how to put ads on your youtube videos 2018

How to PUT ADS on Your YOUTUBE VIDEOS 2022 (How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos) so you want to make


Updated on Jan 06,2023

How to PUT ADS on Your YOUTUBE VIDEOS 2022 (How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos)

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How to PUT ADS on Your YOUTUBE VIDEOS 2022 (How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos)

so you want to make some money by,putting ads on your YouTube videos I'm,going to show you exactly how to do that,and at the end of the video I'm gonna,give you a couple tips on how to,increase the money that you're earning,from the ads on your videos welcome to,this go show the most non show on the,internet because these are just business,tutorials about how to make money online,today's video we're talking about how to,put ads on your YouTube videos and then,we're talking about how to make more,money with your ads on your YouTube,videos I'm Alex go online entrepreneur,I've built multiple six and seven-figure,businesses using online platforms like,YouTube Amazon Facebook Kickstarter if,you want to make money online and you,should because it's the best then I,highly recommend you subscribe to this,YouTube channel and enable notifications,so you're notified when I drop new,videos because that's all I'm doing is,showing you how I've made money online,and how you can do it too and I'm not,holding anything back,no secrets nothing because I'm not,trying to sell you anything so I can,share everything so it's pretty dope you,should hit that subscribe button,naval notifications let's dive into this,video I'm gonna show you how to put ads,on your YouTube videos so the first,thing you need to do is have a youtube,channel if you don't really have YouTube,channel you need to make one so here,title card pop up top of the screen is a,video on how to make a youtube channel,assuming now that you have one made just,from the YouTube homepage come up here,to the top right corner to your icon now,this isn't my actual YouTube channel,this is just a dummy channel because I,want to show you the requirements you,need to meet in order to be able to,monetize your channel in order to be,able to place ads on your videos and if,I went into my channel that's already,done so it wouldn't show the,requirements so I want to show you what,those requirements are so click on,YouTube studio now it's gonna take you,to the Beta Beta Studio which is the new,one they're switching over to but we,need to go to the old one so just scroll,down if this is what you get when you,click into,here and go to creator studio classic,skip that it might have just taken you,to this creative studio classic which if,it did perfect alright then come over,here to this left column and click on,channel and then right here where it,says monetization click enable then,right here it gives you it states the,requirements so says you can apply for,monetization at any time to be reviewed,all channels need at least 4000 hours,4000 watch hours,in the previous 12 months and 1000,subscribers so those are the two,requirements that you have to meet in,order to monetize your channel in order,to put ads on your videos you have to,have 4000 hours of watch time in the,last 12 months and you have to have a,thousand subscribers and if those are,requirements that you haven't been able,to meet yet and you need help growing,your channel you need help getting more,views more watch time then I recommend,you watch this video right here another,title card pop-up I made a video that'll,show you how to get more views and more,subscribers which inside of that will,mean more watch time so that you can,meet these requirements so if you need,help with that make sure and go watch,that video then once you've met those,requirements and it'll show once you,have inside of here you come you'll have,to come and read and agree to the,YouTube Partner Program turn so click,start I accept okay and then you need to,sign up for an adsense account so just,click start and follow those,instructions you'll be redirected to,Adsense to link your existing adsense,account or create a new one if you don't,have one yet once you complete this,process you'll be redirected back to,YouTube so click Next alright then right,here it's gonna have you sign up for an,adsense account I'm not gonna sign up,for one but you go through this set up,an adsense account and then I don't like,I said it will redirect you back to,YouTube then once you've done that,obviously it'll show that you've,completed step 2 then you also just need,to fill out step 3 step 4 once you've,reached those requirements you'll be,able to submit for review and the review,they say takes approximately 30 days,I've seen it take less than that and,I've seen it take longer than that the,longest I've seen it I think was about,45 days 40 days somewhere in the,ballpark of maybe like 15 to 45 days,they should get back to you and as long,as you meet the requirements and there's,like,no outrageous or rule-breaking content,on your channel or anything like that,you'll be good to go once you're,approved here's how you can add here's,how you can place ads on your videos,okay so this is the video as actually,just talking about I actually just,published it today how to grow a zero,views and zero subscribers so you'll,want to do it exactly what I just did go,into videos click on the video that you,want to place ads on and then come into,the settings right here and then click,on monetization once you're in here,scroll down a little bit and this,section right here is the section we use,to place ads so right here where it says,monetize with ads you'll want to select,that and make sure that it's turned on,if your video has any copyright issues,or anything like that this will,automatically be turned off and you,won't be able to monetize your video so,make sure your video does not have any,copyrighted content in it if it does,have some copyrighted content in it if,you keep it under 8 seconds that tends,to get through and you tend to be ok but,you still do run the risk of maybe,months down the road the algorithm,whatever picks it up and Flags it for,copyright and then your video is no,longer monetized and then right here ad,formats is where you can select which,kind of ads you're going to allow,YouTube to show on your videos I let it,show all of them and then this section,right here is the section where you can,actually place ads if you have an ad,blocker on like I do right now you need,to disable it so I'm gonna come up here,turn turn my ad blocker off refresh this,page,I gotta click back into monetization,scroll down and now you can see where,I've already placed at so there's this,box right here to place an ad before,your video and then there's this box,right here to place an ad after video,and then you can click inside of here,and and you can drag this to select,different times and then you can click,this button right here that says insert,ad and it will place an ad right there,and you can place literally as many as,you want or as little as you want,completely up to you,but that's how you do it and then if,you want to deselect and have you just,click the X click on the ad