how to put video in shopify description

How to Add Video to Your Shopify Product Descriptiongood day folks and welcome to the,frustrated dro

The Frustrated Dropshipper

Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Add Video to Your Shopify Product Description

good day folks and welcome to the,frustrated dropshipper,in this video i'm going to show you how,to add video to your product,listings on your shopify store,so uh when you go to create a product,shopify doesn't provide any native,support,in order to add videos to the product,description but they do,provide support for adding videos to,your image gallery so,over here if you had multiple images for,your product you can also have one of,those,images or one of those slots to be a,video,that part is fairly simple to do but to,add a video to your product description,is a little harder and i'm going to show,you how to do both,so let's get right down to it it's,pretty simple both is but,just a bit bit of a process involved,with it,so uh without further ado let's go ahead,and,go to our product page so when you're on,your shopify page obviously you want to,go into your product,choose one of your products and you want,to go ahead and add,media so this way here uh if you were,add a,thumbnail and stuff to your uh or,thumbnail if you had multiple,images for your product you just add,them here and you do the same thing here,for your videos so i have this video,here,downloaded from youtube it's just just a,short little video,that i downloaded just for testing,purposes so i'm going to go ahead and,click this video and i'm going to go,ahead and click on open,and this video is going to upload to,shopify's server and they're going to,process it,and make it available so it might take a,couple seconds,to in order to for this to complete,now wallets are processing it there is a,message that actually says that to show,video and 3d models,on your online store you may need to,update your theme,so depending on the theme that you've,chosen with,shopify they may or may not have the,support,built into the theme so that you can,actually display it if they,don't you can have your theme modified,and if they do then,everything's fine so as of right now,everything is done here,for adding a product to your,image gallery or adding a video sorry to,your image gallery,so i'm going to go ahead and preview,this so you can see what it's like so,you can see the videos right here,now it's processed i'm going to go ahead,and hit preview,and as you can see right now we got our,main image here,and we also have our video and as you,can see the video just starts playing,automatically when we click on it,so that's uh one way of doing it the,other way,there's uh we can imbed,this video here under the product,description now,there's a button here to insert video,but all this does is give you the option,to,insert a code snippet of code that,starts with an iframe,to your shopify description now that's,if you had the,video on youtube and they provided an,iframe or you had a video,in some other online video hosting,service,that provides an iframe a bill,code in order to embed that video so,this is not what we're trying to do,here we're trying to actually use,shopify,storage for our video so i don't know,why shopify,lets you upload a video but doesn't let,you just use it in the description so,it's a little weird so it's still pretty,easy,to do it so you go ahead and have your,description and then what you want to do,is you're going to add some code and,i'll go ahead and put the code,in the description here and and you'll,see the code pop up here now in a second,but you're going to add this code into,the product description,to actually have have the video,displayed,so let me go ahead and switch click on,right here where it says show html,and then go i'm going to go to the,bottom i'm going to paste in this code,so this code is fairly simple,it's just a video controls,a video segment i guess,or block of code pretty simple,max width is 100 the height is auto,you put in your source code and your,video type is mp4 so that's important to,note as well,um you need to specify,the type of video and i recommend that,you use mp4 not sure if this video,control actually supports other videos,i haven't tested it but i recommend mp4,anyway,and the video i uploaded is an mp4 so,there's a couple ways of actually,getting the url to your video the first,one i'm going to show you,is easy if you want to have the video,here so if you wanted the video here,under your,product like we not this one like we've,done right here,but you also want it in your product,description then,i would do this but be careful with this,because i,don't know if if shopify,authorizes this option,so you can do it and if they tell you,you got to stop then,just stop so but i'm going to show you,two different ways to do it in one way i,think it's more legit,either way to continue on so you got,your video uploaded here you can click,on your video i'm using chrome,once you're in here you right click on,your video and you copy the video,address once you have the video address,copied you go back to your video go to,your source code here where it says,source equals,and replace the your your your,url goes here with the url you just,copied,uh from what we just did so,once you do that you can now go ahead,and save it reload your product page,and as you can see here the uh,video is here and it's also here as well,so this is a way of getting it in both,locations but only having to upload it,once,the other options if you don't want to,have the video here or if you don't want,to take the risk that this,is actually not the proper way of doing,it,then what you have to do is go into your,settings i'm going to open,a new tab so i don't have to close down,my product description,i'm going to close down these extra tabs,here once you're into the,settings here on the bottom left go,ahead and click on files,and then click on upload file and then,go and select your file,and upload it i've already done it here,as you can see and once you upload it,shopify gives you the,url to where it's stored on their,servers once you have that then we do,the exact same thing again we go back,to our shopify description,we make sure that we're into the show,html,we copy and paste in our code we replace,the your url goes here,section with the url,that shopify provides to you under that,upload screen,and then you go ahead and save it and if,you go back and look at it,here you'll see that the same thing,happens that it goes,and applies the changes and you can go,ahead and play your video now from the,product description,same as we did before so that's it,that's,three different ways of getting video,into your uh,product page for shopify uh one way is,just,uploading it directly as a just the same,as you would any other product image,and having it there the other way is to,uploading it as a product image using,the url,from that and embedding that url,into your product page with the source,code that i,i'm going to provide and the third way,is to go into the settings,and upload and in the files and,uploading the file there,grabbing the website address the url,from there,going back into your product description,pasting in your code,pasting in that url that you got,a second ago saving your changes and,that's it,so i hope you like this video i hope you,found it useful if you have any,questions comment below,don't forget i really appreciate,you uh following along and i hope that,you uh subscribe to my channel,and that's it have a great night see you,later

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How to Add Video to Shopify Product Page βœ… Simple Embed πŸ’» Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

How to Add Video to Shopify Product Page βœ… Simple Embed πŸ’» Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

welcome to you in this videos today i'm,going to show you how to add,your own video to product page in your,shopify online store but,not youtube videos so this tutorial will,be helpful if you are,very beginner with shopify and you,wanted to know,how to add your own video to product,page then you can continue this,tutorials with me,so first of all i need to log in my,shopify admin panels i'm going to log in,my shopify account,shopify click on the login,and add your restore address then click,on the next,and now we have to click on the settings,icon of the button left side so i'm,going to click on the settings icon,then going to click on the files,now i have to upload my videos files,here so i'm going to click,on this upload files button,then select my files from here so i want,to upload this one,so i have to wait a little bit time,until this file has been completed,to upload,okay my file has been uploaded now i am,going to,copy this url,copy url follow my this text,go to the settings file then click on,the upload file select,video then upload we have already done,and copy the url,of the video and store it somewhere,so i have copied this,link or url and now go into the,second step so in the second step,first of all,i'm going to click on the product link,then add a product option,now i want to add the video,at here so i have to,click on this video icon,insert video so then,i have to copy this code,look very clearly i also share this code,in the video description and full,content with video description,so i have to copy this code,then just paste it here,so in this code i have to,update the your url goes here,with my file url so this is my,video file url going to copy,and,paste it here so now going to click on,the insert video,and click on the save,we have successfully added our videos,now we can preview this product,wow we have successfully added this,video,let me play this one,okay so thank you for your time to watch,this video if you like this video then,click,on the like button and subscribe to my,channel to get more relevant,tutorials relevant with shopify,online marketing and shopify seo,wordpress seo

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