how to recover deleted facebook ads 2021

How to recover deleted Facebook Ads. Don't stress out.hey what's up guys i'm beef brody,welcome back

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to recover deleted Facebook Ads. Don't stress out.

hey what's up guys i'm beef brody,welcome back to another video,in today's video i'm gonna show you how,to recover,the accidentally deleted facebook,campaign,i did it to myself this morning and as i,was going through the steps i thought,this might be,helpful information for you guys to know,this is one of those mistakes that,you're bound to make,uh and i've done it two maybe three,times now,uh and partially because of the facebook,interface like you,you have a campaign selected or an ad,set,selected and then you select another one,not realizing the first one is selected,and maybe you delete one because you,know uh it was a mistake,or whatever the case is you hit delete,and then it deletes the other one that,was selected,that you didn't know was selected but,don't stress out uh,we can kind of sort of recover it i'll,take you through the steps to do so,so let's jump onto the computer so let's,uh let's assume this interview i did was,had garyvee on our podcast let's,delete no let's not delete that one yeah,we can delete that one screw it why not,we'll recover it,so we're going to delete that one,let's say it was an accident we thought,we were deleting the one we wanted,boom that one's gone this is where you,freaked out right you're like,oh dang i just deleted this ad i didn't,want to delete that i needed that it was,live it was,whatever the case is here's what you're,gonna do you are gonna go into the,search,up here in the top left and by the way,this,back end of ads manager is changing all,the time this is as of november,2020 so it should still be similar,there might be a few variations,depending on when you watch this video,anyways if you filter this through you,go to delivery here,you're going to go to campaign,delivery and you're going to filter,deleted and hit apply,and then you're gonna what i would,suggest you do is that you go to,um you can really type into deleted and,you can say,you don't want the name to say deleted,you want to filter by,delivery is deleted so ad set deleted,and then you can do,add delivery,is deleted as well so then when you come,through here,and this is the one that we deleted and,you click it,it's going to show you the ad sets that,were deleted,as well as the ad that was deleted,so what you're going to want to do is go,through here and start,duplicating some of these so this,particular one,is checked we're going to hit duplicate,you want to duplicate the original what,that's going to do is,only duplicate the campaign,itself it's not going to duplicate the,ad sets or the ads,within it so you're going to rename this,whatever we'll just leave it on the,default copy,i'll hit publish so once the campaign is,published you'll go back in here you'll,click on the deleted campaign so that,you can get into the ad sets,you'll click on the ad set that you want,to duplicate in this case we'll click on,this one,we'll hit duplicate here we're going to,go to,existing campaign you want to duplicate,this,into the one that you into the campaign,that you just generated,the one that's named whatever it was,copy,you'll hit duplicate it's gonna put that,ad set,back into that campaign you can hit,publish and then,you'll click into that it'll get to the,ad level you'll have to go through this,now,check that box hit duplicate,existing campaign but then come down to,the existing ad set,this is where it's going to be again the,copy of,the the one that you made hit duplicate,verify whatever information you need to,verify in here,hit publish,and then once you go back in you clear,these filters out you'll be able to see,under your campaigns,this is the one that we duplicated right,here you'll want to make sure you turn,on all of this stuff so you go to the,campaign level,turn the campaign on you'll go to ad,sets,make sure you turn that on at the ad set,level,and then go to the ads level and turn on,the ads if you have multiple,ad sets and multiple ads inside this,you'll have to go through the same,process you can bulk select it so if you,have,you know multiple ad sets within one,campaign just highlight,all of them and hit duplicate and then,go into each one of your ad sets,highlight all of the ads hit duplicate,and then duplicating it into those,duplicate campaigns and ad sets,that you've created up there guys i hope,that makes sense to you it's a quick,simple hack it's not as scary as you,might think,if you check the box it should duplicate,all of your engagement and all that type,of stuff,you will likely lose a lot of your,learning data and things like that but,at least the ad,a lot of the work isn't lost right and,you won't have to go through and,set up everything from scratch again you,can just kind of duplicate that stuff,this is the best way that i am aware of,uh currently,around this problem to fix this oops you,know if you will so if you have a better,solution to it please let us know in the,comments,below if this is your first time seeing,one of my videos i would love for you to,subscribe,stick around for other e-commerce and,brand building content marketing etc,like this video if you liked it,subscribe to the channel if you aren't,already and i'll see you guys in the,next video,peace

