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Shopify Product Page Tutorial 2023 (Step-by-Step)so later in the video i'm also going to,show you ho

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Shopify Product Page Tutorial 2023 (Step-by-Step)

so later in the video i'm also going to,show you how to create a simple logo,very quickly for your brand name but for,now let's move on with the product page,so i'm going to click on the product,right here on our shopify store and the,first thing we're going to do is just,delete the product name that is imported,from aliexpress and also the product,description so now that i know my brand,name i'm actually going to use it for,the product title as well so i'm going,to type in my easy breeze and i also,like to add this trademark symbol right,here to the end of the brand name,because it looks a lot more official and,then i follow up with the product name,so let's say mini cooling fan and then,we're gonna move on to the description,so now just for you to see where the,description of the product will actually,be seen on our store it's gonna be on,the product page when people scroll down,on the product page so here we can see,this is the product page that we're,going to build right now and then after,the add to cart button here is where the,description starts so we can add images,we can add some text we can add some gif,images and,here is basically where people scroll,when they are not sure if they should,buy if they should buy the product or if,they just need some more information so,this is a great place for you to,communicate the main benefits that,people are getting with this product and,also address some of the objections that,people have,when they think about buying this,specific product so for example when,people think about oh maybe the battery,is not going to last very long then tell,them how long the battery is going to,last and hopefully it's going to it's,going to kill their objection and,they're going to think okay this is,actually a good product and then they're,gonna end up buying so this is exactly,what we wanna do with our product,description and in order for us to,create that product description we're,gonna have to do some research about our,specific product so the way i like to go,about doing the product research and,creating the sales copy for my product,is to simply open up a google docs and,then here i'm gonna just take some notes,on everything that i find about the main,benefits of this product and also some,of the objections that people have in,regard to this specific product and the,place where i like to start with the,product research is actually the place,where i'm gonna buy this product from,somewhere i'm gonna drop ship it from,which in this case is aliexpress so here,we can simply scroll down and read the,description of this product but usually,you don't find too much information here,you can find some things about the,quality like the materials they have,used for this specific product some of,the functionality of the product and so,on but usually i find more information,when i actually go to the customer,reviews right here and just start,reading some of the reviews because in,the reviews of actual customers we can,find a lot of information about why,people have bought this product and what,they like about it so here for example,we can see fast charging,makes the heat so much more bearable,battery lasts several hours so just from,this review we can see that charging,fast is kind of an important topic for,this person here and also battery lasts,several hours so battery life is,probably a topic that we want to address,in our sales copy then we have great,handy cooling fan and looks amazing as,well so here we can also make some,references about the great design of,this fan because this might also be a,good selling point why people want to,buy this because it just looks great and,then another great way to do some,product research is to simply look at,other stores that are selling the exact,same product and i'm going to quickly,show you how to easily find these other,stores so what i do is i simply take one,of the images of this product that i'm,selling so the easiest way is to go to,the description right here scroll down,and then just drag this image to your,desktop and then you're going to open up,a new tab and type in google images,and click on google images right here,and then what we're going to do is we're,going to search for all the websites,that have this specific image so i'm,going to click on search by image right,here and now i can simply drag this,image,in this field right here and then google,is going to give me all the sites that,have this image on their page and,naturally these are going to be all the,sites that are selling this specific,product so here we can see another drop,shipping store selling the exact same,product and they also are using the,sense theme as we can see here so the,site already looks kind of similar than,what we are building right now so here,you can just go through the sales copy,that they're using right here and then,look at what points you also want to,include in your sales copy another great,page to go on is to go on amazon people,are also selling this product on amazon,then you can simply scroll down look at,the product description right here here,you can also find some important,information some good selling points and,again go to the reviews as well so you,want to click on the reviews the ratings,right here so now after a couple of,minutes of going through some of the,reviews and some of the product,descriptions i noted down these main,benefits and also these,objections that we have to address in,our product description the next step,would be to create very good headlines,from these points right here now for all,the points that i want to address in my,sales copy i quickly created some,headlines like for example enjoy a fresh,and cool breeze whenever and wherever,you want or my easy breeze is always,with you ready to blow this is,addressing the portable and compact,design benefit so