why you should do that uh if you're not,putting ads all the time becomes like a  complicated facebook why i'm i want to  ,to delete this account is uh they do every month  take money from my account and i never authorize  ,that and there are no ads which are going to  run or there are no ads which are automatically  ,made uh to run uh so they will and these  guys are unreachable it's this difficult  ,to reach them and to complain and when i go to  my bank they say i'm supposed to d to change my  ,card bank card because this guy's gonna come in  come and come in all the time and take the money  ,so which is uh a little bit frustrating to me so  i should go change my card because of facebook so  ,the behaviors uh uh to take my money all the  time is known to something which i'm happy with  ,um show some of you you're facing the same  problem but if you are a person who's sending  ,money or who's uh sponsoring or paying ads for  ads all the time every month then it's fine  ,but me i do run ads maybe once in a while maybe  two months i run once maybe three four months  ,i run once so by the at the end of the day i  find uh facebook they are taking my money so  ,it's really frustrating so i don't want to  a company to come and take my money all the  ,time for nothing so it's not the first time  it's not the second time and uh i'm really  ,unhappy about it so what i'm gonna do  i'm gonna show you how to deactivate your  ,uh ads account because sometimes even when  you try to take out your card it say you  ,cannot delete that card you have to do what what  what so it's a a frustrating process so what i'm  ,gonna do you have to some on old stuff it you  could go here and uh you could find your ads  ,you could scroll down and find ads and stuff but  now this is the new facebook whereby you can't  ,see those things anymore so what you do you can  go to facebook dot com then forward slash add a,uh something like manage manage it doesn't  work we're gonna go to something else yes  ,uh facebook fat slash is it's gonna be  s let me see yes okay instead of add put  ,ads so after that wait for that to download  once it's download so you go to settings and,right there add account setup,you see downloading is a little bit slow,okay once you're here uh i'm gonna  see what i'm gonna show you but anyway  ,uh sometimes when you're trying to  go to your payment methods and stuff  ,you can't do some things so uh what we're gonna  do i wanna show you something another error  ,which comes it's not an error the message they  gave you which is frustrating somehow sometimes,you go back to that,okay,when i've got something like,no i don't want to go to any filter let me see  business hall business tools account overview,you see they said amount 0-0 but  they took money even this month  ,there's nothing with this show but uh,i think,okay let me go back there somewhere i  want us to be guys uh we can go to ads  ,ads stroke manage manage then click there,and then you can click here,then you click uh billing  so when you're on billing,production id credit card  payment settings i see that,okay when we're here you click on remove card  remove it gives you this it tells you to do this  ,and i did this already it doesn't want to work  there's another credit card they take money from  ,my credit card which i used to put in once take  money from that and also when i try to delete this  ,they want they don't want me to delete  that they give me this message we said  ,we need to verify your balance before  removing your only payment method on file  ,please go to manage ads and turn off your ads then  return here in 30 minutes you can see how they're  ,making things a little bit difficult for you to  pay your balance and remove your payment method  ,if you don't do if you don't want to turn  off your ads you can add a new payment  ,method before removing this one you see to  remove this one you need to have another  ,it's like you committed to them by force that's  a that's a behavior which i really don't like so  ,they force you to do things whereby you  must be there by force so let's go back here,and i'll say,i'm gonna go back to payment settings,my intern is a little bit slow but  we're gonna see what you want to do,okay,let's delete this and go back to that url,okay when you click there you say,account,settings,add account setting,event auto whatever,we say account quality bidding business settings  event manager media library shop location ad  ,account settings okay audience so you click  on add account settings when you're there,when you're there you scroll down here then say  deactivate my account you click on deactivate my  ,account it will tell you that you have to read  it are you sure you want to deactivate your  ,your ad account it will stop all of your  current campaigns and prevent you from  ,resuming or creating new ads any  outstanding balance on your account will be  ,charged to your credit card the credit  cards on the account will be automatically  ,removed after your outstanding balance  has been settled i don't know if i can  ,be owning facebook or something i don't owe them  something but look at these statements they say  ,the outstanding balance the credit cards they  say they're gonna remove them after when you they  ,have paid themselves whatever they think you owe  them this process may take up to two working days  ,see what they say if you would like to stop your  ads but plan to run facebook ads in the future  ,we recommend pausing your existing ads and keep  your ad account enabled if you you would like  ,to ask any questions leave any comments before  deactivating your account please send us feedback  ,okay so i'm gonna click here that  something is gonna i'm gonna deal with them  ,on this matter i wanted to send them a message but  look it says unavailable so i can't do anything  ,that so he said no support no support can get  questions answered too i only run my ads at a  ,certain time of over a year poor return on  investment buying process is too complicated  ,too expensive compared to other options my ads  kept getting rejected okay they ask you of which  ,uh which what the reason why you did deactivate  your account so please don't skip this if you  ,do this tell facebook so that if all of us we can  complain about one thing i think they can uh look  ,into it and they stop stealing people's money me i  call it stealing because if you create a software  ,which takes people's money without their consent  so it simply means you are stealing from them so  ,facebook i believe is stealing from us they say  you didn't do this you didn't do this no it's uh  ,it's sometimes it's their responsibility to know  that customers are satisfied so how can you take  ,my money every day every month yet there's no  ads which are are running it simply means you  ,wanna tell me um i'm renting the ads platform  even if i put an ad or not okay uh i said um,i'm being i'm gonna send a small comment build,what do you think,so,okay that's the reason i'm i'm i'm giving  to them then i'm gonna do the deactivate so,i'm loading loading,okay the the now they we  on this page when they say,okay,okay they say attention attribution your  attribution setting the data determines how  ,facebook measures actions that results from your  ads facebook uses the last touch attribution mode  ,model you can see you can set your attributions  window or the period of time for which your you  ,want to the to to account to count actions people  take after clicking on or viewing your ads which  ,will affect the results you see for your ads so  you're telling us that we're not interested in  ,that so you can see uh this card say whatever  oh that is done there was a button he said  ,he says your ad account will be deactivated soon  first we need to make sure that you don't have  ,any outstanding uh in outstanding balance so  once they send you this once you see this message  ,they say it takes up to two working days so if  you do that check after two days and see if the  ,account is deleted once the account is deleted  they promise that they're gonna delete all your  ,credit cards on your account so you so that  that will help you to save your money and your  ,money will stop get disappearing cause mine been  disappearing so i've been facing the same problem  ,guys uh thanks for watching guys i'm gonna put  also this link to into the description below  ,so that when you log into facebook you just  click on that link and uh also you just have  ,to deactivate your account immediately thanks  guys for watching this is azania tutorials  ,see you in the next video if you have some  questions please uh give us a shout or  ,just do what just uh um uh comment in The comment  box below uh i hope this helped you guys and uh  ,you stop this uh scheme of taking your money from  your account is so annoying i was annoyed and uh  ,i learned how to do this and i said i'm gonna at  least try to show people on facebook there are  ,some people who did some videos in different  uh years but you know facebook change their  ,interfaces each and every year almost thanks  guys for watching see you in the next video

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