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Facebook Ads: How to Reduce Wasteful Spending- So many people think that Facebook ads don't work,,wh

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Facebook Ads: How to Reduce Wasteful Spending

- So many people think that Facebook ads don't work,,when in reality,,they just aren't managing their campaigns correctly.,The good news is there are oftentimes,a few small tweaks that you can make to a campaign,to get much better results.,In this video, we're going to show you,how to identify the ads that are hurting your bottom line,and when you need to turn them off.,(smooth music),In this video, I'm going to share with you,the individual metrics and the trends to watch for,,but make sure you stick around to the end,where I'll talk about what you can test next.,When you're looking at your Facebook ad reports,,there are a lot of numbers in there,that can be overwhelming.,So I recommend focusing your attention to one main number,which is your cost per result.,Beyond that, there are a few key metrics,that will affect that result that you can optimize.,So let's jump into ads manager to get to all of this data.,You're going to click on the dropdown menu,that has the three small columns in it,to get to the performance and clicks report,and you'll see the key data that you want to watch.,If needed, you can also select the customized columns,in that dropdown menu,to add additional metrics into your report.,So what you're looking for is the cost per result.,Your cost per result is going to vary,based on the type of campaign you have set up,and the objective you have chosen.,So in this example, I have chosen a conversion campaign,with the objective of leads.,I was sending traffic to a webinar,where people could then sign up for my webinar,and Facebook would record the cost per lead.,You might be choosing an objective of traffic,where then the cost per result will be link click cost.,Or you might be choosing a conversion campaign,optimized around purchases.,With the cost per result,,there is no one size fits all number.,It's really going to depend on your industry,and what you're advertising.,One of the biggest metrics you want to watch,is link click-through rate.,Many people are sending traffic,from their Facebook ad to a website.,You want to make sure that your link click-through rate,is over 1%, because that indicates,that your ad is interesting to people.,If it's lower than 1%,,you may want to consider turning that ad off.,Two metrics that are closely related,are frequency and first-time impression ratio.,These two metrics show you how often your ad is being shown,and what percentage of people,are seeing your ad for the first time.,In general, I recommend keeping your frequency below three,for a cold audience.,For a retargeting audience, that frequency can go higher,because people are familiar with you.,Also, if you have a short promotion window,,it's okay to have your frequency go a little bit higher.,The next metric you want to pay attention to is CPM,which is cost per thousand impressions.,If this number is over $50,and you're not getting the results you want,,you may want to turn that ad off and try something new,which we'll get to at the end of this video.,To find the link click-through rate,,go into your ads manager,,select the column preset of Performance and Clicks,and then scroll to the CTR link click-through rate.,CPM and frequency are also in this report.,For first-time impression ratio,,you need to navigate to the ad set level,for an ad set that is currently running.,Select that ad set and then select Inspect.,Typically, I like to see a first-time impression ratio,of 50% or higher.,If it's below that, it may be time to turn the ad off,and choose a new creative.,Looking at the individual metrics is great,,but you also want to pay attention,to the larger trends of the ad.,You want to look at how it's doing over time,to see when it's time to turn that ad off.,Sometimes an ad will experience one bad day,and you don't want to turn it off prematurely.,If you're seeing a decline in performance of 30% or more,over five to seven days, your ad may be fatigued,and it might be time to try something else.,There are two ways to look at your trends.,One is to look at the charts in your ads manager,and the other way is to compare by timeframe,so you can see an exact percentage change.,To see the trends in your ads manager,,select the campaign ad set,or ad you want to look at and choose View Chart.,The other way to see your trends,is to compare your metrics week to week or month to month.,Go up to the date range,,select the date range you want to compare,and toggle the compare button.,Now just expand the column,so that you can see what the percentage difference is,in the cost per result.,In this case, the cost per result,has gone up 25% this week versus last week.,I may want to keep an eye on this particular ad set,and adjust or turn it off as necessary.,When deciding what you want to turn off,,you want to make sure you're looking at the right level.,You may need to turn off an entire ad set,,which is the targeting.,You may just need to turn off a particular ad,underneath each ad set.,For example, there may be an underperforming ad,that is taking more of the budget.,In this case, both ad sets are performing pretty well,but if I drill down into the ad level,,I can see that one ad is costing twice as much,and I should shut that ad down.,If you need to turn off ads or ad sets,,what should you try next?,I suggest trying different audiences,like perhaps a different lookalike audience,or perhaps some different targeting,or even narrowing down your age range,to see what the best performing age range might be.,For ads, one of the biggest variables,is going to be the images.,So you may need to try a different image,or possibly even adjust your text.,To find out more about testing, go here.,I'll be talking about what variables to test, budgeting,,and how to set up your split tests.,So I'll see you over there.

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Huge Change To Facebook Lead Ads!