then once you have all,of your headlines you want to also,create a quick description for each of,the headlines,so in the quick description you just,want to create like two or three,sentences explaining exactly what the,benefit is like for example feeling hot,just take out your my easy breeze and,let it let it do its job it will refresh,you literally everywhere at work while,traveling or just watching netflix on,your phone the slim and foldable design,makes my easy breeze fit in every bag or,pocket enjoy the cool breeze hands-free,with its comfortable strap so we just,want to create a compelling description,for each of the headlines right here and,now the last step is to find some good,visuals that underline these benefits,right here so you can just use images if,you want to but a even better way would,be to use gifs because with a gif you,can communicate a lot better how a,product works and it's a lot more,engaging and keeps people on the page a,lot more than just images if you have a,video available for your product which,in the case of this product we have,because this first one here this is a,video then what you want to do is you,want to create some gifs out of this,video so the way i like to do it is to,just go to inspect right click and,inspect and then we should be able to,find this video right here by going to,uh the down arrow right here then we can,see,this is the link of the video but we're,just gonna open this in a new tab,and then we can see,we should be able to see,the video right here so now we can click,on the three dots and click on download,and the next step will be to simply um,convert some of these scenes here in,this video in a gif format which i'm,going to show you how to do now so once,it's downloaded we can simply go to,google and type in gif,creator i think,and that should take us to this easy gif,dot com which is a very easy gif creator,then we're gonna just drag the video in,right here and then click on upload and,make gif,and then here we have the entire video,for this specific product so what we,want to do is find moments where,what we have put here in the description,it will be showcased very well so for,example um,my easy my easy breeze is always with,you ready to blow i want to find a part,where she basically takes it out of the,bag like right here,and,then i can just click on use current,position this will be the first point of,the gif and then she takes it out,and she turns it on so this will be the,entire,gif,so i'm just going to find the end point,right here click on,end time use current position and then,i'm going to click on convert to gif,and now it will convert that part of the,video,to a gif that i can now download by just,clicking on save right here on the top,and now i have it saved right here so,i'm going to do that for every single,headline right here that i have for this,product so what i've done is just,created a folder for all these gif,images that i've created for the product,description as you can see right here,and again if you can't find any video to,create gifs from simply use some of the,images that you can find for your,product that makes sense for your sales,copy so now we have everything that we,need for our product description so we,can just copy everything that we have,prepared right here in the google docs,copy and then we can just paste it into,our description and now we also want to,add our gifs or images that we have just,prepared so i'm gonna add the first one,just here under the first title so i'm,gonna click on this insert image icon,and then i'm gonna go to my folder where,i have the content for this store and,i'm gonna click on gifs and i think the,first one is this one right here so i'm,just gonna drag it in once it's uploaded,we can simply click on the gif and then,click on insert image great so then i'm,basically doing the same thing for all,the other gifs so the next one will just,be right here under the second title and,then here on the bottom i also added a,guarantee so this is just a 30-day,money-back guarantee for everybody who,isn't satisfied with the product this,will just remove some risk for the,customer which should increase our,overall conversion rate and i'm also,going to add an image right here so it's,a bit um easier to see in the,description and it's going to be this,one right here i used to,create this it's very an easy design,tool where you can just drag in some,text and then add a background so very,easy to do and then all the way on the,top of the description i actually like,to add a bundle offer that's also a very,good way to increase your average order,value on your store to entice people to,actually not buy only one product but to,buy two or even more products by giving,them a discount so there are different,apps that you can use to offer people,discounts the easiest way to just start,out and test the product is to just,create something like this um again just,an image where it says buy two or more,get an extra twenty percent off or ten,percent off or whatever you want to,offer and that will be automatically,applied at checkout which we're going to,set up in a moment here and now that we,have all the content in here what i like,to do is just click on all the images,and make sure they are centered and also,the gifs are centered and then also the,titles i want to change them from,paragraph to heading 3. that just makes,them a bit bigger and then i also want,to make it centered as well and i'm,going to do that for all the titles and,all the images as well awesome so this,is everything that we're going to do for,our product description to just test,this product and we're going to look at,how this looks like on our site just in,a moment and for now let's just click on,save to make sure we have all the,changes saved and then let's move on to,the product images so because we have,used the deezers app to import our,product to shopify the pictures that are,already here on the product,page,they are the ones that we find here on,aliexpress if you scroll down here it's,just importing all these images which to,be honest