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How To Recover Deleted Facebook Campaigns OR Recover Facebook Ads | DON'T PANIC

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Campaigns OR Recover Facebook Ads | DON'T PANIC

so by mistake you have deleted your,facebook ad campaign and you are now in,a panic mode i can totally understand,your situation because i was in a,similar situation few years ago where i,you know by mistake uh deleted my,clients uh facebook ad campaign and i,was panicking like hell,so i'll tell you how you can recover,your deleted facebook ad campaigns uh,within just few steps and you do not,need to panic right now you can recover,those campaigns uh usually how it,happens is that you want to delete one,campaign but you have you know by,mistakenly selected other campaigns also,and all of them get,deleted but they are there in the system,you do not need to panic how you can,recover those campaigns let's look at uh,that right away so there are basically,two ways to do it uh one of the way is,let's say you have this campaign i've,just created a duplicate campaign of,this one,and i am going to select this one and i,am going to delete this campaign,okay,so here i have deleted the campaign and,this is where you you know uh start,panicking that camping is now i'm not,able to see the campaign anywhere but,there's a way to find that campaign you,go to search,and you come to the section delivery and,click on campaign delivery and then,select deleted and then apply okay so it,will show you all the deleted campaigns,here uh this is one of the latest one,which i have deleted uh you have seen,that copy so i am going to select this,campaign,then i am going to go to add set i'm,going to select the ad set also but add,set also it is not showing so i will go,to search bar again,come to ad set delivery as deleted and,click on apply will show me the ad set,as well and click on add set after that,i will go to add also because we want to,recover all uh all the three campaigns,assets and ads,and then uh for add also we will go and,do the same and delivery is deleted and,apply,okay so here is the ad,okay so all of these uh we want to,recover them so for that you can just,directly go and click on duplicate and,click on duplicate and duplicate that,all these three things and uh publish,after that uh this is one of the way but,sometimes this also does not work uh,what i like to do is i click on this,icon here if you see after the delete,option there is this icon,this is export and import icon i export,all the selected,okay and export it into excel or csv,i'll just click on csv and export it,okay,so this is what i like to do and i'll,just click and open the file,okay so this is the campaign uh you know,which is right now if it shows,campaign status is archive or you might,see it as deleted okay,what we want to do it has we want to put,the status as paused p-a-u s-e-t paused,as well,first or active you can put active also,but we don't want the campaign to go,active as soon as we you know uh publish,uh this sheet,uh we want to keep it paused so campaign,status is passed,paused okay so this is paused one is,acting we'll see,uh we'll keep that spawned also,you also want to make sure that you,delete the ids also so add id,both it is going to create the ids from,you know from scratch,so let's delete campaign ids also,and let us delete,and i will also delete uh you know one,of the campaigns so if you see these are,uh the two campaigns on the same name uh,i'm not sure why it has given two,campaigns here i'll just delete one of,them and just keep only one because,that's the one we have deleted and,that's the one we want to recover,so,after that,and then come back to the section,come to uh export and import section,click on ads,choose the file,here's the file open import,okay so it says there is a error add was,imported but some issues are there yes,let's click,and uh if i just click on review and,publish,let's see so this is just a warning,let's publish it,okay,and then you just want to remove all the,filters now,and come to the campaign section that's,it yeah so if you see uh we have,recovered uh the campaign now it's,paused if it's in the pause status which,is what we have changed it to,and uh if we click on,uh you know another campaign here is the,ad set if we click on ad set here's the,app so we have uh you know successfully,recover the whole campaign likewise you,can do it for others also as i said you,can either directly uh duplicate the,campaign but duplication you know,sometimes it gives a lot of errors for,me it gave a lot of errors but if you do,it with the export and import way,you know uh that way actually,it might not give you much of errors and,you will be able to successfully uh you,know,duplicate this campaign or recover this,campaign so that's how you recover a,facebook ad campaign,uh if you like this video uh do check,out my other videos you know subscribe,to the channel like this video give a,thumbs up and i'll meet you in the next,video very soon thank you so much bye,you

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