Huge Change To Facebook Lead Ads!

generating leads with facebook ads is,not that difficult to do what did he say,high quality leads however is a lot more,challenging but all that's about to,change with meta's brand new lead,filtering tool in this video i'm going,to show you how to use it and how you,can use it to significantly improve lead,quality so this new lead filtering tool,applies to leads that are generated,within facebook and instagram so with,lead generation campaigns or if you've,got the new odac's campaign objective,menu using leads and then instant forms,and one of the big complaints that we've,heard from facebook advertisers for many,years now we've seen this ourselves,is that the quality of leads that are,generated through lead generation,campaigns is just not that good people,are wasting a lot of time trying to get,in touch with people that had become,leads voluntarily but just would not,pick up the phone would not respond to,emails when they're followed up with or,perhaps you were able to get in touch,with them but the people don't have the,budget they're not really serious they,just very quickly and easily signed up,via the lead ad but had no real,intention of going forward well this new,lead filtering tool can get rid of those,people get rid of those time wasters and,that could be a really big deal for your,business if you're wasting a lot of time,or you've got a sales team that is,wasting a lot of time and that's costing,you money following up with dead end,leans we want to get rid of those and,only focus on the prospects that are,actually likely to go ahead and become a,customer so how does this new lead,filtering tool work so i'm in an example,facebook ad account here i'm going to,demonstrate the process in a few,different steps that make more sense in,a second we're going to create a new,campaign and we've got the new odax menu,in this example ad accounts i'm going to,click on leads you may need to click on,lead generation if you've got a,different looking,campaign objective menu to me here then,we're going to go over to the ad set,level and we're going to make sure that,the conversion location is instant forms,which is now the default when you create,a new leads campaign that is where as,i've already said people will be kept on,facebook and instagram presented with a,form where they can submit their,information and they can basically,become a lead without having to go to,your website or any external source,really reduces friction and can help you,generate a lot more leads now if we go,ahead over to the ad level this is where,we're going to create our lead form the,form that's presented once someone,clicks on our ad if we scroll down past,all the ad creation stuff and we get,down here to instant form if i go ahead,and click on create form this is what,you will then see if you go ahead and,click on questions you'll find out,whether or not you've got this new lead,filtering tool a lot of facebook ad,accounts don't have it yet there's a,good chance you don't but i think it's,going to be rolled out to everyone,underneath custom questions you should,have a little message talking about this,new lead filtering tool now as you can,see this example ad account in fact all,our exam example ad accounts don't have,this lead filtering tool yet but some of,our clients do so what i've done is i've,grabbed some screenshots from one of my,clients ad accounts and i'm going to,walk you through some of the steps and,you can see what's coming if you don't,already have this in your account if,this new lead filtering tool has been,added to your account then underneath,custom questions you will now see,something that looks like this where it,says save time on follow-ups you can now,add a multiple choice question that,filters out people who aren't promising,leads so you only spend time reaching,out to those who are facebook's,obviously talking about the benefits,associated with this which we've already,covered now if you go ahead and click on,add question and then multiple choice,then you should see a screen that looks,something like this now in the top right,hand side you've got this lead filtering,toggle you need to toggle that on if you,want this to to be turned on it's turned,off automatically and what that means is,you then have a lead filter so depending,on the answer that people give you can,decide whether those people actually go,on to become a lead or not and let's say,let's take an example let's use budget,that's the classic one if in your,question you had what is your budget,and then you had say three different,options you could have not,a thousand dollars a thousand dollars to,five thousand dollars and five thousand,dollars plus i'm just giving an example,they'll vary massively depending on the,business and what is you're selling all,that sort of stuff,and perhaps you want to work with anyone,that's got a thousand dollars to five,thousand dollars anyone that's got five,thousand dollars plus but anyone that's,got less than a thousand dollars budget,for whatever it is that that you offer,you don't want to work with those people,they're not appropriate you can't help,them or you could decide to select those,as not a lead the other people become a,lead and then as we've discussed you're,going to save a lot of time in not,trying to communicate and follow up with,people that they're never going to work,with you anyway there are other,different options alongside budget you,can see that meta gives some examples,and if you do turn on lead filtering you,can let people know straight away when,they submit the form so there's a,different thank you page or confirmation,page that people get shown depending on,whether they go on to become a lead or,not and you can customize this and say,thank you for your interest but sorry,we're not a right fit for you yadda,yadda or you can say great we'll be in,touch shortly depending on whether they,become a lead or not to lead so you can,see it's quite a straightforward tool,that could make a really big difference,to your lead ad campaigns so i think,it's important that we quickly discuss,the downsides associated with using this,lead filtering tool because whenever,you're trying to improve lead quality,there's always going to be a cost,associated with that sacrifice and in,this case it's going to be lead quantity,we're not changing who we're advertising,to or anything like that we are just,filtering out the lower quality leads so,you're going to see less leads you're,going to see a higher cost per lead if,you use this tool now for a lot of,businesses that's worth it particularly,have a sales team reaching out to people,and they're wasting a lot of time as,i've discussed but that's just something,to be aware of if you turn this on you,see your lead cost double for example,don't be surprised that's highly likely,if you are using lead generation,campaigns though i'd strongly recommend,that you test this new lead filtering,tool if you have it in your ad account,right now great go ahead and test it if,not when it becomes available which,should be in the near future i'd,experiment with this and give it a go,you may well find that it's an absolute,game changer if you're saving a lot of,time following up with you know not,following up with poor quality prospects,anymore you might find that you can,scale your campaigns you can generate,many more customers you may also find,that because you know the leads coming,in a higher quality you're able to,dedicate more time as a business to,nurturing those leads to converting them,and your conversion rate can go up many,fold we've seen that happen with clients,we've worked with where we've improved,lead quality and that's then gone on to,further help improve their conversion,rate because they can dedicate more,resources to converting those better,quality prospects and if you do want to,generate more leads higher quality leads,all of the above that's something that,my business lead guru can help you with,we're a specialist facebook and,instagram advertising agency we create,manage and optimize campaigns for our,clients if you want to find out more,about us managing and running and,optimizing and improving your facebook,ad campaigns for you go ahead and click,on the link in the description below you,can book a call with one of my team,members completely free of charge right,there this new lead filtering tool is,really going to help us generate better,quality leads but to generate lots of,leads in the first place you need to get,your targeting right i show you a really,important targeting tip in this video,here it's easy to implement and well,worth checking out

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