aren't that bad so i'm gonna,use these images that i find right here,in aliexpress now sometimes it's very,hard to find good images for your,product what you can also do is just go,to google image search again,and then you want to do the same thing,as we've done before with the product,research you're just going to do a,search by image and then you're going to,drag in one of the images you get from,your supplier and that way you're going,to find more images so here when you,click on visually similar images google,is going to give you a lot more images,of visually similar pictures and a lot,of the time you're going to find more,images about your specific product that,you want to sell,and here you want to be careful to not,use any copyrighted images from other,competitors that have already taken,custom-made images but if those images,are from the supplier then usually it's,fine to use them on your store,especially if you just want to test the,product so for now i'm just going to use,these pictures that i have from,aliexpress right here and i'm just going,to rearrange the order a bit by just,dragging these pictures around so i,actually did go and find some more,pictures for this product because a lot,of the pictures from aliexpress they had,a lot of text on it and i didn't really,like how that looks on the store so i,actually go went and used the method i,showed you before to find the same,pictures but without any text and i did,find some so these are the ones that i,found and then that i want to use on the,store so it's just going to be some some,pictures of people using the product,some of the different use cases,and then at the end there's going to be,the four different variants,so then let's move on to the next step,which is the options for this product it,already has imported a couple of options,so the color and the ships from we can,actually delete this one because you,don't really need that on our store then,for the colors we can leave it as it is,because we are selling all the variants,the white the green the blue to pink so,we're going to click on done right here,and then we're going to make sure that,we have pictures for all of the variants,so for the white one we're going to,click on this image right here and then,just going to choose either this picture,or this one i think i'm going to choose,this picture right here and then we're,going to do the same thing for the other,variants as well,and then to adjust the price of the,product we're going to click on edit for,one of these variants right here,and then here for every variant we can,set a price so i want to sell this for,29.99,just to start out and test the product,and i'm also gonna add a compare price,so people can see it's actually on sale,i'm gonna put here 59.99,so it says that it will be 50,off,and i'm basically doing the same thing,for all the other,products as well so the green one the,blue one and the pink one they're all,gonna have the same price,so once that's done we can go back right,here,and then the last step is to adjust the,url for our product now as you can see,this is our current url right here which,looks kind of too long and not really,nice so we're gonna click on the edit,website seo button and the page title is,actually fine my easy breeze mini,cooling fan looks very branded you can,add a description right here i'm not,going to bother with that right now what,i'm going to do is just change the end,of the url to something that is a bit,shorter and just my easy breeze,so that's it then i'm gonna click on,save,and now as you probably remember we have,added a bundle discount offered to our,product description right here,so when people buy two or more products,they're gonna get a 20,discount and now we want to actually set,this up in our shopify dashboard so that,the discount will be automatically,applied in on the store so i'm going to,again click on save right here and then,we're going to go to the left side and,click on discounts right here where we,can set up all the different discounts,that we want to offer we're going to,click on create discount here here we,can choose from different discount types,we're going to use the amount of order,discount so i'm going to click here,and then we're going to do the automatic,discount we're going to name this,bundle discount,and we're going to do a 20,off again you don't need to do 20 you,can also do less than that or more than,that whatever makes sense for your,profit calculation and the the reason,why we do this is just that when,somebody orders more than one product,then we can save some money in,advertising costs and also in shipping,cost and usually that,just gives us more profit overall so,it's definitely a good idea to offer,bundles for most products,and then minimum purchase requirements,so we're going to say minimum quantity,of items is going to be two so when they,buy two or more,they're going to get the 20 discount on,the entire order start date will be,today and then start time doesn't matter,and you can also set an end date but for,this one it doesn't really matter so,we're just going to leave this as it is,and click on save discount,so now we're almost finished with the,product page let's go into the editor,and look what our product page currently,looks like,so let's click on online store on the,left side and then go to themes,and then here we can click on customize,just next to our theme,and that will open up the editor for our,online store so here we are just on the,home page which is just by default made,from our template we're going to make,some more adjustments right here as well,but for now let's change from our home,page to the product page and here we can,just click on default product,and that will open up the product page,that we have just created,now what i like to do is actually switch,from the desktop view to the mobile view,right here on the top right,that way we can see exactly how it looks,like on mobile which again is how most,people will see your page because,they're going to be visiting from a,mobile phone so this is how our page,currently looks