how to read articles without ads

How to Read Online Articles without being distracted by Ads in Computer and Smartphones ? hello ever


Updated on Jan 07,2023

How to Read Online Articles without being distracted by Ads in Computer and Smartphones ?

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How to Read Online Articles without being distracted by Ads in Computer and Smartphones ?

hello everyone it's me jaby from,inktutrails today in this video i will,show you how to read online articles,without being distracted by ads in,computer and smartphones so we ran for,more today let's begin so,first i will show in the computer then,in the next,i will jump to the smartphones so for,this you need to have one web browser,named as microsoft h so if you're using,a windows computer then microsoft edge,will comes pre-loaded with it if you're,using a windows 10 or 11 and if you're,using our older windows computer then,still you can download the microsoft,edge web browser and this web browser is,almost available for,every operating system whether using uh,apple mac computers or even ios or even,android or even if you're using a linux,2 so you can download this microsoft,edge web browser and after that just,open this edge browser,and so let me open one website,say i will open one website known as,,so,say i want to read one article name as,suppose say i want to read this article,right so i will just open it now,you can see a tons of apps on this page,right so it feels little distracted to,read,such kind of,articles right so in order to,give you a indestructible,reading,facility so for this you can see here on,the address bar one icon name as,immersive reader right just click on it,voila now you can see it will convert,almost,very readable page and it will almost,remove,all the advertisement that is being,shown,in this,article page so you can see here,you will get only the topic,or,what is important or,being on written on the article that,will be only shown here so here are some,options also you can use the respective,options so i'm not going to discuss the,options i'm just focus on the man topic,so now you can see,earlier there was tons of aids,advertisements then now there is no more,advertisement so you can read it,in the very clear manner so,if you are fond of reading,online articles then this option known,as immersive reader mod that is,available only in the microsoft h web,browser will gonna be very beneficial or,useful for you so let us move back and,check out the original so you can see,here,it will,again reappear turn stop,advertisement once you move back to the,default,that is without using a mrc reader so,using a mercedes you can just,remove all the aids,from any articles,so this is all about in the computer so,now let's jump to the smartphones,so now in our smartphone so right now,i'm using a android smartphone so if,you're using a,iphone or ios devices still the tricks,will remain the same so here also just,open the microsoft edge web browser,and let me open one website in the,similar website which i have open in,computer,so say i want to read an article in the,show i'll just open one article here too,right,so once i open up view one article on,any website you can see on the address,bar here too that is a immersive reader,icon just tap on it,and now it will convert,very readable mode so it will almost,remove all the advertisement here too,even it works in the smartphones not,only in the computers so,if you use this on microsoft edge then,you will get this very useful features,which is lacking in the most of the,popular web browsers like google chrome,even in firefox,event in opera also you won't get such,options that is named as immersive,reader so if you don't see a immersive,reader,icon in your,smartphone while using microsoft h then,there is options just go to this,settings,and just tap on this appearance and you,can see here option,so the immersive reader button when it,is better to build a page in return mode,so if it is turned off then you won't,get a immersive reader icon while,viewing any articles of any website so,you can turn on if you're not getting,such immersive,options immersive reader options on your,android smartphones then you can,turn on by going to this settings,options so this is how,you can read online articles without,being distracted by ads in computer and,smartphones very easily so if you never,known about this very useful features,hiding in the microsoft edge web,browsers then definitely you should,gonna try it out so if you find this,video tutorial useful please click on,the thumbs like button and if you're new,to your channel click on the subscribe,button and lastly thanks for watching

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