click the X,click on the ad click the X so if I want,to remove all of them I just do that and,maybe I wanted just the before and just,an after once you've decided where you,want your ads to be make sure that,they're inserted and then just come down,here and click Save Changes and now the,ads will be inserted on your video once,you publish your video you're good to go,the ads will already start playing all,right I said I'd give you a couple of,tips on how you can make more money by,placing ads on your videos and I'm going,to do that right now but real fast right,before I do that do know that that's not,the best way to make money with a,YouTube channel there's you can make,more money much more money through,affiliate marketing through selling,physical products through selling,digital products like courses did I say,affiliate marketing already affiliate,marketing selling other people's,products and taking a commission you can,also do brand deals where companies will,pay you maybe to wear a hoodie in the,video or maybe to use a certain product,in the video or just to talk about their,product or service in the video so,there's a lot of different ways you can,monetize YouTube channel placing ads on,your video is probably the least,lucrative way to make money through,YouTube channel if you're doing things,the right way,but anyways still good to maximize what,you are making from them so here are two,tips to increase how much you make from,your ads on your YouTube videos tip,number one make videos that are longer,than 10 minutes this video for example,is longer than 10 minutes so I can,scroll down here and I can place ads on,my video which means I can place more,ads which means I make more money,because more ads were shown if we go,back here and I select a different video,real fast like this one that's only 55,seconds long any video under 10 minutes,but I'm just choosing this one come down,here and click monetization all right if,I scroll down I don't have any options,for inserting ads and,have an option for an after video ad,because it's a video that is less than,10 minutes YouTube only allows an ad to,play at the beginning of the video and,that's it but if you make videos that,are longer than 10 minutes you can place,literally as many ads as you want inside,of your videos which leads me to tip,number 2 so one approach which is,probably the approach most of us lean to,just naturally is to maybe place one or,two throughout the video because we,don't want to annoy people we don't want,to overdo it we don't want people to,think we're just trying to make a ton of,money through these videos like we just,don't want things to come off the wrong,way so we'll probably just tend to go in,there and place one or two which I'm not,saying is the wrong approach I'm not,that might be the right approach for you,that's why I started this with saying,the balance is gonna be different for,everyone here but if you want to,increase how much money you make from,your ad revenue from your YouTube ads,then there's what you call ad stacking,which is where you place a lot of ads,throughout the video now immediately the,biggest concern with that is people,aren't gonna watch people are gonna,click away that house are gonna be too,annoying but what YouTube actually does,is it mitigates that so I could come in,here I could literally place an ad every,20 seconds YouTube's not gonna show an,ad every 20 seconds YouTube wants the,viewer to hang around so YouTube's not,going to overdo it to that extent,if you drop in if you place an ad here,every 20 seconds YouTube's not going to,show that it's gonna be more selective,and it's gonna show only some of those,another thing that YouTube does is and,this is why another reason why you want,to have all these different ad types,selected up here ad formats is because,not every ad is a video ad that you can,skip after five seconds a lot of them,will just be banner ads which are far,less annoying although still annoying,but far less annoying far less,disruptive then the the break the ad,breaks where it actually goes to a,different video so do know that that you,can come in here and place an insane,amount of ads but YouTube's not going to,show every single one of those,adds no way and also a lot of those ads,will be banners and not straight video,ads and the benefits of at stacking are,pretty straightforward more ads get,shown on your video and you make more,money because more ads were shown on,your video so if you look at mine right,here I have placed one right here at 118,and then I've placed another one about,three minutes out and then four minutes,out and then five minutes out so if you,think about it most people don't stay,for the entire duration of the video so,if the more ads you can place towards,the beginning of the video the more,likely the higher chance you have of,those ads being shown to more people,which means you make more money from,those ads so one thing that I do is I,place an ad pretty early in the video a,good place to put it is right after the,intro which is exactly what I did in,this case when a teen is right after my,intro and then from there I added a few,more and I'm kind of spacing them out,gradually so the longer you watch the,less ads you get if I'm trying to kind,of push them a little bit more into the,beginning now I have heard through,several other people and one of them I,heard Jake Paul say in in a video in an,interview where and he talked about ad,stacking and he talked about placing an,ad every two minutes every two minutes,you place an ad I haven't tested that,yet I probably will and by the way if,you're subscribed to this channel one of,the big reasons I run ads on this,channel is so I can provide information,like this like teach people about,YouTube ads and how to make money,through YouTube ad revenue because you,can make money and it is helpful and,it's not the worst thing to run ads oh,and I should mention this that another,thing if you're placing ads on your,videos and if you're placing a lot of,ads on your videos yes some people will,click away from it and some people make,comment and like be like yo like why so,many ads have something to say about it,but I'd say the majority of people a lot,of people they don't understand that,youtubers can go in there and place ads,on the videos they think YouTube's just,doing it so a lot of people will be,completely unaware of the ads why,there's ads like that sort of thing so,it just won't fall back on you as a,negative at all so I just wanted to,say that for whatever that's worth okay,so there it is there are the two ways,you can make more money with ads make,videos that are longer than ten minutes,so you can add stack your videos and,again the balance how much you add stack,up to you,stay tuned like I said I'm gonna test,the two minute thing and see how that,goes,see if I notice much of a difference or,not but I have definitely noticed a,difference in including more ads in your,videos,stacking more ads does lead to more ad,revenue that's for sure and the final,ultimate hack to all of this would be,the more you can increase watch time,jumping up the strength hey gotta chase,the money I'll just make it up the,strength

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