like we have the image,the title of the product the price that,we have decided on the different,variants and then the add to cart button,the buy button and then here is the,description that we have prepared with,our images and also our gifs um so that,looks all quite clean that's amazing and,then we have some more things here on,the bottom now just so you understand,how this editor works you basically have,all the elements all the blocks on this,page here on the left side you can click,on them here and then you can make all,the adjustments here on the right side,of the editor so let's go from top to,bottom and make some adjustments to our,product page so let's start with the,announcement bar all the way here on the,top you don't actually need this so if,you don't want it you can just click on,the delete icon right here and then it,will just be gone from your page,if you want to undo something just click,on the undo button right here on the top,and then it will go back to what it was,before,then here to change it we just go to the,right side and i'm gonna actually change,the text to this right here,only today 50 off and free shipping and,that's everything that i'm going to do,here for the announcement bar then the,images are fine here what i'm going to,do is remove this store name here from,the product page so i'm going to just,click on it and then hit the lead icon,and then it will be gone the title is,looking good price is looking good color,quantity here for the buttons you can,actually just change it to only show one,button so when you click on uh we need,to untick this option on the right side,you only have the add to cart button,which makes everything seem a bit,cleaner so i like to do that here on the,product page and then here we're going,to scroll down to the description so we,have already optimized everything here,so that looks good and then here these,elements where you can basically click,on the arrow and then it will just show,some text we can use them for our faqs,for our product information how to use,shipping return policy and so on so to,change these we can just click on them,and then on the right side we can change,them to for example faq,and then we also want to change the icon,from a plan to something that makes,sense let's say we're going to use the,question mark for faqs and then for the,content here we can just type in,all the questions that that people have,about,our product and then also give the,answers right under the question then,we're going to do the same thing here,for the other elements here so this for,example would be how to use and then we,could just uh give us a brief,description here,on how to use this product if you want,to add more of these elements you could,just go to the left side click on add,block right here,and then you can add something like a,collapsible row this is what this,element is and then it will just add,another one of these elements and to,rearrange these elements we just go to,the left side hold the element right,here and then drag it wherever you want,it to have for example right here and,then it will just change the order so,these are elements that i would add for,this page simply some faqs product,information some technical,specifications,how to use section shipping policy and,also return policy then you could also,use these elements here to talk about,your brand add some more visuals and,stuff i usually just delete all of them,because i think it's too much for the,product page and after these drop down,menus i actually want to have the,reviews which we're going to add later,on so here for all these sections i'm,simply going to click on remove section,on the bottom right here again remove,section so we can just easily delete,everything that we don't need on the,page

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How to Add Products to Pages in Shopify

How to Add Products to Pages in Shopify

hello everyone i'm going to show you,today,how do you add a collection of,products to a single page,you can see right here i have my pages,hello world,that's just the title of my page and i,have some,generated content right here this is,just a,lorem ipsum generated content,it's just a regular page and if we go,look at this from,our admin panel online store,pages,this is what it is all right and this is,just using the,page template what i'm going to show you,to do is how do you add,a collection of products right here,now if we take a look at the,page in our admin panel right here,you'll notice that we don't have,any sort of tags that we can tag our,page there's not a whole lot of metadata,that we have,access to we really just have the title,and the page contents and that's about,it,so what we have to do here is we need to,at the very bottom this is just the the,strategy or the method that i'm going to,show you how to do,is i'm going to put in here all caps,collection and then i'm going to put in,the handle of my collection so i'm going,to put in here men's let me show you,what i mean by handle,let me save this it's going to be men's,if i go over to my products here,and go to collections,what is a handle so this is men's if i,look at this men's collection,if we scroll all the way down to the,bottom edit website seo,you'll see that this is the handle i'll,show you where that gets used,in the code and just for,comparison's sake let's go look at,women's stress,what's the handle for women's stress we,see it's women's,dash dress,all right what we just did is we added,that handle to,our collection or excuse me not our,collection but,the handle of our collection to our page,we had an uppercase collection and then,men's now it's important that this right,here is,the exact handle of the collection that,you want to see,on that particular page,all right now let's go into our themes,here i'm going to edit,debut because that's what we're looking,at right here this is the debut theme,pages hello and,edit code now where is the,the code for this,and let me just close out all of out of,all of this,if we go to our left hand side,under our templates section right here,this templates folder,go to page.liquid and this is what it is,it's not a whole lot how can we tell let,me just delete this real quick,make sure a lot of times what i like to,do is i like to just remove something to,see if this is the actual,piece of code that we should be looking,at if i refresh,oh it went back to my different preview,so give me a quick second here let me,go to themes,and let's just pre-build from here one,more time,the url,pages,hello world there you go we don't have,any content it's gone,because i deleted it from here now if i,undo that and save,refresh here it is and now we see we,have our collection,down below here which isn't something,that we necessarily want,right but we need that there because let,me show you what we're going to do here,we're going to write in our code i am,going to,write some liquid code here that what it,does,and let me just show you real quick here,first and then i'll explain it,i'm going to create a variable so assign,and i'm going to say page content,array equals page content so this,page.content right here,this will give you the contents of the,page so that's just something that,you have access to based on shopify's,objects that we have access to the,liquid objects and,we're going to have this thing that's,called a filter add this thing that's,called a filter,split on the word collection,now you can probably guess where this is,coming from right this is if we go to,our page,that's what we're grabbing and what this,does here,is this piece of code it,splits the page content based on where,it,finds this collection so what it,essentially does is it creates something,like this,we have our content that's pretty big,let me just,see if i can make that smaller,here we go,that's okay we'll do do it that large,where it creates this array,and the first thing in the array,is the lorem ipsum right and so it's the,lorem,ipsum just like that,that's the first thing and maybe it's,actually better if i don't use,my annotations here give me a second,i'll just write it out code right here,it creates this array,let me just copy this and this first,thing is the lorem ipsum part,right it basically says okay anytime you,get to the,collection word or if you find that,collection word,go ahead and separate it out meaning,that,this top part right here is going to be,separated from,what comes right after that collection,word,so we see we have our loan ipsum right,here what it does is it says okay we,have lorem ipsum,all the rest of that content and then we,have men's,that's what it essentially does this,page content array by doing this split,now because we know that,to get something out of what's called,an array what we can do is i'm going to,assign,page content equals,this array and then,we want to get what's called the index,of that array how do you,access,again how you access i'm just going to,write some,gibberish right here,how do you access the very first element,what's called an element of this ray,you do an array 0 you get the name of,that that array,and you put zero in there because in,programming you start counting at zero,not at one that means that if we do page,content array,one that should get us mens,so that's what we're going to do,all right so i can literally just copy,this,paste it let's just give this page,collection and these variables you can,name these variables,however you want that's just what i'm,naming them,but page one so this right here should,return mints however,you have to be careful be careful about,this because if we go look at our page,i'm just going to open this up in a,different,tab here if we open up the hello world,it looks like great that you can just,grab men's,but truly behind the scenes if we click,on the show,html there's actually html tags,and notice how we have these p tags,right here,men's has a paragraph tag right here as,well so when you do your split you're,actually splitting up,the html and if we do,split up on collection what comes right,after collection,it's this p men's and p,tag so what we have to do,is we actually have to let's go back,into our code here,is we can't just leave it like this,because we're still we're going to get,those p,tags so we need to strip html,and this is just a a method that is,available to us,and then strip new lines these are just,two methods that are available to us,that shopify allows us to to write when,we,are bringing in a string,all right now this should really return,only just the,men's word the handle,now what we can do in here is this page,content,let's just set it to page content page,underscore content and save it and if we,refresh our page,we close out of that other tab,now we don't see that collection men's,anymore,what's neat is what we can do now now,that we have the,the men's out of here that's what the,page collection does,we can start writing our code and i'm,just going to start writing,uh i'm just going to add my own html,code here,you can figure out the styling i'm not,it's not going to look pretty,but let me show you you can say div,class equals page width,this is where you'll have to figure out,how you want to style how you want your,collections to look class equals grid,and then let's just do a quick h1 tag,page collection so we can see what is,the value of our page collection,oh it can't just be that it has to be,surrounded and,curly brackets there you go,this should return men's let's find out,to find out if that's true,refresh there we have it we have men's,and again it's not,centered it doesn't look the prettiest,but i'm just wanting to show you how do,you add products in here you can figure,out the styling,on your own so we have men's right here,that's great,now this is where we write some some,code in here what are we going to say,with our curly brackets and our percent,symbols for,product in now,just about everywhere throughout your,code you have access to this,collections what's called a collections,object,and what you can do is say something,like let me show you,you would put something like men's in,here do dot products,do your you want to end your four and i,let's just do a quick,paragraph tag here,and say product dot title,just like that i just want to show you,what that looks like,if i refresh,oh we're not seeing it in here,collections oh because i have,a typo there you go it's product,not product there we have all of the,products of meds,basketball and if i do women's or we saw,earlier women's dress,i think it's a woman's dress or maybe,might be women's dresses,yeah here goes women's dress we see,sundress cocktail green,we now have access to this this product,right here,so we're just naming this whatever we,want we're saying for each one of,that collection's products do something,so we could say,and let's just make this look a little,bit prettier div class,equals grid item,let's say this is medium up one third,that's the product title if i save that,and refresh,sundress cocktail green and then,we can add an image here as well right,so image,source equals product let's grab the,featured image and i'm grabbing this i'm,not writing this,i'm not just making this this up right,here let me just show you here real,quick,let's make this a large for the image,filter,and save let me refresh,there you go we now see the images and,where am i getting all of this from this,is really being,this is really coming from our,documentation if you go to the shopify,documentation look at the liquid,reference,you look at the objects right here and,we go down to products,or product everything on the right hand,side these,are the different attributes or the,methods that you can call on the product,object to return a number of things,like we have featured image right there,so it becomes very useful if you are,familiar,with the documentation and it's not,terribly hard it's actually really,simple one of the,the better documentations that i've seen,for an application like shopify,all right so we have our sundress we,have our cocktail we have green right,here and if we really wanted to,if we look at our product right here we,should see that there is a,url product url,if we really wanted to we could,let's just surround our product title,right here and maybe i'll just put that,on a separate line so,it it looks a little bit neater say,href ahref equals,i'm going to end it first,and then here within those double quotes,you can say product,dot url,save it refresh,okay it's now links and if we click on,it let's just click on cocktail,or let's just click on sundress and i'll,just show you either way,this is our sundress and then we'll,click on cocktail,perfect click on green it brings us to,that product page,all right and this should work for any,page,now let's just go into our pages now,that we have our code right here,feel free to pause it and copy it but if,we go into our page right here,and we add another page let's just call,it foobar,you i should try,give universa theme a try,please subscribe to my channel,and then again remember you have to add,collection,be very specific about that and,women's address save it,if we go look at this page now view on,your online store,i hope we get this we do perfect it,didn't,it didn't uh preview my my other theme,so this is still the debut theme,you should give universal theme a try,please subscribe women's dress and if we,just change that,because i know we have it right here as,well so if we just change this to,men's shirts for example oh,save this,now in our foo bar page,this is men's shirts why is it still,showing me sun dresses,oh oh that's because ah something i,forgot to do,let's go take a look at our code,i did not do this i think i,i should have it be calling something,else because right now it's only calling,women's address,what it should do is it should grab the,page collection,so let me grab that page collection,save it's a good thing we tested this,refresh oh,see now this is now previewing,a different theme that i have let me,just,preview one more time go grab,our page right here,pages hello world this is men's right,here,and then if we go into fubar,these are men's shirts,and if we let's just go back to our,pages here,hello world let's have this be,um women's,i think that's one i think that's a,collection,so oops sorry hello world,perfect if i refresh,there you go so on the hello world page,we're looking at women's shirts and then,in our foo bar page,let's just go back here click on foobar,we're doing men's shirts and just to,show you that it works let's just say,shoes,because those are the handles of my,collections,if i refresh this one there we have it,we have men's shoes right here and then,in our hello,hello world page we have women's shirts,so it's dynamic it's based on how you,want to,or whichever collection handle you have,right here,meaning that your pages you can have,many pages,and each one of those shows a different,collection of products,and it wasn't that much code all we have,to do is make sure that we come up with,some sort of convention,right here so we have a convention in,our contents,and then in our piece of code,or in our code edit code,go to page.liquid template and,we had to add these up top that's how i,did it,where you split that page content by,collection,you grab the first part and then you,grab the second part,make sure you strip html strip new lines,and then this is all we added,so we're now referencing this which is,coming from,up top here and then in our collections,page collection,that right there is pointing to whatever,that handle is,it's now dynamic and if we go to our,collection page,you can create a link you can view the,the image right here and really you have,access to,all of the right now that you have,access to the product,object you can have do any of these,things you can put the price on here,if you'd like you can make the entire,image,a link if you'd like completely up to,you,so now that you know how to show the,collections products,on a page it's really what you whatever,you want to do with it,you want to make you want to make it,look nicer style it completely up to you,but now you know how to add a,collections products to,any one of your pages

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